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Peace, Purpose & Prosperity Podcast

Peace, Purpose & Prosperity Podcast

By Shereka Dunston
Life Coach Shereka Dunston invites her coaching colleagues, friends and other dope professionals to share the keys to peace, purpose and prosperity.
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Break Free
TeKeisha Wade is the Founder/CEO of Open Arms Connection LLC and EmpowerHIM Coaching, a life coaching practice/Ministry that’s on a mission to empower, minister, and teach. She helps women and men move past their brokenness and renew their self-worth to a level where they see what GOD sees. She is also the Founder of TV Show, The Coaching Xperience Show. TeKeisha Wade is an International Certified Relationship/Men’s Empowerment Coach and Leadership Coach. She is also a mother, International/Global Speaker, #1 Best-Selling Author, Singer/Songwriter and entrepreneur. She has over 10 years of experience in Coaching and over 2 years of speaking. TeKeisha has experienced storms that brought her to self-love, putting GOD 1st place and healing. Follow Coach Keisha at 
April 30, 2021
Rashee Allen is 34 years young. She is from Chicago, Illinois. She is full time Mother and Stylist and a part time Life Coach!! She has 10+ years in education and in the hair industry, which both professions have lead her to coaching. She has always loved coaching others to see their full potential and own it. Her passions not only include making people look AMAZING thru styling, but most importantly, FEELING amazing thru coaching. Follow Coach Rashee on Instagram at
April 23, 2021
I Owe a Debt to My Purpose
"I owe a debt to my purpose. I don't own the rights to my story. It's an honor simply to have survived. Being able to share what I've gone through is a privilege, there are folks the took the same path I did and aren't here to talk about it." After a lengthy and grueling battle with depression, I found myself hapless and alone. There was nothing but a trail of tragedy and questions behind me. I had a choice: change or die. Obviously, I chose the former. I changed my mind that day and I haven't looked back. And I'm eager to share my experience and triumph with the world. Courtesy of 
April 16, 2021
Purpose -- A Gift From God
La’Kaiya Stinson-Mayfield is a wife, and mother of two. A Certified Self Care Coach and the Owner of Total Body Self Care, where her motto is “Remember You Today, Self Care is not a Luxury it’s Necessary”. La’Kaiya empowers and motivates women to be the very best version of themselves. Follow La'Kaiya on Facebook at Subscribe to La'Kaiya's self care box, here:
April 9, 2021
Purpose -- An Expression of Love
Mrs. Corinthia Denise Dixie is a certified life coach who serves black professional women of faith. She helps them leverage their faith to create a life of freedom, choice, and joy.  Corinthia brings a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to create and maintain a purpose driven life that is fun and rewarding "on this side of heaven".  As the owner and founder of Daddy's Heiress, LLC, she expresses her love and passion for the Word of God through biblical teaching and coaching that is engaging, practical and transformational. To learn more about Coach Corinthia visit or follow her on
April 2, 2021
Protect Your Peace
Sonya Teague is a certified life coach and founder of Journey of Grace Life Coaching, LLC based in Chicago.  She specializes in helping women to re-center their energy and gain clarity through self-discovery in order to connect to their passions, their power, and their dreams. Understanding that women often take on many roles in their lives which serve others, Sonya is passionate about women learning to take care of their own needs, which often are neglected. She helps women recognize that by grounding their life in self-care, they can live a more fulfilled existence of balance and peace. In addition to supporting women to accomplish their goals, Sonya has also worked in the field of special education for over 17 years serving countless students, families, staff, and stakeholders in the community. She understands what it means to “serve” in many roles, the pressure of work, family obligations, and losing yourself in the process. In her life coaching practice, Sonya partners with clients locally and nationally. She provides a safe space to work closely with her clients as they navigate their life journey with grace in order to refocus and find inner peace and success. Visit to contact Sonya. Follow her on Instagram @coach.sonya and on Facebook
March 26, 2021
I Create My Peace
Shang Jones of Goddess Child Services, LLC is a Self & Mental Wellness coach residing in Atlanta, GA. She holds a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and created the “Clear the Clutter” program to help women take care of self so that they can balance their lives with clarity and health. After searching for purpose over the years, Shang decided to finish college so that she could help others. After going through therapy to repair issues within self, Shang began to understand the importance of taking control of and repairing childhood & life trauma. With her partner, she also hosts a podcast that focuses on love & relationships and personal growth and development. Follow Shang on Instagram: or Follow Shang on Facebook: or
March 19, 2021
Purpose & Identity
Patrease Douglas is a certified life and personal development coach who is in a mission to help Christian Millennial women discover and walk boldly in their purpose. Patrease is passionate about helping women discover their strengths, dismantle negative beliefs, and design the life that God has for them. Follow Coach Patrease on Instagram at
March 12, 2021
Peace is a Feeling
Ingrid Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of Your Therapeutic Solutions LLC. At Your Therapeutic Solutions LLC, their goal is to offer quality and affordable therapy, life coaching, clinical supervision, and consultation to those individuals, social workers, and mental health professionals who want to accomplish their personal goals and flourish within their desired field of practice.  Ingrid Smith, LCSW started Your Therapeutic Solutions for several reasons: 1) She has a passion for teaching/mentoring. 2) She wants to help social workers and mental health professionals obtain their credentials and become leaders in their perspective fields. 3) She loves helping people achieve their goals and dreams. Learn more about Ingrid Smith, LCSW at
March 5, 2021
Motherhood & Purpose
Life Coach Sandra Wingfield help mamas live a fulfilled life and gain radical self-acceptance.  Sandra Wingfield is a wife and mother from Maryland. She has been in the Administrative Professional field for 12 years and has had the opportunity to work closely with Senior Executives. Although Sandra enjoys her current profession, her spirit has always been pulled toward the health field. As a child she desired to be a doctor, but in college she realized that health and wellness had more factors than just biological. After 2.5 years as a biology major, she decided to change her major and create her own with the help of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department. Her realization that health crosses the disciplines of biology, psychology, and even sociology led her to create the major of Integrative Health. During this time, Sandra had the opportunity to work on a group project about an employee of the Baltimore City Public Schools that wanted to make school lunches more nutritious for the students. It was during this project that she was introduced to the fact that socioeconomic factors impact certain populations access to nutritious foods and healthcare services. Sandra has previously competed as a natural bodybuilder in competitions all over Maryland. She has had the honor of meeting and being mentored by top-notch and highly decorated athletes. Under their guidance, she too has had the pleasure of walking away with trophies at the last two shows before having her son. Follow Sandra on Instagram at
February 26, 2021
Passion Realized
Genesis High - Method to My Madness Author Genesis is multifaceted in many areas including media (production, writing/editing, graphic design, web building, and many other production platforms). In her 10+ years in the entertainment industry (worked on a few reality tv sets, owned an online entertainment magazine, On My Grind, etc) she is always looking to expand her knowledge and skill sets. Genesis has 7+ years’ experience in marketing & promotion, 10+ years’ experience in writing/editing for newspaper, magazine, & book layouts and also perfects her exceptional skills with video and photography editing. Genesis authored three published works: Method to My Madness Parts 1 & 2 of a five-part series and a poetry compilation, Write Mood Series. Follow Genesis on Social Media
February 19, 2021
Freedom is Possible
In 2018, one year after self-publishing her Amazon bestselling book, #CoachYaDamnSelf - Natisha was laid off from a 10 year career in higher education, a proverbial "$h%t or get off the pot” moment. Where fear might have made others freeze in their tracks, Natisha took the promise of 6 months of unemployment and a student loan refund check and relocated to a sunny beach town off the Caribbean Coast of Mexico intending to promptly launch holistic leadership retreats for urban Black women. Natisha quickly realized that the hustle and bustle life that she’d built in the states would NOT work in Mexico. Why? Well, one - it was HOT. Too hot to spend hours drumming up business online. And two? She realized she’d focused so hard on building a business that she’d completely forgotten about building a LIFE. Now, nearly 3 years later, Natisha has designed the LIFE she’d almost completely forgotten about back in 2018. A life that now includes monthly wine and charcuterie nights with friends, weekly massages and therapy appointments and plenty of downtime to contemplate life at the beach. In a word? Natisha stumbled into her own version of freedom.  A version where she feels free to be the truest version of herself, to express her emotions and even free to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. Even while now working a full time remote job- she’s somehow found herself doing work that mimics the business she’s building - coaching & training leaders - at a startup that gives her plenty of freedom and flexibility to expand her skills without burnout, stress or overworking. This time, however, she doesn’t have to worry about forgetting to build the life to match. Natisha now focuses on training other urban born, working class raised women to redefine and create their own version of freedom and success. To learn more or to stay in touch, visit
February 12, 2021
Ambition to Action
Raven M. Harris is a transformational speaker, career coach and strategist, and she is the co-founder of The Startup Specialists.   Learn more about Raven, here: Follow Raven on Instagram, here: Subscribe to Reset with Raven on YouTube channel, here: Learn about The Startup Specialists, here:
February 5, 2021
Growth and Prosperity
Precious Harrison-Cobb is the principal attorney at The Lineage Firm, which will launch in March of 2021. She created The Lineage Firm to further her mission of supporting trauma-informed advocacy and to help parents and caregivers with services and resources for children and families. The Lineage Firm was also established to narrow the accessibility gap in disadvantaged communities that are in need of legal services. Currently, Attorney Harrison-Cobb serves as staff attorney in the Healthy Together medical-legal partnership at the Children's Law Center (CLC) in Washington, DC. At CLC, Attorney Harrison-Cobb represents parents and caregivers in education/special education, health care access and housing matters, while advocating to address other health-harming legal needs families are experiencing. Prior to joining CLC, Attorney Harrison-Cobb served as an Assistant District Attorney in the 4th Prosecutorial District of North Carolina. She prosecuted general crimes and focused on cases with victims of sexual assault and abuse. Purchase The Legacy Journal from Amazon. Purchase The Legacy Journal from
January 29, 2021
The Peace Process
Marquita Allen is a full spectrum doula, yoga practitioner, and rising health and wellness coach who specializes in emotional, physical, spiritual, and social well-being. Furthermore, she serves her country as a member of the armed forces. In this episode, Marquita shares her insight into the peace process. Follow Marquita on Instagram. 
January 22, 2021
Alexa, What is Purpose?
A native of Athens, Georgia, Christina A Calloway became a competitive gymnast at a young age and quickly rose to the ranks of a National competitor. She enjoyed her participation in the sport of gymnastics for 10 years. When she entered the University of Georgia, her thoughts were to continue to compete in gymnastics as a walk-on athlete. As fate would have it, she found an interest in competitive cheerleading and was selected to the Varsity cheer team where she cheered for the Nationally Ranked Georgia Bulldogs for their varsity football and men’s basketball programs. Upon completing her college career, Christina was once again lead back to her passion of  gymnastics and working with young girls. She has enjoyed a career that has lasted over 30 years not  only teaching athletic skills to these young girls, but most importantly developing life skills within  them that will allow them to become better daughters, sisters, friends, future wives, and mothers. Her passion is to make an impact in the lives of teenage girls, athletes and women by encouraging  and empowering them to become all they desire. With certifications as a Life Coach and BA in  Leadership Studies with a dual concentration in Human Behavior and Organizational Development,  Christina has the expertise to help individuals grow through transitions by developing a mindset  reset. Follow Christina on Instagram. Connect with Christina on LinkedIn.
January 15, 2021
Do the Most with Purpose
Dr. Ryan Lang, MD, MPH is a certified life coach, actor, board-certified internal medicine and preventive medicine physician, and author of Project Reset. In this episode of the Peace, Purpose & Prosperity Podcast, Dr. Lang explains how your purpose is not based on your career and encourages listeners to do the most with purpose.  Follow Dr. Lang on Instagram. 
January 8, 2021
Finding Peace During a Pandemic
A special guest joins Life Coach Shereka Dunston to share tips to help listeners find peace in their lives. Life Coach Stephanie Roseboro is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and author of Pieces to Peace: The Power of Forgiving the Absent Parent. Stephanie is the founder of Optimum Consulting Services, where she provides fertility support coaching, services for single parents, and mentoring for youth. Click here to follow Stephanie on Instagram. 
January 1, 2021