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Ligaya Garden Oddcast

Ligaya Garden Oddcast

By Malcolm
Welcome to our Oddcast, a podcast from Ligaya Garden at odd times. Our little home and garden in Gawler, on Kaurna Country is a place where we garden and grow our much of our food and medicines. We also experiment with DIY and low tech solutions to gardening and general sustainability, though we don't use that word too often. Join me, Malcolm as we explore aspects of food growing, energy, community and much much more in a humorous relaxed way and in Australian English!

Hopefully soon, we'll have a few guests too. There's a lot of amazing folks in our community, maybe I can get them to chat?
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Our first How To Video

Ligaya Garden Oddcast

How to make Bokashi bran for (almost) free from used coffee grounds
Here's our third podcast
September 17, 2021
Ligaya Garden podcast 2. Rambling in the garden
A bit of an introductory wander through the Ligaya Garden on a nice day in Winter. I hope you can join me for it!
July 26, 2021
Our first How To Video
Here's our first how to video, converted into a podcast for you while we get our heads around all of this. It's about how to turn the Bokashi spray that you buy into an almost endless supply for personal use. It's a straight .mp3 from the video but in July, we'll be starting a fortnightly podcast about what's happening here at Ligaya Garden. In between, we'll also share our instructional videos here with you as bonus audio, just like this one!
June 15, 2021