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Magic not Logic Conversations with Mother Daughter Duo, Julie & Tash Lewin

Magic not Logic Conversations with Mother Daughter Duo, Julie & Tash Lewin

By Lightcode Lab
We are Julie & Tash Lewin, Mother-Daughter Duo. We contribute to awakening mass consciousness by helping entrepreneurs with hairy audacious, world changing goals unravel & clear the beliefs and trauma that is holding them back. Entrepreneurship is a pressure cooker for personal development. It throws us into the fire of awakening, and holds a difficult mirror in front of us. We are shown all of the parts of ourselves that we've hidden away, and asks us to grow. If you fancy having a cool conversation with us, we are taking applications for Guests. Email us at
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S02 EP 01: Wanna know your Genius? It's all in your Astrology chart...sparks of inspiration, downloads & plot twists abound wherever Uranus shows up
Join us as we chat with Amanda from Channelled Astrology with Amanda Vodic. She shares with us her journey of channelling through new Astrology information and stories, showing us a new way to understand our Charts.  In this episode we explore Uranus and the sparks of inspiration, downloads & plot twists that abound wherever Uranus shows up.  He shows us our Genius and how we are often guided by the hand of our higher self, if we know what to look for. Tash shares her own plot twists showed up as travel opportunities (living in London & visiting New York), and Amanda shows how this is linked to Uranus being in her 5th House in Sagittarius. It's fascinating. Find Amanda here:
March 30, 2022
EP 09. WISDOM: The 3 Stages of True Transformation and how to navigate the process with grace to find Peace on the other side
Today we discuss the Stages of Transformation, and the importance of taking people through a transformation process, whether you are a coach, consultant or Practitioner. That only providing education, doesn’t actually help people go from where they are to where they want to be. This requires them to navigate the three stages we outline in the episode. We discuss death, in all its manifestations, knowing we experience the death of self often in our lifetime before experiencing the final death of this physical body. However, we aren’t taught how to navigate these mini deaths as we transition from one stage of life to the next, one personality Ego shell to another, shedding layers as we go. This process can feel fraught when we aren't equipped to look stop and look ourselves in the mirror. It’s an interesting ride this episode, so strap in lol. Product Website: 1:1 Work with us:
December 23, 2021
EP 8. WISDOM: How we are a fractal of the Universe, and how to use nature and your environment to guide you.
Julie introduces us to a concept that she thinks about we are a fractal of the Universe, what fractals are and how we can use use nature  to guide us.  If we look to nature, we will see the answering patterns before us. We are reminded that humans are a part of the planet, not separate from it. And that we can return ourselves to the inherent order within nature, to rediscover peace within ourselves. Website: Email: Instagram:
December 16, 2021
EP 07. WISDOM: Introducing The Amnesia Line, why sometimes you can conquer the world, and other times you want to curl up and hide from it.
Introducing The Amnesia Line, why sometimes you can conquer the world, and other times you want to curl up and hide from it. PS We changed our branding to better reflect the conversations we want to be having, we hope it resonates with you.  In this episode Julie introduces a concept she came up with years ago, called The Amnesia Line. We then look at using signs, signals & synchronicities to decode what your environment is telling you. We discuss how to come up with your own symbolism for what your Intuition is showing you when you ask for guidance. Instead of seeking externally for answers to life’s challenges, going within ourselves and decoding what we are being given. Tash introduces how she is using Timeline Anchors to pull her towards her dream of moving to New York with her husband, Steve. She gets a little teary sharing how she experienced Super Position, existing in both her Brisbane apartment and her New York apartment while cooking quiche with Steve. Website: The Amnesia Line blog post:
December 09, 2021
EP 06. WISDOM: What’s your deep dark fear? We discuss how these can paralyse us, even when we don’t realise that's what's happening.
What is your deepest, darkest fear? The one that is stopping you from doing your world work…if stepping out and shining your light bright for all to see. What are you afraid will happen? Julie discusses her realisation that she had encountered her deepest, darkest fear, in the wild…and survived. She shares how she was able to dig in under it, with the help of a Witnessing Buddy, to see: where it came from what stories had become wrapped up in it and realise she was finally ready to let it go Julie also shares a little bit of backstory of the time she was featured on the tv-show The Extraordinary and how that changed her life irrevocably…in good ways and some not so good ways. Tash shares how the triggering of Julie’s deepest fear, triggered her own Bullying & Exclusion trauma. They unpack how the revelations have changed them, and how the energetic clearings Julie performed shifted the energy completely, to the point that it can’t be accessed anymore. The memories  and energy attached to them are just gone. We hope you enjoy. If you need assistance identifying the beliefs, fears and stories that are holding you back, check out our Lightcode Card Deck “Magic not Logic”. The channeled Lightcodes hold energetic intention to unravel and shift the stagnant energy held within the beliefs, fears and you can finally see them for what they are and let them go. Please like, subscribe and leave a review, it helps us get in front of more people that need some light in the dark.
December 03, 2021
EP 05. WISDOM: Tash uses the Magic not Logic cards to overcome feelings of Comparisonitis & Imposter Syndrome. Yes, we do the work too ;)
Today Tash shares some of the cards she pulled the other day, as she unravelled the feelings of comparisonitis she encountered viewing a Facebook post. We then chat about the nature of Identity and the Ego shell, and what shifting it brings up to be examined. How confronting it can be, and how questions like "but, who am I if not that person?". Join us for a deep conversation and vulnerable sharing.
November 25, 2021
EP 04: INTERVIEW with Cathie Hill. What colour is your soul and what can this tell you about yourself? Introducing a new Self-Understanding Framework to guide your Inner World exploration.
We had the privilege of interviewing Cathie Hill. Cathie came to Julie as a patient many years ago, and something extraordinary happened during their sessions. Julie channelled The Golden One for Cathie, who faithfully recorded all of the wisdom. Now, as you will hear Julie tell, she doesn't channel for anybody, but something special was to take place. Cathie is an extraodinary investigator and researcher and self-acknowledged Green Soul. She has pulled together a new Framework for self-understanding, linked to the colour of our inner & outer soul and our Ego Dragon. The visual metaphors she uses to describe who we are and what we are here to do, make her wisdom exceptionally accessible, especially with young people.  Tash was particularly excited by this discussion, as she loves to learn new techniques and frameworks for increasing her emotional intelligence and self-awareness. This is a must-listen episode, and we can't thank Cathie enough for joining us to have it.  To buy this book, Cathie has requested that you email her to arrange the purchase of a copy. You can find her via
November 18, 2021
EP 03. INTERVIEW: with Steve Vincent about his new book Finding You: Poems and Reflections for the Journey into your Shadow Self.
Interviewing Steve Vincent about his new book Finding You: Poems and Reflections for the Journey into your Shadow Self.    This interview touches on many subjects about self-reflection, self-revelation and self-understanding. Here are the highlights…  • Steve's motivation for his poems – very vulnerable • The journey of the book  • His fears and how they relate to you • The journey into the Shadow Self and how it runs you • Massive energy shifts and how they work • Why Finding You can be a powerful tool for your life • How I use Finding You plus a live reading by Steve • Insights on men and how we show up in the world • Career choices and our attachments • On being human and how not to beat yourself up • The power of Finding You in discovering your true self • And more including a second live poem reading
November 11, 2021
EP 02. WISDOM: What Magic means to us and how we access it everyday
What does Magic mean to you? A wonderful question posed by a business friend of ours, Meghan Gilroy. We have a conversation about what Magic means to each of us, how we access it and where it shows up in our lives. We share some wild experiences we have had that defy logic, but are so extremely magic. We hope you enjoy. Reminder: If you use magic in your life and business, and you want to have a cool conversation with us about it, please either leave a voice message here, or send us an email via
October 15, 2021
EP 01. STORY: Who we are, and our Magic not Logic, Lightcode Lab Backstory.
Introducing ourselves, our story and why we do what we do. You will learn a small amount about our business journey over the last 2 years with our Lightcode Lab brand, which you can find below. Future episodes will talk a little bit more about our different backgrounds, how Julie discovered her Medical Intuitive abilities 37 years ago, and channeled through her own Energy Healing Modality. We'll chat about how Tash took her decade as a graphic designer and channeled the Lightcodes on our Magic not Logic card deck, and created beautiful open eye meditations in our app. This podcast is going to be us chatting with each other and having conversations about how to use Magic in your life and business, to bring flow to your practice, and a Inner World journey to Peace, Health, Happiness & Harmony. We're excited to have you with us. Website: Web App:
October 15, 2021