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Liisa Laine - All About Love

Liisa Laine - All About Love

By Liisa Laine
Welcome to the All About Love Podcast. My name is Liisa Laine. I am your guide on this journey, and in this podcast, I invite you to learn and investigate more profound levels of your essence and dig into some shadow work with loving-kindness. Together, we explore content and enjoy conversations around mastering unconditional love to awaken a deeper understanding of oneself. Therefore unlock abundance in all areas of life.
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Spiritual Bypassing: What is it?
In this podcast, I share my two cents based on my insights and experiences in life and my spiritual path. I find this an important topic because there is a chance to drink the kool-aid if we are unaware of our belief system and deep-seated root reason for our behavioral patterns. However, the topic can share opinions and bring up emotions. Please note this is how I see and feel this.
May 04, 2022
Breach as You Teach
Welcome to the All About Love Podcast. My name is Liisa Laine. This episode explores how we reflect on ourselves from the external world. Sometimes we compare ourselves through social media; however, real mirroring happens over the closest relationships with our loved ones. Why can mirroring help us dig deeper into our shadows and learn to recognize our unhealthy behaviors in love-relationship? Why it's essential to become aware of these patterns so that we can reset our mindset and make happier choices in everyday life?
March 23, 2022
What is Love?
Welcome to the All About Love Podcast. My name is Liisa Laine. In this episode, we explore what love is? We are not talking about romantic love, not so much, but unconditional self-love. We talk about the masculine and feminine energies and how understanding their nature can help us thrive in life.
March 10, 2022