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Become Inspired by Life on Time

Become Inspired by Life on Time

By Life on Time
Welcome to Life on Time’s Become Inspired podcast. Our Become inspired podcast aims to;

- Give helpful advice on wellbeing and personal development for students, teachers and parents.
- To be fun, but serious with the advice it gives.
- To give you tools to implement immediately and make improvements to you and your students life’s.

Who features on the podcast?

Host - Founder of Life on Time - Jon Ford
Clinical Psychologist - Dr Alistair bailie (AKA Dr Bear)
Teacher - Jez Belas

Along with some very special guests...
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Should PSHE be the focus after Lockdown?

Become Inspired by Life on Time

Should PSHE be the focus after Lockdown?

Become Inspired by Life on Time

3 safeguarding tips for schools during the pandemic
In this episode Jon speaks with Mike Glanville, the co-founder of MyConcern, the leader in safeguarding software for schools.  Mike talks about his extensive experience working on the front line of safeguarding while working in CID, in the police.   He gives advice to schools and teachers on how to keep their safeguarding processes in check during this challenging time.  For more information about MyConcern and Mike please visit their website
October 23, 2020
Teach Strong - 5 Tips to help Teacher Wellbeing
With schools fully open in the UK, teachers are now facing more day to day challenges, from keeping children safe, offering blended learning and getting children back to speed after 6 months off.  It's not therefore surprising that teacher wellbeing could be being affected, which is why we thought it time to get some wellbeing advice specific for teachers and staff. Samuel Hart is the co-founder of Teach strong - a teacher specific wellbeing company.  He offers 5 simple tips to help teachers look after their own wellbeing and also offers advice to schools on how they can approach the supervision of their staff.
October 15, 2020
Pandemic nutrition advice - with Emma Hendricks
Nutritionist and Health Psychologist Emma hendricks gives some really useful hints and tips on how to approach your diet during the pandemic and also help answer the question - Can Vitamin D fend off Covid 19? For more information about Emma please see her website
September 29, 2020
When you survive - featuring Greig Trout
In this episode we talk to Greig Trout.  Greig is a double cancer survivor and the man behind and  His story resonates with us here at life on time because he puts much of his recovery and his new found happiness down to strategies like goal setting.  Take a listen to find out more....
September 11, 2020
September 2, 2020
September 2, 2020
Becoming a leader
In our final episode of the series, the team talk leadership.  Jez discusses how he now teaches leadership skills as part of PE, the team introduce their creative Director Martin Harling Coward and Dr Bear gives insight in to how things have turned more normal in his day to day treatment of his patients.
July 10, 2020
Building confidence in young people
In this episode the team discuss confidence and have a very special guest, in premier league sport psychologist Dr Karl Steptoe who is the lead sport psychologist at Loughborough University,  Karl gives some really helpful insights on how to build confidence in young people.
July 3, 2020
The importance of Values
In this episode the team discuss Values.  Creating and setting values that you aim to live by is one of the founding principles of Life on Time and in this episode Dr Bear explains what they are and how they can help you, your teachers, children and students live a more fulfilled and meaningful life. 
June 27, 2020
Black Lives Matter
The Black lives matter movement after the death of George Floyd has created a lot of media attention and will have created a lot of emotions with lots of communities around the UK.  In this episode Jon has an open conversation with his friend and business consultant, Dr Wayne Wright as he tries to get a better understanding of the movement and why the events in the US have transferred over to the UK.
June 16, 2020
Help for home schoolers
In this episode the team discuss childcare and homeschooling during lockdown.  On the episode we have special guest Arnold Kaloki from a company called Brightteach a specialist home tutoring company.  Arnold has some really great tips on how to keep children engaged with their home education during the pandemic.
June 14, 2020
How to help teacher's wellbeing
In episode 8 the team discuss teacher's wellbeing.  Dr Bear is back to give some really useful tips on how to look after yourself and cope with the uncertainty of going back to school. 
June 6, 2020
Physical Activity, sport and wellbeing
In this episode Jez and Jon discuss how important sport and physical activity is to our wellbeing.  Jez has one of his high performer sport students on to find out how she organizes her day...
May 26, 2020
How to build resilience
In this episode Jez, Dr bear and Jon discuss resilience.  Resilience is a key skill at anytime but espeically in time sof crisis so we thought in apt time ot get talking about it.  Dr Bear gives some insight on how he uses resilience and what skills in involves.  We also have special guest Ian Rennie from PTCS - who specialise in coaching government officials on building resilience.
May 22, 2020
Should PSHE be the focus after Lockdown?
Dr Bear and the team discuss PSHE in episode 5.  They discuss what it is, but also why it should in their opinion become the major focus for schools post lockdown.  We also have special guest Jayne Wright who is a PSHE expert who gives schools and teachers some great tips for when lockdown ends. What is PSHE? If you’re a teacher or a student you will no doubt know the answer, but for some parents it may mean nothing other some random assortment of letters. Jez, Dr bear and myself - all in our late 30’s don’t recall the subject being taught at all. So what is it? PSHE curriculum stands for Personal, Social, Health and economic. It’s the subject that covers teaching of personal development, social skills, sex education, health education, wellbeing and knowledge about the wider world, along with much more.
May 15, 2020
How much sleep do teenagers need in Lockdown?
In this episode the trio discuss sleep, the importance of it and also how much teenagers inparticular need to stay fit and healthy.  There is also a special guest Mandy Gurney from Millpond sleep clinic who is a child sleep expert.  She gives a great insight into the sleep patterns of teenagers and how they should be approaching sleep during lockdown and how they should be aware of what a change of routine could mean when we come out of lockdown.
May 5, 2020
Mindfulness in Lockdown and how it can help you and your students
In this episode the team discuss their current experiences of the past week, Jez divulges how his first week of remote learning went and Dr bear gives insight about some of the NHS work he has been doing to help the doctors and nurses on the front line of the covid19 pandemic.  Dr Bear also explains how he uses mindfulness and gives Jez and Jon a few tips on how to do it and why its not all about sitting in down trying to relax, imagining you are on sunny beach! We also have special guest from Calmkids, Christiane Kerr who is an expert in both Kids Yoga and Mindfulness.  She gives us some really helpful tips on how to get your students learning the skill. For more information please read our full article on Mindfulness for Children or see our how to guide video for Mindfulness for children 
April 29, 2020
Introduction to the Life on Time Become Inspired Podcast Series
Welcome to Life on time’s Become Inspired podcast. We hope you enjoy being here and go away with something that can help you and your students performance and wellbeing. Our become inspired blog aims to - give helpful advice on wellbeing and personal development for students, teachers and parents - be fun, but serious with the advice it gives.  - Enable listeners to go away with useful tools you can implement immediately and make improvements to you and your students. Our content will be based on Life on times key principles below · Values · Goal setting · Mind Body connection – main sub areas Nutrition/Sleep/Physical Activity/Meditation, Mindfulness and ACT · Attitude · Confidence · Leadership
April 21, 2020
How goal setting can get your students through Lockdown
With the world going into another week of lockdown, we thought we would offer some simple tips on how to deal with stress and improve your student well being. Some worrying recent studies on the mental health effect of quarantine in China and Italy show that up to 37% of the people studied in Italy are reporting post traumatic stress symptoms, anxiety and adjustment disorder symptoms (Rossi etc all, April 2020) and china is reporting a 35% trauma related distress symptom as a result of lockdown. On top of this both studies have shown that these issues are more likely to effect women and young people. As our main focus at Life on time is schools student well being this is especially concerning. For some, these figures won’t come as any surprise as school and family plans have been postponed with no certainty on when they will restart and to add to this we have the actual disease; Covid19, lurking around every corner. There is no doubt that these set of circumstances will create uncertainty, stress and anxiety in even the most brave hearted student. So what can schools and teachers advise students to do on to limit the effect of lockdown on their Student well being?
April 21, 2020