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Blake Sloan- Dallas Stars, Columbus Blue Jackets, Calgary Flames

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Mark Manney - Andover High School Hockey Head Coach, FMR- Air Force One Pilot
Mark Manney was born in Morris, Minnesota and after his family moved to Bemidji, Minnesota he played his first organized hockey game at age 13. He was a multi-sport athlete that choose to play hockey in high school in Moorhead, Minnesota. His high school hockey career was good enough to get an opportunity at the Air Force Academy. Life in the military can be hard but he used everything he learned as a young athlete to get through it. With a little luck and a lot of perseverance Mark Manney's Air Force career led him to fly the most powerful people around the world. He would eventually captain Air Force One. Listen as he tells his stories of flying President Bush into Bagdad for Thanksgiving in 2003 and into New York City after 9/11.
December 10, 2018
Rob Stauber- USA Women's Hockey Head Coach
Rob Stauber has had a lot of success in his life and a lot of adversity. He is a lifelong learner. He was the first goalie in history to win the Hobey Baker Award, played in the NHL, and has had a successful transition to a post-career life as the founder of Stauber GoalCrease. He becomes the head coach of the women's hockey team. The last time the women won a gold medal in the Olympics was in Nagano in 1998. Canada has won it every year since. Rob Stauber was looking at a 20-year medal drought. How do you beat a country that has its identity wrapped in hockey? Rob had to put together that formula and he only had a year and a half to do this.
December 3, 2018
Sean Goldsworthy - Minnetonka High School Hockey Head Varsity Coach
Anybody that follows Minnesota High School sports knows that the event of the year is the hockey state tournament that is held at the Xcel Energy Center. More than 100,000 people will go through the gates and the state final is played in front of a sold-out crowd. If that doesn’t impress you the 2017 state championship had online viewers from 37 countries and 50 states. To win a state tournament requires some luck and a lot of heart. Sean Goldsworthy knows something about heart. He had to redefine himself after a 23-year career, first playing and then coaching, at St. Olaf College. He didn’t know what to do next then Minnetonka asked him to coach and he became a part of a legendary state championship run.
November 26, 2018
Tim Tschida - Major League Umpire
How the heck do you become a Major League Ump? Do you wake up one day and just show up or is there a process to get there? Well, there is a process and it is a GRIND. To get to the top of any field you have to put in your time and be really good at what you do. Tim Tschida was really good at what he did. He became a full time Americal League Ump in 1986 until his retirement following the 2012 season. He did this for 26 years. During those years, he worked 13 postseasons, including the World Series in 1998, 2002 and 2008, He also worked 2 All-Star games and was on the field for Kenny Rogers perfect game, behind the plate for Nolan Ryan’s 7th no-hitter and Carlos Zambrano’s no hitter. But how does a kid from St.Paul, Minnesota go from playing ball and jumping fences to watch Dave Winfield and Paul Molitor play Legion Baseball to umping a MLB game in which these guys are playing?
November 19, 2018
Dr. Corey Wulf - Twin Cities Orthopedics
Corey A. Wulf, MD, provides specialty care in Orthopedic Sports Medicine at Twin Cities Orthopedics. Before this, he was a multisport athlete in Lennox, South Dakota. Playing youth sports doesn't mean that you are going to "go pro" and make millions of dollars playing in front of sold-out crowds. Yeah, that can be pretty cool, but the reality for almost everybody that plays youth sports is that they will end up in the real world. Youth sports can provide lessons to take into other fields and give you the edge on your competition. While Corey was in medical school he saw this and he had an edge. Listen as Dr. Corey Wulf tells us his story.
November 12, 2018
Lou Nanne- Minnesota North Stars
* Louis Vincent "Lou" Nanne born on June 2, 1941 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. His nickname, "Sweet Lou from the Soo," stems from his native town in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario where he played his minor pro hockey with the Esposito brothers. Lou Nanne’s mom wanted Lou to be a dentist and that was the plan until he ended up at the University of Minnesota in 1960 where he studied business administration. With the Gophers, he became the only defenseman to this day to win the WCHA scoring title. He was one of the biggest stars in American college hockey during the 1960s. Lou Nanne’s impact on US Hockey especially in Minnesota is immeasurable. Listen to Lou tell his stories about this path.
November 5, 2018
Ryan Carter - Minnesota Wild, Anaheim Ducks,Carolina Hurricanes,New Jersey Devils,Florida Panther
Mike Carter retired as a St. Paul police officer after 30 years in 2010. Mike loved watching Ryan play hockey. But Ryan didn't get the hockey bug from dad. He got it from friends with whom he grew up and the White Bear Lake Hockey Association. Mike Carter was a linebacker at St. Agnes, coached Ryan as a kid and hoped his son, a quarterback, would follow in his footsteps. But Ryan Carter's heart was in hockey. In his sophomore year, Ryan's football coach pressured him to pick one sport or the other. "He said, 'I don't want you skating during football season.' He said, 'Stop, or you won't be playing football.' So I said, 'Then, I won't be playing football," Listen as Ryan tells us about getting bullied, dealing with injuries and playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.
October 29, 2018
Blake Sloan- Dallas Stars, Columbus Blue Jackets, Calgary Flames
It is not easy to be a youth hockey player in the US in the 80’s. There are few teams ,the travel is crazy, and it is expensive. The path to the NHL is hard. It is even harder when you get cut from your bantam travel team, you have no interest from any professional teams while in college, and you have only played defense your whole career. Blake Sloan just starts playing forward and then he gets the call. Now he is thrusted into a Stanley Cup run with NHL legends. This episode talks about the journey that started in Illinois, ends in Germany, and the new path that is started at 38 years old
October 21, 2018
Justin Morneau - Minnesota Twins, Colorado Rockies, Chicago White Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates
As a Canadian growing up in New Westminister, British Colombia Justin loved hockey. But he also played every sport he could; ball hockey, golf, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. He loved hockey growing up but he had to make a choice, hockey or baseball. How do you choose between the sports you love with one of them being the pride of your country? Justin tells his story of growing up and dealing with a lot of adversity in the minor leagues, getting a wake-up call that changed his career path that lead him to be a American League MVP
October 14, 2018
Chad Greenway - Minnesota Viking
Chad Greenway was raised on a hog and crop farm in Mt. Vernon, S.D., where he played 9-man high school football and had 26 kids in his class. Greenway learned the rigors of farm life. Summer seemed the worst season. At 5 a.m. it was wake up to help load pigs, or walk bean fields. Chad Greenway earned a scholarship from the University of Iowa and then on to an 11-year career with the Minnesota Viking. Chad talks about farm life, dealing with smelling like a pig farmer, blowing his ACL and dealing with the overwhelming fear of failure.
October 7, 2018
Joe Mauer -Minnesota Twins
Joe Mauer was a high school All-American in every sport he played. Being the youngest of 3 boys he did his best to keep up with his older brothers. He was living his dream of playing baseball for his childhood team, the Minnesota Twins. Listen to Joe tell his stories about growing up in St.Paul, his path to the Big Leagues, and dealing with the injuries that impacted his career.
October 1, 2018
Mark Parrish - Minnesota Wild Part 2
It is Sept 15, 2012, and the players have been locked out by the NHL because of the labor dispute between the NHL and the NHLPA. Some players go to Europe to play and others stay back. Mark talks about the turmoil between the players during the lockout. After dealing with that Mark signs with his hometown team the Minnesota Wild and then a few seasons later get released by the Wild. He goes from the best day of his life to his worse year. He bounces around a little after this and then he has to deal with the reality that he is not good enough to play in the NHL anymore and his career is done. Listen as Mark shares his stories through this.
September 26, 2018
Mark Parrish- Minnesota Wild Part 1 - Early Years
In 1992 Mark Parrish started high school and dreamed of wearing the baby blues of Bloomington Jefferson. He quickly made an impact and went on to win two states titles before he moved on the college hockey. He was on the fast track to the NHL. Everything is going great until he is traded to the New York Islanders. Life happens and Mark tells us how he got here.
September 23, 2018
Steve Johnson - University of Minnesota Gopher Part 2
Steve's tenacity, resilience, and grit have paid off in high school and junior hockey. Now the fun starts. Steve talks about what it was like getting recruited, playing for Team USA, and being drafted by the LA Kings. Anybody that doesn't know Steve Johnson story can say he is "lucky". Luck doesn't make you a starting defenseman for the Gophers after sitting the bench a lot your first year.
September 19, 2018
Steve Johnson - University of Minnesota Gophers - Part 1
As a youth athlete, Steve Johnson loves to compete. He loves sports and plays baseball, hockey, and soccer. He wants to win. As he is getting to high school age he starts to lean more towards hockey. He is small and he is playing a physical sport at a physical position. He doesn't let that stop him and learns at every stage of the way. He gets his growth spurt and blooms into a hockey player that gets a full ride to the University of Minnesota and is drafted by the LA Kings. It seems easy right, NO! Steve has to fight against fate many times to get where he is today. In this Episode, Steve tells stories of getting cut from his high school hockey team and what he had to do to get noticed by the University of Minnesota Gophers
September 17, 2018
Baseball Getting Young Men Off The Streets
Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities, Major League Baseball's RBI program is having an impact on young inner-city men's lives. Ron Hayward is on dialysis 9 hours a night hoping for a donor and coaching at-risk youth. He tells his story of being raised on the streets of Jersey City, getting drafted by the Cincinnati Reds, deciding to go to college, and now coaching kids through MLB's RBI program.
August 28, 2018
Hitting Your Potential - Corey Koskie
In 1995 Corey Koskie had a breakout season playing for the Fort Wayne Wizards of the Midwest League. He didn't want that season to end. Corey describes how playing baseball without a break between seasons led to a very disappointing 1996 season. Listen as Corey talks about the danger of not taking time off between seasons.
August 9, 2018
Trust Your Gut- Corey Koskie
In 1994, Corey Koskie was drafted by the Minnesota Twins and is shipped to Elizabethton, Tennessee to start his professional baseball career. He shares a story of his first couple of weeks playing professional baseball.
July 31, 2018
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