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Live Booleans is a weekly-released alternating podcast of two shows; Live Booleans – a long-form conversations with game developers across Australia and the world, with a primary focus on development in South Australia, and Cafe Booleans – a chat amongst the team and friends of the podcast talking about the latest game development news and local gaming events. The Live Booleans team is made up of Alex Ferrabetta, Kosta Canatselis, John Oestmann & Susannah Emery. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!
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Lure with Blue Moon

Live Booleans

What player type are you? | Cafe Booleans 19-05-2022
Join us at the diner this week as we chat about: - Batman, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Wizard of Oz, 1984 and other huge IPs are going to, or are currently in, the public domain. What opportunities does this open up for new artistic direction and games for these iconic IPs? What would you like to see enter public domain? - 9-day Adelaide Game Developers SA Slam Jam coming 17th June!!! (Sean explains) - Exploring Melbourne's ACMI (formerly Australian Centre for the Moving Image) exhibition setup celebrating and preserving Australian game development history - A new video game study that suggests they boost intelligence in children - What are some great non-violent video games? and how does no violence impact game design, environment and narrative - A dive into player types and bartles taxonomy of player types Alex Ferrabetta - @amferrabetta Susie Emmery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana UPCOMING ADELAIDE GAME DEVELOPERS SA SLAM JAM Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Media: - 9News Melbourne ACMI News Snippet - Video games: our study suggests they boost intelligence in children - BATMAN AND SUPERMAN WILL BE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN IN 10-ISH YEARS - George Orwell is out of copyright. What happens now? - Republicans took away Disney’s special status in Florida. Now they’re gunning for Mickey himself
May 18, 2022
Making Parselings a tabletop RPG with Leo Cheung
We chat with Leo Cheung aka BlueTwoDays, Artist and Design lead of Paper Cactus Games about: - Developing, play-testing and launching the super unique and super fun tabletop RPG, Parselings - a game about tattoos and collaborative word magic - Hosting a successful Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaign, and the challenges that come with it - Working with a publisher across timezones, and the benefits of having a publisher - Leo's career change from a dentist into a game designer and artist - The importance of discipline and work ethic in game development - The transition from board games into video games with future projects Paper Cactus Games (Leo Cheung) - Twitter Parselings - Facebook | Twitter Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
May 12, 2022
Australian video game developers finally have a union | Cafe Booleans 05-05-2022
Join us at the diner this week as we chat about: - The launch of Game Workers Australia (GWA); the new national union for Australian game workers and the Australian Chapter of Game Workers Unite (GWU) and what this means for indie devs and studio devs - Examples of educational games and the merit of teaching with games as opposed to the traditional teaching methods - Twitch to supposedly changing their revenue split with streamers to 50/50 instead of the current 70/30 - Congrats to Sydney-based SMG Studios for Moving Out reaching 1,000,000 sales Alex Ferrabetta - @amferrabetta Susie Emmery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Media: - Game Workers Australia website - Twitch is reportedly planning major cuts to creator revenue - Moving Out has reached 1,000,000 sales
May 04, 2022
Empowering women and minorities to code with Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown is the Lead Technologist at Code Like a Girl - a social enterprise providing girls, women and minorities with the confidence, tools, knowledge and support to enter and flourish in the world of code. With John and Susannah in the interviewer chairs this episode, we discuss: - The difference between equality and equity and why it is important - Why initiatives like 'Code like a Girl' are necessary for our society - The power of having visible role models - Great entry points for starting your programming career. Sarah Brown LinkedIn  Code Like a Girl Follow Live Booleans on Twitter
April 27, 2022
Features to check out in Unreal Engine 5 | Cafe Booleans 21-04-22
Join us at the diner this week, as we chat about: - Meta planning to take a nearly 50% cut on virtual asset sales in its 'metaverse' game Horizon Worlds - Unreal Engine 5 now available including UNREAL new features Nanite, Lumen, Metasounds, and more - Unpacking wins best narrative and best game at the BAFTA game awards (woohoo!) - Nintendo Switch Online leak teases game boy games are coming to the console? - Sega confirms big-budget reboots of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio in bid to create 'Fortnite-esque' platforms with living communities Susie Emmery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Alex Ferrabetta - @amfferrabetta Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Media: - Meta plans to take a nearly 50% cut on virtual asset sales in its metaverse - Unreal Engine 5 Guided Tour | Feature Highlight | State of Unreal 2022 - Meet the Brisbane couple who claimed two major prizes at the BAFTA Game Awards - Nintendo Switch Online Leak Seemingly Confirms Game Boy Games are Coming - Sega Reboots Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio to Chase Fortnite Riches
April 20, 2022
Nurturing game developer communities with Ceri Hutton
We chat with Ceri Hutton, the Director of Operations & Projects at the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) about: - Ceri’s journey into the games industry - Nurturing an inclusive environment at The Arcade, a game development incubator and shared workspace in Melbourne Victoria - Ceri’s view on supporting game developers and the importance of a community - The challenges of hosting the AGDAs and GCAP remotely and plans for upcoming events - GCAP 2022 theme of ‘Ambition’ and what it means Ceri Hutton - Twitter Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
April 13, 2022
Kirby wins the GRAMMYs (Café Booleans 08-04-2022)
Join us at the diner this week, as we chat about: - PAX Australia announced! & AVCon's approach to in-person events this year - Statistics showing how releasing on Microsoft's Game Pass could benefit your indie game - Apple rumoured to be exploring the idea of a game console and what this means for developers - A cover of a Kirby song from the 90s won a grammy! - We asked the community about what helps them most when they hit creative blocks, and frustrations - Different approaches to game development education and how this impacts learning - Yuga Labs, owners of Bored Ape Yacht Club, announce 'Otherside' NFT MMO video game - Over Half a Billion Dollars Stolen from most popular NFT trading Game, Axie Infinity Susie Emmery - John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Media: - Apple rumoured to be exploring the idea of a game console - and it could be in the form of Apple TV - PAX Australia: Early bird badges set for Tuesday launch - Game Pass: Maximizing Your Game’s Total Value - A cover of a Kirby Song from the 90s just won a grammy - Bored Ape Yacht Club creator raises $450 million to build an NFT metaverse - Over Half a Billion Dollars Stolen from Crypto Trading Game Axie Infinity
April 07, 2022
Protecting your video game's IP with Cam Rogers
We chat with Cam Rogers, a digital entertainment lawyer having worked on over 100 shipped titles on platforms across PS5, Xbox, Steam, Switch, VR, and mobile platforms about: - Common legal issues game developers and creatives run into early on and how to prevent them - Where to start with protecting your video game - Cam's journey into the film industry and then the games industry - Stories assisting developers small and large at any stage of development, from conception all all the way to distribution - Cam's approach that makes him different to 'traditional' lawyers - What copyright is and intricacies of dealing with copyright issues - The future of NFTs and legalities around the technology Cam Rogers - Twitter | Website Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
March 30, 2022
Emotional abuse in indie studios (Café Booleans 24-02-2022)
Join us at the diner this week, as we chat about: - VicScreen allocating funds to support the Victorian game development ecosystem - A breakdown of the various rebates you can utilise as a developer around Australia - IGEAs new Australian Games: Expansion Pack - Gaming market trends in Unity's newly released 2022 Gaming Report - Indie superstars accused of emotional abuse - Where does the glorification of “Auteurs” (visionary lead of a project who extends control over most/every aspect) come from? John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Dakota Sauve - @kodasuave Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Media: - Screen Victoria Is Now VicScreen, Pushing Hard For Games Funding - Queensland’s 15 Percent Tax Rebate For Game Developers Is Now In Effect - IGEA WELCOMES SCREEN AUSTRALIA’S GAMES: EXPANSION PACK - Unity Gaming Report 2022 - Investigating Three Indie Superstars Accused of Emotional Abuse
March 23, 2022
The Psychology of Video Games with Celia Hodent
We chat with Celia Hodent, expert in game UX (user experience) and cognitive psychology previously on games such as Fortnite, Star Wars 1313, and at Ubisoft about: - What is 'UX'? And the history of UX - Celias studies in cognitive psychology and journey into the games industry - How game developers can design games to be more inclusive and accessible - Biases we have as game developers and how we can avoid them - The success of Fortnite and the process of playtesting to find UX problems to solve - Video game addiction, UX dark design patterns, and ethics in games - Star Wars 1313 prototyping Celia Hodent - Twitter Ethical games (Code of Conduct) - Website Celia Hodent, PhD is an expert in game UX (user experience) and cognitive psychology. She is a consultant, speaker, and acclaimed author of The Gamer’s Brain: How Neuroscience and UX can Impact Video Game Design & The Psychology of Video Games. Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
March 16, 2022
Game developers everywhere supporting Ukraine (Café Booleans 10-03-22)
Join us at the diner this week, as we chat about: - Game development studios hiring practices, workplace culture and employee benefits - The state of the games industry in Ukraine and the effect of current events - John Romero making new level of Doom II and other industry initiatives supporting Ukraine - Strange game controller peripherals (a Rez 'vibrator'?!) - Controversy after Ubisoft UX director and others comment on Elden Rings UX - Navigating critique and feedback in game development and the role it plays currently John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Media: - Here’s How Game Developers Are Helping Ukraine, And How You Can Too - John Romero DOOM II level (One Humanity) for Ukraine - GDC Talk - Alina Mudraya - The State of Ukrainian Game Industry - Gran Turismo 7 Loves Lewis Hamilton So Much That It Forgets He’s Human After All - 'Non-sexual' Rez trance vibrator was my idea - Mizuguchi - What if Ubisoft made Elden Ring? A UI mockup has fans discussing - Ubisoft and Guerilla Games developers bitter over Elden Ring success
March 09, 2022
Making Music for Hollow Knight with Chris Larkin
We chat with Chris Larkin, composer for video games such as Hollow Knight, Hollow Knight: Silksong, TOHU, Hacknet, and more about: - His journey into composing music and inspirations - Experience working on a variety of TV, film, and games - Working on Hollow Knight with Team Cherry - 'Getting your foot in the door' and getting hired as a composer on projects - A fun little activity testing Chris' ability to come up with music on the spot! - Chris' equipment and setup, and so so much more Chris Larkin - Twitter Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
March 02, 2022
Crowd-funding game development (Café Booleans 24-02-22)
Join us at the diner this week, as we chat about: - Mighty Kingdom's new tie-in video game called 'Carnifex' - Local indie MMO project TitanReach shutting down - Crowd-funding video games through Kickstarter and risks/issues involved - Kickstarter for games trends for 2021 - Trying out games from the latest Adelaide Global 2022 Game Jam - Answering last episodes question "What current game do you hope, or see, becoming a classic?" Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Articles: - Developer cancels crowdfunded MMO and disappears amid fraud allegations - Kickstarter & Games in 2021 - Adelaide Global Game Jam 2022 Games
February 23, 2022
Oculus and the Future of Virtual Reality in Games with Gayan Ediriweera
We chat with Gayan Ediriweera, AR/VR developer formerly at Facebook/Oculus, about: - His journey into game development on franchises such as Star Wars at Krome Studios - Development on rhythm game NBA Baller Beats and using a real-life basketball as a controller - VR development at Oculus, culture at Facebook  - Meeting Palmer Lucky and John Carmack  - The future of VR and AR in video games, and so much more! Gayan Ediriweera - Twitter Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
February 16, 2022
The challenges of pricing your game (Café Booleans 10-02-22)
Join us at the diner this week, as we chat about the changing 'value' of games and the costs of distribution for game developers, players habits and game design choices in the newly released in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a new game for Sega Dreamcast - 23 years after console launch, a huge Kaws art exhibit in Fortnite, the upcoming games user research summit, Sony buying Bungie, and so much more! Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Articles: - How digital distribution and game prices are costing developers - Pokemon Legends: Arceus Players Are Spending Forever In Just The First Area - Shadow Gangs (Dreamcast Edition) hits Kickstarter! - Fortnite’s latest virtual event is a simple — yet important — art gallery - Games User Research summit to be hosted online on May 19th and May 20th - Sony buying Bungie for $3.6 billion
February 09, 2022
Producing Live Service Games with Sorcha Millican-Nagle
We chat with Sorcha Millican-Nagle, Producer at Infinity Plus Two, about her journey in the games industry, working on 'live service' video game Puzzle Quest 3, how user experience (UX) plays a part in producing, what skills are required to be a producer, producing games remotely, applying service design principles to game development, the importance of playtesting, and so much more!! Sorcha Millican-Nagle - Twitter Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
February 02, 2022
Why do we 'Game Jam'? (Café Booleans 27-01-22)
Join us at the diner this week, as we chat about Microsoft's HUGE Activision/Blizzard purchase for $68.7bn and what it means for devs and the industry, tips for Game Jams, working in a game jam team remotely, our experiences with game jams, tool recommendations for your game jam team, personal and professional motivation for game jams, the most successful games to come out of game jams, and so so so much more! #AdelaideGlobalGameJam2022 CLICK HERE TO JOIN ADELAIDES GLOBAL GAME JAM 2022 DISCORD Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza Patrick Webb - @SuperSpry Kathy Smart - @KathyGameDesign Dan Thorsland - LinkedIn Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Articles: - Notable games to start from jams - SA Game developer talk (Hollow Knight)
January 26, 2022
Advocating for Game Development with Raelene Knowles
We chat with Raelene Knowles, Chief Operating Officer at IGEA, about her journey in the games industry, her transition from marketing manager at Bandai Namco into working 'for the industry', the games tax rebate in Australia, creating a thriving environment for studios, diversity in the industry, distributing demo discs through cereal boxes(!) and so much more! IGEA is the peak industry association representing and advocating for the video games industry in Australia and New Zealand. IGEAs vision is that of a thriving and sustainable local industry along with recognition that video games are one of the most powerful entertainment mediums for enjoyment, connection, education, business, health and creativity. IGEA - Twitter | Website Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
January 19, 2022
Staying motivated as a game developer in 2022 (Café Booleans 13-01-22)
Join us at the diner for our first foray into 2022, as we chat about techniques to stay motivated in 2022, the #AdelaideGlobalGameJam2022 and why you should join the jam this year, China's push into the 'metaverse', Steam smashing records with 28m concurrent users, a hacker bringing Google Maps to the NES, and so much more! CLICK HERE TO JOIN ADELAIDES GLOBAL GAME JAM 2022 DISCORD Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza Emilia Chignola - @EmiliaChignola Adelaide Game Developer Discord: Articles: - Steam Passes 28 Million Concurrent Users, Setting New Record - China's Baidu launches metaverse app, as more firms join race in 'the next big thing' - A Determined Hacker Has Brought Google Maps to the NES
January 12, 2022
UX Design in Games with Jyllian Thibodeau
We chat with Jyllian Product / UX / UI Design Lead at Immutable (and her birds!), about her UX and game development journey, blockchain infrastructure for video games, working as head of research at Harmonix on games such as The Beatles: Rock Band and the Xbox Kinect, the future of NFT video games, creating meaningful experiences, conducting usability research, and so much more. Jyllian is the Product / UX / UI Design Lead at Immutable an Australian video game development and blockchain infrastructure company. Jyllian has been working in UX since 2006, and worn the hats of researcher, designer, product manager, hardware specialist, and mentor. Jyllian Thibodeau - LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
January 04, 2022
Esports High: Japan's foray into video game education (Café Booleans 30-12-21)
Join us at the diner one last time in 2021, as we chat about the community's game jam stories, Japan opening it's first e-sports high school, video game industry statistics for 2021, developers remaking Kojima's PT for the Oculus Quest, IGDA's new guidelines for creating inclusive games, our predictions and hopes for 2022, and so much more! Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza Dr. Damien Rompapas - @DrDamien Patrick Webb - @SuperSpry Articles: - Japan to Open Its First Esports High School in Shibuya in April - Video Game Industry Statistics 2021 - Play Kojima's PT with Oculus Quest - Main principles of making inclusive video games, according to IGDA
December 29, 2021
The Mightiest of Kingdoms with Philip Mayes
We chat with Philip Mayes, CEO and founder of Mighty Kingdom, about his game development journey, reflecting the diversity and culture of Australia in MK, MK's graduate program, going public as a company, decision-making, his inspirations and the role of narrative in video games, the future of gaming, and so much more! Mighty Kingdom is a studio in Adelaide, Australia with a super successful focus on developing games for big brand licenses including the likes of Disney, Lego and Conan. Their games reach tens of millions around the world and they’re one of the biggest studios in the country in terms of both head count and output. Mighty Kingdom - Twitter Mighty Kingdom - LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
December 21, 2021
Do video games empower diveristy? (Café Booleans 17-12-21)
Join us at the diner, as we chat about video games and the empowering effects on equality, Ubisoft announcing its first foray into blockchain games, the play habits of more than 70% of mothers playing games daily, the Australian game development industry doubling revenue over the past five years, and Twitch co-founder launching an NFT gaming marketplace. Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza Articles: - Half of Australia’s gamers are women, but we know very little about mothers who game - Twitch co-founder Justin Kan is launching an NFT gaming marketplace - Ubisoft Announces Quartz, a Blockchain-Powered NFT Cosmetics System - Australian game development industry doubles revenue to $226 million over the past five years
December 16, 2021
Hyper Casual Games with Mini Mammoth Games
We chat with local developer David McCann from Mini Mammoth Games, about hyper casual games, game development processes, monetisation, work for hire arrangements, finding investment for a game development studio, building an advisory board, running internships, and more. Mini Mammoth Games is an independent video game studio based in Adelaide, Australia co-founded by AIE alumni. Mini Mammoth Games - Twitter Mini Mammoth Games - LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
December 07, 2021
How have video games saved your life? (Café Booleans 01-12-21)
Join us at the diner, as we chat about Xbox boss calling for industry wide ‘legal emulation’, the global chip shortage, how video games shape our behaviours, earning Bitcoins in an upcoming AR game, PlaySide opening a Gold Coast studio with 70 new jobs, and more! John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza Chantal - @thoughtrise Articles: Adventure Games Saved My Life (Well, My Afternoon) Fold partners with Niantic to create AR-based Bitcoin rewards app Xbox boss calls for industry wide ‘legal emulation’ of older video games Global Chip Shortage and the Ecosystem of Globalisation
November 30, 2021
Unity acquires Weta Digital over Zoom and Tequila (Café Booleans 24-11-21)
Join us at the diner, as we chat about Luigis Mansion tracking players dust, Netflix launching video games on Android and iOS, Take Two cancelling a $53 million video game, local SASA nominations, the rise of Australian NFT video game companies, Unity buying Weta over Zoom, and an Ed Sheeran concert in Pokemon Go! Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza
November 23, 2021
Lure with Blue Moon
We chat with local developers Jason and Michael from Blue Moon Games, about their recently released game jam concept ‘Lure’, their upcoming character-led horror game Howling Point, their inspiration, development process, and more. Blue Moon Games is an independent video game studio based in Adelaide, Australia featuring Michael Fischetti and Jason Di Benedetto. Blue Moon - Twitter Lure on Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
November 18, 2021
Building a Legacy with Tom Kalinske
< SEGA! > Former CEO of Sega of America, Mattel and Matchbox; Tom Kalinske, grew Sega's value from $75 million to $1.5bn during his tenure as CEO. He was extremely influential in the market success of the Sega Genesis. Tom joins us this episode to discuss his journey to Sega, his experiences battling Nintendo, marketing techniques, tensions with Sega of Japan,  his role in the creation of the ESRB, and much much more.
November 18, 2021
State of the Union with Dan Thorsland
We chat with the 'Godfather of Game Dev' Dan Thorsland about a brand new Games Production course at Flinders University, game development education, the future of video games, and more. Dan is a Senior Manager, Business Development at Flinders University and an industry leader, with a focus on creating a thriving creative export industry here in South Australia. Dan has previously worked as a comic book writer at DC Comics, before moving to Adelaide and working for Ratbag Games, Krome Studios and Mighty Kingdom. Dan Thorsland - LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
November 09, 2021
Facebook changes to 'Meta' what does that mean for game developers? (Café Booleans 2-11-21)
Join us at the diner, as we chat about video games being more popular than Free-to-air TV in Australia, Facebooks name change to 'Meta' and how it impacts game developers, Fortnite China shutting down in November, and a Quiet Place getting a video game adaptation. Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza
November 02, 2021
CDW & Golden Age with James Marshall
We chat with James Marshall about the future of NFT gaming, his career across creative roles and government including the role government plays in game development in South Australia and so much more. James Marshall is currently balancing his roles as Managing Director of Golden Age Studios and Head of Studio at CDW Animation, as well as sitting on various advisory panels including IGEA and others. James' career spans film, TV, online video; mobile games, VFX and Virtual Reality development. Most recently, James finished a two-year stint on the South Australian Government's Department for Trade and Investment, as Business Development Manager for the Creative Industries. James Marshall - LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
October 26, 2021
NFT video games? (Café Booleans 18-10-21)
Join us this week at the diner as we chat about dystopian vs utopian games, Valve removing NFT games from steam, game developers being left out of game credits, Apple making more profit on gaming than Microsoft, Activision, and Sony combined, and Nintendo Switch's new online expansion pack. Susannah Emery - @susannahkemery John Oestmann - @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - @kostacana Alex Ferrabetta - @LowPolyPizza
October 19, 2021
Hacknet and Wrestledunk Sports with Matt Trobbiani
In this episode of Live Booleans we chat with the Adelaide indie game developer behind the indie classic, Hacknet and recently released game Wrestledunk Sports, Matt Trobbiani. Together we discuss Matt's transition to game development and success with Hacknet; game testing and the Hacknet community; the challenges of games certification; Wrestledunk Sports and so so much more! Guest: Matt Trobbiani - @Orann Follow us on Twitter @LiveBooleans
October 12, 2021
Netflix developing video games? (Café Booleans 6/10/21)
A Super Mario Movie? Netflix jumping into video games? An epic partnership with a local university? Australian Game Development Awards!? Join us in our very first Café Booleans with our friends John Oestmann and Susannah Emery. In this new format we chat about what's new in game development news, and other interesting stories, just like we're at the diner having a cuppa. Susannah Emery - twitter @susannahkemery Alex Ferrabetta - twitter @LowPolyPizza John Oestmann - twitter @john_oestmann Kosta Canatselis - twitter @kostacana 
October 05, 2021
Sound Sessions with Dakota and John
This week we're joined by our friends, Dakota Sauve, and John Oestmann. Dakota Sauve is an Adelaide based game composer, and game developer; and John Oestmann is also a video game composer, and host of the Raccoon Media Cafe radio show. We chat in the virtual studio about general game dev, soundtracks, and more.
June 30, 2021
Getting Sh*t Done with Ashley van Wyngaard
The simplest way to describe what a game producer does is that they get sh*t done; they are the people who are responsible for making sure that a product gets made. This week we speak to Wargaming Sydney producer, Ashley van Wyngaard who gets sh*t done. Ashley is currently working on various AAA projects at Wargaming with multiple teams. We speak to Ashley about her experiences with managing teams, balancing technology, design and monetisation; the impact of COVID on production, and more!
April 27, 2021
Iconic Soundtracks with Grant Kirkhope
'DK. Donkey Kong!' If you've heard these words while playing Donkey Kong 64, or have played hours of Goldeneye or Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64 with friends, then you've listened to the genius that is Grant Kirkhope. This week we speak to Grant, a BAFTA nominated composer who has created iconic soundtracks to critically acclaimed and fan favourite video games such as Goldeneye 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Viva Pinata, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Yooka-Laylee, and more. Grant speaks with us about his journey into composing for games, his thoughts on todays soundtracks, working at Rare, and some other crazy stories as a composer and musician on the road.
April 05, 2021
Ashley Ringrose with SMG Studio
SMG Studio is an independent studio from Sydney that says makes games using it's own D.A.F.U.Z system, for those who don't know this means games that are DYNAMIC, ADDICTIVE, FUN, UNIQUE, ZANY. This week we speak to Ashley Ringrose, Founder of SMG Studio, the team behind the widely popular and zany physics-based couch co-op game, Moving Out. We speak to Ash about his experiences making small and fun games for mobile, testing Moving Out game mechanics, localisation, and the Sydney, and Australian dev community.
March 22, 2021
Tech Hunter with Split Symmetry
Adelaide is host to so many interesting indie game companies. This week we speak to Anna, Ben, Morgan, and Richard from Split Symmetry, developers of Tech Hunter, an upcoming science-fiction treasure hunting puzzle game. The team talks about technical decisions they've had to make on the game, iterating on design, lessons from play testing, and the South Australian dev community.
February 21, 2021
Entertaining 2 Million Players - Dineth (Foxie Games)
What do horses, dinosaurs, and wolves have in common? Millions of them exist in massive virtual worlds crafted by Adelaide-based Foxie Games. This episode we interview Dineth Abeynayake, Founder and Director of Foxie Games. We speak about his journey from the defence industry into developing games, the company's culture, and discuss how Foxie Games keeps its 2+ million monthly players entertained and engaged.
January 18, 2021
Game Jam to Game with The Sacred Acorn
From a game jam to an actual game - its a common trend followed by indie developers. This week we speak to Keirron from A Few Dragons, creators of The Sacred Acorn about game design trade offs, publishers, and their journey from their game jam prototype into a full fledged game.
December 21, 2020
Virtual Production with WEMAT
This week we chat about a new tool and technique for film makers called Virtual Production, which takes many cues from game development including the use of the Unreal Engine. We discuss the process of Virtual Production with We Made a Thing Studios (WEMAT), creators of critically-acclaimed online web series Lucy and DiC, upcoming video game Box Knight, and upcoming virtual production short Coffee & Quasars. We chat about WEMATs origins, the crossover of game and film, and more!
November 30, 2020
Managing Expectations with Tony Lawrence
This week we discuss Managing Expectations with the awesome Tony Lawrence, COO at Mighty Kingdom. Tony is a veteran in the industry, having worked previously at 2K Australia on critically acclaimed games like Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, and Bioshock Infinite. Tony speaks about managing practices and structures within games, facilitating collaboration and creativity, working within huge studios, and more!
October 15, 2020
Releasing a Demo - Melonhead Games
This week we interview... Alex and his team mates from Melonhead Games. Melonhead Games is a South Australian studio developing innovative & quirky games for PC and Console. The team joins us to speak about their upcoming action side scroller title, Rooftop Renegade, their limited time demo, experiences speaking to publishers, future projects, the community, and more.
October 15, 2020
Games for Literacy with Kathy Smart
Kathy from Joy Everafter Stories is developing adventure video games aimed at middle grade students, and Frog's Princess is the first production her team is working on. Kathy joins us this week to talk about her journey from being a writer for 30 years into becoming a game developer, her role within the Adelaide community, recording voice for games, testing her video games, her upcoming GCAP talk, and more!
September 28, 2020
Tabletop Prototyping - TNE Productions
Darcy and Tom from TNE Productions joins us to discuss their upcoming table top game, Terragon. Terragon is a 2-6 player sci-fi strategy board game involving unit and resource management drawing inspiration from table top games and video games such as Age of Empires and Starcraft. We talk with Tom and Darcy about their workflow, prototyping, play testing, and an upcoming creative collaborative space they're planning to launch called ACOLAB.
September 07, 2020
Tinker and Spell - Golden Age Studios
Anthony Robinson from Golden Age Studios joins us in this podcast. Anthony is the Creative Director at Golden Age Studios which is working on it's first game Tinker and Spell - a 2D animated adventure role playing game that draws inspiration from Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and Jak and Daxter. We talk with Anthony about his vision for Tinker and Spell, his workflow as an artist, and his journey into game development.
August 24, 2020
Modern Vintage Gamer
Dimitris aka Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG) creates Retro and Modern Tech related content on YouTube. He has also been an active developer in the Original Xbox, Xbox 360, PSP, Commodore Amiga and now Nintendo Switch homebrew and emulation scene. He also is a game developer at Nightdive Studios - an independent developer and publisher well known for remastering classic video games. We talk with MVG about his journey into the home-brew scene and game development, porting games, moving from Australia to the US, and working remotely.
August 10, 2020
Networking with a cocktail in-hand with Vee Pendergrast
Vee is a games consultant, advocate and relationship maker within the video game and technology industry in Australia. She has managed government funding programs for games and interactive content in Western Australia for Screenwest and most recently in South Australia for the SA Film Corporation. We talk with Vee about her journey with game development, diversity in the industry, grants, and the importance of networking with a cocktail in-hand.
July 27, 2020
RITE with Daniel Freer (Pond Games)
In our third Live Booleans episode we interview Daniel Freer of Pond Games. Dan is a solo indie developer, who recently released his first game, Rite. RITE is a high-speed, precision platformer where you must conquer a series of challenging trials, a rite of passage for every Nim. We talk with Dan about his journey with RITE, the awesome music in RITE, marketing on Twitter, and the Adelaide game dev scene.
July 14, 2020
Games for Social Change with Susannah Emery
In our second Live Booleans episode we interview the fantastical Susannah Emery. Susannah is a lecturer at the University of South Australia and also is currently developing "Hannah: A Friend in Need", a game highlighting the importance of supportive friends and family for victims of domestic violence. We talk with Susannah about her journey as a game developer for social change, lecturing game design, the South Australian game development ecosystem, and video games as an interactive medium.
July 01, 2020
The Ecosystem - Dan Thorsland
In our inaugural Live Booleans episode we interview the mighty Dan Thorsland from Flinders University. Dan has previously worked as a comic book writer at DC Comics, before moving to Adelaide and working for Ratbag Games, Krome Studios and most recently Mighty Kingdom. We talk with Dan about his beginnings, the South Australian game development ecosystem, the community, and Dan shares some game development stories from his heyday.
June 19, 2020