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Beautifully Broken: His Story/Our Hearts

Beautifully Broken: His Story/Our Hearts

By Lisa Hays
Beautifully Broken is hosted by Lisa Hays. She spends time chatting with daughters of The King I’m sharing how God has moved in their lives... writing His story on their hearts. Be inspired, laugh, cry, leave encouraged and knowing you’re enough, you’re loved and God chose you specifically for your story to be told!
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Get a peak into the hope of what the Beautifully Broken Podcast will be!
A simple intro with hope for more to come!
October 26, 2019
Beautifully Broken Podcast Intro
Introducing the Beautifully Broken Podcast with Lisa Hays. Hearing testimonies from Christ-loving ladies. A chance to hear His Story Written on Our Hearts
October 26, 2019