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Life with Joey Calvo

Life with Joey Calvo

By Joey Calvo
Welcome to Life with Joey Calvo. My name is Joey Calvo and I will talk about different topics that are interesting as well talking to experts and celebrities about their lives and their upcoming projects
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Life with Gregory Jbara

Life with Joey Calvo

Life with Eric Essix
Today, I have the pleasure of chatting with my good friend and 2nd time celebrity guest, smooth jazz guitarist, Eric Essix. We chat about his collaboration with Ruben Studdard (American Idol) for the remake of "Ain't No Sunshine" and promoted Ruben as well!! We chat about the new CD "Stride" and any touring while picking on him to come to Philadelphia!!!!! Check out his website, and pick up your merchandise and get the new CD there too!!!
September 27, 2022
Life with Sepsiss
Today, I chat with Melissa from the band Sepsiss about how they formed and played their music and promoted as well as Lexi Swarm's podcast, "The Metal Honeys Podcast" on Spotify
June 19, 2022
Back from Hiatus
In this episode, I play the latest single by Sepsiss called "Yesterday Isn't Me" and explain what is going on and promoting Sepsiss, Lexi Swarm's podcast and Jayna Swan's new podcast
May 23, 2022
Latest update on me, the Podcast in Vegas, Lexi Swarm & Sepsiss
In this episode, I give you the latest update on my health. The Podcast in Vegas will be happening in May!!!!!! I have been promoting Lexi Swarm since I met her and she has a new podcast called "The Metal Honeys Podcast" on and also has a Facebook page and Instagram: @themetalhoneys. Lexi also told me about this band called Sepsiss. They're a rock)heavy metal band from the New England area and they will be at the Bourre_ac, 201 S. New York Ave, Atlantic City from 2-11pm on Wednesday, April 20th. Get tickets on the NorStep Presents 420fest at Bourre_ac Facebook page.
March 19, 2022
Scleroderma Town Hall #5
Today, we remember Bob Saget for the work he did with the Scleroderma Foundation. We chat about how they were diagnosed with Scleroderma and any new updates in the breakthrough for Scleroderma.
February 01, 2022
Happy 2022 with a Health Update
Today, I explain what happened to me over the New Year's weekend and testing positive for COVID-19. I explain what led to me going to the hospital and what was done at the hospital.
January 06, 2022
Year End Podcast 2021
This is my annual year end podcast and review the year and hopefully what will happen in the new year. As you listen, I actually get surprised that someone was on the YouTube live stream and chatted. Happy Holidays to all of you with love
December 28, 2021
How to Start a Podcast at almost no cost
Today, I explain how I got this Podcast started at almost no cost and how you can do it too. It is also live streamed on YouTube as well. The YouTube live stream is original due to I accidentally erased the original recording. I also promote those who have supported me like Kimberly Kravitz, Heather Fordham, Model Carol Alt, etc. Check out the merchandise website (that I started at $0 cost),
November 17, 2021
Life with Miss Patty Jackson
Today, I had a great honor to chat with a Philadelphia radio icon (even after the delay), Miss Patty Jackson. We chat about her career, how she got started and her own Podcast, "Patty & the Millennials". She broadcasts on WDAS-FM here in Philadelphia from 10a-3p ET. You can hear her podcast and her show on the IHeartRadio App. She just received the Icon (Legend) award from the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. She just had a street named after her (3 blocks away from me) and her being on Philadelphia Magazine's 76 Most Influential People with Ukee Washington from CBS 3!!!
November 15, 2021
S3x & how it affects social media
Today, I bring up 2 former podcast guest and expressing my opinion on why sex is blocked on Instagram live!!! Sex is a part of life so you should go to and chat with Jayna Swan about sex issues because she's a love & intimacy coach. Follow Melissa Martin on Instagram @themelissamartin. Check out Swarm TV on YouTube. This content should not be listened to by anyone under the age of 18
November 02, 2021
Scleroderma Town Hall #4
We continue the series on Scleroderma Town Hall. Our guests explain their stories and the latest in their journey. If you know someone who was diagnosed with Scleroderma and want to support them, go to
October 25, 2021
Life with Gregory Jbara
In this episode, I have a great honor to chat with Gregory Jbara, who portrays DCPI Garrett Moore on the hit CBS drama, "Blue Bloods". We talk about his career, Blue Bloods & going into Broadway!! Towards the end, we chat about the Blue Origin space flight with William Shatner. Check out and watch Blue Bloods Friday nights at 10pm on CBS
October 13, 2021
Life with Jayna Swan
Today, I had the honor of chatting with a very beautiful and amazing inside & out, Jayna Swan. She's a love & intimacy coach. We chat about how she got started and we go further & deeper. We even do a "This or That". You can follow her on Instagram @jayna.swan or go to
October 04, 2021
Hot October or "Hotober"
In this podcast, I promote how hot the podcast will be in October or "Hotober" like I have been calling it!!!! Hotober 4th (October 4th), I will have the very beautiful Jayna Swan, a love & intimacy coach!!! This podcast will be for mature audiences only!!!! Hotober 11th, I will have another very beautiful adult artist, YouTube host & member of a band that will get promoted, Lexi Swarm. I have a very special guest coming on for Mid Hotober (finalizing) and also for mid November (finalizing). First, will be from my favorite show, "Blue Bloods", Actor Gregory Jbara & in mid November, "The Host with the Most", Todd Newton. I also chat about a Wonder Woman Cosplayer named Lynda Lucia Carter and working on having her come on the Podcast as well. She's from Columbia (so I may need a translator) but I am working on this!!!! You got to subscribe & support the Podcast because it pays for the website!!!!!
September 30, 2021
Scleroderma Town Hall #3
Today, I bring back the Scleroderma Town Hall group and we discuss their stories again (for those that are new), the latest in groups & research and mentions of Kimberly Kravitz & Melissa Martin. This Saturday, September 25th, there will be a Car Show at Nifty Fifty's on Route 42 in Sicklerville/Turnersville, NJ. If you would like to get your classic/antique car involved, go the Scleroderma Delaware Valley website and there will be another one on October 2nd in Delaware.
September 20, 2021
Life with Melissa Martin
I had the honor today of chatting with Melissa Martin. She's a business & embodiment coach and rebranding her own series. It was a fun chat and it was an honor to bring her story to you. Please follow her on Instagram at @themelissamartin and check out her "Boldly Courageous Podcast" season 1 and her upcoming season 2.
September 15, 2021
"I love you period" and other words
In this impromptu podcast, I discuss words and the meaning it could present. I apologize to anyone that I have even made uncomfortable and I also tell you my experience in life about it. Always know that I love you period because those are the best words you ever want to hear
August 27, 2021
Scleroderma Town Hall #2
In this episode, I have Kathy, Amanda & Dan (from Pennsylvania) talk about Scleroderma and their support groups and how you can get involved. Kathy has promoted her car show on Saturday, September 25th from 8am-10am ET for the registration and from 10am-1pm ET for the show itself and it will be at Nifty Fifty's in Blackwood, NJ. They each talk about their diagnosis. You can Google Scleroderma Delaware Valley for the website on how you can get involved. If you know anyone that may be diagnosed with Scleroderma can reach out on website for resources and support groups.
August 16, 2021
Deana Rizzo, Osnap & Depression
Today, I brought back a beautiful guest, Deana Rizzo to promote a new product called Osnap and we also discussed her new upcoming "Depression Mastermind Course" via Please check out her website, YouTube channel, as well as Instagram, @deanarizzo. I also apologize for not doing a podcast in Vegas. It will be made up soon. I also mention about PartyLite as well. Go to
August 02, 2021
Scleroderma Town Hall
Today, we have our first Scleroderma Town Hall and I chat with Amanda & Katie on their lives. Another Scleroderma Town Hall will be set for August and hopefully we will have more guests. Thank you to Kathy Griffin (unfortunately couldn't get on) for this to happen
July 12, 2021
Today, I chat with Kathy Griffin (not the comedienne), a Board Member of the Scleroderma Foundation of the Delaware Valley. We talk about Scleroderma, what it is, what are the symptoms and what can we do. I also put out a challenge to everyone that listens to this Podcast or watches the live stream on YouTube to donate $5 to the Scleroderma Foundation. Go to to do it and mention that you heard it on the "Life with Joey Calvo" Podcast. Thank you Carol Alt for a suggestion of RAW foods. Kathy also gives her story and her struggle.
June 14, 2021
Am I vaccinated or on the Placebo
So I started a COVID 19 vaccine research trial back in November. I needed to know if I have the actual vaccine or was given the placebo. I explain my results and if you go to the "Life with Joey Calvo" YouTube channel, I show the results.
June 10, 2021
Memorial Day 2021 and announcements
I start this podcast with a special shout out to a legendary Meteorologist, Lloyd Lindsay Young. I also thank not just the fallen heroes but the current and also first responders for their service to our Country. I announce the merchandise website for the Podcast, I thank the awesome guests that have been on the Podcast and promote their websites as well as those that I would love to come on the Podcast as well. Please subscribe to the Podcast YouTube channel and thank you Streamyard for letting my podcast be done live as I record them here on Check out the Podcast website, as well. Definitely come to Philadelphia for the summer as everything is opening up again
May 31, 2021
Life with Deana Rizzo
Today, I chat with Deana Rizzo, a Business/Mind/Body/Soul/Life Coach. We do have all types of technical issues during the podcast and I apologize for it. We talk about how she got started. Gave a Business example of something I had worked on. She also talks about a device that reports your frequent of your life. She has a website, where you can reach out to her to how to improve your life.
May 05, 2021
Life with Essential Recordings Guitarist, Eric Essix
Today's podcast is with Eric Essix, Essential Recordings Guitarist. I play his latest single that I go crazy and love playing, "Late Night Drive" from his latest CD, "Songs of the Deep". We talk about his past collaborations, a piece of his career and I talk about all other smooth jazz artists that we both known about. Check out his website,, follow him on Instagram: @eessix, Twitter: @ericessix, and Like his Facebook page.
April 20, 2021
Celebrating 50 Podcasts (Episode 51!!)
In this podcast, we celebrate 50 podcasts done so far, as this is episode 51. I ask my listeners to pray and send love to Kimberly Kravitz, who has been a guest on the podcast , who was diagnosed with COVID-19 as well as her parents. I give all the stats of how the 1200+ downloads break down. Listened to in 19 countries, with listeners ages 45-59 being the most focussed demographic group. I thank all my guests that have come on this podcast and I hope that they come back on again and again. I also explain that if you want to start a podcast that this platform, is the best platform to use to do your own podcast with and they sponsor this podcast as well. Thank you!!!! I also announce that my next guest on the podcast will be Smooth Jazz Guitarist Eric Essix and I promoted his website at the end, I tell you how I manage to get him on the podcast and check out his latest single, "Late Night Drive". At the end, I thank all of you, my listeners for downloading these podcasts and please share them with your friends & family. I also promoted Lexi Swarm's "Swarm TV" YouTube channel,,, Check out the Podcast website, and follow us on Twitter: @LifeCalvo and on Instagram: @lifewithjoeycalvo
April 15, 2021
Episode 3- "I am back to Podcasting"
I gave a shout out to Adult star, Madalynn Raye and wished her a Happy Birthday. I gave a shout out to Kimberly J Kravitz for 7 years at NJNN and to Heather Fordham on her new job at Spectrum News 1 in Raleigh, NC. In this episode as well, I give my story of what had happened since my last podcast with Coach Scott Fields (and promoted his show). I also took a little time to pay homage to my brother who passed away 1 year ago this weekend (which his 60th birthday was 4/3). I also explained about my 50th birthday and how in July, I am planning to do a podcast at a remote location. I also thanked my colleague who just retired today from my current job and thanked all my colleagues who sent me love and support while I was out sick (having surgery this fall). I also thanked you, the listeners, my friends and family for their support as well. I promoted and chat about Model Carol Alt and the communication we have. I promoted,, and I promoted Lexi Swarm's & Coach Scott Fields' YouTube channel as well as Kimberly Kravitz & Heather Fordham's YouTube as well. Keep wearing your mask and stay socially distanced and we will get through this. I also mention about Kimberly Pressler, the sideline PBA Bowling Reporter for FS1 and how much I would love to come on the podcast.
April 03, 2021
Life with Scott Fields
Today we talk basketball with Scott Fields, host of the "Coach Scott Fields Show" on the DB& A TV on Roku, etc. We talk about his career, the NBA (including the Brooklyn Nets & Philadelphia 76ers), College (including Bobby Knight, the late John Cheney, the late John Thompson & Jay Wright)! So check out the "Coach Scott Fields Show" on YouTube and follow him as well
February 07, 2021
1st Podcast of 2021!!
In this podcast, I give an insight of what has happened. For all of you listeners in Raleigh, NC, look out for an awesome reporter who will bring love to the journalism in Raleigh, Heather Fordham. Congrats to her. I talk about Kimberly Kravitz as well. I put out the invite to all the guests that came on in 2020 to come back on again. I talk about "Wonder Woman 1984" and my opinion of the movie. I talk about the riots at the Capitol. I talk about gun violence and Philadelphia. I give an idea of what is going on with me. I talk about trying to take the podcast "On the Road" even more. I talk about David Brunner and his new network that premiered this month (I am working on trying to get this podcast on the network. I bring up a potential guest that will be coming on the podcast soon who coached Stephan Curry as a rookie for the LA Clippers. I promote,,, Stacey Venneman and Swarm TV on YouTube.
January 30, 2021
Year End Podcast
It's the year end podcast from Caesars Atlantic City with an awesome view of the city and the ocean. I really just review 2020 of happenings and I forgot the riots and the shootings and I apologize for that. I thank the guests for coming on the podcast in 2020 and put out a goal to get to 2000 downloads by the end of 2021.
December 21, 2020
Life with Stacey Venneman
Today, I had the pleasure to chat with Stacey Venneman, who is a Nutritionist and a Fitness Trainer based in South Jersey. You can follow her on Instagram @staceyvenneman. Thank you Michelle Dawn Mooney and her husband Dean for introducing Stacey on the website, So in our discussion, we talk about how I can do better with an "all or nothing" mentality as well as the discussion she had about how coffee is not as bad. We also talk a little fitness and what is best to get back on track during a pandemic. She also touch upon how you can keep your figure during your holiday feast. Hopefully Stacey will come back on again so we can talk more.
December 15, 2020
The Latest on my COVID-19 Research Trial
In this episode, I talk about the latest step in my journey with the COVID-19 research vaccine. If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and are interested in the trial or any others, you can go to I also got news of another family member stricken with COVID. I also thanked Kimberly Kravitz who was on the podcast just after my first injection for getting the research place on "Jersey Matters with Larry Mendte"
December 13, 2020
I rip the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and I thank people and mention my week in review
In this episode, I rip the New Jersey Casino Control Commission for removing the "Mr. Cashman" slots from all the casinos. I do not edit these podcasts so there is some obscenity and is aimed at older audiences. I thank Kimberly Kravitz, who was on the last podcast for getting Hassman Research Institute, where I am on the COVID 19 vaccine research study at and got them on "Jersey Matters with Larry Mendte". I also talk about how bad my week was that started with Atlantic City to someone I know cutting the wire that disconnected my FIOS and it cost me a lot for that.
November 29, 2020
Life with Kimberly Kravitz and the latest on my study for the COVID-19 Vaccine and my health
In this podcast, I talk about my health and I have a chat with Kimberly Kravitz about the gym restrictions here in Philadelphia and her thoughts about it in New Jersey. We also talk about her "Bebeautybeautiful" Instagram page. I also promote to her Vike Beauty & Zinna's Bistro. Please follow her @bebeautybeautiful and subscribe to her YouTube channel and visit her awesome website, She leads an awesome team of reporters!!
November 17, 2020
Welcome to the "New Life with Joey Calvo" Live Stream
In this podcast I give the big announcement that you can now can the podcast livestream via the "Life with Joey Calvo" Facebook page as well as the "Life with Joey Calvo" YouTube channel, which I suggest to subscribe to and click on the notifications so you know when the live stream is happening. I found out that the Live Stream was actually silent and I apologize because it was the first one. I talk about what got me involved in the COVID-19 vaccine study and how I am doing so far after 72 hours. I also promoted Swarm TV, Kimberly Kravitz, Heather Fordham, Model Carol Alt, Katie Fehlinger, Cornelius "Grim" Whitaker, Sabrina Blocker Little (Congratulations) & I promoted the "Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation Virtual Ball" and you can go to Thank you for all of you that listened to the podcast and please help support the podcast by going to
November 14, 2020
Refreshing the podcast with thanks, flashbacks & promotion
This podcast is about thanking all of you for listening to these podcasts. I also thank the guests I had on. We are almost at 1,000 downloads!!! I also talk about the latest in my health and I do a small retrospect on what my dating profile would be like. I also provide,,,, I also promote the YouTube channels of Kimberly Kravitz, Heather Fordham, Carol Alt, Syd Wilder, Emilie Hagen, Swarm TV. Thank you all for listening!!!
October 30, 2020
Life with Shellene Kent-Keffer
In this podcast, I had the honor of interviewing an Wonder Woman actress, Shellene Kent-Keffer. We talk about how she got started with a studio and her life. I also tell you my custom video idea and kept it as clean as I could. I also want to thank Shakeshifter for the awesome videos of Shellene. I do play a couple pieces of her "Transformation Montage" video on
October 19, 2020
Life is "Lit" with Stepz & Grim
This podcast is about the Award Winning Movie, "Lit", which you can purchase on Vimeo for $5.99. We talk about the movie, and this as any are unedited so I go to play the trailer for the movie & I pull up the wrong movie!!!😂😂 Listen carefully and you can find out how to rent the movie and do a Stepz says a "$6 vacation"!! We also pay tribute to some of our Franklin teachers that have passed and encourage Franklin residents to go out and vote for Bill Grippo for Franklin Township Board of Education
October 15, 2020
Life with Sabrina Blocker
Today's podcast is about a fellow Classmate who wrote a best selling book listed on Amazon. I have her discuss the book and then we talk about life (I admit that I got carried away) which winds up mixing into what the book is about. I also mention about how successful our fellow classmates have done. A preview of the next podcast and also an "Endorsement" of a hometown candidate.
October 13, 2020
What Has Happened Since My Last Podcast
In this episode, I speak about what happened since my last podcast and invited many people that I know and thanked all of you that have listened to these podcasts. I want to welcome your stories or if you are a comedian, I want you to come on this podcast and bring out your material. This podcast is on 10 platforms including Spotify
October 12, 2020
Life with Carol Alt, Part 2
I continue my chat with Carol Alt. Please follow her on Twitter: @ModelCarolAlt and Instagram:@ModelCarolAlt
July 14, 2020
Life with Carol Alt Part 1
Today, I had the most awesome honor to chat with Carol Alt, Model/Actress/Author & Cat Lover. We talk everything from how she started Modeling to    being an actress and starring in TV & Film with Hulk Hogan & Howard Stern.  It was a fun conversation that got cut off. Please follow Carol on Twitter: @ModelCarolAlt and on Instagram: @modelcarolalt
July 14, 2020
Life with Katie Fehlinger
Today, I had the most awesome pleasure to speak with Katie Fehlinger, Former Morning TV Personality here in Philadelphia. She's got a new book coming out called "My Happy Place" that comes out on July 22nd!!! Please follow Katie on Instagram, Twitter, & Like her Facebook page!! You can go to and sign up for her video production course as well
June 29, 2020
Part 3- Soulchilogy
Lisa explains what Soulchilogy is and offers listeners who are interested a signed copy of her book "Soulchilogy ". If anyone donates to the GoFundMe campaign for me will receive a free lesson of "Soulchilogy 101"
May 31, 2020
Episode 2 Bullying stories
Lisa & I talk about our stories of bullying in our lives. She also gives an offer to the first 50 listeners who are interested in her book, "Soulchilogy" Lisa also has offers to give and check out her Instagram @Soulchilogy
May 31, 2020
Part 1- Story from an old classmate
My classmate, Lisa El Ar Ree (Edmonds) and she give her story of what lead to her being bullied when we were younger.
May 31, 2020
Every Life Matters
This is a podcast where I give my voice to what is happening right now. I am not an expert and I am not any authority figure. I am just a human being like all of you are. I hope that you listen to this podcast with an open mind and open heart
May 30, 2020
"Behind the Scenes Heroes, Part 2"
This podcast, which I was trying to livestream on YouTube, but unfortunately didn't work. This podcast continues the behind the scenes heroes from my co-worker who made masks and gave them to the Postal Workers, to the nurses like Valeria Van Liew, Mary Greene, to the Fire Police like Al Pinella. I also celebrate the news reporters like Phil Andrews, Heather Fordham (Check out her website,, & Kimberly Jade Kravitz (Check out her website, I talk about the families behind all these great people including Heather's brother, Matt who is a doctor and going to serve the front lines. I talk about the great (and fellow) radio on air personalities, Ed Kalegi, Craig Allen, Don Tandler, The Record Handler (Check him out on and also Big Joe Henry. All, except Ed are on New Jersey 101.5 FM. I also announce that I set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help pay for online courses to become a radio on air personality.
May 23, 2020
A New Series- Salute to Heroes, Front Line & Behind the Scenes #1- Carol Dillow
I am starting a series during the pandemic of the heroes that are making a difference. So I start with a classmate from my Alma Mater, Franklin High School in Somerset, NJ, Carol Dillow. Carol lives in Colorado and has made masks for hospitals and now making masks for the elderly and almost anyone that needs one, including me. So I give a shout out to you Carol and thank you for all you are doing and your family thanks you too. If you want to nominate someone, please reach out to me via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, via "Life with Joey Calvo" and leave me a message with information and a picture of who you are nominating and I will give them a shout out here. Please check out "Swarm TV" on YouTube and subscribe and also please subscribe to the "Life with Joey Calvo" YouTube channel as well
April 17, 2020
A Family Update/ A Huge Thank You to all the Front Lines, Volunteers & Family
This episode, I give an update and celebration of my family. I also talk about a Philly Legend. I also thank not only the front lines, but the volunteers and the family members who are sacrificing their members to help us
April 13, 2020
Emilieknowseverything's Emilie Hagen
This podcast is promoting Emilie Hagen. We had a fun chat which turned out to go further than expected. She's a great comedienne and has a podcast called "Emilieknowseverything". Just go out and search where you can reach her podcast. Please follow her on Instagram at @emilieknowseverything. I do ask you support her and help her during this pandemic. Let's help her by reaching out to donating to her while the comedy clubs are shuttered.
March 27, 2020
Here's someone that will help you with improving your credit score, Nikki Wilson
This special podcast is about Nikki Wilson, a fellow classmate of mine who does credit repair, which I called "Credit Improvement". She will help you improve your credit score so you can attain your dream goals. When you reach out to her, please mention that you heard it on the "Life with Joey Calvo" podcast, or saw a post about it on the "Life with Joey Calvo" Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or on the website. Nikki will explain in more details what needs to be done and the pricing. She will also explain even more benefits of the program to where you can start your own. For information and more details, go to Nikki's Instagram page, @nikkitheonly1. If you don't have Instagram, comment your information on the website or via dm on the "Life with Joey Calvo" Twitter page (@LifeCalvo). Remember to tell her that you heard it on the "Life with Joey Calvo" podcast. Nikki does have a Facebook page that you can message her on, nikkitheonly1
March 17, 2020
Anniversary/Family Scare/Coronavirus/Syd Wilder/Condolences to a fallen Philadelphia Police Officer
This episode, I talk about a somber anniversary in my life of the passing of 2 of my important family members. I talk about a scare to another family member. I talk about a little bit about the Coronavirus pandemic. The main part of the episode was about Syd Wilder, an actress/comedienne that I have gotten to know over the past 3 years. She hosts a podcast called "Girlinstarupted". Please follow her podcast Instagram page, @girlinstarupted. Follow her on Twitter: @SydWilder and definitely subscribe to her YouTube page as well. Hopefully, we will talk about and I mentioned Amie Harwick, the Hollywood Sex Therapist who was found dead from being thrown from her balcony in February. I also mention some parts of Syd that I would love to discuss like mental health & divorce. I end with a condolence to a Fallen Philadelphia Police Officer who was gun down in the line of duty early this morning. My respects go to the Officer's family and to the Philadelphia Police Department. I also mention Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson and their bout with the Coronavirus. I have the article posted on the website with other topics.
March 13, 2020
What would my dating profile be?
This podcast, I decide to talk about my likes, hobbies & weaknesses that I may state on a dating profile about me. Please subscribe to the podcasts, check out the website, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook by searching "Life with Joey Calvo"
March 08, 2020
Celebration of over 200 downloads/ Happy Leap Year/"The Life with Joey Calvo" clothing line
I do apologize due to being sick this week. I am working on making podcast episodes every week. I thank you, the listeners for the over 209 downloads of this podcast over 22 episodes. Please continue to share and spread this podcast. Happy Leap Year. I am curious of those who have a Leap year birthday how it is celebrated. I also introduced a clothing line that is on last week. Please share this link as well
March 01, 2020
Bullying/Acceptance/Introduction of the "Life with Joey Calvo" Clothing Line
The start of the podcast is about an Australian boy who at the age of 9 who wanted to kill himself for being bullied. I even mention about myself when I was younger about myself being picked on and put down. I speak about acceptance and about a friend of the family who reminded me abuse her personal story about how my family accepted her. I also started a clothing line via I am working on making these podcasts once a week.
February 22, 2020
How to not make your significant other turn into a significant other with weapons/weight loss/logo
I am not a licensed professional, so the opinions in this podcast are my own. You may take them with a grain of salt or you can go with them. I talk about what my version of a relationship is (thanks to one of my co-workers). I also explain the follow up on the weight loss study I applied into and announced that a new logo for the podcast has been created and is on the website, as well as the podcast's official Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages
February 20, 2020
Apology/Weight Loss Project/Testimony Part Deux
In this Season 2 premiere podcast, I start bye apologizing to those friends that I hurt and thanked those who gave me advice. Next, I talk about the weight loss study that I am getting evaluated for next week. I also talk about my struggles of my biggest mistake and the triggers I give myself to prevent it from happening. I discuss that I am looking into making a design for the podcast so I can sell items with that design on I also posed a question for comment either on the "Life with Joey Calvo" Facebook page or on the website of starting a listener feedback phone line and then play them and answer them on future podcasts. If you can comment on here, please do with a yes or no on a "Listener Comment Line".
February 08, 2020
Year End Podcast
I talk about some history in 2019 that was made and what to look forward to in 2020. I also ask that you help support the podcast, because these podcasts will keep the website functioning. I also take a moment and thank NorEaster Nick Pittman for his gift to make sure that I had a holiday meal on my table this Christmas. Check out NorEaster Nick's website, Thank you for listening to these podcasts in 2019. May God Bless you all and Happy Holidays
December 23, 2019
Episode 17- Independent Contractor Bill in New Jersey
First, I want to thank New Jersey 101.5 FM for this topic that was brought up this morning by Jeff Edelstein about this bill being brought up in the New Jersey Legislature about abolishing "Independent Contractors" in the state. I give my opinion about it.
December 09, 2019
Episode 16- 30 Year Reunion/Vivian Ireene Pierce
I break down this episode with my thoughts of the 30 year reunion that I attended and then I got to meet an Adult Star, Vivian Ireene Pierce. We are working on doing a podcast before the end of the year podcast on December 22nd!! Vivian Ireene Pierce's Instagram is @vivianireenepierce by the way
November 26, 2019
Podcast Episode 15- Special Podcast Announcement
I am planning on doing a special year end podcast on Sunday, December 22nd at Caesars Atlantic City in Atlantic City, NJ!! I am inviting my friends to come out and hang out and chat about 2019 and what's going for them in 2020
November 10, 2019
Kate Lyn Scott and her "Stuck on Philly" Project
I talk about this beautiful young lady (who looks 18) who started a photography project of street art in Philadelphia. Please follow her on Instagram @kate_lynscott and please follow her Stuck on Philly Project on @stuckonphilly!! I give her a suggestion to look into a classmate of mine, T. Eric Monroe (@tdoteric) who came out with a photo compliation of hip hop of the '90s.
November 05, 2019
Episode 13- "Let Your Voice Be Heard"
This podcast is actually a mix of different things that came from a saying that I came across on my Instagram. I bring up a shout out from Kimberly Kravitz at New Jersey News Network and all the listeners that have listened to these podcasts. I bring up Election Day on Tuesday, November 5th and it all entwined into letting your voice being heard.
November 03, 2019
Podcast Episode 12- Tribute to my friend, Bill Holden
I give a special message as a tribute to someone I worked with and knew for a very long time. He was my friend and my mentor. I will always miss everything he did and if I had my limousine business, I would had definitely wanted this man to help me. Thank you Bill for everything you did in my life.
October 29, 2019
Podcast Episode 11- Killa Kosplay
I came across this wonderful sweet young lady who goes by the name, "Killa Kosplay". She a cosplayer and she has a Patreon account, If you sign up on any tier, you will get her Snapchat as well with your subscription. Please also support the "Life with Joey Calvo" podcast via The "Life with Joey Calvo" podcast is on various platforms.
October 29, 2019
Episode 10- Vike Beauty"
I came across these 2 young entrepreneurs from New York, originally from Belarus that came out with this product. It is a spray make up remover. You can check it out at and if you want free shipping, use promo code "newlaunch". I will post the demo video on the "Life with Joey Calvo" Twitter (@LifeCalvo) as well as the @lifewithjoeycalvo Instagram page. Will try to get on the "Life with Joey Calvo" Facebook page
October 23, 2019
Episode 9- "Life with Vinny"
My brother, Vinny was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver & Chest cancer recently. I set up a GoFundMe campaign for him. All donations will help pay medical bills that his insurance doesn't cover. Please go to the following website to contribute to this campaign:
October 11, 2019
Episode 8- "Look Again"
I decided to take a Joel Osteen sermon this week called "Look Again" and show how that had me "look again" into my dreams of being on the radio. I do ask for your support to help me take these podcasts to the next level. I also thanked my friend, Valeria Van Liew for the podcast she did here on (Link is in "Thank You Valeria" episode details). Please support these podcasts. Every dollar counts and all listener supporters will be recognized on this podcast each and every podcast that is published. Thank you for your support in advance and thank you for listening to the "Life with Joey Calvo" podcasts
October 09, 2019
Episode 7 - "Atlantic City"
I talk about how cool it is on the beach in Atlantic City and discussing Mariah Carey coming here in December. i talk about city government & mergers
October 06, 2019
Podcast Episode 6- Thank you Valeria
This podcast is in appreciation to a classmate of mine named Valeria Van Liew. She went out and did a podcast called "It Takes A Nurse" and she dedicated the premiere episode indirectly to me called "Scleroderma" and researched this rare auto immune disease. I thank her, some of my other classmates (in code) and girlfriend for the value that they have in me. Please show and share Valeria's podcast, "It Takes A Nurse" and support hers as well as this podcast, "Life with Joey Calvo" by donating to our podcasts. The podcast episode by Valeria is: The "Life with Joey Calvo podcast is now on Breaker, Google Podcast, ITunes, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify & Stitcher besides on Follow me on Instagram, @lifewithjoeycalvo, Twitter: @LifeCalvo & the "Life with Joey Calvo" Facebook page as well as the website, Thank you, the listeners. You are very valued too
October 06, 2019
Podcast Episode 5- The Expansion of the "Life with Joey Calvo" podcasts
I am happy to say that not only are we on, but we are now on the following apps as well: Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Spotify & Stitcher. The original podcasts from the former platform will no longer be on the "Life with Joey Calvo" YouTube channel as of 10/4/2019. Come support this podcast as well as the website. We are also on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
October 03, 2019
Podcast Episode 4 -"International Podcast Day/ I want to promote you"
This podcast talks about International Podcast Day with shout outs to Emilie Hagen with her podcast, @emilieknowseverything and Syd Wilder and her podcast, @girlinstarupted. There is also a young lady who does a podcast here on!! I tell you how you can do your own podcast here on!! I also want to promote your business or your services. I give examples of different businesses that I would like. So let me promote your business. Reach out to me via Instagram: @lifewithjoeycalvo, Twitter: @LifeCalvo, and the Life with Joey Calvo Facebook page. You can also contact me via the website.
September 30, 2019
Episode 3- "My Testimony"
In this episode, I give a testament of my life and how God is shaping it. I share my ups and downs and even a thought of suicide. After I gave my testimony, I shared other people who I have gotten to know and hoping that are coming on this podcast to share them with you, the listeners. I also ask for your support of this podcast, sponsored by Your support will help this podcast be like a preacher and share topics that you, the listeners can respond to and be a part of. In reference to the people I talk about: Whitney Ullman, her Instagram is @gotowhitney. Please follow her. Please check out my friend, Kimberly Kravitz by going to her website, When in Cranbury, NJ, you gotta check out my fellow classmate, Chris Zinna at Zinna's Bistro. Check out their Instagram at @zinnasbistro for actual location. Please support the podcast by spreading the word of this as well as clicking on the support button. Thank you Lord for this gift that you have given me
September 29, 2019
Episode 2 - "Trending News Topics with Other Tangent Trends
In Episode 2, I give my opinions about the following: 1. "Tap Water" Tax in NJ, 2. School Budget Ballot Questions, not just in NJ and 3. The vaping epidemic. During this time, I do go off on a tangent in reference to these topics but try to keep it in the same spectrum
September 23, 2019
Premiere Episode- " Life with Joey Calvo on"
Introduction to the podcast on my new platform,!!!
September 23, 2019
September 22, 2019
September 22, 2019