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Live Deeply with James Forsyth

Live Deeply with James Forsyth

By Cedar Springs Presbyterian
Our world races, and we're all just jumping from one thing to the next. It’s hard to take time to truly live deeply. How does something you hear on Sunday morning impact your day-to-day life? How do you engage with the people around you? Live Deeply, hosted by James Forsyth, Senior Pastor at Cedar Springs Presbyterian, Knoxville, Tennessee, takes a deep dive into answering your questions about sermons, scripture, culture, and living as a believer. Send your questions to
Parent Deeply - Episode 3
James and Mia discuss one of the most frequent questions sent in. What advice would you give to parents to encourage their children to grow deeper in their faith? Send your questions to
August 11, 2022
Pray Deeply - Episode 2
So many of you sent in questions about unanswered prayer. What are we to think when God isn't answering our prayers as we hoped? Or what should we think when he doesn't seem to answer them at all? How do we explain unanswered prayer to our friends who do not know the Lord? James and Mia dig in on your questions about unanswered prayer. Send your questions to
August 04, 2022
Live Deeply - Episode 1
James and his daughter Mia discuss James' recent article The Gospel Coalition: After Roe, Choose Compassion Over Culture War. James and Mia discuss their beautiful story, the recent decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and how the church needs to respond.
July 27, 2022