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The Successful Songwriter Within Podcast

The Successful Songwriter Within Podcast

By Music and Mindfulness
In this podcast designed for songwriters and creatives, I’m here to help take you from intimidated, anxious, insecure, and frustrated to self-assured, prolific and successful with your songwriting abilities. I got tips back-pocket tools, stories, interviews & more. I created my music and mindfulness business because here’s where I was at – I knew how to write a song, but what I was lacking was the inner confidence and intuitive connection. Once I started applying mindfulness techniques to my musical life, everything changed. Lisa McEwen: it’s my mission to help you on your musical journey
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How to Get What You Really Want By Changing the Way You Think
Do you wish you were making more money doing what you love? What does that look like to you? What about your health.. Do you wish you could kick that one bad habit and replace it with a better one? What hang ups do you want to let go of? What traits and habits do you want to make as natural as breathing?  In today's SPECIAL episode, I'm showing you how important it is to reprogram your subconscious mind and I'm leaving you with a powerful affirmations audio that you can listen to in order to reprogram your thoughts for more success.  This powerful tool has changed my life, as well as my client's life by bringing in more of what we want and it will do the same for you. If you'd like a download of this Success Affirmation Audio to listen to whenever you'd like, Get your FREE Download here: Intro music by Brandon Adams
July 22, 2022
46. How to Write Your Story Songs So You Can Grow Your Fan Base & Maintain the Song Integrity
You want to be able to enjoy your songwriting as a kind of therapeutic exercise.. You want to tell your story, and work through the emotions you have, but you also want others to connect with it but…..  they may not when it’s such a long, drawn out story song. In today’s episode, I’m breaking down how you can use my 3 tips to help you write a successful, effective story song so that you can connect with more listeners - all while enjoying the songwriting process. Want to stay connected? Link to Free  Facebook Group: Lisa’s Songwriting Tips Success Affirmation Audio: Visualization for Creativity:
July 08, 2022
45. How to Find Time in Your Busy Schedule For What YOU LOVE To Do
What does it matter if you make time for your creativity? Today I’m explaining what happens when we neglect those so-called unimportant creative callings and what you can do to answer them. You will learn what results will come into your life when you start to listen to that little whisper of creativity within. As adults, we always seem to put everyone and everything else as a priority but what is at stake if you don’t find the time for what lights you up? Listen to this episode and find out! More importantly, find out what to DO about it. Free Affirmation Audio & Free Breakthrough Songwriter Masterclass:
July 01, 2022
44. Why Not Achieving Your Goal (But setting one anyway) Can Still Produce Massive Results
Have you ever shied away from setting goals because you've disappointed yourself in the past when you didn't achieve them? In today's episode I'm going to share a story - with my heart on my sleeve -  about when I set a big goal and didn't achieve it. Disappointing!! But was it? You'll learn why it's important to set goals and how to set them so that you can be successful, feel good & continue to create music in a completely fulfilling way. Want a free mediation for creativity? Let's connect on my NEW IG account (my last one was hacked!) @lisamcewenofficial
June 17, 2022
3 Simple Steps for Writing an Outstanding Song + Mindset Tip
Ever wonder how you can write a fantastic song, each time you sit down to write? In today's episode, I give you 3 simple Strategies to try out right away on your next songwriting session to help you do just that. These are tools that are clearly used by many top-level songwriters and can be easily applied to make your next song outstanding. Stick around until the end where I share with you a great way to keep your mindset in the right place because that is one of the most important things to strengthen as a songwriter: an unshakable mindset.  Get centred & start writing easily with this free meditation tutorial ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Music by Brandon Adams, Lisa McEwen & Tawna Goforth 
June 03, 2022
How to Realize YOUR Potential & Land the Deal Of Your Dreams - w/ Ron Irizarry
In today’s episode, I chat with Award-winning Singer/Songwrtier/Producer/Guitarist Ron Irizzary - this guy does it all! He’s opened for ‘Nsync and P!nk, been on the Late Show and was a Nashville touring vocalist for the CCM market. His confidence abounds! But it wasn’t always that way. Over the years, Ron has dealt with imposter syndrome, and anxiety in the studio and overcame it all with the help of The Successful Songwriter Within Course. In this episode you will learn: How to use your “challenges” as tools to become a stronger, more valuable player in the music industry. How to overcome imposter syndrome so you can truly start living your truest potential & start finally seeing results! How to make the most of the Time you have How to make positive Mental shifts so that you can call in more music  opportunities We also discuss… Why mental health practices should be a part of your daily routine Why community and support is crucial in achieving your goals How the Successful Songwriter Within course tools permeate into other areas of life for positive change How to manifest the (musical!) life you know you can live. How to overcome imposter syndrome so you can truly start living your truest potential If you’ve ever dealt with frustration and anxiety with your music, this episode is you! For more info on The SUCCESSFUL SONGWRITER WITHIN Course: xo Lisa
May 13, 2022
The SECRET Sauce to Calling in Exceptional Music OPPORTUNITIES into your Life (hint: it's not all about the HUSTLE & Grind!)
If you want to call in more exceptional music opportunities into your life... you know, like... - More Collaborators You Click With - More Song Pitches - More Great Live Show Opportunities - More Songwriting Opportunities for Clients - More Great Song IDEAS... Then LISTEN to this show... It's not all about using "Spaz Energy" 😉 All the time. I used to think my anxious, Fast-paced, head-down, chicken-with-her-head-cut-off energy would get the job done & get it done quick & well! If this is how you operate even slightly, listen to what the turning point was for me and ABC's Dan Harris, too.. ALSO: You DO NOT want to miss the FREE BREAKTHROUGH SONGWRITER 5 Day LIVE (online) workshop I'm presenting May 9- 13th. Effective Strategies to Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs So That You Can Finally Start Knocking It Out Of The Park as a Songwriter/Artist/Producer FREE REGISTRATION HERE:
May 06, 2022
Getting Clear on this ONE THING will CATAPULT your Music Goal Results Today
If you don’t know where you’re headed, you’re making steps in all kinds of different directions.  That’s one of the biggest mistakes I found myself making a while back. When it comes to pursuing a music goal, whether it’s simply finish a handful of songs, finishing an album or landing a sync placement, there’s one thing that needs to be in place in order to execute. In today’s episode, I’m sharing with you how I made that mistake and more importantly, how I ended up solving it. This episode is for you if you.. Set music goals for yourself and feel frustrated that you haven’t reached them yet Find yourself going in circles If you struggle with not having a clear direction in mind If you think you know what you want to achieve, yet you can’t seem to vocalize it with clarity In this episode you will learn… The tools you need to help you achieve and gain clarity! Don’t miss out on “BREAKTHROUGH SONGWRITER: WHY You’re Not Gaining Traction With Your Music & WHAT To Do About It.” FREE 5 Day Live Workshop of Effective Strategies to Breakthrough limiting beliefs so that you can finally start getting your music heard as a Songwriter/Artist/Producer! May 9th - 13th SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW!
April 29, 2022
The Number One thing it Takes To Get Organized So You Can Crush Your Song Pitching Goals
Does this sound familiar? You have a disorganized desktop, song ideas everywhere, many melody lyric ideas taking up space on your phone and you don’t know where anything is when someone asks you to send them a song! In today’s episode I’m going to share with you the #1 thing it takes in order to get organized (yes, us artsy people CAN do this!) in order to really knock your goals out of the park. Have you registered for my Free 5 day training? Breakthrough Songwriter: WHY you’re not gaining traction with your Music and WHAT to do about it! Register here while you still can -
April 22, 2022
How to write more CONSISTENT, brilliant songs by trusting your writing instincts
This episode is for you!!!! If you Want to be able to… - have more songs to pitch to other artists - have more songs to pitch for film and television - write original songs for others as a business - grow your original set list for your next show But right now you… - are good at over thinking! - you have a ton of unfinished songs that you WISH you could finish - you wish your songs could touch someone’s heart MORE often - you want to know HOW TO finish more songs If you need more consistent motivation, this episode is for you! I will be going into much more depth on this topic at my FREE 5 Day “Breakthrough Songwriter” Workshop online. Sign up here:
April 15, 2022
The Secret to GROWING your FAN BASE that you ALREADY have access TO
Wouldn’t it be nice to have some more people listening to and enjoying your music? I think we’d all agree, that no matter our music goals, more fans and connections with our music would be more than welcome! In today’s show, I’m sharing with you: - what it takes to grow your fan base and - what actionable steps you can take today in order to start getting new listeners right now. I’m also sharing some BIG NEWS about something I’ve got coming down the pipeline.  You don’t want to miss this episode and stick around until the end to hear a cameo from my 3 year old ;)
April 08, 2022
I have a LOT in store for you...
Hey, Here's a quick little update on why I have been MIA this week and what you can expect in the coming weeks!! It's going to be well worth the wait!
April 01, 2022
How to change your HABITS to SUCCEED like the 1%!!
Something occurred to me the other day: If you want different results, you have to start doing things differently. You can’t act like the 99% and expect the results of the 1%. What are the 1% doing!? 🤔 In today’s episode, we are unpacking some of the habits of the “average person” versus the habits of the Successful. The revelations may surprise you! Are there some simple changes YOU can make in order to reach your musical goals? 🙌 In this episode, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to take the hours in your day and make them WORK for YOU! Want to SKYROCKET your NEXT SINGLE? Check out THESE promotional tips! ⬇️
March 18, 2022
How to write an UNFORGETTABLE chorus that STAYS with your listener!
Are you struggling with writing that great chorus that gets stuck in everyone's head? How come others can do it and you can’t ?? Well, you CAN! In today’s episode, I’m sharing 3 WAYS to create an UNFORGETTABLE CHORUS so that you can write a great song that connects with your audience. Afterall, isn’t that what we all want? Connection! Even if you already feel you’ve got the Chorus thing down to a science, it never hurts to learn a new way to approach your songwriting. Enjoy the episode, my friend! Xo Lisa Intro song by Brandon Adams, Tawna Goforth & Lisa McEwen
March 12, 2022
4 TIPS on How to TAME stage ANXIETY for MORE Confident Speaking
Did you know that some experts estimate that as much as 77% of the population has some level of anxiety regarding public speaking? In today's show, I'm going to share with you my 4 Tips that helped me overcome my fear and anxiety of speaking in front of others.. whether it's "what to say between songs!!" or "I have a big speech to give next week!!" these tips are interchangeable and will take you from fearful to flying! For more tips, sign up for my email list: 
March 04, 2022
ELEVATE your vibration RIGHT NOW with this presence Meditation
You know I talk a lot about meditation and what it can do for your creativity. And I also have been recently talking about what it’s like to be in the present moment and what positive effects that can have on your life. So today I thought I’d share with you a meditation on presence …. Rather than a traditional podcast episode, I want to leave you with this meditation that you can use any time that you want to calm and centre yourself, prepare for a creative session or right upon waking up in the morning. If you like this meditation, there are plenty more where this came from when you join my course, titled the same as this podcast: The Successful Songwriter Within. If interested in more information on that, shoot me a message via In the meantime, let me know how you make out with this meditation. Take a few minutes for yourself, let your shoulders relax and enjoy the moment. theme music: Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth, Brandon Adams
February 26, 2022
AWARD-WINNING Nashville songwriter and multi-instrumentalist NICOLE WITT shares with us her TOP TIPS for songwriting!
Award-winning Nashville songwriter and multi-instrumentalist  Nicole Witt shares with us her top tips for songwriting! Nicole has written songs for Lee Brice, George Strait and more! She writes for film & television as well as holding her own as an Artist, playing over 200 shows opening for acts like Kenny Chesney and Old Dominion. Nicole shares helpful stories of how she was signed to her first deal in Nashville, how she believes knowing all sides of the business is crucial to moving ahead, and how to make inspiration and hard work come together in order to be a full-time songwriter! In this episode you’ll learn: - Best practices to take you from where you are to where you want to be - How to trust in the process - Why your music IS important work Plus stick around to the end to hear Nicole’s new single coming out this summer! Connect with Nicole: @nicolewittmusic Intro song by Brandon Adams (written by Brandon Adams, Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth)
February 18, 2022
How to WRITE IN THE FLOW and edit later for songwriting SUCCESS!
My fellow songwriter, today I’m going to tell you my ideas on how I wrote a song recently while “in the flow” and did the editing (or writing “from the mind”), later! I will explain how this happened and the difference between creating from a place of being in the now versus creating from the mind. This episode is helpful for anyone who feels like they are in a writing slump, or someone who wants to be able to tune into their inner creative genius more often. The coolest part about these techniques is that the benefits overflow into other parts of your life in a positive way. So take a moment to listen in your car or on a long walk in nature and let’s get ready to make some creative damage together!
February 04, 2022
12 Things to Do the Day of your Single Release to Ensure its Highest Success!
Have you released a song out into the world independently only to find that your hard work has been long-forgotten by the day’s end? In this episode, I’m going to share with you the 12 Things I have done on the day of my single’s release to ensure the most success I can. You’ve spent countless hours writing, mastering your craft, not to mention the money you’ve poured into your song to record it professionally - the last thing you want to do is let it die off in the water only days after its release! Through trial and error, I have found some simple, actionable steps you can take the day of your release as well as some things you can do to prepare beforehand. You have everything you need to be successful with your Single, let me show you HOW in today’s episode! Podcast theme music written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth & Brandon Adams Produced by Brandon Adams If you’re ready to make some change, learn how to skyrocket your next single with these 3 promotional tips!
January 25, 2022
How to recharge and refuel for a more balanced & fruitful new year: 3 top tips to incorporate now!
It’s a BRAND NEW YEAR!! What does it mean to hit the RESET button and take time to recharge, guilt-free?  Is it possible? Is it worth it? In today’s episode I give you 3 of my Top Tips that I’ve incorporated over the last 6 weeks in order to  -reset my mind - recharge my energy and  - refuel my life  for a more balanced, fruitful and prosperous new year. Some of the things I didn’t see coming, which left me a little low before the high, but if you want to get to a deeper place in 2022, allow me to share those things with you today. If you’re ready to make some change, learn how to skyrocket your next single with these 3 promotional tips! Intro music by Brandon Adams
January 11, 2022
4 Ways to make your Christmas Single Release WORK FOR YOU!
It's that time of year again! But you know when we usually think about writing, recording and releasing Holiday music? When it's too late in the season to do anything about it! On today's show I have 4 GREAT Tips on how to create and make the most of releasing holiday music.  In this show, you will learn WHEN is a good time to start on these projects, how to get started, and what to do if.... you can't seem to get started! ;) Stick around until the end of the episode to hear my new Christmas single, "Merry In Christmas". - Out December 1st!! This is the last episode of Season 1. - I can't wait to be back in the new year with more great content for you. 😄 Have the most wonderful day! xo Lisa xo Merry In Christmas - Written by Lisa McEwen Produced by Brandon Adams
November 30, 2021
How to BALANCE working full-time with songwriting: Mersaidee Soules Interview
On today’s show, we have my great friend Mersaidee Soules! She is a singer, songwriter, songplugger, and creative. She’s also a mother of 3 and juggles it all. In today’s episode, she shares all about her life, what it’s like to work full-time and still maintain your creative passions and make them work for you. From writing songs in Canada, to Nashville to LA and eventually pitching songs for others, Mersadiee Soules tells all. She shares how maintaining creativity throughout the up’s and down’s in life can keep you going. Sometimes to get where you want to go, you have to let it go. She shares some life lessons – namely, what happens when you don’t listen to your gut in certain situations! -  and what she’s doing today with her music. You can connect with Mersaidee Soules here: www. For a FREE Promo Tips when releasing your next single, check out:
November 23, 2021
How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your LIFE
In today’s episode, I share with you a personal story that has helped transform the way that I see opportunities in my life. Have you ever found yourself a bit down in the dumps, because things didn’t go the way you planned? In today’s show, I share with you how the life we plan sometimes get in the way of the magic life that is unfolding before our very eyes. My friend (and ACMA Award Winner) Carolyn Dawn Johnson helped me to see that. This music story of tribulation-to-triumph is a real eye-opening tale that I think you’ll enjoy. In this episode you will learn how perspective and gratitude can give you so many gifts that you already have. The “Train” has probably already stopped for you, all you need to do is realize it. xo Lisa Intro Song written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth and Brandon Adams Produced by Brandon Adams
November 16, 2021
How to find Your VALUE and explode your collaboration OPPORTUNITIES with Mikey Meiers
Have you ever wondered how you can set yourself apart with your music? In today’s episode, I sit down with Mikey Meiers - Emmy Award-Winning songwriter, producer, and guitar coach. Mike currently writes for indie artists, has had placements for MTV, VH1 NPR, FOX Sports, History Channel, Showtime, and Target. In this episode you will learn how to… - Write with direction and intention - Add songs to your portfolio to use as your calling card for future opportunities - Write songs you’ve always wanted to write…  by flipping the switch! - Find your value as a songwriter in order to be the “go-to writer” - Replicate a vibe and feel and still write authentically as yourself Join Mike’s FREE TRAINING THIS WEEK:
November 08, 2021
Overcoming Adversity to ACHIEVE Inner Strength Through Music
Come along with me as I interview Michaela Compton: Singer, Songwriter, Inspiration. Michaela lost her husband in an automobile accident, which left her with 9 broken bones and her three young children were sent to different hospitals. This tragic life event has shown her so many life lessons and in today’s episode, she shares: How her life changed that day How music has become a lifeline for her How big opportunities awaited her in the music industry and How “the Successful Songwriter Within” course has shown her how to tap in to truly be herself. In this episode you will learn HOW: - Criticism can be used as fuel to get better - To strengthen your singing chops - Music can open doors for you during the most unexpected life challenges And Hear how she settled the internal battle between the “left brain” and “Right brain” And overcame OCD to live a more present and peaceful life.   She’s beyond an inspiration and I’m so grateful she shared her heart and story today. Find Michaela at:
November 02, 2021
What does music mean to YOU and why do you want to BE a part of it through your writing?
What do you think of when you hear the theme song to your favorite childhood television show? Music is such an instrumental part of our lives - so why do we seem to want to be a part of it through our songwriting? In today's episode I explore what songwriting can do for you, your life, your health and what benefits it has when you make creating music a part of your daily life. If you've always wanted to be a better songwriter, or get over your songwriting fears - JOIN ME!! If you want to learn how to write a song, how to get over your inner critic and BECOME a part of the music process, join me for my FREE 5 Day Heart-Centred Songwriting Challenge. Register at October 26-30, replays available! 
October 19, 2021
Why MINDFULNESS is the VEHICLE to get you where YOU WANT TO GO
Are you trying to write a great song? Trying to connect with the right co-writer? Trying to achieve a lot of your musical dreams but you always seem back in the same place? In today's show I'm going to tell you why Mindfulness is the vehicle to get you where you want to be.  What is mindfulness anyway!? What exactly does that mean?! Listen closely to this episode, and you will find out. Plus you'll find out HOW it's going to be a game changer, and how I can help you. Want to know how these practices can help you in your songwriting pursuit? Join me for my FREE 5 Day HEART-CENTRED Songwriting Challenge. October 26-30, online! To register, go to: Let's get you to where you want to be. Find that inspiration. Tackle it. Make Great Music. Let's do this together!
October 12, 2021
What does it take to STAY AT THE TOP of your game as a Music Row SONGWRITER for MULTIPLE DECADES?
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a staff writer on Music Row, Nashville? In today’s show, I interview the ever-inspiring, Hit Songwriter Victoria Banks. Labeled “one of the best songwriters in the business” by Nashville’s MusicRow magazine, Victoria Banks was named Female Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) in 2010 and has been nominated for 9 other CCMA Awards. She is an instructor of Songwriting at Belmont University’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business. In her multi-decade tenure as a songwriter on Nashville’s Music Row, Victoria has had cuts by over 100 artists, including her award-winning “Saints and Angels” for Sara Evans, Johnny Reid, Carley Pearce and more. We discuss: - what her day to day life is like being an award winning, Music Row Songwriter - How she maintains time for herself to make room for creativity, even amidst the chaos - How she turns off the constant distractions to trust her inner Source to come up with songs - How to listen within in order to get the best musical results - How she’s learned to constantly pivot in the ever-changing music industry, while still maintaining her songwriting integrity - Finding the time to be quiet and what that does to propel your songwriting - How therapy has helped her “take the hard” out of her songwriting process, and how you can too! - We talk about your Creative Source, imposter syndrome, anxiety in co-writes and performing and how this Award-winning songwriter got through it all to see her dreams come to fruition and SO MUCH. MORE!!!! There are so many takeaways in this show, you won’t want to miss a minute! Find Victoria at: for more great resources
October 06, 2021
What does it take to ACHIEVE THE DREAM of having your novel PUBLISHED? Interview with SEAN MCCALLUM
Have you ever read a book that has a soundtrack to go with it? Well, NOW YOU CAN!! Today I am interviewing someone VERY special. My brother, Sean McCallum. Sean's DEBUT NOVEL, “The Recalcitrant Stuff Of Life” is coming out OCTOBER 15th through Outcast Press~!!!!!!! In this episode you will hear how Sean stayed MOTIVATED to write his novel over the years, how he dealt with REJECTION and got back on the “writing” horse again, what it takes to ACHIEVE the dream of getting your novel published and how important it is to be open to trusted criticism. He shares some incredible insight on what it’s like to work full-time, raise a family and still make time to write as well, and also - what an important role MUSIC has played in his life and in his writing. This is an absolute gem of a show. Can’t wait for you to be inspired! To order, 'THE RECALCITRANT STUFF OF LIFE"
September 28, 2021
They say it’s all about the JOURNEY… so, where are you on YOURS?
On today’s episode I’m sharing with you all the crazy places my own personal journey has led me, and I share with you some tips on how you can stay committed to your journey (or ..... how to let it go with grace, depending on where you are on yours!) This one isn't just for songwriters, it's for the MASSES!  There's a couple of cool take away's and I hope this inspires you, wherever your journey leads!
September 21, 2021
Make Your MORNING Work FOR YOU: Tips to Take Your MUNDANE mornings to VICTORIOUS 💪
Do you wish you had more time in the morning to do the things you've always wanted to?!!!! In today's episode, I share with you my TOP TIPS that took me from tired and groggy (HITTING SNOOZE) to getting up before my alarm with excitement! Mornings are so important in how they set the tone for your day and in today's show, I unpack the reason why it's so crucial to make mornings work FOR you, instead of the other way around. And...  I show you how to do it. ;) Plus, hear what other artist's do to start their morning off on the right foot... hit play, it's time to be inspired!! For more on how my morning routine shapes my day, follow me on instagram Intro song written by: Lisa McEwen, Brandon Adams & Tawna Goforth
September 14, 2021
CLICHES! How to turn CLICHES into UNIQUE phrases that help your songs STAND OUT!
In today’s episode we are talking “cliché’s” – why we use them, and what they do to help (or hinder) your songs.  You'll get some great tips on HOW to use them in order to come up with UNIQUE PHRASES in your songs that people can still connect with and relate to. That way, you can still say what you want to say, but STAND out from the crowd with your music. And don't worry, if you've already used a ton of cliches in your songs, at least you're learning now... "better late than never!!!" How CLICHE! ;) For FREE tutorials visit:
September 07, 2021
How ONE SMALL change can make a BIG DIFFERENCE for you
Are you trying to climb the entire mountain in one day instead of taking the first step? In today’s episode I’m exploring how making one small change in your day can add up to making a big difference in the big picture overall.  Whether you want to reach a goal of writing a certain number of songs or you want to get in a better-feeling place in the morning, I show you how making this small change can make a big impact on your results. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear the song that ties it all together! For free resources go to: Theme song written by Brandan Adams, Tawna Goforth & Lisa McEwen
August 31, 2021
How to TURN A CORNER with your songwriting and AMPLIFY your RESULTS with John Clinebell - Music Producer, Songwriter & Licensing Professional
What’s it like to go from busking on the street to having your song used in an International Starbucks campaign? My guest today can tell you all about it! John Clinebell – Producer, Songwriter and Music Director for “Catch the Moon Music” (a music licensing education company founded by Cathy Heller) - opens up about his journey from barely being able to play guitar, to how he’s been able to have his songs placed in hundreds of films, television shows and advertisements. You will love hearing about John’s “non-routine”- routine, how spirituality has taken his music and life to the next level and what Eckhart Tolle did for him during his early days in LA. He tells us how educating himself, following his heart and never giving up helped him turn a corner in the music industry AND he gives some GREAT TIPS on how to take YOUR songwriting to the next level. Stay tuned until the very end to hear his biggest takeaway of all. Want to connect with John? His new Podcast & Facebook group is called, “Make Moves in Music” where he helps musicians find ample opportunities in the competitive space of the music industry. Here he helps them grow with an abundance mindset. Do NOT miss this episode full of some incredible nuggets of wisdom in this open and candid talk from a true talent. Find John Clinebell at: Intro song written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth & Brandon Adams Find Lisa McEwen's free tutorials at: & 
August 24, 2021
Take off the PRESSURE of feeling like you're NOT ENOUGH!
Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, it's just not enough? In today's episode I explore those three words "I am enough" and whether or not we believe it. Do you truly feel that you are enough, just as you are in this moment? YES, I Struggle with this too!! Come along with me as we unpack this little phrase and what a big impact they can make on your daily life. for FREE resources, visit:  
August 17, 2021
Everything in LIFE has a SEASON -
Have you been as busy as I have been? This week things are going to go a little different. Usually I like to share some inspiration or some helpful tips, but this time around, I’m going to fill you in on what I’ve been up to and this episode will be extra short and sweet. Everything in life has a season and that is A-OK. Can’t wait to chat with you again next week with more tips and stories. Enjoy this season of your life - see you next week ;) For my free tutorials go to: Intro track by Brandon Adams
August 10, 2021
Are you better at starting songs than finishing them? It's amazing when you're struck with an awesome idea and you get to working on it, but IF all of your song ideas and half-finished songs stay that way.... how do you expect anyone to hear and connect with them? It's hard to stay on track sometimes with all of these "song starts" so in today's episode, I'm sharing my TOP TIPS that WORK to help you finish all of those songs you've started, SO THAT  you can complete them, record them and share them with whoever you want to!  Plus, the more songs you finish, the better you'll get at your craft. ;) As always, stick around to the end to hear some music - and don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts so you can be entered to win a free one-on-one coaching call with me! Free resources: Intro song written by Brandon Adams, Lisa McEwen and Tawna Goforth
August 03, 2021
If your PASSION outweighs your FEAR, you can do ALL: Bill O'Hanlon Inspires
Do you know what it feels like to write over 800 songs? On today’s episode, I interview prolific songwriter and author, Bill O’Hanlon. Bill has written over 39 books, including “Song Building: Mastering Lyric Writing” (written with hit writer Marty Dodson) and His book “Do One Thing Different” was a featured book on Oprah! Bill has written over 800 songs in the last 6 years and is passionate about music and helping others. In this episode we talk about how to allow passion to overcome your fears so that you can do all that you’ve dreamed, how to stay inspired and follow-through with completing projects, how to overcome rejection, and how it’s important to trust yourself and find what works for you when it comes to writing songs. You don’t want to miss this episode filled with so many great nuggets of wisdom! Find Bill at Intro song written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth & Brandon Adams. Produced by Brandon Adams
July 27, 2021
What are good vibrations, anyway?! Besides the classic Beach Boys' song, good vibrations are actually a powerful force that can change the way your life is lived. In this episode, I share with you how I used "good vibrations" to achieve my first publishing deal, how I use them to write songs and how you can start "vibing high" today! For a FREE Resource on "How You Can SKYROCKET Your NEXT Release: Promotional Tips + Email Templates" go to:    For your FREE download. Theme song written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth, Brandon Adams. Produced by Brandon Adams
July 20, 2021
How to STAY FOCUSED in a world of CHAOS: 3 tips to help you FINISH what you START
How many times have you been guilty of starting a project and not finishing it?  I’m in the same boat, my friend. I’ve learned (errrr.. am learning…) that being selective and focusing on finishing what I start actually helps me win in the end.  In today’s episode I share with you how “throwing your seeds into the wind” and trying to accomplish too many things can sometimes leave you with a feeling of accomplishing NOTHING.  Instead, I share 3 tips on how I re-direct my focus so that I can finish that SONG/PROJECT, and share it with others.  Because after all, isn’t that what the joy of music is all about? For FREE Tutorials head to: Theme song written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth, Brandon Adams. Theme song Produced by Brandon Adams
July 13, 2021
How Springsteen Teaches Us to STOP WAITING and START BEING the MUSICIAN We Want to Be
What's the one thing we all feel like we are doing in the music business? Waiting. And I don't know about you, but I'm really terrible at the waiting game. In this industry, there's a LOT of hurry up and ... wait! In today's episode, I discuss one of my absolute, all-time favourite inspirations: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. He and his songs hold so much wisdom that I truly think I'm going to need a few episodes to unpack it all. Today I discuss how one of his quotes changed the way I see the waiting game and in it, I share how you, too, can stop waiting and start being. If we are constantly waiting for that one thing (or two things, three things) to come along and happen... that makes our entire life one big waiting game. And that's no fun at all. Take a listen and I'll show you how to turn it around so you can stop waiting and start living.  Want to try my free songwriting tutorial? Intro Song Written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth & Brandon Adams (produced by Brandon Adams)
July 06, 2021
3 ways to PREPARE FOR A CO-WRITE in order to Create Lasting Relationships
Have you ever lined up a co-writing session and then you start to fill up with fear?? The date is on the calendar... so now what!? Rather than losing sleep at night, here’s what you SHOULD do. In today’s episode I give you 3 applicable tips to help you combat self-doubt and bring you to a place where you can show up as your absolute best In order to write that hit song -  but perhaps more importantly, create a lasting relationship with your co-writer. So, slow your roll, my friend… and get ready to bring on the co-write you've been waiting for! You don’t want to miss this episode! For more info on how I can help you: Intro Song written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth, Brandon Adams Produced by Brandon Adams
June 22, 2021
How To Trust the Process & Stay INSPIRED with Grammy-Award Winner, Andrea Pearson
You are going to LOVE my first guest on the show. I had the privilege to interview my friend and co-writer, Andrea Pearson. Andrea is a Grammy Award winner, has shared the stage with Vince Gill, Martina McBride, Reba and more. She’s written hundreds of songs, and has had songs placed on numerous albums as well as film and TV networks such as ABC & CMT. She not only writes, records and sings, she is also a brilliant visual artist – creating commissioned watercolor and acrylic paintings for a zoo in Texas and Reba, to name a few of her clients. We discuss what it’s like to follow that intuitive nudge when it comes to making big moves in life, how she took a seemingly doubtful co-write and turned it into an opportunity to become better, and how she uses meditation for her creative inspiration. She offers priceless tips for co-writing, writing alone, what it’s like to raise a family while maintaining a creative career and what happened when she had the courage to try something new and trusted the process. We also discuss how important it is to say “YES” to new things, protect your energy and SO MUCH MORE! Stick around until the end to hear Andrea’s latest single titled, “You’re It” – You are going to leave this episode feeling so inspired! CONNECT WITH ANDREA: Insta: @andreapearsonmusic Facebook: Theme song written by Brandon Adams, Tawna Goforth, Lisa McEwen. Produced by Brandon Adams
June 15, 2021
How To Reject Rejection: Top Tools To Take You From Defeated To Victorious NOW
Why is it that some people succeed tremendously and some people don't? If you knew you'd never be rejected again, would you pursue your music to your fullest? Rejection really is a part of life. There will always be times and places where people don't like you or what you offer - ouch! I know! -  But in today's episode, I show you how to take rejection - and reject it!  You don't have to be paralyzed by your fear and rejection, you CAN accept it and move on to bigger and better things. Just ask Jim Carrey. The guy was rejected for years without a hope in sight and to say that he eventually found success would be an understatement. This episode is filled with tips you can use today and HOW you can turn rejection into something useful in your life! Intro Song Written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth & Brandon Adams. Produced by Brandon Adams
June 08, 2021
When you get the INSIDE right, the OUTSIDE takes care of itself: 4 ways to start OVERCOMING your internal blocks when it comes to songwriting
Are you tired of starting in on your music goals only to find yourself held back by your fears? In today's episode I talk about the reason you aren't where you want to be with your music - and it's not because you don't have access to all of the things that will get you there. In fact, it's the opposite: you definitely have access to everything you need to get you to your end goal. I show you how to break things down so that they are attainable steps and I show you four different ways that you can start overcoming your internal blocks TODAY.  ALSO: My NEW SINGLE, "Because I'm A Woman" is out TODAY. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear it first! FREE Tutorial: Intro Song "Boy Oh Boy" Produced by Brandon Adams, written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna Goforth & Brandon Adams
June 01, 2021
How to gain MORE energy in your day + 3 new ways to WRITE your SONGS
How hard is it to come up with a great song or even finish that one you started last week, when you're so tired from working your full-time job....or from the dog keeping you up all night, or your kids or ..... your life in general!?  When our energy is drained, doing the fun stuff like "writings songs and creating" can feel like a bit of an uphill climb. In this episode I explain how you can use music to enhance your energy (it's science! ;) PLUS, I give you 3 NEW ways to write your own song... one way, in which, you'll never hear me say again!! ;) For a FREE TUTORIAL on how you can up-level your songwriting & find your authentic voice: *Intro Track Produced by Brandon Adams, written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna GoForth & Brandon Adams
May 25, 2021
3 Solutions to UNBLOCK Your Writer's Block so you can FINISH that song
In the first episode of the Successful Songwriter Within, I talk about Writer's Block: What is it and MORE IMPORTANTLY, How do we move past it to write the songs that we know are somewhere tugging at our heart? Have you ever sat down to create something – anything – like writing a song, a blog post, a painting or a pitch for a meeting at work  and found that the second you put something out – you absolutely hate it? BLOCKED!!! In this episode I give you THREE DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS to get yourself on the path to fluid and seamless songwriting. SIGN UP for my FREE Mindful Tutorial to take you from Stuck to Successful here: *Intro Track Produced by Brandon Adams, written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna GoForth & Brandon Adams
May 18, 2021
The Successful Songwriter Within - Trailer
Welcome to the successful songwriter within podcast - I’m your host, Lisa McEwen. I’m a Nashville-published songwriter and recording artist. In this podcast I’m here to help take you from, intimidated, anxious, insecure, and frustrated to self-assured, prolific and successful with your songwriting abilities. I got tips, back-pocket tools, stories, interviews & more. I’ve written with Grammy award winning writers, had numerous cuts & placements But it wasn’t long ago that I was an anxious, insecure songwriter, afraid to speak up during co-writes & feeling not worthy enough to fulfill my dreams. I created my music and mindfulness business because here’s where I was at – I knew how to write a song, but what I was lacking was the inner confidence and intuitive connection. Once I started applying mindfulness techniques to my musical life, everything changed. And now it’s my mission to help you on your musical journey. If you’re ready to tap into and align with your inner genius - Go to my website: for a free tutorial where I show you how to do just that. *Intro Track Produced by Brandon Adams, written by Lisa McEwen, Tawna GoForth & Brandon Adams
May 16, 2021