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Not Another Liberty Podcast

Not Another Liberty Podcast

By Lincoln Anderson
A podcast with a working title. Your Host Lincoln talks shop with your favorite people hailing from Liberty Twitter, and sometimes with people who aren't.
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Super Bowl LV Preview with Stephen

Not Another Liberty Podcast

Super Bowl LV Preview with Stephen

Not Another Liberty Podcast

Episode 4: The Gina Carano Situation With Marc Clair
This week I'm joined by the great Marc Clair from Lions of Liberty.  We chat about how cathedral narratives are pushed into areas that are normally apolitical.  We also touch upon the subject of egregore and how the cathedral most definitely fits the bill as one.  PG-13 for some mild language.  Follow me: @5dollarL Follow Marc: @MarcDClair Check out Lions of Liberty: Lions of Liberty We also give a shout out to Paz, with whom I talked about egregores on episode 2 Follow Paz: @TLEPaz Check out his episode: Dungeons and Dragons & The Satanic Panic With Paz More on Egregores: The Gaslight Hour Episode on Egregores
February 20, 2021
Lord of the Rings With Iowancap
Myself and Josh from the Flyover Libertarian Podcast sit down a talk about J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings.  We discuss The Hobbit, The LotR trilogy and even touch upon the Silmarillion.  As we explore these works we go over what Tolkien's inspirations may have been as well as discerning some of the interesting lessons to be pulled from these timeless works of fiction.   Sorry if I'm a bit late getting this out, we went overly long on our recording and as a result it took me longer to edit this one.  The good news is that you have a nice long episode to fill your ears with.   Go follow Josh on his show the The Flyover Libertarian Podcast  Go follow him on Twitter @Iowancap  Find me on Twitter @5dollarL Don't forget to subscribe to get the new episodes as soon as they come out.  Feel free to rate and review or @ me on Twitter if you have any questions.  
February 14, 2021
Dungeons & Dragons & The Satanic Panic with Paz
Paz and I sit down to talk about our mutual love for Dungeons and Dragons and Tabletop Roleplaying games in general.  In our talk we get to cover aspects of the Satanic Panic and how D&D relates to it.  We also share some stories from the table and provide some recommendations for people who are interested in learning more about D&D.  Follow Paz on Twitter: @TLEPaz Follow me: @5dollarL
February 6, 2021
Super Bowl LV Preview with Stephen
If you've been locked down all year and have missed talking football with the boys, we've got you covered.  Me and my buddy Stephen sit down and discuss the big game.  We barely know what we're talking about but that's ok because we have fun doing it.  
January 29, 2021
A Terrible Teaser
Welcome to this show! We don't actually have a name for it yet, but we'll definitely get one at some point.  
January 29, 2021