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grow with the flow

grow with the flow

By Lisette de Jonge-Hoekstra
grow with the flow is a podcast about how people change over time, how they adjust the things they do to their environment -including other people- and how we can think about this and research this.

Topics that I discuss with inspiring researchers are related to developmental psychology, ecological psychology, and complex dynamic systems theory.
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Alexandra Paxton - Social contact in a (data) rich world | episode 3
Alex Paxton (Assistant Professor at CESPA, University of Connecticut) and I discussed how people interact socially, in many different forms and contexts. We also talked about the many different ways, that are out there, to measure, analyze, and grasp social contact. Special thanks to Riccardo Fusaroli for coming up with a question. Intro music: Vincent Augustus - Woah Transition music: Ketsa - Mission ready End music: Ketsa - Late nights Short transition sound: dxe10 -  Emaj7 Guitar Chord
November 05, 2019
Chris Heffner - Science (and) outreach at the Living Lab | episode 2
Chris Heffner (co-director of the University of Connecticut's & Connecticut Science Center's Living Lab) and I talked about why (behavioral) scientists should do science and outreach at a science museum. Including some very useful tips and inspiring true stories! Special thanks to Martin Fultot for coming up with a question. Intro music: Vincent Augustus - Woah Transition music: krackatoa - Noahs Stark End music: Scott Holmes - Thinking BIG Scary sound (before "hunting zombies"): Inspector J -  Piano, String Glissando, Low, A
May 01, 2019
James Dixon - The dissipative nature of learning | episode 1
I interviewed James Dixon (director of CESPA, University of Connecticut) about the dissipative nature of learning. Equally important, we discussed the nature of psychological research. Credits Special thanks to Ralf Cox and Fred Hasselman for coming up with questions for James. Intro music: Vincent Augustus - Woah Transition music: A.A.A. Alto - Stay End music: A.A.A. Alto - Traverse
March 20, 2019