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Light Alchemy

Light Alchemy

By Lior Allay
Holistic healing from shame + trauma through vulnerability, creative expression, erotic embodiment, storytelling, + self acceptance. Your nudist enthusiast, body positive, sex positive, kinky, polyamorous guide, Lior, will take you on an adventure of self discovery, connection, + exploration. Each episode is an invitation to live intimately, engage authentically, + grow together.
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Ecosexuality, Redefining ‘Sex’, + the Agender spectrum

Light Alchemy

Romance + the Spectrum of Attraction
Interview w/ Marcus Rasaan. Get clear about WHAT attracts you to other people + WHY! Investigate the spectrum of attraction as it shows up for you + train your self awareness so that you can make CONSCIOUS choices in your romantic + sexual life.
May 28, 2020
Telling Secrets Together Time: Chosen Names, Identity, + Imagination
What's in a pronoun? What's in a name? When we define ourselves, we become ourselves. Discussing what the trans identity spectrum has to offer our society, the messy ongoingness of 'coming out', + how imagination will set us free.  Support the podcast on  See my artwork at
May 13, 2020
Ecosexuality, Redefining ‘Sex’, + the Agender spectrum
What even is sex anyway? In this episode we talk all things ecosex in an interview with artist Bunny Luna! We hash out the dirty details of sexing with Mother Nature + talk about what it’s like as agender/non-binary/genderfluid beings.  You can check out more of their work on or their youtube channel + for the full list of resources join Charles Eisenstein - The Ecosexual Awakening
May 07, 2020
A Hero’s Journey: Discovering Life’s Intention
We are collectively grieving the loss of ‘Normal’ - how can we use this processing time to reinvent our society + our selves? Hone into your LIFE’s INTENTION, what gives MEANING. Move from survival to play by being willing + becoming a conscious conduit of energy. Set goals with me! for more info
April 01, 2020
Personal Narrative Power vs Ethics of Storytelling
A dreamy dialogue with writer Royee Zvi Atadgy discussing the subjective reality, discovering personal narrative power, the imperfection of human perception, ethics of storytelling + more! We have been beloveds 7 years + counting, enjoy some intimate banter recorded live while he visited from Israel. Read his work online at
February 29, 2020
Resonance, Coherence, + Vibrational Healing OH MY
A trauma informed discussion of the vagus nerve, personal resonance, sound healing, + how to unleash the power of your VOICE! Learn about upcoming events + current casting calls to get involved in art projects too. for more
February 20, 2020
Polyamory, Consent, Snuggle Parties, + Self Love!
We talk about polyamory, consent, what the hell is a snuggle party, boundaries, agency, play parties, skin hunger, getting in touch with our needs + getting them met, as well as self love as a revolutionary act!
February 12, 2020
Vulnerability in Art: Shifting the Paradigm
The solution to the modern problem of shame/sickness/disconnection requires radical shifts in how we show up in life. Step into your power + transform your life with vulnerability. Poetry, a guided writing exercise, + more!
February 05, 2020
Intro to Light Alchemy: Telling Secrets Together Time!
Let’s get intimate! Exploring vulnerability together - an intro to who Lior is as an artist, what they do, what this podcast is about, how to get involved, what NUDE ART is even for + more! Let’s heal together
January 29, 2020
Light Alchemy Trailer
Beginning the journey
January 29, 2020