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Podcast Episode 15- Special Podcast Announcement

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By Joseph Calvo
Welcome to Life with Joey Calvo. My name is Joey Calvo and I will talk about different topics that are interesting as well talking to experts and celebrities about their lives and their upcoming projects
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Welcome to Life with Joey Calvo. My name is Joey Calvo and I will talk about different topics that are interesting as well talking to experts and celebrities about their lives and their upcoming projects

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Episode 16- 30 Year Reunion/Vivian Ireene Pierce
I break down this episode with my thoughts of the 30 year reunion that I attended and then I got to meet an Adult Star, Vivian Ireene Pierce. We are working on doing a podcast before the end of the year podcast on December 22nd!! Vivian Ireene Pierce's Instagram is @vivianireenepierce by the way
November 26, 2019
Podcast Episode 15- Special Podcast Announcement
I am planning on doing a special year end podcast on Sunday, December 22nd at Caesars Atlantic City in Atlantic City, NJ!! I am inviting my friends to come out and hang out and chat about 2019 and what's going for them in 2020
November 10, 2019
Kate Lyn Scott and her "Stuck on Philly" Project
I talk about this beautiful young lady (who looks 18) who started a photography project of street art in Philadelphia. Please follow her on Instagram @kate_lynscott and please follow her Stuck on Philly Project on @stuckonphilly!! I give her a suggestion to look into a classmate of mine, T. Eric Monroe (@tdoteric) who came out with a photo compliation of hip hop of the '90s.
November 5, 2019
Episode 13- "Let Your Voice Be Heard"
This podcast is actually a mix of different things that came from a saying that I came across on my Instagram. I bring up a shout out from Kimberly Kravitz at New Jersey News Network and all the listeners that have listened to these podcasts. I bring up Election Day on Tuesday, November 5th and it all entwined into letting your voice being heard.
November 3, 2019
Podcast Episode 12- Tribute to my friend, Bill Holden
I give a special message as a tribute to someone I worked with and knew for a very long time. He was my friend and my mentor. I will always miss everything he did and if I had my limousine business, I would had definitely wanted this man to help me. Thank you Bill for everything you did in my life.
October 29, 2019
Podcast Episode 11- Killa Kosplay
I came across this wonderful sweet young lady who goes by the name, "Killa Kosplay". She a cosplayer and she has a Patreon account, If you sign up on any tier, you will get her Snapchat as well with your subscription. Please also support the "Life with Joey Calvo" podcast via The "Life with Joey Calvo" podcast is on various platforms.
October 29, 2019
Episode 10- Vike Beauty"
I came across these 2 young entrepreneurs from New York, originally from Belarus that came out with this product. It is a spray make up remover. You can check it out at and if you want free shipping, use promo code "newlaunch". I will post the demo video on the "Life with Joey Calvo" Twitter (@LifeCalvo) as well as the @lifewithjoeycalvo Instagram page. Will try to get on the "Life with Joey Calvo" Facebook page
October 23, 2019
Episode 9- "Life with Vinny"
My brother, Vinny was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver & Chest cancer recently. I set up a GoFundMe campaign for him. All donations will help pay medical bills that his insurance doesn't cover. Please go to the following website to contribute to this campaign:
October 11, 2019
Episode 8- "Look Again"
I decided to take a Joel Osteen sermon this week called "Look Again" and show how that had me "look again" into my dreams of being on the radio. I do ask for your support to help me take these podcasts to the next level. I also thanked my friend, Valeria Van Liew for the podcast she did here on (Link is in "Thank You Valeria" episode details). Please support these podcasts. Every dollar counts and all listener supporters will be recognized on this podcast each and every podcast that is published. Thank you for your support in advance and thank you for listening to the "Life with Joey Calvo" podcasts
October 9, 2019
Episode 7 - "Atlantic City"
I talk about how cool it is on the beach in Atlantic City and discussing Mariah Carey coming here in December. i talk about city government & mergers
October 6, 2019
Podcast Episode 6- Thank you Valeria
This podcast is in appreciation to a classmate of mine named Valeria Van Liew. She went out and did a podcast called "It Takes A Nurse" and she dedicated the premiere episode indirectly to me called "Scleroderma" and researched this rare auto immune disease. I thank her, some of my other classmates (in code) and girlfriend for the value that they have in me. Please show and share Valeria's podcast, "It Takes A Nurse" and support hers as well as this podcast, "Life with Joey Calvo" by donating to our podcasts. The podcast episode by Valeria is: The "Life with Joey Calvo podcast is now on Breaker, Google Podcast, ITunes, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify & Stitcher besides on Follow me on Instagram, @lifewithjoeycalvo, Twitter: @LifeCalvo & the "Life with Joey Calvo" Facebook page as well as the website, Thank you, the listeners. You are very valued too
October 6, 2019
Podcast Episode 5- The Expansion of the "Life with Joey Calvo" podcasts
I am happy to say that not only are we on, but we are now on the following apps as well: Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Spotify & Stitcher. The original podcasts from the former platform will no longer be on the "Life with Joey Calvo" YouTube channel as of 10/4/2019. Come support this podcast as well as the website. We are also on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
October 3, 2019
Podcast Episode 4 -"International Podcast Day/ I want to promote you"
This podcast talks about International Podcast Day with shout outs to Emilie Hagen with her podcast, @emilieknowseverything and Syd Wilder and her podcast, @girlinstarupted. There is also a young lady who does a podcast here on!! I tell you how you can do your own podcast here on!! I also want to promote your business or your services. I give examples of different businesses that I would like. So let me promote your business. Reach out to me via Instagram: @lifewithjoeycalvo, Twitter: @LifeCalvo, and the Life with Joey Calvo Facebook page. You can also contact me via the website.
September 30, 2019
Episode 3- "My Testimony"
In this episode, I give a testament of my life and how God is shaping it. I share my ups and downs and even a thought of suicide. After I gave my testimony, I shared other people who I have gotten to know and hoping that are coming on this podcast to share them with you, the listeners. I also ask for your support of this podcast, sponsored by Your support will help this podcast be like a preacher and share topics that you, the listeners can respond to and be a part of. In reference to the people I talk about: Whitney Ullman, her Instagram is @gotowhitney. Please follow her. Please check out my friend, Kimberly Kravitz by going to her website, When in Cranbury, NJ, you gotta check out my fellow classmate, Chris Zinna at Zinna's Bistro. Check out their Instagram at @zinnasbistro for actual location. Please support the podcast by spreading the word of this as well as clicking on the support button. Thank you Lord for this gift that you have given me
September 29, 2019
Episode 2 - "Trending News Topics with Other Tangent Trends
In Episode 2, I give my opinions about the following: 1. "Tap Water" Tax in NJ, 2. School Budget Ballot Questions, not just in NJ and 3. The vaping epidemic. During this time, I do go off on a tangent in reference to these topics but try to keep it in the same spectrum
September 23, 2019
Premiere Episode- " Life with Joey Calvo on"
Introduction to the podcast on my new platform,!!!
September 23, 2019
September 22, 2019
September 22, 2019
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