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Listen Lanarkshire Podcast Feed

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A podcast feed for Listen Lanarkshire radio.
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GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 16 - Stephanie Campbell

Listen Lanarkshire Podcast Feed

GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 16 - Stephanie Campbell

Listen Lanarkshire Podcast Feed

GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 16 - Stephanie Campbell
Episode 16 - Dark Matter with Stephanie Campbell *In this episode we talk to Stephanie Campbell, who is a PhD student at the University of St Andrews.  *Stephanie researches how the stars in galaxies move around, and they use this to tell them how much dark matter is in the galaxies.  *Tune in to hear Stephanie describe their work, our young people sharing their knowledge of space and to find out all about the mystery that is dark matter!
September 15, 2021
Listen Lanarkshire Radio Advert
Advert for Listen Lanarkshire scripted and recorded by our volunteers.
September 9, 2021
GBT Science Club Episode 15 - Layla Mathieson
In this podcast episode the GBT science club talk to Layla Mathieson, who is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Layla researches new ways to help people with lung cancer. In the episode Layla tells us how she images the tissues which are inside the body to see how effective treatments are, we make our very own 'fibre optic camera' and we find out about how the pandemic has impacted Layla's work!
September 9, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 14 - Rebecca Wade
In Episode 14 of the science podcast we talk to Rebecca Wade from Abertay University! Tune in to hear us talk about Antarctica, wild swimming, what we love about nature, and future aspirations!
September 1, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 13 - Julie Gawrylowicz
In this episode the science club meet Julie Gawrylowicz, who is a lecturer at Abertay University! During the episode, the young people learn facts about our memory, test how good their memories are, and learn about how false memories can be implanted.
August 25, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 12
The 2nd podcast on wind turbines! This time we speak to Marlee from Edinburgh University and Paul from Strathclyde University who come up with new ideas on how to make wind turbines more efficient. 
August 11, 2021
Your Pay Your Way Episode 5: The Mysterious World Of Pensions
The Mysterious World of Pensions We should all be thinking about, and planning for, the future. That means thinking about retirement and how we are going to afford to finish up work later in life. In this episode, Robbie Hewitt of JKFS Independent joins us to talk about Pensions. Robbie explains in simple terms what pensions are, common misconceptions, and gives tips on how best to set up and manage a pension
July 30, 2021
Club 365 Radio Show
The young people of Club 365 planned and recorded their own short interviews.
July 15, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 11
The first of two episodes both on Wind Energy. This week we interviwed Connor and Jade from Strathclyde University who are both doing degrees in wind energy. Here is a video about how an Offshore Wind Farm is made off of the coast of The Nedtherlands: How They Build Offshore Wind Farms - YouTube
July 7, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 10
In this episode our guest is Abd Alsattar Ardati who spoke to us about his project studying how people are trained and edit Wikipedia. Here is where you can "listen" to Wikipedia as mentioned in this episode: Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia 
June 9, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 9
This week we talked to Mari Cole who talked to us about experimenting on different substances to understand what happens to them under different conditions. Here is a video about levitating trains that were mentioned during this episode: The Technology of Maglev Trains: Explained - YouTube
June 8, 2021
Listen Lanarkshire Podcast Feed Trailer
A taster of some of our podcasts.
June 2, 2021
Your Pay Your Way Episode 4 - Expenses and Budget Building
Expenses and Budget Building It can be difficult to work out where all your money has gone in a week or a month.  Sometimes we don't even realise we're buying unnecessary things and that our spending is getting out of control. This episode looks at how we should approach our spending in terms of working out what our expenses are and incorporating our expenses, alongside income, into a budget.  We have hints and tips on getting your budget back on track if you are spending more than you earn.
June 2, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 8
Rebecca Cornwell was our guest for this episode who talked to us about bacteria and anti-biotics. Here is the website for the project Rebecca mentions: Antibiotics under our feet.  Here are some images of bacteria: close up pictures of bacteria - Bing images
May 17, 2021
Spin N' Talk Rigging The Wheel - The Unicorn And The Wasp, A Doctor Who Review
In this episode, I ditch the wheel and talk about a specific subject I want to talk about. I talk about a Doctor Who season 4 episode called "The Unicorn and The Wasp."
May 12, 2021
Spin N' Talk Episode 1
In this first episode of Spin N' Talk, I talk about three children's TV shows that were a big part of my early childhood.
April 26, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 7
Another noisey and fun Science Club as our guest Jane Essex helped the club build and design bridges by melting chocolate and welding it together (and eating some for test purposes!).  Here is a video of another choclate welding experiment Chocolate welding - YouTube
April 20, 2021
Your Pay Your Way Episode 3
Income seems straight forward but it can become complicated if we have lots of different sources or don't know how much we might earn in a pay period. This episode looks at different places who might pay us, payslips, deductions and why knowing our full income is important.
April 14, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 6
This week the Science Club talked to Henry Rae about 3D priniting, the different ways plastic is used and 3D printed houses! Here is a video about a 3D printed house: Here's what the first 3D-printed home for sale looks like - YouTube
April 7, 2021
Your Pay Your Way Bonus Episode
This has been Debt Awareness Week and I wanted to acknowledge it even though I want to wait to do a full in-depth episode, or several episodes on debt, later down the line. This short bonus episode give a few tips on dealing with debt and how we should think about what debt is so that we can manage it better.
March 27, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 5
A slightly different podcast this time as we drew storyboards as we talked to Lana Woolford who is a science animator. We also got a great drawing tuturial from one of our own science club members!  Here is the link to one of Lana's animations:
March 22, 2021
Your Pay Your Way Episode 2
We probably all have a bank account but how did you pick it?  And was that a good reason to choose that particular bank? You might be going to uni and looking for a student account or wondering what it means to have a joint bank account.  We’ll be breaking down the most common accounts to let you understand the basics of each and what they would be used for. This episode should give you the skills to choose the right account and bank for you needs.
March 19, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 4
This week we spoke to Mhairi Stewart about science and art, zombie snails and rats! Plus one of our science club participants shares some jokes!! Here is a link to the virtual art exhibition "Art Of Energy" that Mhairi mentioned: Art of Energy 2021 - University of St Andrews - Exhibition - Curat10n And here is a video about zombie snails: Snail Zombies | National Geographic - YouTube
March 15, 2021
Your Pay Your Way Episode 1
Money is one of the least talked about subjects – in social settings, in school, in general – the topic of money is avoided! In this episode we have a quick chat about money, why people avoid the subject, why we should be talking about it and some statistics from a recent study about money.  We need to encourage open and honest discussions about money, how we use it, what issues we are having with it and how to manage it better.
March 9, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 3
This week we talked to Francesca who is a psychologist. We disccussed how psychology is used in marketing, how it can have an effect on sport and also some psychology experiments that have been done. Here is a video that shows a version of an experiment on peoples behaviour in lifts, one of the experiments Francesca mentions in the podcast! -
March 8, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 2
This week we had guest Callum McAndrew who talked to us about dinosour fossils, space, stars and why astronauts wear nappies! To see the sign lanuague of the planets we were talking about check out this video - BSL Astronomy: Planets of the Solar System - YouTube (names of the planets appear on screen when the sign lanuage is used for them). Also to see more about Callums science festival use these links for facebook and twitter
March 1, 2021
GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 1
This week we had guest Dr. Kirsty Ross who talked to us about arthritis, vaccines, colours and shared some science jokes!
February 22, 2021
Active Travel Update
An update with Active Travel Coordinater Craig Bridges.  For more info contact GBT Shotts Healthy Living Centre. | Facebook or email Craig at or follow on Twitter at @GBTtransport or on Instagram @GBTsthub If you are interested in helping create podcasts for Listen Lanarkshire or contribute ideas for the station then contact Listen Lanarkshire | Facebook or email
January 21, 2021
December 3, 2020