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Living Dharma

Living Dharma

By Dharma Fausett
Join me as I share my health, fitness and motivation obsession. Also hear from fellow hustlers as we unite to all rise up together and encourage you all to live your best life!
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Interview with Human Design Health Coach, Avonne Heavenly.
Health coach chats about how using bio individuality through nutrition and human design helped her figure out her purpose in the integrative health space as an entrepreneur. YouTube: avonne heavenly Tik tok: Avonne heavenly
December 22, 2021
Building a business around EDUCATION. Interview with Natalie Milsom of Trusted Tutors.
Join me as we hear from Natalie and how she built a business in the field of education.  -  Visit - Reach out to Natalie!
September 20, 2021
Do it Scared with Patrice Nelson of No Pride Apparel
Get inspired with Patrice's story in creating her clothing brand, No Pride Apparel.  What is your biggest takeaway from this episode? Comment below! Find Patrice:
September 13, 2021
What is TRADING?! with Michelle Perez
Join me as I interview Michelle (a Trading entrepreneur) on what the heck trading is, how it works and how she's managed to make it her passion. Michelle is a mom of three and believes it her purpose to help people and create her dream life.  Follow Michelle on IG: Follow me on IG: Business of the 21st Century Audio, by Robert Kiyosaki
September 10, 2021
Health and fitness entrepreneurship with Gabby Marisa
Nov 2020 I sat down with Gabby and discussed all the ups and downs of that NEW entrepreneur life. Join us and learn.  Follow Gabby on IG.  DM me if you'd like to be interviewed for my next episode and comment below with any feedback or questions below! Stay healthy,  Dharma
September 06, 2021
From science to fine art... how Nigerian artist, Quenette Ebong, followed her heart and broke the mold.
Follow Queenette on IG: @queenspallette
January 24, 2021
Living Dharma Podcast with Aaron Dumas
Learn and get motivated by my chat with mellow Cali entrepreneur, Aaron Dumas. Loved his viewpoints and golden nuggets!  Follow him on IG: @theaarondumas
January 07, 2021
From sick and overweight to healthy and thriving!
Tune in as I interview Polow in Atlanta, GA.  Follow Polow @polizzy You Tube PoLow's World,
November 30, 2020
Interview with Lo!
From fashionista to personal trainer and business owner. Join me as we learn from the beautiful: Lo Lockett. 
November 20, 2020
Learn exactly what it takes to get the abs you dream of for this summer.
My good friend (and professional trainer) Yannick, walks us through what is needed to get abs. Take notes and enjoy!
June 07, 2020
#1 thing that changed my life in 2020
@theartistconsultant, Alex Edwards, and I each share the #1 thing that changed our lives this year. Tune in, enjoy and remember to Love Dharma!
May 28, 2020
30 Days to Healthy Living Program explained, with Maggie Hirst
Join me, @livdharma, and my business partner Maggie, @maggie.makeithappen as we over the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program.
May 14, 2020