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From My Heart To Yours

From My Heart To Yours

By Linda Vettrus-Nichols
In this podcast you will find that fantasizing about the impossible is totally reasonable, striving for satisfaction is a must, and at the end of the day love and solid relationships are all that matter.
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The Handless Maiden & Skeleton Woman - Stages of Initiation & Transformation w/Paula Burt
Author Paul Burt and I chat about the book "Women Who Run with the Wolves", by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. We zeroed in on two particular stories: "The Handless Maiden" and "Skeleton Woman". I absolutely love the story of "The Handless Maiden" because it’s a great review of the book and talks about the different stages of initiation that we go through as a woman. That story also shows us the male psyche and how important it is for men to go through their own journey in the underworld. It’s a perfect set up for the story "Skeleton Woman" because that story is about a particular fear that overcomes us, especially men, the fear of falling in love. We also looked at the importance of being able to receive in order to transform ourselves and our lives. "The Handless Maiden" recovers the Wild Woman initiation rites.  "Skeleton Woman" gives us a glimpse at a mythical relationship and how dead feelings can be revived. 
May 15, 2022
How to Grow the Traumatized Child Within w/Dieniz Costa MSW
In this episode, Dieniz Costa and I talk about the traumatized child. You don't have to deal with an inner child running your life. You can take that traumatized child and grow that child up. I will share how to muscle test to find out the age of your inner child. Dieniz will share what it meant for her to go through this process with me.
May 08, 2022
In this episode, my best friend and biz bestie Steena Marie got a kick out of my "wasband's" response to getting punched in the eye when I worked as a Special Ed. teacher in a psychiatric day treatment center. We also chatted about fond memories from childhood that as adults we don't always bring up. It's very cathartic to write a memoir, and I shared my response to stirring up all of that energy. Steena and I also shared stories about freaking out and letting go.
May 01, 2022
#4 Superwoman/Supermom Syndrome w/Jennifer & Bhavana
I've been through the era of supermom syndrome, and it didn't work. She's the perfect mother, the model wife, and the most helpful friend -  juggling home and career with a constant smile on her face. She's everything to everyone. The worst part is that this woman doesn't even exist. This syndrome sure did and it's back. Now what? Join Jennifer Beitz, Bhavana BP, and I as we discuss how to take back our power.
April 24, 2022
#6 A Great Time to Market Your Book w/Jennifer & Bhavana
The best time to start marketing your book is before you write it. Listen in as I give Bhavana a few tips from my perspective as a book in 30 Days Coach. Her memoir, "A DAUGHTER’S FIRST LOVE: DAD -  BK PURUSHOTHAMA (BKP) The Man | The Teacher | The Legend" is now out and available on Amazon. Bhavana’s book is a work of art that empowers us to overcome our own barriers in life and brings with it the illuminating opportunity to transform our relationships. There is no greater role model than a father who speaks through his daughter to inspire us all to enjoy deep connection with our own spiritual connection. Join Jennifer Beitz, Bhavana BP, and I as we explore books and more.
April 17, 2022
#5 You’re Not Drunk - No Not Yet w/Jennifer & Bhavana
In this episode, Jennifer Beitz and I lovingly tease Bhavana BP about the difficulties of her lifestyle. Find out what it’s like living as an adult in India. Teenage Adults, was the joking term, living at home with their parents worrying that their kids will rat them out. ;-)
April 10, 2022
#3 Tell Us About YOUR Mom w/Jennifer & Bhavana
Jennifer Beitz, Bhavana BP, and I chat about the conditioning of growing up. Jennifer had some great clarifying questions we can ask ourselves. Push back from family, especially our mothers, can lead us to needing some serious therapy. Having deeper discussions with other women helps us with our own clarity and to become more aligned with our own truth.
April 03, 2022
#2 Our Millennials Have Arrived w/Jennifer & Bhavana
In discussion #2 Jennifer Beitz, Bhavana BP, and I take a look at how the new generation is rising. People are waking up and taking sides. Are Millennials really demanding? Maybe they grew up in a time where they learned not to tolerate things and know that they have a voice, unlike how we were raised.
March 27, 2022
#1 Highly Sensitive & Finding Your Voice w/Jennifer & Bhavana
In this episode, Jennifer Beitz, Bhavana BP, and I chat about inner resilience throughout the various decades of our lives. I mention my experience through the adventure of being asked to be a contributing author of the compilation book, "Menopause Mavens - Master the Mystery of Menopause". There are some helpful stories and great tips in that book, some of the authors are health coaches.
March 20, 2022
This is the episode where Steena Marie and I talk about the importance of building a relationship with people, before having a sales conversation. Steena shares great tips on becoming memorable as well as likeable in the minds of others. Have you ever been turned off by someone who reaches out to connect, for example on LinkedIn? As soon as you connect they send you a blurb that gives their title and what they sell.  Marketing is no longer about sales it’s about being of service, it’s about Relationship Marketing. It’s not what you sell, it’s WHO you sell that matters. For centuries retailers sold what the customer ‘needed’ like food, coats, livestock, and so on. Today, most of us can buy what we want in 20 colors so the retailer must change their occasional customers into friends, fans, and most importantly referral sources in order for their business to not only survive but thrive. Authentic Relationship Marketing is about letting people know who you are, your authentic story, and your unique message. They want to know what you stand for... your POV (Point of View). I'm sure you'll enjoy this episode as well.
March 13, 2022
In this episode Steena Marie, my cohort in crime, discussed the reality of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee and how a pirate's treasure is a sunken chest.  We also talked about creating a container of trust for our partners. She especially liked the poem that my 2nd husband Terry wrote for me and read at our blessing ceremony. Terry Earthwind Nichols and I had been in 33 year starter marriages before we came together... I See You Standing There In The Light of My Soul I see you, I see you there, I see you there standing in the light of my Soul. I see your eyes watching me as I manage composure. I see your lips pursed for my kiss. I see your fingers reaching out across your leg as if to touch me. I see your breath first hasten, then going faster… going faster. Can you be the one? Can you really be the one? Can I touch your brow with hands frozen in anxiety? Can there really be a one? Can she be mine? Can there be a love so complete that I am finally a man? Be true my heart for I am but mortal and cannot see through the silkiness of her heart into the Soul for which I long to be. Her eyes are magical for they bring me to her without even a glance. She purses her lips again at me and my heart leaps for the joy that will be. I see you, I see you in the light of my Soul… ~Earthwind
March 06, 2022
In this episode, Steena Marie and I chat about transformation. In our lifetime, we will meet others who are however many steps behind us in their journey. It's a real blessing to be able to hold space for them and offer support. We all need someone who is willing to walk beside us. Not somebody who is running in front of us, jerking our collar with a leash and saying, "Come on, come on, let's go!"  Who can process that much transformation all at once anyways? It's important to hold safe space for others, giving them time and space to process. Steena shares a very touching story of how she did that for one of her friends whose boyfriend had died when they were in high school. 
February 27, 2022
We live in a world where women are becoming more disillusioned with marriage and that sort of picture perfect thing. The pure statistics of marriage is that 60% of marriages will end in divorce. So you have a decent chance that that's going to end up being you or it's going to end up being someone really close to you. Learning how to support each other through all of the complexities of divorce, like having kids with an Ex then moving into a new relationship and building the new relationship, these are things that our mothers never had to do if they never went through a divorced. We can't really go to them and ask them how they did it or get the support we really need. That's been the key in my relationship with Steena Marie. She had someone who had walked that path. When she came to me in struggle, I didn't just say "get a divorce". I helped her dig deeper because I know the importance of doing the deeper work. Our emotions aren't right or wrong and neither are our choices. It's important to walk at the level of your Soul so that your choices are in alignment with you. This will allow you to feel empowered in your emotions, rather than feeling like your emotions are running the show.
February 20, 2022
In this episode Steena Marie and I talked about the abuse of resentment. She referred to a journal letter I had written to my first husband at a marriage retreat. Here's the passage she read from my memoir. "We feel the abuse of your resentment for meeting others needs, before your own." Steena thought that was powerful and mentioned how it goes both ways. Like, if you aren't meeting your own needs, you're gonna resent other people, and they're gonna feel it. Her conclusion was please, go meet your own needs. Say what you need and go get it because people don't want your resentment.  Then she read a little bit more from that letter, "I love to meet your needs, yet I often feel frustrated because I don't always know what they are. When you open that door just a crack, I cling to what little pieces of information I can get. I at least try to meet your needs using my creativity, which sadly enough probably doesn't meet your needs at all. I feel we get caught in a vicious cycle of not meeting each other's needs or feeling we have and then being shocked that we haven't." Steena mentioned that she felt what I had written was spot on, and how it highlighted the misery and disillusionment of the cycle and feeling of trying everything you can imagine in order to make someone else happy. She also mentioned how it doesn't work if the communication isn't there.
February 13, 2022
In this episode, Steena Marie and I discuss the importance of saving things you have written in the past. You never again feel the way you did when you wrote them. So when you're in it, it feels like a bleeding heart. When you look back you see how hopeful you were, the struggle between wanting to be optimistic and wanting to see the best in everyone while attempting to make the most of your situation.  Once we get to 'enough is enough, and I'm done being optimistic about this situation or ef this I'm done' we can look back and see how much effort we put into a relationship in order to make it right. We concluded that we are both complex women, and yet simple things give us great joy.  Steena really enjoyed this particular line from my memoir: "I may be a complicated person, but I really want very simple things."
February 06, 2022
Steena Marie just finished reading my memoir, my 20th book that was published in 2020. She only cried 5 times while reading the book. Steena is my biz bestie and best friend. We talk 2-3 times a day. Some days she talks to me more than her own partner. As she was reading, Steena was actually finding stories she didn't know about me. She saw similarities between both of our first marriages and how we needed to do so much processing before bringing things to our partners, rather than processing with them. We were constantly doing our best, not to trigger our spouses.
January 30, 2022
#3 Understanding the 3 Stages of the Female Psyche
The 3 Stages of the Female Psyche isn’t narrowed down to just women. Both sexes run feminine as well as masculine energy and have a female and male psyche. In this episode, I talk about the human journey and the stages we end up dancing upon. Stage 1 - where we meet. The Predator, Stage 2 - where we don’t own our shit and blame others. Stage 3 - where we are The BITCH (Being in Total Control of Herself/Himself speaking her/his truth from love and authenticity). In order to understand where we come from, we can take a peek at out of body experiences like the one my client had. Have a listen as Jennifer Beitz interviews me in this very insightful episode.
January 23, 2022
#2 Sales is Just a Conversation with Linda Vettrus-Nichols
Sales is about talking to people and making friends. We sell to our kids everyday. We even sell to our friends. When was the last time you told a friend about a great movie you know they’d love to see or a book they’d love to read. Telling them the outcome of why they’d enjoy your recommendation reinforces that you really do know them. Have a listen as I fill Jennifer Beitz in on the fact that sales isn’t sleazy, it’s just a conversation.
January 16, 2022
#1 Walk At The Level of Your Soul with Linda Vettrus-Nichols
The Soul is here to experience the experience outside of duality. If you want to stay emotionally healthy, stay out of duality. Everything just is when we embody our divinity. Thanking the Ego is part of our empowerment. You can live as a Human or you can be authentic to who you really are: A Soul, fully embodied when you choose to be. Our perfection connects us on a spiritual level. Our flaws connect us on the Human/Egoic level. When we come to understand that we are perfectly imperfect, this is when we can truly connect with others. I used to help women out of the Dark Night of the Soul, now I empower them to avoid it. Have a listen, as Jennifer Beitz interviews me on what it means to walk at the level of your fully embodied Soul. You won’t want to miss this episode! 
January 09, 2022
#4 Acceptance w/Catherine Fitzgerald
Meeting people where they are at allows us to accept others outside of our own perspective. Becoming aware of others' life journeys opens us up to understanding them. Acknowledging their past and becoming curious allows us to see what the other person brings to the table. This creates common ground. Catherine believes that the role of a leader is to invoke the serenity prayer… meaning... accept what we can’t change, change what we can, and have the wisdom to know the difference. I know you won’t want to miss this impactful conversation.
January 02, 2022
#3 Love and the Mindset of Love w/Catherine Fitzgerald
Having compassion for her emotions, Catherine Fitzgerald believes that when we are controlling our emotions, mind over matter, we are not living at the fullest level where we can experience life. Allowing our deep emotions to come through, keeps us open to the world. Life is easier when we come from a place of acceptance of ourselves. We are no longer so quick to criticize, condemn or be suspicious of another person's motives. Have a listen as Catherine shares her powerful message with love.
December 26, 2021
#2 Humble Leadership with Catherine Fitzgerald
The focus of Catherine Fitzgerald’s coaching practice is guiding people to embrace the possibilities of their lives, especially CEO’s. Catherine teaches various opportunities to become better leaders and believes in allowing people to be their full selves, rather than having them bifurcate their lives and say, 'Okay, I'm at work, I can't think about anything at home'. In this episode, Catherine says, “For any of us to think that everything at home doesn't intersect with what we do at work is not being very realistic. Nothing has driven that home more than all of us Zooming from home during the pandemic. How many conversations have you had, where somebody's dog or child came into view?” Have a listen, I know you’ll enjoy this conversation.
December 19, 2021
#1 Leading with Heart w/Catherine Fitzgerald
Season 2 (12/12/2021) Episode 25 Do you have a significant photo or memory from your life? For Catherine Fitzgerald it's a photo of the opera house in Sidney, Australia. Catherine took a picture of it when on her very first trip alone, after raising three boys and entering a new chapter of her life. Catherine had been a CEO and had started coaching them. As Catherine looked back over her life, she recognized that she had learned many lessons from one of her brothers who died young and dealt with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). She found that her own vulnerability, while embracing humanity with humility, allowed her to appear more accessible as a leader. When we relate with others from our own humanity, people feel safe to connect with us. People don't really relate to perfection. You won’t want to miss this episode.
December 12, 2021
#4 Ask: Who with Madison Reid
When you give advice ask yourself who the advice is for? When someone is in emotional distress or just needs some clarity, it's usually split between two things: giving advice that makes you feel good or that makes them feel good. When we lead from ‘I want to feel good’ it’s really easy to miss the fact that the advice was not what the other person needed and we weren’t really listening to them. The only way to move a person forward is to get curious, ask questions, and really tap into what they are saying. Have a listen as copywriter Madison Reid and I discuss the important question of ‘Who is the advice for anyways?’
December 05, 2021
#3 Ask: How w/Madison Reid
So when it comes to giving advice ask yourself this question, "How will this advice help?" For intention aligned impact, you can also ask yourself these questions: "Is my intention aligned with the outcome?" In other words is it answering their needs or mine? "How does giving this advice make me feel? Icky? Imposter Syndrome icky?" Most likely yes, because it’s so out of your league and you have no idea how to help the other person. In this episode, copywriter Madison Reid gives sage advice on giving advice. Have a listen as I enjoy another great discussion with Madison in regards to giving advice.
November 28, 2021
#2 Ask: Why, Where, What w/Madison Reid
When it comes to giving advice, how does asking ourselves Why, Where, and What questions reduce tension between us and the person asking us for advice? How do these questions gently move others towards a solution? Have a listen as I interview copywriter Madison Reid. I mention that advice that isn’t asked for is like rape, and giving advice when we haven’t even asked for permission is disrespectful. I know you’ll enjoy this deep discussion.
November 21, 2021
#1 When You Give Advice w/Madison Reid
Madison Reid is a highly skilled and in tune copywriter. When it comes to giving advice, Madison understands the value of hitting the "pause" button before responding. Her mantra is 'step back and listen, the answers will come’. The depth and breadth of her hands-on knowledge makes Madison wise beyond her years. She is living proof that we really can let our pasts make us better, not bitter. Have a listen as Madison shares her past with me.
November 14, 2021
#4 Searching for Protection w/Jason Lebowitz
Jason Lebowitz, Founder of XXO Connect believes that we are searching for perfection because we are attempting to protect ourselves. It’s an excuse. Jason loves the unknown. Instead of having to know everything, he can make quick decisions and figure things out in real time. Knowing the HOW isn’t the point, letting go of the HOW empowers us to move forward. Authentic, organic connections bring beauty to the unknown. Just do it and figure it out. Reality does not exist, it’s just a story. Listen in to this deep conversation. You won’t be disappointed.
November 07, 2021
#3 Connect to Life not Likes w/Jason Lebowitz
Connecting to Likes on Social Media is about connecting to the External. Connecting to Life is about the internal. When we look to the external world to validate our self-worth we are unable to connect with ourselves and others. You aren’t responsible to make others like you. It is your responsibility to love yourself and have a good time with yourself. Staying in flow means plan your day, not your life. The simple things do work, just write down what you believe will happen. That’s Jason’s sage advice. We also discussed braving the silence. Have a listen as Jason shares that silence can either ‘cause’ anxiety or ‘take it away’. We can hear ourselves in the silence. There’s a story that is told within the silence. It’s about leaving space in the rhythm of life. Silence also gives us time to process. I know you will enjoy this episode.
October 31, 2021
#2 Connection Over Convenience w/Jason Lebowitz
Jason Lebowitz, Founder of XXO Connect believes that we are missing out on having a relationship with ourselves. He calls it a distraction when we keep seeking relationships. Jason started a matchmaking service, pulling people offline and meeting them face to face. He told his clients not to hold back so he could make an accurate match. A month later COVID hit and disrupted what Jason was attempting to disrupt. Jason went on and disrupted the disruption. He created a platform that is stripped down to pure human connection with interactive classes. The community gets to see one another, talk to the instructor (daily masterminds that are also recorded) and open up as they do their own inner work. There is also an app for XXO Connect members, via video chat, without having to share any personal information. These are people who want to be surrounded by like minded people. I know you’ll enjoy this thought provoking episode.
October 24, 2021
#1 The Search for Perfection w/Jason Lebowitz
Jason Lebowitz is fascinated with connection and believes it is ‘the root of it all’. This fascination is what has pulled him to where he is today. Jason has a deep understanding of the importance of establishing a true relationship with oneself. He also believes that the search for perfection is the search for protection. After surviving a pattern of toxic relationships, Jason discovered that people using dating apps weren’t really wanting to connect because they weren’t connected to themselves. People keep searching to be accepted. That doesn’t work if you haven’t accepted yourself. You also won’t have healthy boundaries. If you’ve accepted yourself, then not being accepted does not matter. Join us, you won’t want to miss this episode.
October 17, 2021
#4 Who You Are Is Okay w/Chelle Shapiro
LinkedIn Connection Facilitator & Career Development Coach Chelle Shapiro is no longer LIVING for a paycheck. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Chelle used to question herself on a daily basis: “Am I doing the right thing? Am I going in the right direction? Am I the person that I need to be?” She also spent way too much time asking other people these questions for validation. Now Chelle can confidently say, “I am okay with who I am, whether or not anybody else is on board with that.” I know you’ll enjoy this episode.
October 10, 2021
#3 Be Better Than Yesterday w/Chelle Shapiro
Every day is a new day. Taking time for ourselves allows us to grow and have the strength to add new skills and opportunities. In this video interview LinkedIn Connection Facilitator & Career Development Coach Chelle Shapiro and I discuss the intriguing concept of happiness over perfection. Chelle says that “perfect is not the answer”. I love her mantra: What I do is good enough and I'm good enough. In fact, I am enough. Have a listen.
October 03, 2021
#2 You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know w/Chelle Shapiro
Are we expected to know EVERYTHING? LinkedIn Connection Facilitator & Career Development Coach, Chelle Shapiro says, “No way!” In this episode, Chelle shares her frustration in regards to the question…”How come you didn't know that?” and the statement... “You should have known better!” Since her transformation, Chelle’s response to the question and comment is “Screw you!” In this episode Chelle and I discuss our thoughts about making mistakes, not letting fear hold us back, and trip wires in the hiring process. Sit back and have a listen!
September 26, 2021
#1 Loving Yourself Isn’t Selfish w/Chelle Shapiro
This past year has really been about transformation for LinkedIn Connection Facilitator & Career Development Coach Chelle Shapiro. After 13 years of people pleasing and silencing herself, Chelle unleashed her voice. Even though she knew she was going to leave her corporate job, Chelle wanted to take some time to separate herself and to also see if she could slow down. Chelle called her exit plan Operation Separation. I know you’ll enjoy hearing about her adventure.
September 19, 2021
#4 Everyone Has Value w/Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide
Rising to meet our true potential, rather than letting the years pass by is part of our purpose. What lights YOU up? I have always made sense of things for myself and others. It’s what I love to do. Have you thought about YOUR purpose, what you’ve done all of your life and done it well? In this episode Dorrit Karlsen makes quite the bold statement. Her idea about getting a license before having kids is hysterical. Sounds quite helpful to me! I know you’ll enjoy the interesting details of this episode.
September 12, 2021
#3 We Know Everything w/Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide
Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide says, “We know EVERYTHING, it’s inside our DNA, no need to Google.” I say, “As women, we get all up in our heads and get all crazy.” We get caught in what author Steena Marie calls Thought Loops. The things we have in our heads, those thoughts, are something that we have picked up from everywhere. It’s learned behavior. In today's society we are bombarded with static noise and we forget to listen within. We go to therapy and expect a therapist to figure out what we want, rather than meditating and listening to our own voice. Have a listen, you won’t want to miss this episode.
September 05, 2021
#2 Marriage is Work w/Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide
Once Dorrit Karlsen was healed up and loved up, she was able to take care of her infant grandson. When it comes to marriage, Dorrit talks about how we take our spouses for granted. She wants others to understand that love is not enough: Love is like a fireplace and if we don’t put in those logs of closeness, communication, and the little things... the fire will die. In this episode, Dorrit shares a hysterical story of how her grandmother delegated. You won’t want to miss this episode.
August 29, 2021
#1 You Are the Queen of Your Kingdom w/Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide
From exhaustion to full blown burnout, Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide ended up in a hospital bed in fetal position crying for two weeks. Dorrit was so ill she couldn’t work for 7 years; she was merely existing. Finding just the right resources, Dorrit was able to turn her health and emotional state around. Dorrit learned ‘me first’ the hard way and now enjoys helping others improve their lives. Have a listen as I chat with Dorrit about her transformation from feeling unworthy to ‘I deserve to come first’.
August 22, 2021
#4 You Are Enough w/Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee
You don’t need this, you don't need that. You are enough. Know yourself. What keeps you going? Learn why I keep a Pleasure List and how I threw out my goals, tapped into my vision, and always know my next step for moving my life and business forward. Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee poses a very important question in regards to understanding who we are and created an acronym for the word VITALS. Have a listen as she shares this invaluable teaching, you won’t want to miss this episode.
August 15, 2021
#3 Loving Yourself w/Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee
As Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee was going through the transformation stage of being shy to ‘enlightening’ herself on who she is as a gift to the world, she realized her own gift. When we see ourselves as a gift, we take better care of ourselves and we show it to others. Have a listen as I bring up an important point in regards to how we don’t always see what others see. You won’t want to miss this important conversation.
August 08, 2021
#2 Be Grateful w/Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee
In this episode NLP Practitioner Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee talks about how the power to set our own identity comes from within. Namisha says, “We have the power to set our own identity and allow it to actually ‘be who we are’. Forget about the world and the time. Enjoy others in the moment. Experience the human connection. We are new everyday and our past doesn’t define us.” Have a listen you won’t want to miss this episode.
August 01, 2021
#1 The Journey to Love & Peace w/Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee
Generally shy and introverted, Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee has always been passionate about relationships and the human connection. Nimisha is also interested in psychology and human behavior. Have a listen to this short episode as Namisha and I talk about ‘playing the role that we are not’.
July 25, 2021
#3 Be Aware - For Your Dog's Sake w/Dorrit Karlsen
Designer Dogs are all the rage. Learn what people aren’t aware of when it comes to these dogs. Breeder Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide shares important information people aren’t usually aware of when it comes to their dog, including how to use or not use doggie treats. I trust you will enjoy this lively conversation from the doggie world.
July 18, 2021
#2 Finding a Breeder w/Dorrit Karlsen
How can you spot a breeder who doesn’t have your or the pups best interest at heart? In this episode Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide has been in the dog breeding world since she was 10 years old. Dorrit teaches others about dogs and how to find a good breeder. Dorrit also shares how unfair we can be to our dogs without even knowing it. Have a listen and learn the ‘One’ rule when it comes to dogs. I know you will enjoy this episode.
July 11, 2021
#1 Dogs Trust You w/Dorrit Karlsen
A fascinating conversation with dog aholic Dorrit Karlsen Heart Guide. Dorrit has been around dogs since she was 10 years old and was trained by an award winning breeder who showed dogs. In order to be Queen of your dog, you get to realize that dogs trust you and want you to treat them right. Have a listen and learn HOW.
July 04, 2021
It's a Doggie, Dog World w/Dorrit Karlsen, Jennifer Beitz, and Linda Vettrus-Nichols
It's a Doggie, Dog World with Dorrit Karlsen, Jennifer Beitz, and me. Dorrit and Jennifer found they had something very special in common the first time they chatted on Zoom. I decided to bring them together to share their interesting and fun loving stories about the role dogs have played in their lives.
June 27, 2021
#4 Look Around & Count The Gifts w/Dr.Bindu Babu
Narcissistic abuse doesn’t just happen suddenly or overnight. It creeps up until one day you don’t even recognize yourself. It’s slowly dehumanizing. You lose your identity, self-esteem, and confidence... where you become an empty shell of yourself. The reality is that you can recover and reclaim that strong, independent, powerful person you truly are. You can find your own sense of contentment from a place of self-love and inner healing.
June 20, 2021
#3 Feel Your Emotions - Before You Speak w/ Dr. Bindu Babu
Through her personal journey and the circumstances that were occurring in her life, including narcissistic abuse, Dr. Bindu Babu learned to love herself. When we don’t want to deal with something... we often react rather than respond. Learning to feel our emotions is the first step in healing. We can’t heal what we don’t feel. As an Integrative Physician, Quantum Based Transformational Life Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist, and Intuitive Reiki Master… Dr. Babu works with clients all over the world. She guides them through healing so they can leave their past where it belongs and lead a life of fulfillment and happiness.
June 13, 2021
#2 Love is Powerful w/Dr. Bindu Babu
Due to her journey of narcissistic relationships, Dr. Bindu Babu learned about sustainable healing, mindset, and various Quantum modalities. She has worked and been mentored by some of the great healers of our time, Dr. Brian Weiss MD, Dr. Paul Drouin MD, Dr Amit Goswami, and Dr. Bruce Lipton. It has been a privilege and an attribute to her life purpose to passionately support others on their healing journey. Dr. Babu believes that every one of us has the inner strength and the mending ability to bring forth the positive.
June 06, 2021
#1 Finding Contentment w/Dr. Bindu Babu
Life is meant to be lived in happiness. It's a journey designed to be filled with love, joy, abundance, and most importantly… fulfilling your purpose. Dr. Bindu Babu believes that our life journey is what makes us what we are today. Being a Medical Physician, she was too left-brained to accept her intuitive abilities. Dr. Babu looked at it as luck or coincidence. She couldn’t see past anything without a scientific basis. Eventually as her life rolled out in front of her, she learned there is much more to life than just science.
May 30, 2021
#3 Choosing Unity - Choose Love w/Jenny Landgren
When we don’t choose us first we can’t give as much to others. This can easily be seen if we look at motherhood. It’s easy to fill our cup before having a baby. As women, once children arrive in our lives it’s all about them. We can easily start to serve from an empty cup. Love comes from the heart. We make choices with our hearts. When we choose love, it brings us together as humans. Sometimes people are unlovable towards us, and yet we can still hold space to love them. That doesn’t mean we have to live with them or even see them anymore. We can easily love others when we have clear boundaries. Jenny Landgren believes and teaches that Love is a choice.
May 23, 2021
#2 Choosing Unity - Choose Truth w/Jenny Landgren
Jenny Landgren finds that reflecting and meditating on Truth... owning it and relating to it, allows us to realize we each have our own perspective in how we see the world and one another. When we come from a place of “this is how I see it” rather than “this is how it is for everyone” it leaves room for unity without uniformity. Jenny mentions how easy it is to tell if someone is making room for you at the table. When they do it’s a great start in moving towards deeper connection.
May 16, 2021
#1 Choosing Unity - Choose to Listen w/Jenny Landgren
Jenny Landgren seeks to encourage leaders in self-discovery... in order to find clarity and take action in their lives. As a behaviorist and Sweidish social worker, Jenny connects with others at a deep level and teaches tools for better communication. The content Jenny produces focuses on empowering leaders in all areas of business to unleash their team member’s true potential. She loves to connect with others via LinkedIn and Facebook in Swedish or English.
May 09, 2021
#4 Together We Grow - Even On LinkedIn w/Bhavana BP
Bhavana BP teaches her clients how they can monetize LinkedIn. Bhavana advises that recruiters don’t just check one’s LinkedIn profile... they look to see how well you showcase yourself through posts, comments, and your overall LinkedIn activities. Therefore, if you want a job it’s important to express yourself. LinkedIn is also a great platform for networking. Some experts say that 70 percent of people ended up in their current position thanks to networking. Others say it's more like 80 to 85 percent. So basically LinkedIn is for networking through personal expression and thought Leadership, especially if you are looking for a job.
May 02, 2021
#3 We Are All Connected w/Bhavana BP (Bhavana Rao on FB)
The 3 major events in Bhavana BP’s life, shattered her emotionally and at the same time brought tremendous growth. After losing her father, it felt like her father was sending her a message: “Remember who you are.” As she grieved, Bhavana learned to set healthy boundaries both personally and professionally. She began spending more time with her loved ones. She also journaled and began to see the bigger picture and how all things happen for good. Bhavana started to contemplate the positive side of her losses. She learned to forgive and let go. Above all, these traumatic experiences taught Bhavana who she truly is and that no matter what…to never stop loving and to be grateful for all that she has.
April 25, 2021
#2 The Illusion of Time & Space w/Bhavana BP
Three major incidents in Bhavana BP’s life left her in emotional turmoil. Bhavana was experiencing intense pain and grief. At times she felt like a borderline lunatic. She was very depressed and was dealing with sleepless nights, tiresome days, and irritable moods. The thought of how she was eating away at her savings gave her a headache. At one point, Bhavana felt there was no more meaning to life.
April 18, 2021
#1 Soul Journey - Inner Healing w/Bhavana BP (Bhavana Rao on FB)
Bhavana BP’s Soul Journey was a series of incidents that happened one after the other. Before Bhavana could even recover from one, there was yet another blow to her heart. The first loss was leaving her job which brought a financial setback and a roadblock to her career, as well as a keen blow to her confidence. She felt that ‘all of her hard work’ was for nothing. The second loss was when a deep soul connection drifted away from her at the end of a long-term friendship. The third loss was when her father died. They were very close. He was her Mufasa, and he called her his little Simba. The Lion King their movie. After his unexpected and almost unbearable death, Bhavana went numb. Jobs and friendships can be replaced, fathers can’t. This was an irreplaceable loss.
April 11, 2021
The Psychology of Greatness w/Therese Skelly
Stepping into her own calling has allowed Therese Skelly to really zero in on her Ninja genius. Equipped with her trusty pendulum, she gets to the bottom of what is getting in your way. Therese blends mindset, intuition, and energy tools to help mission-driven women make more money doing what they love, while adding in a little kickass Mama Bear...with love. Her varied career paths have brought her to being a well-rounded coach who now focuses primarily on mindset. Therese believes that we are all here for greatness and with a background in psychotherapy, she’s here to prove it.
April 04, 2021
Your Soul Voice Will Never Lead You Astray w/Lore (Earley) Bugdal Goldstein
Lore Goldstein teaches entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career changers who they are at soul-level. Lore explores their purpose, strengths, and gifts so that they can create an aligned and fulfilling personal and professional life. She supports them in moving past self-sabotaging behaviors through her powerful gift of quickly uncovering the ROOT cause of why their life or business/career isn’t working the way they would love it to work. Lore is an intuitive advisor, a psychotherapist, influential speaker, purpose and gifts mentor, and hopeless fan of House Hunters International. Lore guides people to know who they are in order to make profitable and important shifts in their lives.
March 28, 2021