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Life Recipes and Meditations for Wholeness, Harmony, & Well-Being

Life Recipes and Meditations for Wholeness, Harmony, & Well-Being

By Lindsay Ambrose
Practical, heart-centered methods and meditations for being present, creating well-being, and finding your flow. Taking moments to connect inside helps you to connect better with others and feel greater harmony, wholeness, and love everyday.

You'll hear messages about mindset, attitude, growth, development, spirituality, soulfulness along with time for stillness and meditation. Here's to improving your well-being and finding your flow!

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01 - What are Life Recipes?

Life Recipes and Meditations for Wholeness, Harmony, & Well-Being

01 - What are Life Recipes?

Life Recipes and Meditations for Wholeness, Harmony, & Well-Being

68. Embracing and Trusting Divine Order in Life
68. Embracing and Trusting divine order There is a divine order and flow in all you do. Sometimes we try to move it faster. Sometimes we stay stuck and move forward kicking and trembling. However, there is an invisible thread of life. Life has flow. And you are part of it. That invisible thread moves through you in your work, your relationships, and the experiences that come in and out to help you grow.   Allow this meditation to connect within, move you into that natural flow in your life, and trust in it so you feel more joy, love, and connection everyday.
September 14, 2021
64. Finding Harmony in Life
Harmony in music is the combination of different chords to create a pleasing sound.  You can find harmony in life too. Sometimes it feels it's all out of your control. That there is too much sadness and ugliness. There is some of that. There is also frustration, discomfort, and challenge. It's up to you to take all that's coming up and forming a pleasing and consistent whole - or harmony. Harmony and happiness is possible, regardless of what is coming up. A lot comes down to your choice. In how you respond to what is coming up. When you see the hard things as growth, it has a different meaning. Your quick response is not always the best one. Anger comes quick. So does yelling when things are frustrating or uncertain. You can choose differently. Your patience grows as you choose to pause. You feel that feeling of anger rushing up though you, ready to rage. You become aware of it and you let it move through you by being aware, calling it out. Then choosing to pause. To focus on your breath instead. It is always there. Your anchor. You can return to it. It is what helps those emotions of anger to move through you - emotions are energy in motion and meant to move through you. You can then return to love. You take those experiences as part of you. Being human is feeling all the different things. It's what makes us human. So many pieces to us. The more we embrace it. Finding harmony with it, the more happiness and wholeness we will feel. Showing up this way is your own harmony. It gives others inspiration to show up better too. It makes relationships better. Family life flow. And shows children how to show up and be in the world. Listen to the meditation. Share it with a friend. Subscribe to the feed. And consider supporting to keep these life recipes coming! Thank you kindly.
September 1, 2021
63. Meditation to connect with loving energy
Meditation to connect with loving energy Love is within you. Right now. No matter what you’ve done or haven’t done. You are whole. You are loved and loving. There may be some voice within you that tells you that you are not whole. That you are not loved. That you are only half-alive. That you should get more. Be more. You aren’t enough or are not getting enough.  You share this feeling with everyone else. We all have moments of doubt or struggle or uncertainty. Sometimes this fearfulness is so strong that we see nothing else. So much doubt, you can’t see. So much fear, you can’t love. So much uncertainty, you can’t move forward. So much worry, you can’t feel. This is when you must connect within. To your spirit. Your core. Your essence. Your love. It is within you. Life or love flows into everything and through everything. That means in you too. We block it at times. We feel were unworthy or too focused on the things that don’t really matter. Yet, it passes through every experience, event and into every act. If you pay attention to that life and love that flows, you see it grow. Energy flows where your attention goes. Life Recipe to Be Intentional and Loving in yourThoughts: 1. Life responds to your thoughts 2. The way you show up springs from the inner thoughts you have.  3. You can change how you show up, what comes back to you, by what you think. Allow this meditation to connect you to life, to love, that is your essence. If you enjoyed, please subscribe, share, and support. Thank you kindly.
August 30, 2021
62. Forgiveness Meditation - Being in flow with seasons of life
Staying in flow in life means taking time for stillness, forgiving, and creating what you desire. Listen to this meditation and life recipe for how to move along with the seasons of life, trusting and having faith in what it is bringing forth for you. And allow this life recipe to give you the practice to be still, to forgive what was, embrace and create what's new so you can connect better within, to others, and your work and world. When you look around in nature, you see seasons of life coming, going, transitioning and blossoming. Nothing stays the same for long. Seasons come and go naturally as do life cycles. Our life as humans is no different, yet sometimes we try so hard to hold on to what was. Grasping, not letting go, so much so that we are living in cloudiness. Just like the nature all around us that changes season by season, so do we. As we transition from one season to the next, our relationships, circumstances, experiences, and mindset must evolve too Accepting this natural flow is how we stay connected and in a loving state. Frustration and challenge is as natural as excitement and celebration. Some seasons bring much more challenge. This means there is a lot of growth, of transition into a better version of yourself. You are meant to glide along, knowing that your circumstances are always temporary. Holding on to what was - good or bad - does not serve you or anyone you are connected with. Life Recipe: Staying in flow with the seasons 1. Be Still 2. Forgive 3. Create Anew Listen in to hear how to do this and experience more joy and openness in your day.  If you enjoyed listening, please consider sharing, subscribing, or supporting. Thank you kindly.
August 27, 2021
59. Powerful Incantations to listen to for greater wholeness and harmony
Incantations are like affirmations but so much more. They are meant to be felt through your whole body, heart, mind, and soul. You speak them and they are felt in the essence of your being. They eventually alter your sense of self so you feel more in alignment, more authenticity, more love. You connect to something greater and begin trusting in something bigger than your day-to-day. You can make the choice to love and to be light and return to peace and do the work that you are meant to do. Nothing will bring you greater joy than connecting within and doing what is yours to do. You have a purpose. Allow these incantations to connect you to it and be in alignment to your true, authentic self. As you connect within, take time in the stillness, and repeat positive incantations. You show up and attract all that you desire and you feel greater wholeness, harmony and love.
April 18, 2021
58. Raise your vibe to feel good in 3 steps
How do you raise your vibe? How do you feel good when things are coming up that are hard? Bob Proctor says “Feeling is conscious awareness of vibration.” What does that mean? Vibration is the law and you magnetize to yourself what you are. You attract what you are in harmony with. Know the law of polarity - everything has an opposite. You cannot have bad without some good. You have to see life in it’s totality – both the positive and negative. There’s always something good. Sometimes you need to check your programming. Our culture may have taught us to pay more attention to the negative side. It’s up to you to bring awareness to that and make a shift. You can rewire to think more on the positive side. Listen to this 3 step life recipe (Appreciating right now. Imagining what you desire. Taking Action) for raising your vibe to feel good and focus more on the positive so you are attracting more of what you desire in your life. As part of the life recipe, you will be guided into a visualization to think of what you desire in different areas of your life. Having this vision helps you take action in alignment toward it. Thanks for listening. Please consider subscribing, sharing with a friend, or supporting this podcast. So we can keep this positive messaging coming and keep raising the vibe nin our own lives and the world we live in together making it better for everyone.
April 2, 2021
57: Nourishing meditation to allow you to flourish today
Today you will nourish yourself. See how starting your day in a nourishing way will lead you to flourish and live more openly, lovingly. And with greater presence. Allow yourself to breathe easily and naturally. As you breath moves through your body, feel that flow. “Everyday think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive. I have precious human life. I am not going to waste it.” - Dalia Lama With each breath feel light, love, and confidence flow through. Notice how easy it is and how good it feels.With each breath you are more aware, more connected to your essence that is love. At any time today, you may reconnect to this love. Life Recipe: Nourish Yourself to be more present: Take time in the stillness Observe what is coming up and allow yourself to see it from a different lens Show up in alignment with your intentions, with your truth that is loving. Be present for this is when you connect with love and be your best highest self. When something comes up. Ask yourself: What is my highest good? How can i respond with love? What is the highest good for others? Today is a new day. You are energized, heart-centered and ready for today. You are love, you are light. You have energy and everything you need to be your best, to show up as your highest self. Love yourself, love others. Feel gratefulness for the flow of life that moves through you.
April 1, 2021
56: Quick pick-me-up for when you need to reconnect to your heartcenter
Allow this guided meditation be a quick pick-me-up for you. You may find yourself being triggered, lost, or off track throughout your day. Sometimes all you need is to take a few moment in the stillness to reconnect to your breath and your higher self. Knowing this is where you find your flow, where you connect within, connect to heartcenter. Only when you are connected to your own self, are you able to connect with others, get into a flow in your work, and return to love. This is how you want to show up. Allow this meditation to guide you back to that place where you can show up as your best. Thanks for tuning in. Please consider sharing this episode with a friend, subscribing to the feed, or even supporting me so I can keep this content coming!
March 24, 2021
55. Find happiness and freedom by being you
What if finding happiness was as simple as being you and moving in flow of life? Confucius said “They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” If you’re not changing, you aren’t free and you aren’t happy, and you’re not being you. You are meant to grow and evolve. That means it won’t be comfortable all the time, there’s happiness as you change and grow. How often do you cling to the past? Thinking that is what is making you unhappy right now. Or cling to what could happen in the future, either in fear or in expectation, missing out on what is in front of you right now? That clinging creates obstructions on your mind, heart, and soul from showing up as your highest self, from being who you are meant to be. As you free obstructions from your mind, you grow in wisdom and insight and evolve and grow intellectually. As you free obstructions on your heart, you return to love. You feel love, give love, and experience love in your relationships, your work, your wellbeing. You are open. As you free obstructions on your soul, you can be your true self. How often are you putting armour up or a mask to fit in. How often are you plugged in to the rat race of striving, craving for being more. Being more primarily because of fear of failure. Fear of not achieving something external. Thinking you are not whole right now as you are. This obstructs your soul. Your happiness comes from breaking free from the obstructions you have placed. It cannot come from anyone but you. Happiness is an internal thing. Nothing outside of you can create happiness within you. Imagine that freedom of letting go of all those obstructions. Being your true authentic self. Listen to the full episode. Share with a friend. Subscribe to the fees. And please even consider supporting me so I can keep this positive content coming. See link above. To your wellbeing!
March 19, 2021
53: Practice to worry less and enjoy more in just a few minutes a day
Did you know that stress is actually fear? Fear of failing or not being good enough. Of course stress is good one one level, as it gives you the motivation to work hard to keep at it to make it better. But too much is too much. If you are consistently striving, craving and not enjoying. Then it's too much. It may be time to look at what are you striving for? Is it for fear of failing that you are striving so much? Or you trying to create something externally that can actually only be found when looking internally? This is a simple practice to begin thinking about your true desires and to be intentional. The practice of 3x3x3 allows you to look at what you are stressed or worried about in a productive way. As you bring awareness, you may be able to let it move through you so you can refocus on what you can control, your response to the stressful things coming up. In just a few minutes a day, this phis practice allows you to think about: What you are happy and grateful for. This is important because what you focus on grows. As you train yourself to focus on what is going right, instead of wrong, you slowly retrain yourself and begin feeling more appreciative and happy. What you are stressed or worried about. Getting it out of your head and into the universe helps you formulate a solution or at least a step forward to feel more at ease and calm. Your intentions, what you are aiming for. This is important because having something on the horizon that you are moving toward helps you move through the challenges of the day with greater ease. Knowing what you want helps you to say yes to what is important and prioritize it into your day. Follow this practice to have greater wellbeing and to stress less and appreciate more and make today more meaningful! Listen, share with a friend, subscribe, and consider supporting me so I can keep this content coming. 
March 18, 2021
51. Walking Meditation to practice what you are experiencing in the moment
A great way to practice meditation and mindfulness is walking. You can use your senses to tune in to what you are experiencing in the moment as you notice what you see all around you. It allows you to become centered, to be present, and to connect your mind, body, and soul. When was the last time you just walked and really became aware of what you were experiencing around you? So often you are distracted with talking on the phone or thinking of your to-do list or replaying an incident that already happened that you are ruminating over. Try focusing your attention on your walk itself, how your body feels as it touches the ground, what you see around you, how your body is feeling. You just want to bring your attention to all of these sensations without judgement, just allowing and noticing and returning to your breath and the movement of your body. It's a practice that will help you center yourself and be aware when you are not in the moment even later in the day. The practice increases your awareness, attention, and ability to be present. If you have trouble sitting and meditation it is a great way to practice meditation - in movement. Listen to this guided meditation as you do your walking meditation.
March 12, 2021
50: Simple Body Scan Meditation to ground yourself and connect to your heart center
Listen in to this simple body scan meditation to ground yourself and connect to heart center. You will be guided to focus your attention on different areas of your body, breathing in and creating space. After listening, you will feel calm, connected, and more enlivened. Better able to connect to the flow of life and in your natural rhythm. Enjoy the practice.
March 9, 2021
48. Morning meditation to start your day in an energized, grounded, loving way
Everyday is a fresh start. The sun sets. The sun rises. And so do you. Today you rise. Today you are starting your day in a calming, energized way. Whatever your day has in store for you. Whether there is challenge, opportunity, excitement, or more of what was yesterday. Even in the mundane you can find joy. It’s in the moments where you choos love and from this you create peace, joy, and that fulfillment and meaing you desire. It’s up to you to make today you’re best. You choose how your show up. You can show up as your higher self. Today you choose to show up as love. You choose to be energized. Knowing that at any moment when you lose your step. Challenges arise. Things do not go as you expected. This is life. This is your opportunity to pause. Breathe. And Re-center. Trusting, affirming that life is happening for you. You have everything you need to meet the challenges of today. You are whole. You are strong. When hard things happen, as they do because this is life. You remember to ask question, to be curious about what is coming up, just be open. Instead of reactive. You choose to ask what is this here to teach me? How can I still choose to respond with love. Take a big deep energizing breath. This is your connection to life. Your breath. This life force is within you, every other person, and all around you. You are one with it all. Experiences during your day may leave you feeling depleted, frustrated, like you are not in a flow. Lie you are not wanted or loved. Today you start fresh. Today you remember that life is happening for you, not to you. Take a deep breath knowing that you have life, so you have purpose. Life Recipe: Reflect on what energizes you an what saps your energy. Set an intention to do one thing today that energizes you and to think of a way you show up differently for that thing you have to do that saps your energy. How would the experience shift if you show up differently? Listen in for this calming, energizing morning meditation and relflection that will start your day off right.
March 6, 2021
49: When your mind quiets your soul speaks - Meditation and Message around Connecting to your soul self
Do you take time to be still? To connect within? We forget that taking this time for our soul and spirit is just as important as taking time with movement for our bodies.  Remind yourself as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." Your soul self is your essence. It is where you find meaning, love, joy, peace. Taking time to quiet your mind, allows space for you to hear your soul speak. To connect to spirit. As you connect within, you connect more with those around you. Allow this message and meditation to ground you in stillness and connect to your heart center. To the rhythm of your breath where you find peace, joy, and love. Light, love, joy, peace, and power to you. Thanks for tuning in. Please subscribe, share with a friend, and consider donating so I can keep this content coming.  Kindly, Lindsay
March 5, 2021
47: Mindfulness Practice to move through hard things. Just Be. Be open. Be Kind. Be Intentional
Just be. It's easier said than done. It's away to practice being aware and intentional with your thoughts. A way to be mindful or present.  Mindfulness like anything else is a practice. It's about about skillfully managing your attention and awareness.  It’s a skill you have to practice like any other skill. The more you do it the easier it becomes. But your work is to keep at it. One mindful practice is called Just Be. When something hard is coming up and you are suffering: Just Be The following technique is called Just Be. When you re suffering, remind yourself to Just Be. Don’t hide it, don’t stuff it down, don’t blame yourself or another. Just be and see how you move through that discomfort and suffering with greater calm and return to love. Life recipe for Practicing Just Be Just Be. You can say yourself just be. This helps you be with whatever you are feeling, thinking, or experiencing. Bring awareness to it and just let it be. Create space for recognition of what you are feeling and acceptance of it. Letting it be what it is.   Be open. Openness allows you to let it just be without trying to change it. You can be curious and observant to shat you are feeling and experiencing without trying to change it. As you bring awareness in an open way, you are able to move beyond. You are able to accept with equanimity, allowing things thoughts experiences to be without push or pull. Be Kind. Be compassionate and kind to yourself an others, knowing you did the best you could. Sometimes its your own judgement of yourself that you hold on to long after the act has been forgotten. YOu can move beyond this feeling of shame or guilt with compassion. Loving yourself through it. Extend kindness to yourself as you would a friend. Be Intentional. This is how you return to your higher self knowing there is natural flow and life is happening for you not to you. There is a lesson in what is coming up, teaching you something, helping to grow you. Now it is your choice to respond with intention. To be responsible for your energy, for your attitude. It your choice to return to love. Choose love. Listen in for more on how to practice Just be and practice mindfulness and meditation to feel greater calm acceptance and love. To be more present! Enjoy a meditation at the end to ground and center you in starting this new practice.
March 4, 2021
45: Your mindset matters and how to make a shift if yours isn't serving you
Your mindset, the set of beliefs you hold and way you think, has power. It determines your attitude, outlook, and eventually outcome. You can observe the beliefs you hold by taking some time in stillness. This time connecting within helps you to create some space between what happens and how you are responding. You can examine what beliefs are serving you and which are not. Awareness is the first step. Then you can pivot and begin to create new beliefs that are more in alignment to how you want to be, show up and respond. Listen now to hear how you can shift your mindset in a practical, easy to follow way. Close out with a calming meditation that allows you to connect within and set an intention.
March 3, 2021
46: Embracing imperfection. You are worthy as you are
You are perfectly imperfect. Being vulnerable is doing what you know what is right even when it is hard. This life recipes shares some inspiration on showing up, being vulnerable and embracing your perfectly imperfect self.
March 3, 2021
44: Grace and knowing you are loved
There is a little gift that everyone's been given, even when you are at bottom, and that is grace. Grace is being loved and knowing that at anytime you can return to the love that is inside. You may have come to think that you are being judged, that you aren't good enough or could have done better. Yet that judgement, criticism, fear, worry, or regret exists only in your own head. You have been given grace. Grace by the universe, God, love - whatever higher power you believe in. Grace is yours. You don't have to be more or do more. Just as you are. You are enough. And you have been given grace to move through hard times.  You have grace to extend to others by your shear presence. You can be grace for others. You must first see that love in yourself. Listen to this meditation on grace and know you are forgiven.
June 4, 2020
43: Loving kindness, practice how to love and be loved
Practicing loving kindness helps you feel and extend love. This guided meditation allows you to feel love inside you. This is your essence. Through the practice it becomes easier to love yourself and love others. As you begin to treat yourself with loving kindness, you experience life more fully because you are not fearful. You open up to life's experiences, see them as a way to grow yourself and connect deeper within and with others in relationship. Creating more moments to love and be loved - through friendliness, appreciation, joy, encouragement - has a ripple effect that is felt by those around you. Take this time for you, to love and be loved.
May 12, 2020
42: Living in your truth. Tuning in and doing what feels right for you even if its hard
Your truth is felt. Living in your truth is not about becoming who we are supposed to be. It’s about removing those parts of us that are learned, that are not in alignment, so we can be the person that we truly are. Understanding our truth is perhaps best understood by what is not our truth. We can start living in our truth by letting go of the thoughts we hold the walls up that take us away from feeling love and light. That is not our truth. Truth is doing what is right for you even when it is hard. Even when it is different from what you’ve always known. Even if it’s different from what ou family or friends are doing. It comes from within. This is a spiritual journey - your truth is found in meditation, prayer, reflection. Listen in as I share about being in your truth and how you can make choices in alignment and feel the wholeness and harmony of living this way.
May 7, 2020
41: Visualizing what you want more of in your life- greater joy, deeper connection, more aliveness
When our days are full, its hard to think about our future and what we want more of in our life. We can just go through the motions but we are all made for more. Allow this guided visualization to bring you to a place of appreciation for where you are now- for all that you’ve accomplished to get where you are. Your struggles may be a part of the dream you once had. Know that you can focus on the good and practice appreciation and as you do you create more to be appreciative of. Visualize yourself five years from now and allow that dream to help you to take small steps forward now. Knowing is you can dream it you can be it!
May 6, 2020
40: How to start a meditation practice and start feeling more wholeness and harmony
What is meditation and how can you integrate it into your day in easy way? Listen to this life recipe for a practical heart-centered method and meditation to get your practice started. Start feeling the overwhelming benefits in body + mind + spirit from taking time for stillness and meditation.
April 26, 2020
39: Short, calming guided meditation
Allow this simple guided meditation to ground you. To recenter you. To help you return to the peace within you. Whenever you need a lift or even before you go to sleep or in the morning as you wake up. Meditate to this to begin your practice or compliment one you already have.
April 26, 2020
38: Everything has a vibration, every thought and we can choose differently
The root of all things is vibration. An energy. Even the thoughts we think. We may not utter them but they are felt. Whenever we are thinking thoughts that don’t serve us or others, we can Pause. Breathe. And see that you are more that that thought. You are the thinker who thinks the thought. We can create some space and observe those negative thoughts knowing they don’t raise you up. Our mind knows no different. A negative thought about another is done to ones self. Pause and choose differently. Be responsible for the energy we bring by being aware of our thoughts and choosing differently. Choosing love.
April 9, 2020
37: Vitality, what is that life force of feeling alive and how do we tune into it
Vitality is a powerful word. It means life and it’s within all of us. But there are different ways we feel it. Different ways we express it. So we have to tune into our own still voice and take time in our day to feel. It’s about creating meaningful experiences regardless of what is happening around. We can find meaning, be full of life and vitality. It’s a choice, a tuning in to that stirring. Not silencing. Keeping the channel open and choosing to let that life and love in.
April 5, 2020
36: Simple Mindfulness Meditation- Great for kids too
Mindfulness is being present in this moment. Being the watcher of our thoughts. As we become more mindful, we are aware of what we’re feeling in our bodies and what we’re feeling around us. Allow these couple simple mindfulness activities to help you tune in to the moment, remember to breathe when things are hard, and know that right now in this moment it’s you’re ok. And help to remind you to extend appreciation and love to those around you.
April 3, 2020
31: Morning Meditation - Start Your Day in a Positive, Calming Way
Listen to this guided meditation to center yourself and start your day in a positive, calming way. The positive affirmations will help you feel inner peace, be more present, and connect to the love within you and all around you today. The affirmations will help you remember that at any time throughout the day you can pause, breathe, and start fresh. Each new moment is an opportunity to start fresh. Today is a good day. Listen and start your day in a positive way. Take this time for you and feel a positive shift in your self, your relationships, your home and work,
April 2, 2020
31: A few steps toward being Your Unique You
Marianne Williamson said in her book A Return To Love “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?” Within each of us is love. Our essence is love, goodness, curiosity, courage. It’s showing up as our unique living self allows us to feel the joy that is all around us and manifest what we desire in our life. Check out these four steps for tuning into your essence, that part of you that is like no one else. There is a gift inside you that our world needs. As you tune in and be your true, authentic self, you feel that life-giving energy. Listen and begin appreciating more and showing up as your highest self, and see how that inspires those around you to show up differently too- with more love, peace, understanding, joy- all the good stuff.
June 21, 2019
Power of Gratitude to help you uncover a solution to a challenge you are facing
Gratitude is the gateway to all the good stuff that we desire more of in our life - joy, peace, abundance, love. We often think of being thankful for when we are experiencing the good. Yet, we can use this practice to help us when we are facing a big challenge. A roadblock. A problem that feels like it has no solution. Taking a moment to get into a solution mindset. We can never solve a problem when we are in the energy of the problem. Gratitude helps us manifest what we desire by shifting our energy. As we visualize how we would feel if we attained the wealth, health, work, connection—whatever roadblock we are facing. What it would feel like within us, how we would show up, what we would do, what would it be like if this was solved? Enjoy this visualization exercise to move through a challenge you are facing with gratitude and uncovering your solution from inside out.
June 12, 2019
Becoming more self-aware meditation
Awareness is the first step toward becoming more present, mindful, and connected. When we become aware of our thoughts and the meaning we are giving our thoughts that may be causing suffering, we can begin to make a shift. We have the power to create a new story for ourselves, one that is for us, instead of against us. As we bring awareness and openness in to that voice that is causing suffering, telling us ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I'm not wanted’ or ‘I’m a failure’ we can practice noticing it with kindness instead of criticism. What we focus on grows. Meditation is a tool to become more aware. Sometimes we don't even recognize that we are in a negative, judgmental, or fearful state. And that when we are in that mindset we attract more of that into our life. We can have awareness and make a shift. We can choose to pause, breathe, and get back to present where we tune into our inner peace, truth, and love. We know this is our truth because we feel it. Allow this life recipe and meditation to help you become more still, more aware, and feel more presence and peace.
June 7, 2019
Calming Body Scan Meditation for inner peace and connection
Allow this guided body scan meditation to help you get into a calm. peaceful state. This is a wonderful guided practice that will be beneficial to those who are new or old to meditation. As you focus on your body from head to toe and connect within you feel greater peace, presence, and wholeness that can help you rest into sleep, find focus, or start your day in a grounded, centered way.
June 2, 2019
30: Connecting within to your soulful spiritual self
30: Connecting to your soul. Spiritual practice to connect. Beginning a practice of being still allows us to reconnect with the parts of us that bring us greater meaning fulfillment and love. Our soul is like no other and when we tap in and listen, we feel grace we feel a whisper that lights us up, ignites our work and service, and spreads out onto others. We’ve all felt it at times in our life but in the hurry of life to do more and achieve more, we may have lost sight of our inner soulful self. All of our achievements are greater and have deeper meaning when we’ve connected to this essence within. We have to take time in the stillness to listen and connect within. Caroline Myss wisely says “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind”. We have to quiet our mind and connect to our body and feel our soul. Stillness gets us there. • sponsored by Carma project
May 27, 2019
26: Thinking different thoughts moment by moment- doing the work
26: The work: not believing the thoughts that make us suffer. Buddha says it’s not the hurt that causes our suffering, it’s the meaning we give our suffering. How often do we get caught up on a thought about something that happened. So much that it causes us to feel suffering. We can pause and take a moment to go back to what caused the feelings of negativity sadness or hurt. The act that spurred it is not usually what’s causing the suffering. It’s the meaning behind it. It’s the thoughts we have about it. The story we are telling ourselves. The work by Byron Katie helps us move through the sadness and see it in a different way. Not believing the thoughts we have that our hurting us. It’s a powerful exercise and one we can continually do and this brings greater awareness, compassion, and empathy. She says “he Work is meditation. It is a method of inquiry born directly out of Byron Katie’s experience. This practice allows you to access the wisdom that always exists within you.”
May 25, 2019
27: Leaning in and choosing courage over comfort
27: Choosing courage over comfort is not always easy but it is where joy, meaning, love is- all the good stuff. We want to be present, connected, and showing up as our highest self. Seeing the good in ourselves, our experiences and in our relationships. That means we have to be aware of the story we are telling ourselves. The thoughts we are thinking. When we bring awareness we can make a shift if what is showing up in our life and our relationships is not serving us. If we’re not stepping out, if we’re telling ourselves we can’t or won’t or aren’t worthy. It’s time to lean into something else- to courage to a new story of us capable, powerful, living, and connected- because we are. It’s within all of us. Today listen and remember to lean in, take the step, create a new story and be who your soul calls you to be.
May 23, 2019
28: Morning meditation with positive affirmations to feel the whole and have a wonderful day
Today is a wonderful day. Just as we fuel our bodies, we need to fuel our mind. We are whole and complete and can move forward wholeheartedly. Allow these positive words to guide you into your day. The words we use are powerful- having the power to change the way we show up and what shows up in our life. The way we think about and respond to what comes up is more important than what happens. We can’t control what happens, but positively affirming our good our essence as energetic whole and living beings helps us take steps toward living the life you truly want, while deeply appreciating the life you already have. Enjoy and have a wonderful day.
May 16, 2019
29: Gratitude. A meditation to find the good.
Gratitude. We are learning how important the simple practice of gratitude is in improving our wellbeing. It’s like a lubricant for our brains. For beginning to see things from a new perspective. Our brains are made for survival. We have to train our brains for success and happiness. Gratitude is the most simple practice toward training our brains. We begin to see the challenges, the people, the experiences that are causing us struggle in a new way. We begin to ask the question, what am I meant to learn? What is this teaching me? These things are coming up in our lives to help us grow. Gratitude helps us get out of the fog of fear and ‘why me’ and back into seeing what’s going right. An any moment throughout our day, we can practice gratitude. What is lifting you up? What little thing is making you smile? It’s there. You have to focus on it and it grows.
May 13, 2019
26: Our character and the values that drive the choices we make each day
“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking” - H. Jackson Brown Jr. It’s important to think about our core values. Our values are what drive the choices we make moment by moment which determines how we show up in our life, how we work, we we connect with those around us. Our character is felt and goes deeper than anything external. When we think about our values and begin to move forward in alignment to them we show up in a new way. We can feel good about ourself at the end of the day knowing we did the best we can. We make choices for ourself not meeting goals set by others. Instead, it’s a fulfillment of our own heart. Allow this life recipe to inspire you to think about your own values that make up your character and how you show up in the world.
May 2, 2019
25: Being the observer of our thoughts
What if we could allow our thoughts to be. Be the observer knowing our thoughts are not who we are at our soul level. Mindfulness allows us to bring awareness to our thoughts with equanimity- allowing them to come and go without push or pull. How often have the the thoughts in our head, the storyline, taken us away from the experiences in front of us the connection and joy that is ours. How often have we allowed the thought or story of not being worthy, lovable, wanted take us away from experiencing the joy and life and love that is within us and all around. Allow this life recipe to bring awareness to thoughts and know we can be the observer and know our essence, our soul is so much more than the thoughts that come and go.
April 27, 2019
24: Meditation for presence
We can use our breath at any time to tune into this moment, the present and feel the peace and calm that is within us. The more we practice meditation and body awareness and being still the more easily we can see when we’re not in this place. We recognize when we’re in a reactive agitated and stressed place and we have the tool we need to get back to presence. Allow this meditation to calm you, create stillness and calm, and become present. So you may show up with the love kindness and peace that you are at your core.
April 23, 2019
23: Experiencing wealth and prosperity from the inside out
Wealth actually means well-being. We’ve begun to narrow the definition to refer to bank accounts and material objects. Yet spiritual wealth is so much more. Material wealth alone does not give us the contentment, fulfillment and level of well-being we desire. Wealth is a spiritual well-being that is within each of us and in flow with creativity, life, love, source. Like wealth, prosperity is way of being and thinking that is transcendent. Eric Butterworth says “Prosperity comes from the Latin root which translates to: according to hope. Or to go forward hopefully. It’s not a condition in life as it is an attitude. Prosperity is a way of living and thinking and not just money or things.” We have been conditioned to think life is what happens around us and to us. Yet, life is lived from the inside out. It’s not what happens out there it’s what we do or think about what happens. Starting point of prosperity (or going forward hopefully) is accepting responsibility for our thoughts, keeping ourselves in the positive stream of thoughts, centered in abundance, sufficiency and well being. It’s within all of us, our essence. Listen to this to allow yourself to pause, breathe and reconnect to your prosperity thinking and being and experience all the good that comes.
April 20, 2019
22: Designing your life for health - how to make a health commitment and keep it
We have to actually design our life for health if we want to be healthy. It just takes a little planning, making a commitment.  We live in a world where everything we need or want is at our fingertips - and we can use that for us or against us.  Yes, there are unhealthy choices lurking everywhere. But there are healthy ones too. We have to seek them out. We are traveling and the food being served is really unhealthy. The easy choice is to just eat it and then feel bad in your body. The other choice is to plan ahead. To have some mixes for shakes to look into some food delivery options nearby of healthy choices. It comes down to what our plan is. We have to plan because if we leave it to indecision and will power. It won’t work.  If we’re relying on willpower, that means we haven’t fully determined what you want. We haven’t made the commitment.  And in that case we will easily be swayed toward the shiny object, the oooey gooey delicious that is right in front of us. Yet, we know there is far greater fulfillment in achieving the big vision of what we want and we desire. Saying no in the moment when a temptation comes up is easier when we have our vision in mind and we can see that saying no means we are saying yes to something much better, something in alignment. The reward is far greater than the instant gratification of what looks good right now.  You have to make the commitment and and design your life for it.  Are you really serious about this? Or are you just talking? If you are still on the fence and going to rely on will power, it’s probably not going to work. Research shows that will power is actually a finite resource within us. It won’t last.  However, when we make a decision, there are infinite resources that come back to us. The internal debate is over.  We have to choose to stick to your decision. Listen for the steps to do it.
April 17, 2019
21: Choosing to respond from a place of love and feeling happy
Too often we react to what’s going on around us and often it comes from a place of fear and anger and negativity. We can create some space between what’s happening, our experiences and how we choose to respond. Shawn Achor says “It’s not the reality that shapes us, it’s the lens through which we view realty that changes our experience of it and our ability to create a better world for other people. Happiness doesn’t stop us from change. It’s gives us the belief that change is possible.” It’s not about what happens, it’s the lens through which we respond. We can choose differently and it helps the connections we have with the people around us. And in the end isn’t that what is most important, how we are connecting. The connections we make through the interactions we have. We can choose to make those happy from a place of love that is within each of us.
April 15, 2019
20: Creating a new story for yourself that is for you
Too often we run a story in our head that is against us. Why is there something within us that is against us? Maybe from our experiences, the wounds we carry that lead us to believe we are not good enough, that we don’t matter, that we are not loved. This isn’t our truth. We can see the meaning in our story and create a new story knowing that all of our experiences made us into who we are, unlike every other and hear to serve in a way no other can. But we have to show up and see the light love and life within ourselves and then we see it all around us and in others. So use this meditation to bring awareness of the story you are telling yourself and to create a new one that is filled with the love peace and joy that you are.
April 13, 2019
19: Awareness meditation to find more presence and acceptance
Awareness is the first step toward feeling that great power of presence where we can flow in our lives. Awareness helps us become conscious of the story and the thought we are telling ourselves and we can change.
April 13, 2019
18: Indecision - Taking a step forward when it’s hard
When we’re in a place of not knowing the next step to take. It’s easy to stay where we are, where it’s safe and comfortable. But that’s no place to be. We can change the lens for how we experience this time of uncertainty. We can look at it with gratefulness, choosing to see abundance in the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s at this time we just need to take the first step. It all seems big and moving forward feels hard. We may be in a place of worry or fear. We can accept that and choose to feel gratefulness for choices. That we have choices. And it’s at this time we need to turn within. We’ve been given so much direction from the people around us, our families, the media, they try and tell us what is the next right step for us. What will bring us the joy and fulfillment we desire. But it only comes from within. That’s where the answers lie. We have to take time in the stillness in quiet, in stillness, walking, in nature. This is when we can hear the whisper that is guiding us along. We see the flow in our lives as we look back. We can feel it now too. We have to listen. Let this meditation guide you and inspire you to go within and fine peace in the indecision and courage take the first step forward to something that is right for you, that feels good in your heart.
April 5, 2019
17: Accepting where you are now to find the flow in life you desire
Everything up until this point had meaning. It lead me to where I am today. Even the hard things are teaching us something - creating an opportunity to grow into who I am meant to be. Too often we get caught in a negative storyline of us not being good enough, worthy enough, not being happy. This isn’t true. We can affirm that there is a flow to our lives. Each one of us has a unique flow, that is why looking outside of ourselves will not bring that fulfillment we all desire. It only comes from within. We only manifest on the outside what we have inside. Listen to this life recipe to affirm acceptance for where you are now and connect to that part of you that is only found through presence. Where we are right now is perfect. When we are in this positive space, more good comes to us. Take a moment to listen and express thanks for where you are. For all the ups and downs that got you to where you are now. I accept where I am now.
March 7, 2019
16: Meditation is the training of our mind
We often think of meditation as sitting in quiet. However, It is simply training of the mind and something we can practice all thoughout our day to feel more wholeness and harmony. We have learned how important it is to cleanse our physical bodies. Everything from moving our body, to showering, to brushing teeth. We understand and grasp that. What isn’t is widely known and practiced is that its just as important to cleanse our mind, spiritually and emotionally. And meditation is one tool to help us do this. Meditation is not just relaxing and slowing down our thoughts. It prepares our mind to be more adaptive and less reactive. Listen to this to learn how you can incorporate meditation into your day and begin feeling more present and tuning into our essence that is joy love peace within all of us.
March 6, 2019
15: Meeting and accepting others where they are- affirming the light in you is all I see.
One of the greatest human needs we have is to know we are being seen, heard, and accepted as we are. When we encounter people, we may not like the way they are, how they are treating us. That may be someone on the street we don’t know or someone close to us, a loved one, even our child who may always press our buttons. It’s helpful to remember always people act on the outside the way they feel on the inside. When someone is acting very horribly, they are hurting inside. And feeling even worse when they do that horrible thing to another. We can choose to show up differently, we can choose love. And to affirm the light in you is all I see. It’s especially helpful with our children as parents. There is an acronym called HALT that I’ll talk through that helps us be with our children on their tough moments. Hungry? feed them. Angry? Give them some love. Lonely? Give them some attention and one-on-one time. Tired? Give them space to rest and experience quiet. We all have an inner child that wants to be seen, heard, and accepted. So this acronym helps in all our relations. Choosing love and choosing to see the light in another is the best thing we can do in helping another person move through a challenge. Today choose to meet and accept people where they are and affirm: the light in you is all I see.
February 27, 2019
14: Gratitude meditation and body scan to ground and center you in wholeness and peace
Allow this meditation and body scan practice to center and ground you. We know gratitude is the gateway to joy and peace. We are whole and perfect and complete right now. Through our breath and focused awareness on our different body parts, we express gratitude. This calms us and allows us to feel peace and thankfulness for what is going right and trusting that what appears to be going wrong is here to help us grow. As we affirm and trust that we are whole, perfect, and complete we begin to notice all there is to be grateful for. Thank you for this practice and affirming gratefulness.
February 9, 2019
13: Doing the work to create loving fulfilling relationships
13: Creating a loving relationship with your partner
February 8, 2019
12: Peace begins within. Meditation to return to inner peace when we are triggered
Peace begins within. We can use our breath wherever we are triggered or feeling resistance or frustration or any negativity. We return to this truth knowing nothing outside of us, even the everyday challenges and suffering and busyness of our responsibilities can take us away from the peace within us. With awareness, we can accept, breathe, and with kindness return to peace within. When things outside of us are tough, the greatest gift we can give is our own stillness and peace within. That calm energy radiates out. “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves” says the Dalai Lama. It’s not easy but it’s the work we are here to do. The more we practice the more quickly we can have the awareness that we are in reacting mind and stuck in thoughts of past or future, ruminating instead of being here now. That is the human-ness of us. It’s natural and how we grow. It’s up to us to return to being, to presence, to peace. Let this meditation help you return to the stillness and peace within you.
February 5, 2019
11: Stay in balance in accordance to five elements of nature
Understanding and getting in touch with the five elements of nature that correspond with the seasons - wood (Spring) , fire (Summer), earth (Late Summer), metal (Fall), and water (winter) can improve your health. These lie at the heart of Chinese philosophy and are within each of us. There are simple things we can do each day restore and harmonize these elements so we can feel more centered and healthy in body mind and spirit. I write this as on a cold winter day in Chicago. I look out and see snow all around me. Its cold and its helpful for me to allow this season (the element of water) to allow me to slow down. To rest and restore and reflect. I love this truth that our body needs this restoration and so does the earth. I see how nature thrives following these patterns and we can too as humans if we begin to understand it, trust it, and incorporate practices in our day to begin to feel this harmony and wholeness. Making time for each of these things are important and will help us feel better.  Fire (summer) - warmth, joy and happiness - take time to laugh. Fire is about warmth, transformation and dynamic, sparkling movement. Summer brings fire through the heat of the sun, long days and energized bodies.  Ask the question, how do we make this fun? It’s so important to laugh everyday. Earth (late summer) - nurture yourself - self-care is so important. Represented by those last warm, light-filled days in September and October - just before the cool weather sets in.  Take care of yourself. Feel nourished in the meals that you eat. Enjoy and take in whatever you are being nourished by. Nourish your soul and tell yourself you deserve this right now. Metal (Fall) - Take time to breathe. Process of refinement and its resulting products. In this season, it’s time to make sure everything is pure and that anything unnecessary or wasteful is eliminated (especially in our thoughts). What is no longer serving us? We reminded to practice Meditation and mindfulness. If you can’t take ten minutes to meditate, just breathe.  Find some inspiration and stillness everyday. Listen to song you love, feel inspired. Water (Winter) - Cold and dark season that is associated with water - the element of tranquility and flow. It's a time of inward reflection, rest and restoration. We are reminded that need water everyday.  It’s so important for our bodies as well as getting clear, turning in, and resting. Wood (Spring) - Motivation, drive, and movement. A time of birth and new beginnings. Exercise that wood element. Even if you can’t get to gym, move around, move your body. Allow the energy to flow through you. Making little efforts to find a little more balance with all the elements in our body can go a long way toward better health and vitality.
January 31, 2019
10: Abundance, saying thank you for what we want to see more of in our life
Gratitude is a practice. What we focus on grows. We have to affirm, say thank you, and appreciate what we have now and visualize and say thanks for what we desire to see more of. Even if what we’re experiencing now is small portion of what we want to see more of, say thank you. This practice helps us feel more gratitude and creates greater abundance. Finding joy is in the journey. We never get there fully because it’s always expanding. Practicing gratitude is the gateway to joy. Here are are affirmations across different life areas for you to listen to so you may turn on gratitude and abundance in your own life. Practice at night before you sleep on the morning and throughout the day, pause, breathe, and affirm all that your thankful for and visualize and say thanks for what you desire to see more of. 
January 30, 2019
09: Being vulnerable, taking one step toward the thing that scares you
Brene Brown says “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.” We are called to step out of our comfort zone and to do those things are heart desires even if it makes us scared or nervous. Even if we fail, its not really a failure at all, we stepped out and we tried and that is how we grow and evolve. This is the work we are here to do, to keep challenging and growing ourselves into who we are meant to be. To live with more meaning and love and harmony, we have to step out and do something different.  We have to choose courage over comfort. There will be critics, the one in our own head, and those outside of us. It's not the critic who counts as Theodore Roosevelt says "Theodore Roosevelt "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." So take the first step. Do the thing that scares you. See how new pathways open up and you are on the path to more meaning, love, wholeness, and harmony. 
January 29, 2019
08: Loving Kindness Meditation with music
Loving kindness meditation helps us to strengthen feelings of kindness and connection toward our inner self and others. Take a moment and breathe and listen to this meditation to ground yourself in this natural feeling of love that is always available to us. Love and peace is our essence. As we forgive ourselves and others, we may return to this feeling of acceptance and love. This practice is a wonderful meditation to ground and center. May you feel love. May you feel loving kindness. May you find true peace in your life.
January 24, 2019
07: Emotional Well-Being and Getting into Flow
 Our feelings and emotions are our measuring tools. They are energy in motion. We want to become aware of them and let them flow. The way we show up - our energy is important. We can always pause, breathe, and recenter, which allows energy to flow through us in a calm way. The source of energy is attention. What are we paying attention to? Flowing is abundance, creativity, love, peace, joy. This is our essence and what we are meant to feel. When we become more emotionally aware, we can move through our experiences and feelings with greater acceptance and calm. An emotionally only lasts 90 seconds. Whatever it is, feel it, and move through it. Technique to move through tough emotion: RAIN by Tara Brach Recognize whatever it is you are feeling.  Allow and accept the experience without judgment.  Investigate the feeling with kindness and curiosity as an observer.  Nurture and nourish yourself for whatever you felt. Give yourself kind words and love.  (More on this at Every Day Every moment we can start fresh. The more we practice the more aware, present, and in the moment we can become. When we are present we are in our essence -we flow with love, peace, joy, creativity - all the good stuff. The more we practice the more we feel it.
January 24, 2019
03: We are whole, capable, and complete just as we are- this is our essence.
We may have lost site of ourselves as whole, capable and complete beings- that feeling of harmony and flow in our being. We have to keep doing the work to bring ourselves back to that level of harmony and wellbeing- the joy is in doing the work. Life recipes share simple practical methods, meditations and recipes for returning to your wholeness across all the important life areas. Health: the way we move our bodies and what we fill it with. Character: our values and what drives the choices we make each day. Intellectually: how we are growing and developing ourselves mentally. Emotionally: how aware we are and in tune with the way we feel inside. Spiritually: how connected we are with the universal world around us, our time in stillness, in reflection, in gratitude and prayer. Vocationally: the work we do, how are we using our greatest skills and talents to serve. Financially: the positive flow of money in and money out. Avocationally: what lights us up, how are we having fun. Finally and most importantly Relationally: how we are interacting and connecting with our own self and others, especially our romantic partner, our children, our extended family and friends as well as the everyday person we meet. All the interactions matter. We are wired to connect with others, and we connect better when all the other pieces are in flow. Environment: what is our space like? Does it spark joy? What systems can we put in place to simplify and create more calm. Join me each morning for a new life recipe in one of these areas. The more we practice and work on each area, the more harmony and flow we will feel. We can always return to our essence through our breath. A huge breath in and out reminds us that we are whole, capable and complete as we are.
January 18, 2019
04: Energy: Being more present and positive
Be Present Being present is the most natural thing we can do but also one of the hardest. It’s so easy to get lost in feelings and thoughts that don’t serve us; thoughts that do nothing disconnect us from others and the experiences in front of us. The present is where all the good stuff is, but we can’t experience the present when we’re consumed with negative, fear-based thoughts. There’s always some goodness around for us to see and feel. Being present helps us recognize the goodness and appreciate more. HOW DO WE GET PRESENT? Awareness is the first step. Becoming aware that we’re feeling things that don’t make us feel good — like fear, doubt, worry — is the first step to changing them. Next, give yourself one moment of mindfulness, one breath. Focusing on your breath brings you back to this moment. Once you do this, you can choose to think differently. You can choose to think a loving thought instead. ZOOM OUT. When you zoom further out in your mind from your own experience, you can start to see how unimportant the thing you’re worrying about is. Zoom out 10 years from now, will this really be important? Zoom out to see how small this situation is in the footprint of the whole world. How small is the issue when you think about the vastness of oceans, mountains, and space? Zoom out to your life goals. How do you want to live and what you want to accomplish? Is the way you are feeling in alignment with your core values and goals for yourself? Once we are aware and mindful again, we can really feel what you are experiencing again. Be Positive One positive thought leads to countless other positive thoughts, just as negative thoughts lead to countless more negative thoughts. And thoughts do become things. We experience life as we tell ourselves we will.  Listen to this and learn more tools to get present.
January 17, 2019
02- What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness helps us be here now in body + mind + spirit. When we are fully present, we connect with ourselves, others, and the universal power of love and peace. It's within all of us, yet we have to practice in the stillness, returning to our breath, being fully engaged in our activities in order to bring this awareness into our lives. It's easy to be caught up in thoughts in our head about past or future instead of being here now. As we practice stillness, focusing on our breath, reconnecting,  we strengthen our attention skills so we bring more awareness to the thoughts and beliefs in our mind that fuel our reactions and behavior. Once you know how to harness and focus your attention—you can get out of your head and into this moment. You awaken your innate ability for happiness, no matter what life throws your way. We create space between our thoughts and our reaction.  Mindfulness is one way to achieve greater fulfillment— it’s a set of attention skills that you can learn and grow Mindfulness is like a gym for your mind and it can radically transform your life—leading to better health, more connected relationships, greater productivity, performance, purpose, and creativity. On this episode learn about mindfulness and how you can practice it and begin seeing the positive effects of it in your life and your feeling of wholeness and harmony.
January 11, 2019
01 - What are Life Recipes?
Life recipes help us live above the clouds. What does above the clouds mean? Imagine your thoughts and the experiences you face each day as clouds. You can let them clog you, overwhelm you or you can allow them to happen and move through and above them with grace back to clarity, peace, and bright blue sky above.  Within all of us is the ability to feel peace and love and harmony. Life recipes help us move through life with more wholeness and harmony and fulfillment. Life recipes are practical methods and affirmations to feel more centered, calm, and connected to ourselves and world around us.  Listening to life recipes helps us break down big ideas and execute them in a practical, quick way. Just like a food recipes make cooking delicious foods easy, life recipes make living wholeheartedly easy. By following life recipes—in as little as 5 min a day—we tap into stillness and our essence that guides us into finding meaning in our everyday and wholeness and harmony in our mind, body, spirit, and soul.  
January 11, 2019