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Light Listening

If you are unsure if a strategy is communist or not all you have to do is ask yourself this one simple question, “does this strategy contradict our United States Constitution?” That’s it. If it is unconstitutional then it is a communist strategy who’s goal is to reimagine or (build back better) America into, at best the Soviet Union of old and at worst the China of today. Every gun law on the books is a communist strategy. Climate alarmism, which is wrought with false predictions over the last 5 decades, is a communist strategy. Stating that the greatest threat to the black community is white supremacy and not obesity, heart disease, black on black violence, absent fathers and abortion, is a communist strategy. The push for green energy is a communist strategy. The D.I.E. (diversity inclusion equity) movement is a communist strategy. Weaponizing government institutions from the CDC to the FBI to force compliance or punish ideological enemies, is a communist strategy. Using higher learning to create new socialists, is a communist strategy. Segregation is a communist strategy. The welfare state is a communist strategy. The abandonment of the scientific method, is a communist strategy. Advocating for open borders and noncitizen voting, is a communist strategy. Student loan forgiveness, universal healthcare, and progressive tax structures, are communist strategies. The LGBTQAI+ + + movement is a communist strategy. The federal reserve is a communist strategy. Lock downs, forced 💉, and telling free citizens what is and what isn’t essential, is a communist strategy. Increasing government power for any reason at all is a communist strategy unless it is accomplished through our amendment process. Dividing the nation and setting brother against brother, is a communist strategy. Disarming law abiding citizens for any reason, is a communist strategy. If you are in support of any legislation, institution, and/or individual that openly advocates for unconstitutional endeavors, then you are either a communist or a useful idiot; what you are not is an American Patriot.
August 11, 2022
This Cartoon Network (public service announcement?) begins by asserting that a colorblind society is antithetical to an inclusive society and then proceeds to justify judging everyone you see. not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin. Seriously, I’m not joking. The tagline at the end of the segment is, “SEE COLOR. BE ANTI-RACIST” - Orwellian much?! This announcement is clearly targeted towards young children which should give anyone pause, but the overt messaging tactic can only be described as predatory. My children will not be patronizing this channel in any way as they’ve made it painfully clear that their value system counters my own. When we say “colorblind”, we are not saying that we shouldn’t acknowledge our differences, we are saying that those differences do not equate to the value of a human being nor their contribution to society. Hyper emphasizing color is a step back to a time when access to common areas, representation, and even public aid was all determined by the color of one’s skin - this was true systemic racism; this was truly as evil practice. Why would CN advocate for a revitalization of those evil times? Why would they target our children as a means to achieve that goal? Furthermore, what does, “ANTI-RACIST” even mean?! It is doublespeak for the new champions of modern day racism. Seriously! Whenever someone today says, “ I’m an anti-racist”, what they are really saying is, “I am a racist, but it’s justified because my racism is aimed at the descendants of the racists of the past, so my brand of racism is okay.” No, no it’s still just racism. It is still evil. You, today, are just as bad as the racists of yesteryear and should be treated as such.
August 09, 2022
Blaming the tool for the actions of its wielder is like blaming the smoke for the actions of fire. Guns are not the problem, people are. And until we face that truth we will continue to address the smoke while everything burns down around us.
August 08, 2022
If good people are given the choice to save a child or save an adult there would be no deliberation needed, everyone would choose to save the child. That’s what is so unfortunate about an argument that should have never come to fruition. Evil’s desire to kill hope has sucked in, otherwise good people, who are now complicit in aiding the destruction of their own future. By advocating for the life of the mother you are automatically advocating for the death of the unborn infant. That is not a moral divide that can be leaped by anyone claiming that abortion is a reproductive right. Ms. Abrams, by her own actions, has shown that she cares for no one, save herself, and she will do anything to become an elite. If she is a Christian, as she claims, then she cares more about what’s in it for her than practicing devoutly. As I’ve said many times, “everyone against rape is pro-choice”. Abortion, itself, has never been about choice though, (as the unborn baby’s desire to live is never a consideration), it is about death; murder more specifically. So this isn’t a debate between pro-choice and pro-life factions. It is a crusade for the protection of the most innocent lives our species produces against an army of pro-death extremist who see themselves as righteous saviors of a mother’s right to murder her own flesh and blood and call it healthcare.
August 05, 2022
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This is what our second amendment states. It is clear and to the point and as such isn’t a matter of interpretation. You can see it for yourself, it says as clear as day, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”. This is the truth of the second amendment and because of its clarity, those who oppose this Constitutional right to possess the most effective tool for the defense of family, property, and country; must rely on lies in place of a credible argument. This article is filled with attempts at justifying unconstitutional anti-American propaganda disguised as humanitarian efforts. It is all a lie. Every anti-gun advocate wishes to impose their will onto sovereign human beings because they believe their path to be righteous. And if they have to use manipulation, coercion, deceit and force to bring about their utopian ideal, then the ends will justify the means. Never mind that that way of thinking has been the credo of every tyrant in human history, “this time it’ll be different”, they say. This time their authoritarianism will bring about world peace. And that peace will begin with them beating your a$$ into submission, but it’s okay, because they’re doing it for you.
August 04, 2022
The side that is actually for racism ingeniously implemented a strategy where they convolute the truth until their lies become indistinguishable from reality. This causes confusion and in the chaos they drive their agenda forward with you on their side when they are your enemy. They will go so far as to change definitions of words right in front of you and have the audacity to claim that, either it is not what they are doing or, the change is for the greater good. The end result is they win and you lose. Which was the goal all along of course. It is clear from their actions that they covet victory beyond anything else. If you were against the last guy because they convinced you he was a racist, then by that same criteria you shouldn’t have voted for the new guy. And if you did, then I question your integrity. Are you really against racism or are you just against who they tell you to be against regardless of what is fact? Here is the truth the left and the Demolition Party spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince you otherwise; America is not a racist country. It hasn’t’ been a racist country for decades. It is not a country that was made exclusively for white people to prosper - that’s ridiculous. And if in spite of the historical and statistical data you still believe this country was created solely for white people, then I promise you our Constitution is the only righteous solution. What isn’t a solution, however, is implementing overt discriminatory and systemically racist policies against white people believing it will somehow balance the scales. Ironically this is the same rationale white supremacist movements used yesterday to perpetrate the very same offenses you claim are being inflicted on minorities today. Any attempt to justify combating evil with evil just results in creating more evil. Trying to squeeze good from evil is like trying to squeeze water from a rock - trust me you’ll always be thirsty. Also, America is not systemically racist, today, with the exception of affirmative action. And there are only two things keeping us from achieving the greatness that would be assured by our Constitution; and those two things are: the breakdown of the the nuclear family and the disease of socialism that has infected every major government institution instigated by nefarious elites believing it will solidify their rightful place as our all-powerful overseers.
August 03, 2022
Affirmative action is the perfect example of a "good intention" paving the road to hell. On its surface it seems reasonable to want to help those less fortunate by offering an opportunity to change their place in the world for the better. But when you peel back the first layer what you will quickly discover is legislation that offers unearned opportunities for some by taking well earned opportunities from others. And to rub salt into this open festering wound; the selection criteria is solely based on the race of the individual. So not only is this practice discriminatory - it is flat out racist. But wait, theres more! Not only is this precedent discriminatory and racist, it also presumes to help those, the supporters of this absurdity, conclude are incapable of helping themselves (bigotry of low expectation). With the exception of the welfare state, this is one of the worst governing strategies to infect our society in our modern age and it is my hope that SCOTUS erases this destructive practice from the books so that we can take a large, must needed, leap back to meritocracy. 
August 02, 2022
This was not an opportunity for Pfizer to save the world, this was an opportunity for Pfizer to make billions of taxpayer dollars from a fear induced populace made to believe that the only path to salvation was found in a company that has historically caused more harm than good; on purpose and for no other reason than their bottom line. Let me be clear, I’m not criticizing their paper chase, I’m a free market capitalist, what I’m bringing into question is the character of the company. If you knowingly harm another human being in order to make money, you are not a capitalist, you are a villain. What’s insane is that we knew them to be corporate criminals and still we put our faith in them to save us. With the exception of violence, fear is the most potent tool of authoritarians and it was clear, from the beginning, that fear was to be served to the American people without pause while at the same time the truth was to be actively convoluted to the extent that the majority wouldn’t know the truth if they heard it.
August 01, 2022
There are two sides to this argument, however one side is completely in the right and one side is completely in the wrong. This is not a subject of grey areas, it is simply black and white. Both sides know this, but one side refuses to concede to reality. They want to be right so bad that have abandoned the world of the real and have embraced the tantrums of a spoiled 6 year old not wanting to substitute her candy for vegetables. “But vegetables are better for you”, you could say, and their response will always be, “I don’t want vegetables so give me what I want right now!” They are unable to support their arguments rationally so they repeat lies over and over in hopes that repetition will produce victory. And what is it that they hope to win? The ability to mass murder out of convenience. And who do they wish to target? The most innocent and defenseless of our species. If this sounds absurdly evil, it is because it is, but not only do they advocate for it, they have the stones to claim it as a right.
July 26, 2022
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Michael Moore and the Democratic led American government only seem to care about certain types of gun violence, isn’t that interesting? If it’s ‘black on black’ crime, then it somehow becomes a conversation for another day, but if its a mass shooting involving children, and/or a white perpetrator, they salivate. Why would someone who knows that they can’t protect you; want you unable to protect yourself? How will this make you more safe? Only the government and the criminals will be armed, some would say they are one and the same, but you can trust that neither will ever turn on you, right? This is all a game played by the Democratic Party to see if they can get free born people to willingly accept imperial rule. To accomplish this they endeavor to control information, control food, control education, control currency and control firearms - ultimately to control you. It is nonsense to blame, what is essentially a tool, for the actions of its wielder. And blaming the tool for the madness of the wielder does nothing to curb the madness. As I said this is all smoke and mirrors set upon you by individuals who hate you. The truth is, no matter how many pictures of mass shooting victims they parade in front of the American people, no matter how many survivors they find to support their agenda in calling for more unconstitutional gun control, no matter how many entertainers they invite to White House, no matter how many organizations they create to push this unconstitutional agenda, no matter how many gun manufacturers they attempt to villainize; they cannot deny the simple reality, that in each one of their beloved mass shootings, most, if not all, of the lives lost would have been saved if the shooter was met with armed opposition from the citizens present at the time of the incident. Ironically, mass shootings stand as a perfect example for the necessity of our 2nd amendment not a reason to abolish it; effectively making every citizen just as vulnerable as the Uvalde classroom. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be unarmed waiting for a crazed criminal to get around to shooting me in the head while law enforcement is in route to save me - newsflash, they’re not going to make it in time.
July 11, 2022
The Supreme Court of the United States was always meant to check and balance the other two branches of American leadership to insure that the Constitution would be upheld and that no one branch would get too big for the good of the American people. For a long time now they haven’t been effectively fulfilling their role as the interpretation and enforcement of the Constitutional word has taken a back seat to the ideological leaning of the appointed judge. We are now witnessing what happens when a majority of the seat once again prioritizes the responsibility of SCOTUS to the citizens they were appointed to protect. Is it perfect, no? Is there still much more work to do, yes? But this is a promising start to what I hope will be a pilgrimage away from this socialist hellscape back to the liberty and equality that can only be provided by our Bill of Rights.
July 07, 2022
I just have some questions surrounding the timeline, the behavior of both the police and Mr. Walker, and the immediate response from the community prior to a completed investigations. Why did Mr. Walker resist arrest? If true, why did Mr. Walker discharge his weapon at police officers while attempting to escape in his vehicle? Why did he hop out of his still moving vehicle wearing a ski mask? Why was he driving around after midnight in Ohio in summertime with a ski mask in his vehicle? Why are all of the officers presumed guilty of a crime? What exactly is the community protesting when they have no idea what really happened? Why is the media showing us, what looks like a senior high school photo instead of an updated current photo of Mr. Walker? Why do these scenarios only become national news when the perpetrator is black and the police officers are white? This has become all too common and all too predictable at this point. Rayshard Brooks violently resisted arrest, stole a taser after wrestling two officers to the ground, and then attempted to flee into the community. Daryl Brooks was an emotionally compromised devout black supremacist who hated white people, he was a violent repeat offender, and he purposely plowed his vehicle into a parade of children and elderly women. Jacob Blake assaulted the mother of his children, resisted arrest, then reached into his vehicle ignoring police commands. Frank James popped gas on a New York subway and then began to indiscriminately fire upon helpless citizens. George Floyd was a longtime drug addict, he was a violent criminal, and he also resisted arrest. Unfortunately I could go on and on with examples of black men victimizing law abiding citizens who, more often than not, are black themselves - only to be later exalted as a victim of a system that had no hand in their decision to step outside of the laws that govern us all. Maybe Mr. Walker didn’t have a firearm, maybe he didn’t shoot at the police, maybe he was out after midnight on his way home from work, maybe he thought the police were coming to assassinate him because he believed LeBron James over the statistical data, maybe he put on a ski mask so his face wouldn’t be cold, and maybe the protestors are clairvoyant and know, without an investigation, that the officers are guilty and Mr. Walker is innocent of any wrong doing.
July 06, 2022
There are two reasons why the July 4th Highland Park tragedy that killed 6 and injured 26, 25 with gun wounds, will be national news while the 71 shot, 8 killed from July 1st to July 3rd (one of them a mass shooting) in Chicago will remain local, despite the latter killing an additional 2 souls and injuring an additional 46 with gun wounds: 1) the progressive left hijacked Democratic Party doesn’t care about blacks killing each other and 2) the July 4th mass shooting’s narrative is a more advantageous weapon to use to instigate an overly emotional populace to willingly surrender their 2nd amendment rights under the lie that it will save more lives. The actual safety and welfare of the American people has never been a priority of the Democratic Party. The end game is, and has always been, to build back a better communist country for the state and by the state. How can Governor Pritzker claim to care about the 8 year old shot yesterday while making no mention of the 10 year old boy shot in his own bedroom the night before? It’s not the guns it’s the leadership that has infected the American culture with "love of self" and "hate for country" over the last 80 years and it’s not going to get better until “by the people” start doing “for the people”. 🇺🇸
July 05, 2022
For decades policies have been written into law that, on the service appear to serve an altruistic goal, but when you read the fine print, it slides a blade into the back of our constitution.
June 30, 2022
The authors of our founding document acknowledged that there are rights that come from a higher power than man and as such cannot be infringed upon by any person or institution. They understood that right and wrong cannot be determined by man's whims as we are a broken people gifted the seed of goodness while suffering the seed of evil. They knew that if this great experiment were to have lasting prosperity it could not be allowed to stand apart from God, whether a citizen believed in a higher power or not, they would still benefit from the sovereign freedoms granted by this system of values. For this reason they wove Judeo-Christian values into the fabric of our constitutional liberty.
June 29, 2022
The book of truth is the universal blueprint to which a prosperous society must be built upon. When truth is sacrificed so to is justice, so to is unity, and the ability to change minds through respectful conversation is lost as well. Taking into consideration that the human species evolves through the art of conversation when conversation is impeded, then as a civilization, we stagnate and if we're not moving forward then we're moving backward. There is nothing more destructive than the abandoning of truth. A person devoid of truth is an immoral person who then becomes capable of anything; from the most magnanimous displays of kindness to the most depraved vile acts imaginable. A person who abandons truth becomes unpredictable in that way. You don't know, on any given day, if you're going to face the angel or the demon. Their internal contradiction is in constant pull in different directions which is why these lost brothers and sisters are always mentally unstable, prone to aggression, and hedonistic. If you live your life in pursuit of truth then your aspirations are to be good in spite of the seed of evil that resides in all human souls. But if you live by “your own truth”, then your aspirations are to serve yourself and the whims of lust that change with the rising tide of gratification. There is no obligation for truth to entertain the ramblings of the lie. Evil will say, “if you are a good person then show me you are good and compromise.” This is the guile of evil in all its forms. Be wary, for to compromise with evil is to concede victory.
June 28, 2022
Even though these Demolition Party members work in government, some of them for decades, they seem to lack fundamental knowledge of our United States Constitution - either that or they're just opportunistic charlatans willing to do whatever necessary to gain power. Of course, I believe that they are all liars, but only because they're lying. 
June 27, 2022
Today marks an historic turn back toward the path of truth. It is a small victory in the battle for the soul of our nation, but it is a victory none the less. What I ask of my brothers and sisters is that you watch the reaction from the opposition. How one behaves in victory and how one behaves in defeat is a true test of character. Will the opposition partner with peace or default to aggression? Will they move to build or resign to destroy? Will they respectfully attempt to sell their ideas or will they simply throw a tantrum like spoiled children have done since the dawn of our modern age? You cannot occupy a moral high ground while burning cities to the ground and wishing violence upon your ideological adversaries, but I guess I have a different definition of virtue than the left. Let’s see if the left, being the champions of diversity, inclusion, and equity that they are - let’s see if they hold to their principles or mentally breakdown following this defeat of their world view. I hope for the best, but in preparing for the worst, I expect they will lose their minds and destroy as much as they can to show all of us how right they are and how wrong we are. And if we just let them run the country they’d stop destroying our lives and create a utopia where babies are murdered, children are sold, men are women, women are men, nobody owns anything, God is dead, truth is whatever you want it to be, love is love, and sovereignty is reserved for the upper class.
June 24, 2022
When you decide to only give a voice to the experts that agree with you, the goal is not truth, but ideological validation at the expense of truth. SIX STEPS OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD Ask a question Do background research Construct a hypothesis Test your hypothesis using experimentation Analyze data and draw conclusion Communicate your results
June 24, 2022
Either you are for law and order or you are not. Either you are for justice or you are not. Either you care about innocent lives or your don’t. If your conviction is subjective then so is your character. Time: 2020 Riots: Over 100 days Jan 6 Riot: 1 day Damage: 2020 Riots: 2 billion Jan 6 Riot: 1.5 to 2.5 million Fatality: 2020 Riots: 47 Jan 6 Riot: 5 but only 1 on site - unarmed and killed by an agent of the state. Law Enforcement injuries: 2020 Riots: over 2000 in first few weeks Jan 6 Riot: 140 Arrests: 2020 Riots: 10,000 in first 5 days following Mr. Floyd’s death - charges dismissed, bailed out by entertainers and politicians including Kamala Harris among others. Jan 6 Riot: over 500 - held without bail, some in solitary confinement Lasting damage 2020 Riots: thousands of businesses lost, economy crippled for decades to come Jan 6 Riot: back in session the same day
June 22, 2022
Expert is defined as; "a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area." What this means to me is that the expectation with regards to "experts" is that they demonstrate their proficiency in their particular field by consistently producing reliable results and taking responsibility for their actions when their errors contribute to detrimental outcomes. By the very definition of the word none of these individuals speaking in this segment or the multitude of so-called experts cherry-picked by the governing body to support their overt disregard for our constitutional rights, are experts. And not once has any one of them apologized for their incompetence or taken responsibility for the subsequent policies that were influenced by their lack of adherence to the scientific method, available verifiable data, or reality itself. Policies that have helped to bring the United States to a systemic breaking point the likes of which has never been seen in our modern age. Thomas Sowell said it best, and I quote; "it is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." 
June 21, 2022
Since it was NBC I assumed that this would be a Governor DeSantis hit piece and the Left controlled NBC News did not disappoint. If there’s one thing you can count on today it’s the Left’s capacity for contempt. The governor of Florida doesn’t give NBC enough to work with, but that didn’t stop them from insinuating that he doesn’t care about the health and well being of toddlers. Then to bring on a politically opposing Democrat (Chris Crist) to blatantly accuse the Florida Governor of being, and I quote, “reckless and unconscionable”, and yet supply no supporting data for his accusation. The author of this hit piece quotes Peter Marks, FDA’s top vaccine regulator, saying, “at least 442 children under 5 have died due to C19 through the end of May, exceeding the number of deaths typically seen from flu or other severe respiratory illnesses.” This is an interesting statement as it contradicts CDC information on “Deaths by Sex and Age”. Either Peter Marks is ignorant of the real numbers and should do his research before opening his mouth or he blatantly lied as a faithful disciple of the Left - either way the author of this article didn’t bother to correct him (that’s superior journalistic acumen at work). Since the truth wasn't a priority for you, allow me to do the job for you. According to the CDC, between the ages of 1 and 4, there have been a total of 143 C19 deaths, 75 flu deaths and a whopping 342 deaths from pneumonia from January 1, 2020 to June 2, 2022. Where are the “fact-checkers” at!
June 16, 2022
On June 10, 2022 I received, via email, a warning from Youtube informing me that content I posted on April 7th of 2022 violated their “medical misinformation policy”. I’m very familiar with this tactic as Youtube used this very same policy to remove my entire channel last year. With each warning, including this one, and each subsequent strike thereafter, I appealed asking two simple questions: 1- What did I say exactly that violated the policy? 2- Was what I said factually inaccurate? In all of the warnings and strikes received Youtube has never answered these two simple questions. If you’ve never personally had to deal with this process then you are probably unaware that the option to appeal does not include a back and forth dialogue of any kind, which renders the practice more for show than it is for the protection of Youtube’s community guidelines. Their medical misinformation policy reads thus; “Youtube doesn’t allow claims about C19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus (which is just opinion not scientific fact)  from local health authorities or the WHO.” If you follow my content you know that truth is the most important thing to me and I always include reference links to support my assertions. Now I’m not infallible, but it became clear to me after my first strike that YouTube had decided which institutions were legitimate and anyone contradicting that imposed legitimacy would be punished regardless of the facts. Essentially, Youtube cares more about selling you dirty water and they don’t even want clean water allowed on their platform as an option for their community. It is for this reason, that in spite their claims to prioritize community safety, they have abandoned the truth and therefore have abandoned any moral high ground. They are a private company and can do as they wish, but if they’re a private company doing business in the U.S. and they refuse to uphold the doctrine this county was founded on, then they are a private company that shouldn’t be allowed to do business in the U.S.. And if their business is information, then not only should they not be able to do business here, but if they are strategically allowing the dissemination of lies and anti-American rhetoric while at the same time suppressing the truth as well as any pro-American message, then not only should they be shutdown, but they should be prosecuted for treason.
June 15, 2022
Darrell Brooks Jr. on November 21st of 2021 drove his red SUV into a parade of mostly women and children in Waukesha Wisconsin killing 8 (one 8 year old boy and the others were mostly elderly) and injuring 60 (18 were children). How come Darrell Brooks Jr. was not labeled a “Black Supremacist”? How come, when considering his anti-white rhetoric, was this massacre of white women and children not labeled a “Hate Crime”? How come the manufacturer of his red SUV was not held accountable for the use of their product to commit this mass tragedy? How come Chinatown Joe didn’t visit Waukesha and declare that everyone stop driving in order to prevent this from ever happening again? How come there weren’t any mostly peaceful protests in Wisconsin, or anywhere else, burning down cities and looting stores in outrage of law enforcement failing to protect Waukesha citizens from this career criminal? How come MSM isn’t following the trial? How come Mathew McConaughey didn’t visit the White House with the shoes of the 8 year old boy that was killed, asking for “common sense” revisions to the licensing process granting access to motor vehicle operation? How do the activists, MSM, entertainers and politicians pick which tragedies they will champion and which tragedies they will ignore? How do the activists, MSM, entertainers and politicians pick which people they’ll save and which people they’ll let die in the streets run down by the criminally insane or shot weekly in Chicago and Baltimore? How come you’re not asking more questions when you know for a fact that these activists, MSM, entertainers and politicians lie? How come you continue to follow people that have no regard for your inalienable rights, your intelligence, your ability to put food on the table, your safety and the safety of your family?
June 14, 2022
The United States was founded on the belief that we are all born with inalienable rights that shall not be infringed upon by any other person, institution, or governing body. With our inalienable rights being the primary boundary to the behavioral conduct of each and every citizen, we can, and are encourage to, pursue life, liberty and happiness. Of the three I just mentioned the pursuit of LIFE is the most important. This declaration inscribes, on the free souls of all of our American brothers and sisters, the duty to protect life from those that would endeavor to take it. Thus we have laws, both natural, religious, and man written, that recognize the evil of taking the life of another. Thus we have our 2nd amendment which recognizes, in each of us, the right to bear the most effective means in our protection of life itself. It is not a coincidence that our socially constructed diseased culture creates nihilistic sociopaths. Our young men have been perverted so thoroughly that they can look a 9 year old in the face and pull a trigger. Our young women have been perverted so thoroughly that they can celebrate, popping champagne, following their third abortion and post it on Tik-Tok as if their actions were somehow noble. It is no coincidence that the murder of the most innocent of our species is the target prioritize by the nihilistic. It’s no coincidence that the pandemic was used to physically, mentally and emotionally decimate our children. So then, under the guise of “common sense gun laws”, “pro-choice”, and “follow the science”, those who are merchants of death no longer need to pull the trigger - they get us to do it for them.
June 13, 2022
It’s time for another reality check. Every politician, every activist, media corespondent, and entertainer who are using the Uvalde massacre to justify more gun control, is doing so, not because they care about the killing of those precious children, they are do so because they wish to change our great nation from ‘FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE’ to ‘FOR THE STATE BY THE STATE’. By their actions, they expose their apathy, if one is paying enough attention, but they know that you care and that’s all the ammunition they need to manipulate you into surrendering your inalienable rights for the promise of a safer world that no human being walking this earth today can provide you, objectively speaking that is. If these politicians, entertainers, media personalities and activists truly cared about mass shootings, then why were they silent about the mass shooting in Chicago on May 20th following the Uvalde tragedy? If these politicians, entertainers, media personalities and activists truly cared about gun violence, or violence at all, then why are they visiting the cities with the highest violent crime rate petitioning for an end to the madness? Why didn’t Mr. McConaughey bring the shoes of the little boys and girls who are dying on inner city streets weekly? Why are their convictions so subjective? The answer is, they lack integrity. George Floyd was buried in a gold casket - barely anyone even knows about Tony Timpa, why is that? It is clear that Tony’s death didn’t serve their cause while George Floyd allowed for the destruction of our cities sanctioned by the same government leaders, entertainers, media personalities, and activists that now want to remove your right to defend yourself - not because it will provide safer cities, but because it will provide a safer takeover of the United States.
June 10, 2022
Language is very important. As we communicate with each other the words we choose must abide by the laws of reality and reality must receive it’s life breath from objective truth. Objective truth is what “truly” unifies us all no matter our ethnicity, gender (of which there are only two), and economic status. So if your goal is to divide, if your goal is to confuse, if your goal is to reshape reality, then your first stop will be “words”. You will reject what is objective and embrace what is subjective. You weaponize language to render rational communication unsustainable. The ultimate goal is to reshape reality into a version that allows you to live as you see fit regardless of the consequences demanded by the objective reality you refuse to acknowledge. The issue here is that we all suffer these consequences even those of us who reject the lie and embrace natural law. The truly good, the truly inclusive, the truly loving , the truly benevolent brothers and sisters are cast out and discriminated upon and aggressed upon for the sin of following truth instead of accepting this new god of self - this new reality. The concept of ‘climate change’ is a perfect example of this revisionist strategy meant to divide and ultimately conquer what is true and what is just. When these evil worshipers of the self say, “climate change”, what they mean is ‘climate alarmism”. What they want is for decent people to be so stricken with terror that they turn away from truth and embrace the new gods. And they are the new gods. This is not hyperbole, the members of the World Economic Forum refer to themselves as ELITES and everyone else as HOMOSAPIEN. By their own choice of words in this perverted reality they want to bring to fruition, they’re not even a part of the human race, they sit above. So certain are they that they are the chosen people, they feel no need to hide their intentions from the rest of us plebeians. In fact, what confuses them the most, is why any of us, the unworthy, are opposing them in the first place. So understand, objectively speaking, there is no such thing as climate alarmism. There is no settled science that supports climate alarmism. Climate alarmist have been repeatedly incorrect with their predictions yet demand that we all sacrifice our quality of life to stave off the coming apocalypse that never seems to happen when they say it will. And not one of these experts can quantify the impact, the human race as a whole, has had on the global environment and if you are unable to accurately quantify the problem, then how can you, with certainty, quantify the solution?
June 09, 2022
Stop me if you’ve heard this one, “let’s reduce the consequences for bad behavior to reduce the bad behavior and then when it inevitably produces more bad behavior, not less, let’s scratch our heads and look dumbfounded.” Only the truly evil would even propose this lunacy and only the truly naive and/or delusional would follow it believing it to be an effective mitigation tactic against harmful behavior. To all of you thinking with your heart, you are merely useful idiots to the global elites who believe themselves preordained to govern over you. You are little more than ants assigned a vocation at birth and expected to work until your last days in service of a queen or king respectively. These self proclaimed “chosen ones” need you scared, so they feed you a constant supply of calamity, they need you pacified, so they decriminalize poison, and they need you obedient, so they over sexualize our culture and encourage debauchery to make you slaves to hedonism. As long as we carry their loads, they could care less how many of us fall into madness. As long as they can purchase another jet, they don’t care how many of us kill each other. And, as long as they can rape children, they don’t care if the world burns.
June 08, 2022
In a free market a business must produce value. This requirement of value inevitably places all of the power into the hands of the consumer. The consumer becomes the “special guest”. The consumer becomes the VIP. If the consumers are not pleased enough to part with their hard earned money, then the business will not last long. This is means that the incentive to provide value is extremely high. In this, free markets, become self-regulating dispensing with the need for an external overseeing regulatory institution. This grants the business more freedom as well. In the end, freedom levels the playing field, incentives quality control, incentivizes quality innovation, allows for more expedient self-correction, increases consumer trust, acknowledges human nature, and supports a merit based system. In the inverse, socialism, removes all of that and Big Pharma is an excellent modern example of how socialism undermines liberty, incentivizes control over value, class over merit, centralized power over individual sovereignty, censorship over free thought, obedience disguised as unity and release from liability with regards to products and services provided. There is no such thing, in a free market, as a business that is too big to fail. There is no such thing, in a free market, as a mandated purchase. There is no such thing, in a free market, as a government subsidized private business. There is no such thing, in a free market, as a business without accountability. The key word is, “FREE”, and that freedom for all stands in the way of an elite class believing themselves to be the only ones on earth deserving of the title “Free Person”! They believe it to be their birthright and while this country was explicitly created for the prosperity of individual liberty, we are being socially conditioned to desire the elitist vision of the world where they are gods and we are little more than slaves.
June 07, 2022
At a time of great economic uncertainty and civil division Mr. Newsom believes that implementing a policy that will exacerbate both is somehow the right thing to do. The absurdity of punishing citizens for crimes they never committed is overshadowed by the fact that reparations will not cure the black community of the diseased culture trapping most of our black citizens on a path of self destruction, ironically not a symptom of past slavery, but a symptom of socioeconomic policies designed to render the threat of black exceptionalism impotent. With what we know of Mr. Newsom’s character, do you really believe that he’s been losing sleep deliberating on the plight of black Californians? I would hope that you aren’t that naive. He only cares for himself and what can grant him more power. So why then would he push reparations now? Why during a global pandemic would reparations even be on his radar? This will create racial resentment where there was none. This will create racial tension where there was none. Based on California’s track record the expectation is that the implementation of this policy will be wrought with mismanagement, inconsistent qualifying disbursement requirements, and fraud. Gavin Newsom’s magnanimity ends and begins once the cameras are on. I can only speculate as to what his motives are, but I can assure you that “Mr. French Laundry” does not have a benevolent bone in his body. If he really wanted to address what ails black Californians then why is he not addressing the disproportionate number of black babies aborted annually in comparison to other ethnic groups? How come that disparity is never blamed on systemic racism? How come I’ve never heard him address the prevalence of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes running rampant through the black community? While he’s busy releasing violent criminals back into our cities to continue their pattern of terrorizing our law abiding brothers and sisters, why is he not attempting to mitigate the loss of life do to black on black crime? Why has he not made the destruction of the black family a top legislative priority, even Obama knew the stats on fatherless homes? The truth is he dresses up in a nice suit, slicks his hair back, practices his smile in the mirror, and then stands before you telling you whatever he needs to to get you to carry him on your back straight into the Oval Office where he can continue to order food at a $1000 a plate while you can’t step out your front door without getting robbed by the same criminal the police arrested two weeks prior.
June 03, 2022
Just like Black History Month has little to do with black history, so too does Pride Month have little to do with pride. Both are jackhammers strategically utilized to weaken the foundation of our country by dividing what should be whole. Companies pander to a supposed marginalized group that has power not afforded any other American community which counters their claim of marginalization in the first place. Screaming for inclusion while excluding 92% of the population is obviously counter productive and as such will inevitably produce nothing but resentment, not acceptance. The truth is the gay community was already accepted. Much like the supply of racism falls short of demand, so too did the claims that exclusion of our gay brothers and sisters was not only steadily on the rise, but costing lives as well at an unprecedented rate. Never mind that data never supported these assertions, our governing bodies still moved heaven and earth to genuflect to the minority of mentally compromised violent narcissists that hijacked the gay community as a fast track to influential control over everyone else. Just like Black History Month does nothing to uplift black Americans - Pride Month does the gay community no favors. It reminds us all that, in the name of diversity, inclusion, and equity, it is the 92% of us who are not a part of the LGBTQ community that don’t matter; meaning, that it is us who are the marginalized community here.
June 02, 2022
Self governance acknowledges the capability and right of every person to advocate for the prosperity of their own life. Surely no one will ever champion your cause better than you will! Anyone who does not believe you are capable of governing yourself does not see you as an equal. For example, the Biden Administration doesn’t believe that, you as a black citizen, are capable of using the internet. Stacey Abrams, though having one herself, doesn’t believe that you as a black citizen are capable of procuring your own government issued identification. They do not believe you to be up to the task. They do not believe you to be equal to them. In their eyes you are little more than children in constant need of parental guardianship. The tragedy is that you’ve been brainwashed into believing that they are right which is why you continue to elect rulers instead of servants of the people. What other explanation could there be? No one in their right mind would choose slavery over freedom unless they were being socially engineered to think thus. Subjugation of a sovereign being counters the natural order and as such will always, given time, lead to ruin. The left, the progressives, the Demolition Party, all believe that you are less than or greater than based solely on your race (which makes them racist). They believe that if you do not believe as they do, then you should be removed from society (they are segregationist). They believe that truth is what they say it is (they are anti-science). They believe that liberty should be sacrificed for the greater good (they are communists). They believe the ends justify aggression (they are tyrannical). They believe that power should be centralized in their hands, taken from the hands of the people by force if necessary (they are evil). They do not believe in you therefore they do not believe in America. For what is a country if not its people?
June 01, 2022
It’s the time of year again for the left and their institutional disciples to sow the seeds of fear in hopes that it keeps Americans from being Americans. They need you afraid so that when they tell you that they can save you, you will willingly sacrifice your liberty for that promise of salvation. Am I expected to believe that it’s just coincidence that their seasonal message of terror just happens to now precede every major American holiday? Never mind the fact that less than a 1% fatality rate never constituted an emergency. Never mind the fact that the CDC’s own data suggests that this was a pandemic of the chronically diseased. Never mind the fact that we witnessed the largest wealth transfer in American history. Never mind the hypocrisy, the lies, the segregation, the blackmail, and the shaming - just shut up and obey, it’s the right thing to do. Chinatown Joe says it’s not about freedom anymore in the land of the free, which to me is an act of treason. How long will you continue to accept being forced to play a game that is rigged to ensure you never win? How long are you going to vote for leaders who clearly can’t stand you? How long are you going to feed off this diseased culture that pollutes your mind, body, and soul?
May 30, 2022
Once you come to grips with the fact that the Demolition Party is, and always has been, playing a power game - once you know the game, the rules to that game become clear and then the actions of the participants playing that game become predictable. The players do not see themselves as evil, they are simply attempting to win the game. But the game itself is evil and there lies the conundrum. The Demolition Party fancies themselves heroes whenever they score a point, even when the cost of scoring that point puts blood on their hands. Understand, that from their perspective, the ends (gaining power), always justify the means (lies, coercion, violence). In their twisted minds and broken souls they actually believe that more power in their hands is what’s best for everyone.
May 27, 2022
Our United States Constitution, more specifically, the Bill Of Rights, already spells out the fair treatment of all U.S. citizens regardless of their ethnicity, sexual preference, and economic status. If one chooses to be an activist and their rhetoric calls for anything but the adherence to our founding document, then that activism doesn’t belong in this country.
May 26, 2022
Chinatown Joe thinks so little of the people he was arguably elected to lead, that he doesn’t expect you to notice how disingenuous he is. He relies on the major media complex to propagandize his behavior to transform his actions from that of a traitorous mercenary to that of a benevolent savior. This sham only works if the American people are kept misinformed, uneducated, and emotionally compromised. When Chinatown Joe spoke of unity in January of 2021, what he meant was obedience. And not just obedience, but total unquestioning allegiance. The Demolition Party, the left, and the progressives; don’t care about the carnage in Texas beyond its usefulness in undermining the true safety of the American people granted us by the 2nd amendment. No matter how good the grift, no matter how much they appeal to you emotionally, no matter how many fake tears they shed, no matter how many lies they tell you, there’s nothing “common sense” about rendering good law abiding citizens completely helpless when you know you can’t protect them.
May 25, 2022
There is a pattern forming and it has nothing to do with firearms with the exception of its utilization as a tool for violent criminal behavior. The breakdown of values, the breakdown of family, the incentive to love oneself over all else is helping to escalate this sociopathic behavior. Because the issue is not and has never been about guns, the solution will not be found in confiscation masquerading as “common sense gun-laws” for this reason. Until we begin to address the actual problem the solution will continue to evade us all. These tragedies stand as clear advocation for the necessity of our 2nd amendment. Life is a gift and it is our responsibility to protect it. Firearms are the best tool available to accomplish this. Notice how the Demolition Party always leaves out the statistics surrounding successful defense of one’s own life, family, or property, using firearms. They have no problem omitting information that doesn’t support their spoon fed media narrative. In fact, any information that happens to contradict that narrative, is quickly labeled “misinformation”. What happened today was horrific and if the Demolition Party really cared about protecting children, if they really cared about stopping these heinous actions from transpiring then they would advocate for credible defense measures implemented on our school grounds such as: metal detectors, armed security, armed staff and severe punishment for anyone who dares to victimize our children.
May 25, 2022
Why is it when our unconstitutionally centralized federal government says, “we need common sense gun-laws”, what they are really doing is ensuring that law abiding American citizens are rendered defenseless? If leadership truly cared about the 2nd amendment they would pass policies that encouraged the American people to purchase firearms, they would locally subsidize firearm educational facilities to make it easier to receive training, and they would have more severe consequences for those that use firearms to break the law. But, as you can see, that is not only “NOT” the preferred strategy, but their are a multitude of policies that make it ridiculously difficult to purchase a firearm, ridiculously expensive to participate in professional training, and more lenient punishments for violent offenders. It’s almost as if leadership wants the violent criminals on the streets and law abiding citizens defenseless and at the mercy of psychopaths. California is at its “common sense gun-law” limit and still they can’t protect the people from the criminal element. What’s their solution, use those desperate for gas to confiscate firearms? The irony; because it is no questions asked and no identification required, most likely it will be the criminals with illegally obtained and/or modified weapons that will take advantage of, what we are told, is meant to help protect citizens and alleviate some of their financial burden. Once again the Demolition Party is here to save the day with a cure that is far worse than the disease.
May 24, 2022
Our lives are not accidental. From the honey bee to the changing of seasons, it all has a meaning, it all has a purpose. So to is there a meaning and a purpose for men. It isn’t complicated, though some would have you believe otherwise. These individuals want you confused and ignorant because it suits their goals, they have no love or respect for you. The hand that they extend under the guise of help is laced with poison. If you know who you are and you know your purpose, you will not be so easily confused, you cannot be so easily controlled. My brothers, believe me when I tell you that there is a reason we are made bigger, faster, and stronger. There is a reason that we are more aggressive. As men we must be dangerous. We must exist as a razor sharp long sword housed in a scabbard woven together by our self control. We are not toxic, that’s just ridiculous. The