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Lions Amongst Leaders

Lions Amongst Leaders

By James Bacon
Lions amongst leaders is a busienss based podcast talking with guests who have battled through different problems including burnout. And how they came back to regain their roar. We also cover the importance of health and the body and why it plays a huge role within business.
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Daily Fire: Enough Protein in your diet.
In today's short podcast I talk about protein and why it's important. Only a short one today less than 3 minutes. #fitness #business #goals
June 18, 2021
Daily Fire. Stimulation not annihilation
Today I talk about exercise and the rest and recovery period. Water the plant, don't drown it.
June 16, 2021
Daily Fire: Motivation is just a feeling
On the first episode of the daily fire, I talk about motivation and why momentum will always outweigh it.
June 15, 2021
Darren Jones from Instinct HR.
Darren joins me on this episode to talk about his journey in busienss, including his health and business challenges he has faced. #business #health
June 2, 2021