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Empowering the Light Podcast with Lilia Gestson

Empowering the Light Podcast with Lilia Gestson

By Lilia Gestson
Hosted by Lilia Gestson, Cyclical Living and Inner Work Guide, this podcast is all things empowered lifestyle and self discovery. You’ll hear from both Lilia and amazing guests who are shining their light into the world through their unique magic, stories, wisdom, and methods to guide you deeper into your unique and fullest expression. We are empowering true autonomy and inspiring along the way. This is the Empowering the Light Podcast.
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Manifestation Beyond Law of Attraction With Me, Lilia Gestson
In this solo episode I am diving into the concept of manifestation and manifesting your happiness beyond law of attraction. Law of attraction within new age spirituality has a time and place, but there is so much beyond this practice and the theme of desire. When we get stuck in desire we are missing out on lasting joy and happiness that is cultivated from within us as we continue to journey through our inner work. If you have been feeling frustrated with manifesting your ideal life, this episode will guide you into the next steps of cultivating happiness and your "dream life" that is beyond this practice of new age spirituality manifestation. This episode is rooted in a yogic inner work approach to cultivating lasting peace, joy, and happiness in your life and transforming your experience of life and how you engage with your present moment from the inside out. - If this episode resonates on your journey, I want to invite you to RELATIONSHIP, a 3 week workshop that explores the relationship you have with your body, mind, soul, and the present moment through cyclical living, the themes of consciousness/inner work (which we are exploring a bit today in this episode), and healing sacred yoga experiences. If you are ready to foster a deep relationship with yourself and live from the inside out so that you can cultivate a practice of lasting happiness and feel empowered in how you experience your here and NOW, living life in your vibrant fullest expression no matter what life throws your way... - ...then this workshop is for you :) Head over to my website here to learn more about the workshop which begins in May and to sign up!
April 12, 2021
Joy and the Marshmallow Pillow of Life with Jacqueline Stevens
In this episode Jacqueline and I dive into so many epic topics around joy and your intuition including emotional stuffing and the importance of honoring all your emotions, looking at the small things that open your vault of happiness, navigating burnout and overwhelm, the magic of pausing, and taking back autonomy over your own joy and happiness in the here and now. I love this episode because we really explore joy from a holistic empowered lens as a way of life, self relationship, and full expression. If you are loving this conversation and super excited to dive into more, head over to Jacqueline's Instagram @joywithjax , website and LinkedIn Jacqueline S to explore more of her content and offerings. - Jacqueline is a certified Soulful Alignment Coach & Energy Alchemist. She supports high achieving, depleted professionals to create more souly connected, authentically aligned, and deeply connected lives full of JOY, peace, + balance. Jacqueline's personal journey of “making it” to the top of her career in the beauty industry and being clinically burnt out led her to her true “Eat Pray Love” spiritual + internal quest to rediscover who she was without all the external achievements, roles, + relationships she had defined herself by. Once she dove in? Jacqueline literally transformed from the inside-out. - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
April 5, 2021
Be the Change, it Starts from Within with Taylor Henley
This episode is epic as Taylor Henley and I explore an empowering approach to activism and natural conservation, the connection between your own inner work and nature herself, being the change you want to see in the world from the inside out, and navigating your emotions in the journey of remembering your truth. Taylor's approach and perspective to inner work is a true inspiration and I can't wait for you to dive deeper into the exploration of your truth and soul remembrance here on the podcast. Excited to explore this journey and Taylor's work? Head over to her Instagram @taylor__henley to dive deeper into her content and offerings. - Taylor is an inner work facilitator and spiritual guide and mentor serving and supporting those seeking to reconnect to themselves, a higher power, and their roots within Nature. Through her time spent traveling, diving, and photographing the animals in the ocean, as well as her passion for conserving the natural spaces of the world, Taylor has come to believe that inner work is the key to ushering in true and lasting change and healing - on an individual, collective, and planetary level. - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
March 29, 2021
The River of Life with Candy Leigh
In this episode Candy and I dive into the inner work journey of her book, Finding Life In Between: A Journal For Me, To You. With themes of surrender, the river of life and moving through your inner work, synchronicities of your journey, how you can continue to manifest and strive for your goals while surrendering to something better, and the inspiration of raw vulnerability and truth, this episode truly is food for your soul and a ray of sunshine in the journey of life. I can't wait for you to listen and if you are feeling inspired by Candy's story and wisdom, I encourage you to head over to her website, take the Life Balance Quiz, and explore her book here. . If your life has ever been turned upside down, don't miss this conversation with international best selling author Candy Leigh (LEE), communications expert, mindset coach, and soon-to-be yoga instructor. She was in the aftermath of her divorce and trying to support her three kids when she got laid off not once, BUT TWICE, from the SAME COMPANY after a 20 year career. All this while she was physically recovering from back surgery and emotionally recovering from her home getting robbed TWICE! Candy was at her breaking point, devastated and not sure what to do next, so she literally got in her car and started driving in an attempt to get lost and hopefully, finally find herself. Her book, Finding Life In Between, takes readers on the ride of her recovery journey. It contains real life examples of the inner work that we can choose to do to develop the mindset to survive the jolts of life. . Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
March 12, 2021
FAM & Natural Birth Control with Nathalie Daudet
In this episode we are talking all things FAM or the Fertility Awareness Method and diving into natural birth control to support your contraceptive or conception goals. Nathalie is such a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and she makes FAM simple, accessible, and super exciting. This is an episode that I have been wanting to bring you all for a long time and I am so grateful that it is here to help you dive deeper into the magic of your womb, your contraceptive options, the empowered value that FAM brings to your whole life, navigating irregular cycles and coming off HBC with FAM, understanding your cervical mucus, FAM and working with your partner, cycles during COVID, and more... - Nathalie Daudet is a fertility awareness educator, menstrual cycle coach and the founder of Fertility Awareness Project. Hundreds of people worldwide have learned to chart their menstrual cycle for birth control with her online course, Cycle Love. You can sign up for Nathalie's free course FAM Fundamentals through the link below: And catch her blog post all about cervical mucus here: - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
February 8, 2021
Intuitive channeling and ancestral spirituality with Paige Northrop
In this episode Paige and I dive into divination, our past life regression experiences, an ancestral path to spirituality, intuitive channeling with tarot, and more.  Paige is such a beautiful soul and if you have been wanting to get into tarot or are struggling with your current practice, she offers so much empowered wisdom in this episode to help you step into your unique wisdom as a channeler. Feeling totally inspired and excited to get a tarot reading? Use code "LILIA" for 50% off virtual readings and don't forget to head over to Paige's Instagram @theholisticskinwitch and her website  for more amazing content. - Paige Northrop is a holistic Esthetician, Tarot reader, Reiki healer and witchy goddess. - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
January 25, 2021
Agency + Seasonal Wellness + Ayurveda with Haylee Warner
In this episode with guest Haylee Warner we dive into finding balance and taking agency over your health through Ayurveda, honoring the history, traditions, and culture of traditional holistic wellness practices, preventative medicine and shifting our language around our wellness, and Seasonal Wellness to support you as we enter a new Earth season. This episode is so full of wisdom to support you in living your best life with balance and support from the elements. Feeling super excited to learn more about Ayurveda and Seasonal Wellness? Head over to Haylee's website to join her weekly newsletter, schedule a free health consult to explore how Ayurveda can support you, and check out her new course through Vitality at - Haylee Warner, HHC, RYT is a Seasonal Wellness Guide on Lenni Lenape Territory (Philly). She began learning holistic health to find the best way to take care of herself and avoid the Medical-Industrial complex. Her mission is to empower people’s agency within the healthcare system and to feel confident using everyday tools to support their wellbeing. The seasonal tools offered in her programs are no further than the spices in your kitchen and as close to you as your breath. The key is knowing what to choose for your unique experience. - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
December 14, 2020
Finding the GEM within your body with Liz Fever
In this episode of the Empowering the Light Podcast, Liz and I dive into some amazing conversations around body positivity, self love styling and embracing all bodies with love and support, finding the gem that lies beneath the surface of our bodies, pets and life during COVID, finding passion in your life vs checking off boxes, and so much more. Liz is such an inspiration and I can't wait for you to get to know her here. Feeling obsessed after this episode and ready to dive into a self love styling session or just get to know Liz better? Head over to her Instagram @lizwearswhat to get all the juicy content and inspo. - Liz Fever is a body liberation activist, self love focused stylist, writer and creative based in Philadelphia. Her work is steeped in her own journey to body acceptance, and she strives to help all women feel confident and seen in their personal style. When she isn't writing about fat positivity or styling clients, Liz loves drinking coffee, spending time with her reptiles, weaving and reading! - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
November 23, 2020
Getting out of your comfort zone and into the magic zone with Mishka Silberman
This episode has so much juicy content in it and honestly we didn't want to stop the conversation. Mishka and I dive into her amazing story and journey of entrepreneurship building 3 unique business, trusting your vision, going for the idea, and learning and adapting along the way, self growth through entrepreneurship, Intentionally choosing a community/social media feed/job that supports your life, contemplating niche communities and the responsibility around inclusivity in balance with intention, and more. If you are super excited to learn more about Mishka and her business, head over to her IG accounts @snackadabra_ @mishka.collective and @flourishingfemininefounders to learn more and/or reach out. - IMPORTANT: In this episode we have a conversation around niche communities and how our marketing terminology changes as we and our business grow and appropriate verbiage changes. I want to add into these show notes that while I may use "womxn" and "women" in my marketing this wisdom is non gendered and the focus in my programs is not on a gendered identity. I am here to support everyone who is feeling called to cyclical living and help them work with their unique cycle in a way that empowers them in their life . Support in individuality is one of the most important parts of my business and I want you to know that you are welcome and fully supported with love and respect here regardless of gender or menstrual season of life. - Michelle Silberman is a lightworker, Chief Energy Officer of Mishka Collective, Chief Cookie Officer of Snackadabra, and Co-Conduite of Flourishing Feminine Founders (F3M). - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
November 16, 2020
Goddesses Don't Rush: The moon, its cycle, and shadow work with LaToya Crick
First off, this episode was pure fire and light. There is so much value in the next 60 minutes and I can not wait for you to dive in and listen. LaToya and I dive into reconnecting to the cycle of the moon, embracing goddess architypes on your cyclical journey, working with both your moon cycle and menstrual cycle in your life, how to honor your cycles when you don't have control over your schedule, and navigating your shadow work as you step into your empowered self. Head over to LaToya's IG @emeraldastrology and her website to dive further into the wisdom of the moon and its astrology. I also want to invite you to keep an eye out for our Moon Circles every month that will guide you deeper into your astrology and the moon. - You can find the book Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess mentioned by LaToya in this episode through the link below: - LaToya Crick is an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Teacher, Coach, and Writer who empowers women to live a creative and fulfilling life with the cycles of the Moon and Stars. She started her own astro-journey to understand the meaning of her life and learn how to work with the cycles to manifest her dreams. Through Emerald Astrology, she shares insights about the Moon and Stars and how to work with the cycles to avoid burnout, increase self-awareness, and bridge the gap between spirituality and practicality. You can find her articles and services at and follow her Instagram @emeraldastrology. - Loving the podcast and don't want to miss any new episodes or additional content? Sign up for my free newsletter here and receive a special Cyclical Living Bundle as a "Welcome, I appreciate you' gift.
November 9, 2020
You are an Artist: Creative Living with Jacqueline Wills
This episode was so much fun to record and is full of bursting inspiration around creative living, process and being present with creativity, letting go of “shoulds" around your art, embracing your being as an artist, bringing creativity back into your life and business, and more. Jacqueline is so amazing at making creativity accessible to all so whether you identify as an artist or are looking for a creative spark in your life this is the episode for you. Head over to the &arts website and Jacqueline's IG @andartsco to get to know Jacqueline and all the amazing services and offerings that she has to support you. - Jacqueline Wills is a Philly based Theater Artist, Creative Director, and the Founder of &arts! Her journey to building &arts bloomed from her love of working with performing artists, and is rooted in her mission to help artists and creatives achieve their best work. &arts provides creative direction and strategy to artists and creative entrepreneurs building big ideas, projects, or lives. Jacqueline uses her 18+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, as well as her background in Theatre and Social Work to serve artists and creatives of all types through creative coaching, creative direction, & creative space. Jacqueline is passionate about directing artists and creatives on their path, and providing them with the support and tools needed to build sustainable creative careers! - Don't want to miss out on any of the magic? You can sign up for my emailing list here to get a new episode delivered directly to your inbox every week so that you can start your week feeling inspired, empowered, and with new wisdom to help you live in your fullest expression on your terms.
November 2, 2020
Follow your heart with Bekah Komar
In this episode we dive into trusting yourself and taking that leap, the power of community without competition, reconnecting to the earth and grounding, the divine balance and welcoming the feminine into your business, and so much more. This was the perfect episode to send off season 1 of the Empowering the Light Podcast with a beautiful firework of inspiration and I can not wait for you to listen. Know that you are so loved and supported on your journey. Head over to Bekah's Instagram @bekahkomar, her podcast Follow Your Heart Podcast, and her private Facebook group Passion to Purpose to learn more about Bekah and the amazing wisdom and guidance she has to offer.  Bekah is an intuitive business coach for soul based entrepreneurs and lightworkers. She is the host of Follow Your Heart Podcast, creator of the Passion to Profit Course, retreat host and digital nomad. Most recently during the epidemic she found herself settling down in ometepe the island of gods in Nicaragua, raising a baby hawk and living life in community.
June 26, 2020
Yoga and navigating 2020 with Olivia Roberson
In this episode we dive into yoga therapy and how it differs from traditional therapy, self care as we navigate 2020, a yogic perspective on the Black Lives Matter Movement as we make lasting change in our country, and more. This episode was so much fun. Olivia is so wise and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her in the past and had her on the podcast as a guest. Head over to her Instagram, Facebook @Lighthouse Yoga, and Website to listen to her Yoga Nidra and learn about her 1:1 sessions. Olivia Roberson is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher & yoga therapist in training. She is devoted to empowering people to reclaim their sense of inner strength, wholeness, & peace through yoga, embodiment, & self care. She believes that when we reconnect to our bodies, we reconnect to our truth.
June 19, 2020
Cyclical Business 102: Aligning your launches with your cycle
In this episode we dive into how to align your business launches with your menstrual cycle so that you can launch without burnout, work with your strengths, and access your built in business blueprint. Interested in cycle tracking? Click here for a free Cycle Tracking Guide! Each episode in this new segment, Cyclical Business, will guide you deeper into aligning your business with your menstrual cycle so that you can reach high vibing flow as you live embodied in your passion and purpose. When we align our business with our natural rhythm we all of a sudden have a built in business blueprint that not only allows us to avoid burnout, melt downs, and anxiety, but also allows us to access flow, joy, passion, and creative solutions that can only be accessed from a place of intuitive wisdom. I'm ready to feel amazing in my business, how about you?
June 16, 2020
Holistic sustainability with Andri Johnston
In this episode we dive into what living a sustainable lifestyle really means, easy and simple ways to get started on going more sustainable, the carbon footprint of our digital age, reconnecting to your body and the earth through sustainability, and more. This episode is jam packed with tools and resources to guide you on your sustainable journey. Head over to Andri's website, Instagram @thesustainablelibrary, and You Tube channel The Sustainable Library for even more amazing resources and guidance. Andri from The Sustainable Library has a lifelong passion for living a sustainable, simple, and slow lifestyle. After years of trying to do everything fast, she made the decision to slow down and focus on living a life that leaves little behind en gives everything back. Her website is a dedicated space for sharing her sustainable living journey (because it will always be a journey) in a simple, practical way. Because sustainable living, is the future she believe we should all live and she wants to help more people on their journies to get there.
June 13, 2020
Cyclical Business 101: The divine feminine within your business
In this solo episode I dive into balancing your divine masculine and divine feminine in your business, the wisdom stored in your womb, and feeling fully embodied and aligned as you lead in alignment with your natural gifts. Each episode in this new segment, Cyclical Business, will guide you deeper into aligning your business with your menstrual cycle so that you can reach high vibing flow as you live embodied in your passion and purpose. When we align our business with our natural rhythm we all of a sudden have a built in business blueprint that not only allows us to avoid burnout, melt downs, and anxiety, but also allows us to access flow, joy, passion, and creative solutions that can only be accessed from a place of intuitive wisdom. I'm ready to feel amazing in my business, how about you?
June 9, 2020
Stay well with Marissa Nash
In this episode we dive into overcoming limited beliefs and mindsets, living a life where you feel aligned, happy, and well, co-creating and taking action with the Universe, trusting what is right for you, and so much more. This is such a juicy and powerful episode about all things wellness and I can not wait for you to listen. Head over to Marissa's website, her Instagram @marissarosenash, and her podcast the Stay Well Podcast to connect with her and learn more about the beautiful work she is doing. Marissa is a Holistic Life Coach and Corporate Wellness Coach as well as CEO of The Well Co. a boutique wellness coaching firm. Her mission is to teach women how to tap into the wisdom of their mind, body, and soul, learn to trust their intuition, and step into their personal power. She's been a Certified Life Coach for 5 years, a 1,000+ hour Yoga Instructor for 9 years and specializes in teaching holistic wellness practices such as embodiment techniques, breathwork, yoga for self-healing, meditation & mindfulness. She is a certified Executive Coach and will complete her Master's degree in Organizational Leadership in August 2020. She's also certified in The Science of Wellbeing from Yale University and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction from Thomas Jefferson, developed by Meditation Teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn. Through The Well Co., Marissa leads one-on-one coaching sessions as well as her virtual wellness membership, called The Well. With her corporate clients, she leads wellness retreats, one-on-one leadership coaching, and teaches yoga and mindfulness. Lastly, she's dog-mom to her mini-goldendoodle, named Finn.
June 8, 2020
Wild Sovereign Woman with Madeline Astraia
In this episode we dive into expressing yourself and embodying your highest self as you rapidly evolve and change, opening up space in your life, feminine leadership and letting go of hierarchy, and so much more. Madeline is such an amazing and wise soul and I feel honored to work with her as my mentor. Head over to her Instagram @wildsovereignwoman to connect with her and learn about her beautiful offerings. Madeline Astraia is the creator of Wild Sovereign Woman. It’s her mission to guide you to become the Leader, Healer, & Trailblazer you are called to be so you can confidently share your magick with the world & create the life of impact & purpose you have always dreamed of! For the last ten years she has been guiding women all over the world to discover their sacred purpose, align with their spiritual path, unique gifts & create the life they have always dreamed of with ease & flow.
May 29, 2020
It's OK, talking motherhood with Ariana Kamprad
In this episode we dive into postpartum and the beautiful yet challenging experience of being a mother, guilt around motherhood, honoring your divine feminine, trusting yourself, understanding the shifts in your body postpartum through Ayurveda, and navigating postpartum recovery and anxiety. This episode is so special because Ariana is my beautiful sister and has not only been a huge inspiration for me but is also so wise in the work that she does guiding and preparing new mothers in this journey through yoga. Head over to her Instagram @arianakamprad to learn more about her and her yoga classes. Ariana Kamprad is a yoga teacher and a mom. After suffering difficulty in post partum she has become passionate about using yoga to help women through motherhood, labor recovery, and post partum depression and anxiety. She is teaching weekly postnatal yoga, prenatal yoga, and yoga for all ages and levels virtually while we navigate covid 19.
May 23, 2020
Sound Healing with Natalie Valle
In this episode we dive into sound healing and the quantum realm, the beautiful magic held in water and our bodies, honoring ancient wisdom, shining your light to uplift the collective, and so much more. This episode was so much fun to record and we dive into a broad array of amazing topics ranging from yoga philosophy, to science and brain waves, to sound healing and its beautiful benefits. Head over to Natalie's Instagram @loveandalchemy and her website to learn more about her upcoming workshops. Natalie is an LA based energy worker and facilitates through the modalities of sound healing, reiki, meditation and positive mindset coaching
May 19, 2020
Human Design With Jessie Klein
In this episode we dive into what is Human Design, the empowerment that comes with embracing your unique gifts, unbecoming to embody your true self, and we dive into my human design chart which I learned about for the first time live with all of you. This is the first time I found myself speechless on this podcast. Jessie is so wise and such a beautiful teacher. I can't wait for you guys to listen and fall in love with human design as much as I did in this recording. If you are feeling that hell yes and want to connect with Jessie you can find her on Instagram @joyfullyhuman and her website After finishing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2017, Jessie embarked on her own inner work journey in search of the “missing” link between mind, body, and spirit health. Upon discovering Human Design in early 2019, Jessie  awakened to the connection between physical body and energetic body to heal several physical ailments of her own. She additionally witnessed massive positive transformation in her relationships and developed an enlivened sense of purpose through these teachings. Jessie is passionate about helping others rediscover their unique potential and restore energetic balance in their bodies using Human Design and yoga philosophy. She currently offers various one-on-one sessions for those who are interested in strengthening mindfulness, health, and self-awareness.
May 9, 2020
Easeful business with Emily Cassel
In this episode we dive into creating a sustainable business that is easy, overcoming the "what ifs" of business, birthing your business rather than building it, redefining how women do business to work with our body rather than against it, and so much more. This episode was fire and so full of inspiration to leave you feeling empowered in pursuing your calling. Head over to Emily's Instagram @emilycasselofficial, her website, and her podcast Sexy Soulful Success to hear more of her inspiring message and learn about her programs. As a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, international retreat leader, champion of women, and believer that your big crazy dream is totally possible. Emily Cassel is devoted to helping you launch, grow, & scale the business your soul came here to create while making the impact + income that changes {y}our world. Driven by the belief that when a woman embraces and expresses her deepest soul calling, becomes a leader of her life and business, and does it in a way that's sustainable, we create a more harmonious future for ourselves, each other, and our world, Emily gathers & grows both aspiring + established women entrepreneurs through her signature coaching experiences. She is the creator of The Soulful Business Academy, The Business Alchemy Circle, + The Soulful Leadership Mastermind.
May 7, 2020
Leading unapologetically with Nicola Ayers
In this episode we dive into, validation, shining your light unapologetially, leading in your feminine essence, welcoming play into your day, and so much more. This episode is so juicy and full of inspiration. Head over to Nicola's Instagram @nicola.ayres, her website, and her You Tue channel Nicola Ayers to get in contact with her and and see all of her amazing content. Nicola Ayres coaches women how to get into alignment in life and in their heart centered business, Nicola is the founder of Arawa Retreats and has been rocking her own business for the last 7 years , inspiring women to live their best line and to shine their light on the world unapologetically.
May 5, 2020
Befriend your body with Madison Ayers
In this episode we dive into body image, befriending your body and healing the relationship that you have with it, freeing up mind space, how to address your inner critic, getting to know all aspects of yourself beyond your physical appearance, and so much more. Madison is such a light and her story is so inspiring.  Head over to her Instagram @madisonayers and her website to learn more about Madison and her program! Madison Ayers is a body acceptance and self-love enthusiast who is on a mission to help women heal the relationship that they have with their body. Through years of self-study and spiritual exploration, she was able to create and streamline a powerful process that empowers others to move from self-doubt and self-deprecation to wholly accepting and loving all that they are and came here to be - body included. She now teaches other women how to foster this relationship within themselves, so that they can move beyond the obsession with the physical self and reclaim a connection with the higher self.
May 3, 2020
Beyond your period with Mariah Rose Berendt
In this episode we dive into egg wisdom, how to honor your cycle in the corporate world, avoiding burn out and so much more. I encourage everyone to listen to this episode, menstrual cycle or not,  to fully understand the magic of an individual's menstrual cycle. This wisdom goes beyond your period. Head over to Mariah's Instagram @iammariahrose and her website to get to know her and learn about her programs. Mariah is a holistic menstrual and hormone health coach based in Philadelphia, PA. She focuses on helping women and people who bleed reconnect with their cyclical nature and prioritize themselves.
April 30, 2020
Confidence, Consistency, and Control with Alejandra Dueñas
In this episode we dive into Alejandra's 3Cs method, growing in self love, finding and working with a coach who is right for you, my personal health coaching story, and so much more. You can connect with Alejandra on Instagram @alejandraduenas_. She has been such a beautiful light in my life and I am so grateful for the path that I now walk after saying yes to myself and saying yes to my first coaching experience with her. Alejandra Dueñas, certified holistic health coach and founder of the 3C’s Method. The 3C’s Method is a coaching program that helps women heal their anxiety and gain self love so they can take back control of their life with consistency and confidence.
April 25, 2020
Energetics of your life and business with katie Blair
In this episode we dive into what is lightworking, mastering the art of being alone, hearing the call of your purpose, and finding a new normal for your life after quarantine. This episode is so full of timely wisdom to support you in your path. Head over to Katie's Instagram @katie__blair to learn  more about her program offerings and all the wisdom that she shares. Katie traveled the world to understand her purpose and now she has landed as a business coach for women to help them understand and embody their purpose. She works with lightworkers and people in the fields of consciousness. She coaches the systems and strategies to go full-time in your passion from your laptop, but even deeper - she is really starting to focus on the energetics. What it really means to step into your purpose and embody your human experience to the fullest within a career. She says this is the true secret to finding success on the path of being an entrepreneur.
April 18, 2020
Embracing your cycle with Rachael Amber
In this episode we dive into Cycles Journal, honoring the spiritual and magical side of your bleed, sustainable period products, introducing new menstruators to cycle tracking, and so much more. You can connect with Rachael on Instagram @cyclesjournal and on her websites and Rachael also has a private Facebook group, Cycle Support Group, that you can join here: Rachael Amber is an illustrator and designer who creates art & healing tools to raise awareness and foster connection between all living beings. Most of her work focuses on depicting the beauty of nature & the energetic interconnection between ourselves and the natural world. She also focuses on subjects of of menstrual cycle awareness, empowerment & radical self-care through her annual creation of Cycles Journal: an illustrated guide to tracking your lunar & menstrual cycles.
April 15, 2020
Surrender with Hannah Siddiqui
In this episode we dive into how we can bring more surrender into our life, meditation and finding a practice that works for you, manifestation and how we can welcome this practice into our life to reach all of our dreams, and so much more. you can find Hannah on instagram @theroadtohannah and her website Hannah Siddiqui is a 21 year-old writer, photographer, and motivational speaker from the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. Her purpose in life is to help people create and find their inner light through utilizing the tools of manifestation, positive affirmations, and astrology. On her social media platforms she coins affirmations, horoscopes, and "real life" talks daily, inspiring thousands of people to turn inwards and begin to recognize their own power. As one fan notes, Hannah has cultivated a "welcoming and inclusive community," and has "helped people everywhere find their voice and confidence within themselves."
April 11, 2020
Taking back control with McKenzie Valenta
In this episode we dive into the importance of mindset, the psychology around COVID-19, coping mechanisms to take back control in this time, social constructs and so much more. You can learn more about McKenzie on her Instagram @mckenzie_valenta and don't hesitate to send her a DM!!! This conversation was complete fire and so important to listen to while navigating COVID-19. McKenzie Valenta is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs and creatives. She uses a combination of psychology, science, and business coaching to help service based entrepreneurs get consistent clients through Instagram by aligning their thoughts and actions with their business goals. Currently in the midst of her doctorate degree to be a clinical psychologist, McKenzie uses cognitive techniques as her base from which she coaches. She has been a mindset  coach for over three years now and is multi-passionate about helping women make more money in business while prioritizing their mental health.
April 3, 2020
Capturing your true essence with Dani McDonald
In this episode we dive into our ancient wisdom, archetypes and how you can embrace all aspects of your essence, deep self love and expression, following the call of your soul, and so much more. If you love this episode head over to Dani's Instagram @dani.mcdonald_ and website to see her beautiful photography, learn more about her Soul Healing Sessions, and take her free archetype quiz. Dani is an intuitive and a photographer. She helps women connect to their eternal forms and captures the beauty of their transformations in raw and cathartic images. She acts as a conduit between their eternal blueprint and their present consciousness holding space for them to cross safely into the life they are meant to live. Dani receives information in the form of visual impressions of individual women embodying their predestined archetypes and expressing their original gifts.
April 2, 2020
Self pleasure and feeling empowered by your body with Jenn Doan
In this episode we dive into so many amazing conversations around self pleasure, feeling confident in your skin and empowered by your anatomy, self care practices and mindset around self love during COVID-19 and so much more. You can find more about Jenn and her new course Go F**k Yourself on her website and Instagram: @jenn_doan. And If you loved this episode go check out her podcast Taking Back Slut!!! Jennifer Doan is a Sexual Empowerment & Confidence Coach and host of the podcast Taking Back Slut. She believes virginity & gender are social constructs, that sexuality is as fluid as her iced coffee and that everyone deserves to feel empowered by sex.
April 1, 2020
Flowing in your intuition with Cass Oneill
In this episode we dive into accessing our intuition, unlocking and leaving space to find our calling, and allowing our path to flow.  This conversation is fire!! You can connect with Cass on her website and her Instagram @cassoneill. I also recommend checking out her podcast "The Chat With Cass"!!! Cass Oneill is a woman on a mission to ignite the authentic light in everyone and to empower everyone to live a life for themselves and not for other people.
March 29, 2020