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By Lee Grigsby
Three different series to listen too! - Move The Needle (a monthly podcast that focuses on social issues), Spotlight Series (highlights different businesses, products, or issues that are aligned with LiveAllGood Coaching), and the newest series Cruzin with the Coaches: A Conversation with Julie and Lee (a conversation/discussion about everyday topics that pertain to everyday life)
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Essential Oils - Episode 1


Essential Oils - Episode 1


Cruzin with the Coaches - Grief
A conversation about the grief process, what that looks like, and ways to manage grief
July 28, 2021
Cruzin With The Coaches: A conversation with Julie & Lee - Inaugural Episode
Cruzin with the Coaches is exactly what it says - a conversation with Julie & Lee! This is the first episode and we briefly talk about resistance to change and what that looks like
July 14, 2021
Spotlight Series - Aspire Higher Training
This Spotlight Series episode, we talk to the CEO, founder, and head trainer of Aspire Higher Training
July 10, 2021
Move The Needle - introduction of new cohost JR Ford
In this month's episode of Move The Needle - we introduce our new cohost JR Ford and discuss upcoming topics for future episodes
July 6, 2021
Move The Needle - Self Awareness
This month's episode of Move The Needle gives a glimpse into how we can truly begin to build an equitable system for all... it starts with ourselves
June 8, 2021
Move The Needle - Equality vs Equity
A discussion about the terms Equality vs Equity and why they are different
March 14, 2021
Spotlight Series for February
This episode of the Spotlight Series is an update with Hunny Bunny Boutique and introducing Blue Monarch Communications
February 16, 2021
Move The Needle - Mindset
A roundtable discussion on mindset - what mindset is, the power of your thoughts, and how mindset can change
February 11, 2021
Move The Needle - New Year, New Habits
This is the liveallgood podcast monthly episode of Move The Needle where we talk about and discuss those difficult & challenging topics in order to promote real, substantive change in today's world
January 14, 2021
Move The Needle - Practice of Gratitude
This month's episode of Move The Needle is about understanding how important gratitude is in our daily lives and using the practice of gratitude to truly connect all of us to making our world better
December 9, 2020
Move The Needle - What's next after voting
Our monthly podcast Move The Needle continues with a roundtable discussion about how to bridge the gap of such a deep divide in this country along with ideas to continue being engaged now that voting in the election is complete
November 10, 2020
Essential Oils Episode 5
The last episode of our 5 part series on discussing Essential Oils
October 17, 2020
Move The Needle - Democracy and Voting
This episode of Move The Needle discusses democracy, what democracy should look like, and why voting is so critical to a good functioning democracy. We also discuss voter suppression and disenfranchisement along with some tools to help you be an informed voter
September 28, 2020
Essential Oils Episode 4
This is episode 4 of our 5 part series on discussing DoTerra Essential Oils along with some of the products and uses
September 17, 2020
Move The Needle - implicit bias
This episode discusses how implicit and explicit bias shows up in our culture and lives and how deeply bias is affected by structural, systemic, and institutional racism
September 2, 2020
Essential Oils Episode 3
The third episode in our five part series about DoTerra essential Oils
August 19, 2020
Spotlight Series - Hunny Bunny Boutique
This episode of the LiveAllGood podcast is our spotlight series featuring a locally owned small business, Hunny Bunny Boutique that manufactures natural bath and body products
August 18, 2020
Move The Needle - Introduction Episode
This is the first episode of our monthly roundtable podcast called Move The Needle... we will be discussing real life, difficult subjects as we look for solutions to make and affect real change... moving the needle one more notch towards positive
August 8, 2020
Essential Oils Episode 2
This is Episode 2 of a 5 part series talking about Doterra Essential Oils
July 18, 2020
Essential Oils - Episode 1
This is a 5 part series about Essential Oils from Doterra - they are oils that are used as alternatives to OTC or some traditional medications and remedies. We talk with Doterra distributor Taylor Grigsby
June 17, 2020
Spotlight Series - The Unsealed
The first of hopefully many more conversations with the creator of The Unsealed
June 16, 2020
Spotlight Series - Stress management tips for families and children
In this episode, I'll talk to a licensed social worker that works in a public school and helps children learn stress management techniques... these techniques are very relevant right now and useful for adults too!
May 27, 2020
Spotlight Series - Strength, Faith, and Mindset
In this episode, I talk to a person who is a previous cancer survivor, but also currently living with terminal cancer, about her mindset and how she stays positive
May 27, 2020