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Prevent the Holiday Creep

An episode of LiveFit Radio Podcast with Derek Kuryliw💪💪

By Derek Kuryliw, fitness Yoda :)
We are so excited to introduce our new fitness podcast, client interviews, behind the scenes client meetings, trainer and workout planning and so much more.

In each installment you will...
✔ hear exact tips and strategies recommended to our top client transformations 📃🤔
✔learn new recipes to integrate into your meal plan 🍽🍳
✔hear real life examples of client stratgies to burn more fat 💪
✔healthy lifestyle habits implemented into daily lives of real people!🤸

Our goal is to give you the best possible look into our lives, our clients successes/struggles interviews and entertain you!
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We are so excited to introduce our new fitness podcast, client interviews, behind the scenes client meetings, trainer and workout planning and so much more.

In each installment you will...
✔ hear exact tips and strategies recommended to our top client transformations 📃🤔
✔learn new recipes to integrate into your meal plan 🍽🍳
✔hear real life examples of client stratgies to burn more fat 💪
✔healthy lifestyle habits implemented into daily lives of real people!🤸

Our goal is to give you the best possible look into our lives, our clients successes/struggles interviews and entertain you!

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Quickest Path to a Successful Transformation
There's two ingredients that lead to either your quickest path to success or to failure. Find out how you can harness the power of these two key contributors to have a quick and lasting transformation 💪💚
December 5, 2019
Why do people over diet and overdo cardio??? 🤷🏻‍♂️ The answer is because we always use HUSTLE to overcompensate for RATIONAL KNOWLEDGE. And when we don't have the energy or motivation to "hustle", you do NOTHING. 💯 It's 100% or 10% and never in between. What if you treated your marriage, job, relationships, parents or anything else in your life for that matter with only either 100% commitment or 10% commitment? The answer is you would be successful at exactly ZERO things in your life. 🤦🏻‍♂️👎 This is why you still struggle with your relationship to food and this is why you battle to motivate yourself to exercise.... It's because you're burning yourself out. 🤯 IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE LIVING TOO MUCH IN THE EXTREMES. (capitalized for dramatic effect!) Instead every day you need to focus on getting just 1% better. Day by day make the healthiest choices and actions that reflect what you want to look and feel like. And if you don't know what you want to look and feel like, we might need to start there and start writing down some goals. 📝 Because you might find either... A.) you aren't willing to put in the long term work to get the body you want and maintain it B.) the body you want is not as much effort and as far away if you just continuously keep progressing forward The little things over the long term add up. 🧮 But for some reason your actions don't reflect it. My goal for you today is this... do 1 more rep today. That's it. 1 more rep of anything. 🏋️‍♀️ Walk to the mailbox 1x more, squat to the toilet bowl 1x more...whatever! Then tomorrow you'll walk the neighbors mailbox, then the next day a little further and further until you find yourself 90 days from now and miles later looking awesome and feeling great :) But it starts with 1 more rep today. Do it. Committed to your fitness success, D
December 4, 2019
❌ Trainers Don't Want You to Know This ❌
THIS WILL OFFEND PEOPLE IN MY PROFESSION!!! If your metabolism sucks, watch this. If you've tried every diet and failed, watch this. If your hormones are all screwed up, watch this. If your trainer's answer to your weight loss plateau is more cardio and less food, watch this. If you're upset you aren't losing more than 10 pounds EVERY month, watch this. If your self-image and confidence is at an all-time low because you keep gaining more weight after every diet you attempt, watch this. You need to learn about food, you need to learn what it does and how it can help you. You need to work with a trainer that will teach you what to do and why you are doing it. If you ask your trainer why you are doing something and they cannot answer you, maybe you have found your answer. They are not the right trainer for you! The only shortcut in WEIGHT LOSS is the same thing that will lead to you having a shortcut to your WEIGHT GAIN. Learn what works for you learn how to eat the foods you love and learn to love the body you are in! Now if you don't like me, don't trust me, can't afford to work together or you don't think that we would be a good fit working together...I am 100% okay with that. But you need to find the right coach for you 💯 Surround yourself with MORE KNOWLEDGE from people who know what they are talking about. Check out David Martino to learn macros, Jesse Guthrie to learn keto or Gus Kalathakis to learn the world of fasting (and eating pizza). Read, learn, ask questions and find what works best for you!!! #LiveFit #YourTrainerDoesntLoveYou
November 21, 2019
In Pain and Unmotivated? (to keep pushing or not)
When you are beginner the rules are different, when you are advanced the rules are even more different! At what point do we learn to listen to our bodies and at what point we need to just keep pushing harder? Is it more important to be consistent what is our intensity more important? Find out these answers what you need to do to have a long life of healthy lifting and love your body so it takes care of you!
November 14, 2019
Learn to Rest, Not Quit (lose 4 extra pounds this week)
I lost 4 pounds this week using this stupid simple strategy and 0 workouts. Here's how (and why) you should do the same for yourself! #loveyourself #learntorest #dontquit
November 4, 2019
What does it COST?
Listen to this episode as we break down cost by cost what is helping you and hurting you in your life! This one is a game-changer for a lot of people.
October 30, 2019
Prevent the Holiday Creep
Avoid an extra 5, 10 or 15 pounds this holiday season by incorporating these simple tips.
October 21, 2019
STOP Wasting Time on Indecision
Too many people are waiting for the right time, the right guy, the right workout. You will never know the alternative once you make a decision. every right or wrong choice gathers information, experience, knowledge, power and ammunition that you can use in the future. Stop wasting time and make a choice!
September 30, 2019
Cheat Meal Diet Hack 😋
Super easy diet hack to save your cheat meals and cheat weekends. The best part? No regrets afterwards!
September 25, 2019
Why Diets Keep FAILING You (simple shift 🤫)
Why you keep FAILING with diets, or are DIETS FAILING YOU? This is probably the most honest, raw and real talk about the problem with ALL diet options you're currently considering. Only YOU can create your own perfect diet, and this is how...
September 25, 2019
Work Hard in Silence (then DOMINATE!)
In this first podcast episode in months, find out what's been going on behind the scenes day to day. Find out WHY there hasn't been a new podcast in months and why now is the right time. If you've struggled with sharing dreams with others, only to fall short, this is the episode for you!
September 19, 2019
75 Days to LiveFit | personalized fitness transformation program What does it mean to Live Fit? it means always having enough energy to play with your kids. It means always having enough strength to take a flight of stairs or pick up your grandkids. It means having enough endurance do not have to wait for the closest parking spot or join your family at a theme park. LiveFit is not a quick fix, a crash diet or short-term gimmick. We only teach healthy strategies and solutions to help you achieve your biggest fitness goals in a realistic timeline by doing things that are maintainable, sustainable and measurable for the rest of your life. This 75 day program is intended to help you build momentum and develop healthy habits and rituals in your day-to-day life. You will do this by setting short-term and long-term goals, and emphasizing accountability by using technology to keep you on track.
June 30, 2019
Eat MORE = 🔥 Burn MORE 🔥
When you eat less, your body goes into survival mode!! The leaner you get, the more you'll likely need to eat to keep the fire burning hot. Fuel your body's fire!!!
June 13, 2019
Control Energy and Appetite Fluctuations While Dieting
How to "Control Energy and Appetite Fluctuations" while dieting. The answer might surprise you and is WAY easier than you expect!
June 12, 2019
Why Macros are SO Important
Why are macros so important? Not enough calories = not enough energy Too many calories = too much fat gain You need to find the perfect range that works for you to provide a healthy and safe deficit while still being able to perform optimally!
June 11, 2019
Macro Basics to BURN Faster 🔥
What's a macro? If you've STRUGGLED LOSING WEIGHT, this might be what's missing 😡🤷🏻‍♀️😡🤷🏻‍♀️ Knowing what you're FUELING YOUR BODY with is essential for creating a deficit and a 🔥FAT BURNING ENVIRONMENT🔥 for your metabolism. I'm also happy to hear Kristen Zammit has dropped 6 pounds in the last week making this 1 change!!💪❤️
June 11, 2019
Overcome Diet SABOTAGE on Weekends
So you messed up this weekend huh? It's no big deal! Even though your brain, conscious and motivation is telling you something differently today. It's okay to have a slip-up, it's okay to have a moment of weakness, it's okay to live a little. What we all need to remember is that it happens to all of us and the best of us. Anyone who has made a successful transformation, has also had a successful sabotage weekend of eating! The thing to keep in mind is that you need to swing the pendulum back in the other direction to start creating a rebound of weight loss as soon as possible. What's amazing and also a huge confidence killer, is that you can lose 10 lb over the course of 10 weeks but then gained back 5-7 pounds in the matter of days. Just remember that it is almost impossible to eat 10 lbs of fat in just a couple of days. You are noticing the additional body weight because of sodium, carbohydrates, water retention and all sorts of other scientific phenomena happening inside your body's cells and muscles! Think about what fat looks like for a second. Think of a giant pot roast marbled with fat. Did you eat 8 pounds about this weekend? Doubt it. And if you did then you might want to consider competing against Joey Chestnut in this year's Fourth of July Nathan's hot dog eating contest! The best thing you can do is get back to your foundation as soon as possible and stay patient with the process...
May 30, 2019
Listen with Your Morning Coffee ☕
Watch this with your first cup of coffee today! ☕ 🖐️Stop being so damn emotional. Stop being so hard on yourself. 🛑🛑🛑 Why is it that people are willing to struggle SO MUCH short-term instead of making small sacrifices over the long-term that are more likely to stick and become lifestyle changes? 🤔 Why is it that people that have not lost weight in years are disappointed with losing only 2, 3 or 5 lb in a month? Would you be happy losing 24, 36 or 60 lb in the next 12 months? It has to start somewhere. 🏆 If you just realize that you don't need to kick your ass at bootcamp, CrossFit or kickboxing and instead move a little more and eat a little cleaner over the long term you will have even more success. The reason why we are so successful is because even when you are having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month or a bad moment we are still there to hold you accountable, keep you motivated and on track. 😁🎉 THAT'S THE SECRET! Yes one gym might have a cool type of equipment that another dozen. Or one fitness facility might do a type of exercise that another doesn't. But the real secret is consistency. You have to show up and do the work. Just like elementary, middle and high school there are levels, stages and checkpoints. 📈 This is no different than learning a topic, taking a test and getting your grades. You put in work, you get feedback and correct it. You learn from your wins and you learn even more from your losses. The longer you persevere, the more you learn about yourself and also tips and tricks that help accelerate you faster. But if you quit every time you aren't satisfied with your first 30 days or 30 minutes, you will never get there! You all said January 1st that 2019 was your year for change, well we have 6.5 months remaining to make that happen. It starts today, it starts NOW. Good morning!
May 15, 2019
3 "Secret Sauce" Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping Tips
I don't know about you but one of the most FRUSTRATING questions every day is "hey, what do you want for dinner?" Every month, every week and every day we need to eat dinner yet we often put ZERO planning into one of your most important meals! Do you get late night cravings? Do you wake up hungry? Do you sometimes get nauseous in the morning? Do you hate being unhealthy and overweight? Do you hate wasting money? If ANY of those 5 reasons aren't enough to get your attention, then stop reading. Otherwise, make a plan to join me tomorrow night from 7-7:30pm for our free weekly accountability meeting where I'll be teaching you how to effectively plan your entire menu for the week, grocery shop and prep your meals with AS LITTLE STRESS POSSIBLE!!! But if you enjoy fighting with your family each night, sit this one out :) :)
May 3, 2019
My life in 8 minutes (health, marriage, LiveFit)
Here's a clip from a recent speech where I break down my upbringing, health history, marriage, support team and how LiveFit got started on the back of major adversity!
May 1, 2019
Get SUMMER READY in Less Time!
How to get 6 weeks of results in the next 3 weeks!🔥 ➡️ How many workouts per week ➡️ How much additional cardio needed ➡️ How to safely reduce carbohydrates ➡️ How to maintain and sustain your results
April 25, 2019
Diet Expectations & Disasters | what to eat and what not to eat!
This audio is from our Game of Shreds nutrition and accountability meeting. He discussed setting proper goals, expectations and developing a game plan for your effort and consistency to achieve the outcomes we are looking for. Summer is here and if you want a flat stomach, less body fat and proud of what you see in the mirror...don't miss this podcast!
April 19, 2019
Your Super Powers vs Your Kryptonite
I want to talk to you about something today that might not have ever crossed your brain before, you might not realize, but you have a superhero power. You might not believe it, but you do. The other thing that I'll tell you is you definitely have kryptonite. We all have some things in our lives that we're really, really good at and then we have some things that break us. So figure out what you're best at in your life. Figure out what your superhero power is and then figure out what your kryptonite is. When you can start figuring that out, then you can start using your advantages, your powers, your strengths and figure out what you're doing in those aspects of your life and then just tie them into the other aspects that are breaking you down in life. Remember, you have superhero powers. You also have kryptonite, but we all do. Use your superpowers to help overcome that kryptonite and win, win, win.
April 4, 2019
Your Setbacks Lead to Comebacks
So if you've had a setback, if you have had something that has derailed you from fitness, from life, from whatever it is, it happens to the best of us. But the key thing to remember is that your setback is basically the grounds for your comeback. So while we've all had a setback, we've all had things happen in our lives, we've all had different (I guess) failures, if you want to call it that. We always have still lived on, carried on, moved on, and we succeed.
April 4, 2019
Nutrition 101 - burn more fat, build more muscle, recovery quicker
Here's the audio from my Nutrition 101 seminar. Food is food and what it does is what it does. There are no secrets or tricks. You don’t need to deprive yourself, you just need to learn when certain foods help you most and do your best to eat them at that time. The more good choices you make than bad choices, the better you will do. No matter how hard you workout and train your body, you cannot out train a bad diet!
March 27, 2019
The PERFECT Diet | Track & Tweak
Are you overwhelmed? Is the thought of trying to find time to exercise and healthy meal prep sound intimidating on the heels of spring break? It's okay, you are not alone! The bad news: the heat is here and summer is going to be here in the blink of an eye. If your body and confidence is not where you want it to be, prepare for another summer of covering up in extra clothes and avoiding social situations. The good news: there is time to make MAJOR changes and I can help you start on the right track tonight! I just went live on Facebook with my 3 top tips to conquer tomorrow... After watching the video, take 5 minutes to: 1.) check your refrigerator and pantry to plan out a dinner for tomorrow night that is 'healthier than normal'. This is not supposed to be chicken and salad if you've been used to pizza and fast food, just make subtle changes. 2.) pack your gym bag for tomorrow and put it in a place where you will see it in the morning to take with you to work. Have EVERYTHING ready down to your hair ties and your post workout protein powder and shaker cup. 3.) plan or prepare a 'healthier than normal' breakfast to start tomorrow morning to FLIP THE SWITCH in your brain to signify new beginnings and a healthy start to the week. If you're used to eating donuts switching to deggs, fruit and toast would be a great start in the right direction! The most important thing to remember tonight is that you have 4, 8, 12 weeks until May, June and July. You have time, but you aren't going to get in shape without making a deliberate and consistent effort. Making a lot of small daily changes to being more active, eating slightly cleaner and getting in some daily exercise over the next couple of months will be much more impactful than a crash diet for the next couple of weeks! Win each day and you'll be on your way to a head turning summer :) Committed to your fitness success, Derek
March 27, 2019
Your EASY Button | starting over (nutrition and fitness)
Are you overwhelmed? Is the thought of trying to find time to exercise and healthy meal prep sound intimidating on the heels of spring break? It's okay, you are not alone! The bad news: the heat is here and summer is going to be here in the blink of an eye. If your body and confidence is not where you want it to be, prepare for another summer of covering up in extra clothes and avoiding social situations. The good news: there is time to make MAJOR changes and I can help you start on the right track tonight! I just went live on Facebook with my 3 top tips to conquer tomorrow... After watching the video, take 5 minutes to: 1.) check your refrigerator and pantry to plan out a dinner for tomorrow night that is 'healthier than normal'. This is not supposed to be chicken and salad if you've been used to pizza and fast food, just make subtle changes. 2.) pack your gym bag for tomorrow and put it in a place where you will see it in the morning to take with you to work. Have EVERYTHING ready down to your hair ties and your post workout protein powder and shaker cup. 3.) plan or prepare a 'healthier than normal' breakfast to start tomorrow morning to FLIP THE SWITCH in your brain to signify new beginnings and a healthy start to the week. If you're used to eating donuts switching to deggs, fruit and toast would be a great start in the right direction! The most important thing to remember tonight is that you have 4, 8, 12 weeks until May, June and July. You have time, but you aren't going to get in shape without making a deliberate and consistent effort. Making a lot of small daily changes to being more active, eating slightly cleaner and getting in some daily exercise over the next couple of months will be much more impactful than a crash diet for the next couple of weeks! Win each day and you'll be on your way to a head turning summer :) Committed to your fitness success, Derek
March 27, 2019
5 Stages to Live Fit | overcome burnout & plateaus
Yesterday's "5 Stages to Live Fit" workshop was awesome, but the Q&A afterwards could prove to be life changing for those who attended. The tears, laughs, deep thought and self reflecting are all captured here. Volume up 🎚️🔊
March 17, 2019
Every Minute Counts | 3 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight
If you have been struggling to lose weight or burn that last little bit of fat lately, it typically comes down to one of three common reasons. 1.) You are eating garbage and not staying active enough to burn the excess calories. This one is obvious! 2.) You are working out too much, and not properly refueling your body with enough nutrition and protein to recover. This one is less obvious, but common! 3.) You are eating pretty decent and generally make the right choices, but you are not active enough each week to burn enough calories. This is the most common! One of the simplest things you can do to be more active on days you cannot workout is setting up a daily goal for yourself for a particular exercise. For example if you wanted to emphasize more attention to your legs and booty, you can set a goal to complete 100 repetitions of squats and hip bridges every Saturday and Sunday. Or if you know that you are going to miss a workout on a particular day, text or email me and I will give you two exercises of 100 repetitions to replace that day's work out! Something is always better than nothing. And if you have slipped up even just slightly on your meal plan, that little bit of activity will help to offset the additional caloric intake. There is nothing worse than being "pretty good on your diet" but not seeing the scale move. If you think about it though, the formula is a combination of exercise and proper diet. So if you are not exercising enough, and your diet isn't 100% percent, you will continuously fight an uphill battle. Simplify the formula to your transformation: eat a little bit healthier and move a little bit more. Every little bit adds up and every little minute of activity counts in your overall success! Committed to your fitness success, Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda :)
March 11, 2019
Your Fitness Schedule | days off, rest, soreness
Thursdays are always a tricky day for people, but especially when it comes to fitness. It's almost Friday so your brain starts creeping into weekend mode. Weekend mode also sometimes means weekend habits: lazy, cheat meals, beer/wine and no workouts Don't let this happen to you! Historically throughout the last 7-1/2 years at LiveFit Thursdays are the slowest day of the week. What you'll also find historically is that the clients that attend on Thursdays are also our most successful transformations. Why? Because they are working out because it's a part of their routine. It's what they do every day before or after work. It's not Thursday to them, it's just another day of the week. For clients new to working out, by the time Thursdays roll around every square inch of their body is sore. They think that there is no way that we'll find a body part that isn't sore to work on that day, so they'll take the day off. When the truth is that a body in motion stays in motion. If you stop moving you get stiff and even MORE SORE! You need to move, drink more water, stretch and lift to help increase blood flow to all your muscles to dramatically increase your recovery time. The other thing to keep in mind is that if you're working with an experienced trainer, they'll already know EXACTLY how sore you are already and programmed appropriate exercises on Thursday to stimulate your muscles, not annihilate them! One of things you'll almost always find on Thursdays at LiveFit is what I call "fun" things. Is it still hard? Does it still kinda suck? Yes of course, but afterwards you feel freaking amazing, less sore and filled with endorphins. Today for instance is a combination of ab exercises, throwing around medicine balls, playing with frisbees (seriously), and running/walking through tires. All different and unique type things that will still get your body moving, but leave your body and muscles feeling fresh going into the weekend. But you would've never know had you taken the day off :)
January 24, 2019
The BEST Workouts for Beginners
What are the best workouts and best exercises for beginners? That is a question I get frequently, but especially during January (and then again just before summer) when people start working out again. It's like people think there's a magic "beginner exercise" or "beginner workout"... It's a reasonable question, but it really doesn't apply to anything else in life. When you wanted to learn how to ride a bike, you didn't practice by riding a scooter. You practice by riding a bike, but with training wheels. A football team does not prepare for a game by playing baseball. A team prepares by running through football plays at a slower pace, with less intensity and less duration. The answer is, do the same thing! Well kinda... Do the same thing but with less weight, less intensity and less duration. Just like with anything else in your life that you want to improve upon, you have to train yourself to get better and better at what you're trying to get better at doing. It's not like you can do one type of work out as a beginner, but magically one day there's a graduation to a new different type of advanced workout. One of the most frustrating things that prospective clients clients tell me is that they are going to "work out and get into a little bit better shape" before starting to work out at LiveFit. Huh? How does that make any sense? How can you get better at doing something without actually doing it? You can't! Same with marriage, same with parenting, same with your job you get better and better by doing and doing. So don't let fear, doubt or uncertainty hold you back. Do a little bit of research on exercises, or a gym, or a bootcamp, or a CrossFit and try it. If you don't like it, move on to the next thing. But sitting back and waiting, or doing nothing, is not going to help you. Ever. A healthier, leaner and stronger you is waiting on the other side of your fears. Let's go meet her (or him)!
January 17, 2019
The SIMPLEST Way to get 🔥LEAN🔥
I see so much WASTED EFFORT and ATTENTION each day to things that do not matter or won't matter in the long run for your health and fitness. Stop being FANCY with COUNTING CALORIES, CALCULATING MACROS, WEIGHING YOUR FOOD, deciding whether 25g or 50g of CARBS would be better for your KETO DIET or whatever the hell else that you are constantly debating instead of actually doing! All the things I mentioned above important? Hell yes! But not until you master the basics and understand what the heck you are doing. You need to understand what a protein does and is, what a carbohydrate does and is, what a fat does and is before you can decide whether or not you should be eating MORE, LESS or NONE at all. Need more help? Listen up!
January 17, 2019
2019 DOMINATION | Fitness & Nutrition Success Strategies
2019 Fitness Predications, Conquering Diet Pitfalls, Stubborn Body Part Exercises, Creating Accountability Systems and How to DOMINATE this Year!!! 💪🔥🍑📆 This is be audio from our Sunday January 6th Facebook live with my wife Michelle. #LiveFit #Transformation #Resolutions #2019
January 7, 2019
Fitness & Nutrition Success Strategies
How to successfully set up your yearly, quarterly, monthly, two weeks, one week, 72-hour, 24-hour goals to have a kick-ass 2019 for your health, fitness and nutrition... Oh yeah and be the happiest you've ever been!!!
January 7, 2019
Life is NOT Short, STOP Wasting Opportunities
**RANT** this is controversial and going to upset some people, but you need to hear this. If you are one of those people that continuously say that "life is short", you are most likely living with regret and pessimism. Life is long. Life is long as hell. You have chances, opportunities, relationships and situations on a daily basis that you can either take advantage of or let pass you by. If you love someone, tell them. If they die and you did not, don't say that life is short. You had 40 damn years with the person... that's on you, not father time! When you say that life is short the first thing that happens is you think you need to have everything figured out, perfect and silver-lined in your life. Well that's not reality. What is reality is that the more often you take chances, the more often you fail and the quicker you learn from your mistakes. The problem is, no one wants to learn from their mistakes. Instead they'd rather say that "life is short and it's too late." It comes down to a simple concept of accountability. It is not time's fault, it is not life's fault or anyone else's fault if you are not where you want to be in your life. If you are not sure where your time has gone start by checking your bank ledger and your calendar to see what else you have prioritized over a happier, healthier and better life. Now on many subjects regarding to life and happiness, I will hold my tongue out of respect for people that have live longer on this planet. But the fact that I am only 35 years old, I think I have all the right in the world to speak on this topic. If you are older than me and you say that life is short, shame on you. Do better. Expect more. Try harder. Take chances. Risk more. Love more. Help more. Give more. If not, live with the regret and disappointment, but that is not the life that I am choosing to live! Committed to your fitness success, Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda :)
December 19, 2018
2019 Goal Setting and Resolution Planning
Was 2018 another year of failures and missed opportunities? If so, watch this video to learn from your mistakes and how to avoid repeating them 👊💯 Goal setting and resolution planning for 2019 needs to start now! #fitness #weightloss #goals #motivation
December 12, 2018
Weight Loss BEFORE 2019 (3 steps)
With Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years creeping fast around the corner the extra 3, 5 up to 10 holiday pounds will start creeping just as fast! So when I sent my weekly check-in email to my 2019 transformation challenge test group clients I wanted to make sure they had 4 easy strategies to help them conquer holiday parties and peer pressure at the office to eat "Mary's cookies".  This is the challenge group where I'm paying THEM $50 if they lose 10 pounds by Jan 4th and many of them are down 4-6 pounds already after 3 weeks, but I know the next 3 weeks will be extra challenging! Here are 3 ways to accelerate your results in the next 3 weeks... 1.) Start increasing your daily cardio- you need to move more. If you eat more, you have to move more. It's that simple. Start aiming to hit 500 or even 1000 reps of a daily cardio movement (jumping jacks, mountain runners, bicycle crunches) or a minimum 15 minute walk after dinner every night. No time to workout? At least do your daily cardio for the next 21 days!!! 2.) Eat More Vegetables- include veggies AND a salad whenever possible for lunch AND dinner. The extra fiber will help your digestion, break down saturated fats, keep you full and decrease your appetite. 3.) Drink More Water- most of the time when you think you are hungry you are actually either a.) bored or b.) dehydrated. Aim for a minimum of 6 ounces every hour that you're awake each day. Water combined with vegetables will greatly decrease your appetite and late night cravings.  BONUS TIP- drink a protein shake and 20 ounces of water before every party or meal where you know you'll be tempted to eat bad foods. You'll be less likely to mindlessly snack and you'll get full much quicker if you do!
December 11, 2018
6 Steps to MAXIMIZE Holiday Fitness
Can't find motivation this holiday season to workout or eat healthy, then don't! Follow those 6 easy to implement tips to jump into 2019 in better condition than you started 2018 💪💪
December 4, 2018
The MOST IMPORTANT Week for your Health & Fitness 💯
This is an important week in your health and fitness journey, but probably something that is overlooked by so many people. 🤔 The reason being is that this is the last week before the month of December rolls around which is historically a month of falling off track for most gym goers. What I want to stress and drive home to you this morning is that it does not have to be this way because whether you realize it or not, the next holiday excuse is right around the corner! January- "I'll start next month when gyms slow down and I pay down my Christmas credit card debt." 📆 March- "We have spring break with the kids this month so we're going to focus on family time and start back next month." 🌻 April- "I have family coming into town for Easter so I'll be busy preparing, cooking and entertaining company." 🐇🐣 May- "It's the last month at school and I'm so busy, I really need to make sure my kids are focused and on track to graduate." 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 June- "Kids are off of school and we are planning a few vacations together so I just want to spend time at home with them." 👙 July- "We only have one month left of summer vacation and we'll be starting school shopping soon plus, we have another trip planned with the kids. I'll start back next month." ✈️ August- "Geez the kids are finally back in school and I'm exhausted. I'm going to use the next month to get myself caught up then start working out next month." 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 October- "Well this month is crazy with homecoming, gymnastics and school sports in full swing. I'm really trying to make it back by November." 🎃 November- "Oh sh!t it's almost 2019, I better get my butt in gear. (2 weeks later...) Wow it's Thanksgiving already? I'll be out this week and start back after Thanksgiving." 🦃 Present day- so what's your excuse now? Someday never comes, tomorrow is never promised, but yet we keep pushing our health off as something that is going to "magically" fall into place NEXT MONTH. Wrong. In fact I would argue that my most successful clients ever have been those that have started in November and December. Most likely because they knew that January 1st wasn't a guarantee to fitness success. 💯 The secret, the ONLY secret, is to stay moving every day and make more healthier food choices than unhealthy ones. So whether you're on a good path or you need a complete overhaul, I beg you not to wait another month to start focusing on getting stronger and healthier. Because a new month will bring new excuses, roadblocks and probably 2, 3 or 5 more pounds than what you're carrying around today. Even if it doesn't seem like it, the best time to get started is NOW! Committed to your fitness success, Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda :) PS... if you need a push to get started, our Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals end at midnight tonight! Save up to 50% on bootcamp, PT and our 14 Day December Detox program when you take advantage today. ⚠️⚠️Check another post on my page or private message me for the link since Facebook will hide my post from everybody if I add it here! ⚠️⚠️
November 26, 2018
Struggling w/ Motivation and Accountability | how to get on track and stay on track
Common sense would tell you that it takes motivation to get started, but it takes accountability to keep going. But what happens if you are lacking motivation? What happens if you are lacking motivation to even get started? Maybe a good idea would be to find another friend that is lacking in motivation, and start working out together. While that also might seem like common sense, that is most likely where most new gym goers go wrong. Motivating each other the first day to work out is a great idea. But once you get started, you need to look for other people that are already doing what you would like to be doing. You need to look for other people that might be your same age, same height, same profession, same amount of kids or whatever it might be... Because those people have already found not only their motivation, but have built-in accountability systems to keep them on track. You will learn from there failures and successes. Success leaves clues, it leaves history and it leaves lessons. So when you surround yourself with other people who have already been successful you will naturally start to pick up healthier habits, develop some of their work ethic and you will now have a motivated person watching out for you. Whereas if you were sticking with your unmotivated buddy that you started with, chances are chaos will come up in their life and they will fall off track. If you are depending on them, you would then fall off track also. Instead by YOU finding one, two or three gym buddies and YOUR OTHER UNMOTIVATED FRIEND finding one, two or three gym buddies you now have built-in and accountability circle of two four or six people to HELP BOTH OF YOU! Together you will grow stronger, leaner, wiser, healthier, happier to start approaching fitness with an entirely new outlook. It becomes a part of your lifestyle!!!! Then you and your previously unmotivated gym buddy now become the two people that two new unmotivated gym buddies look to for motivation and accountability... Now that's full circle :-) What you should do: 1.) Identify whatever goals or accomplishments you want to achieve and find out where other people who have accomplished these things hang out, workout, spend time or do business. 2.) Introduce yourself to as many of those people as possible and start spending more time in those places. 3.) Start doing what they do and ask them questions when you get stuck or need inspiration. 4.) When that person continuously sees your face, sees your enthusiasm and sees your commitment they will naturally gravitate to help you. Humans love contributing, helping and providing value. Find a mentor, prove yourself, be consistent, provide value and before you know it they will be that person who is always there to help motivate you and hold you accountable. If you need help with an introduction or suggestion, I am always happy to help. Just ask :-) Committed to your fitness and life success, D
November 25, 2018
CHOCOLATE or BROCCOLI- surviving the holiday suck
CHOCOLATE OR BROCCOLI??? Tough decision!! 🤔🤔 I'm extremely fortunate to do what I love doing every single day of my life. I truly think that because I love what I do, that I'm able to work longer, withstand the sucky times and look forward to new challenges to face. Not everyone is this lucky and not everyone actually looks forward to the challenges. I have to admit that it's always going to be easier to accomplish these things if you love what you do. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, even more important than loving what you do is loving the process and the work required. You might not enjoy every squat or pushup rep so instead, focus on what each rep is doing to your body.... ...adding strength, building mental toughness, developing resilience and improving your endurance in all areas of life. 💯 Are there going to be times that you HATE what you are doing? Sure. That's why during those tough times you need to remember what this step or action is doing FOR you, FOR your future and FOR your life's impact on the world. EXAMPLE ==> Eating broccoli instead of chocolate ice cream is never going to produce the same enjoyment, but if you think about all the digestive and enzymatic processes that little piece of broccoli is doing FOR you in your body you'll start to appreciate it more. Sometimes it's hard to realize that the reason we have less bloating, had a great poop 💩 or didn't have heartburn was actually because of that little piece of broccoli that you had a day earlier. Good things take time! That doesn't mean you should delay your transformation or your steps to become healthier, but rather execute patience over the long haul to enjoy the effects of our healthier changes to take place. 💯 Treat your body and your transformation like your kids... They don't always learn things the first time, you have to repeat yourself often and when things don't go your way you need to take a deep breath in and out, reset yourself and keep pushing forward!!! You've done this in other aspects of your life to be successful, now it's time to treat your body the same way with consistent love and patience. Committed to your fitness success, Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda :)  PS...I'm still looking for 6 more people for our 2019 Transformation "Test Group". If you're interested in working together the next 6 weeks, I'll pay you if you lose 10 pounds ==>
November 16, 2018
Resolution Solution BUSTER
The key to having a successful New year's resolution in 2019 is getting ahead of it today. Doing a little bit more today than you did yesterday is the only way to be successful this time of year. If you think you are going to have a complete nutrition and fitness overhaul in November, think again! Instead you need to focus on progressive incremental activity and trying to fill in the voids of meal planning with as many healthy options as possible.
November 13, 2018
(WARNING) No one cares until you do...RANT!!!
WARNING RANT>> if you're in a bad relationship, a job you don't like, addicted to food, out of shape and complaining to friends and family BUT do nothing to help yourself...STOP!!! If you want something to change, you have to change something. If you were in the same relationship, same job, addicted to the same foods and out of shape last year what makes you think anything is ever going to change? If you keep asking for help and complaining about your problems, but never do anything to improve yourself, how could you expect anyone else to care for you? (Look up definition of "askhole") Change starts with you. Then others will support you. Then you start building confidence and a team of supporters. Then you will start supporting others. Then a year will go by and you will forget the struggles you are currently facing. But it starts with YOU 💯
November 8, 2018
Living in turbulence times | Dealing With Stress
Is your life in turbulence? During times of turbulence do you remain rigid or allow yourself to be flexible? Because if the wings of this plane were not flexible I would be dead, Sully couldn't save me and I couldn't save myself. It would be a free fall! Does this sound like your life? If so, listen and learn how to create flexibility in your life when times get tough!
November 5, 2018
Win or learn... NEVER LOSE!!! | Proving all cliches wrong is on you
This is the most foo foo topic you'll ever hear me discuss but you need to hear it. Today is all about mindset. If you think you're going to win, you'll win. If you think you're going to fail, you'll fail. Do you talk about the past as your 'prime' or do you talk about your best is yet to come? It really comes down to learning the strategy in this podcast. These are tips I learned and wanted to share after talking to Jen Hall about her and her husband Jon's current health and fitness. Both in their 40's and in the best shape of their lives they have 1 secret, they work for it and their actions match their goals. I think this one will really hit home for a lot of you that might be off track or feeling down on yourself. Get ready, BUCKLE UP and enjoy!!
November 4, 2018
It will never get easier than NOW
Today, right now in this moment is the best and easiest time to make any changes in your life. No matter if it's exercising, eating healthier, having a tough conversation with a spouse or co-worker, asking for a promotion, asking for a date or anything else you want to accomplish... NOW is the easiest time to do it. The longer you wait, the more FEAR starts to settle in your brain. F- false  E- events  A- appearing  R- real You see the fear we create in our mind is just BS that has been programmed into your thinking process. The anxiety we feel before making a decision or action is never as bad as when you actually make a decision. Because once you make a decision the anxiety is over. Now you can focus on course correcting the results of your decision. As we know there is a response for every action, but what you might not realize is that there's a greater response for every inaction. When we wait and wait and wait.... then analyze and debate over and over and over again all you are doing is creating new problems in your head that do not exist yet. You are wasting away time, attention and energy.  (^^ 3 things you can't get back! ^^) Is it possible some of your fears might become reality? Of course. So instead of dwelling beforehand save your time, attention and energy to actually fight the battles as they arrive. Otherwise all you're doing is putting out fake fires in your head, and that's what I call CRAZY! Over the last 5 weeks or so I've started using an application and interview process before bringing on new clients for coaching, training or bootcamp. I've really liked it because it has really helped me get to know my new clients so much better to understand their goals, what motivates them and what struggles to anticipate when working together. But what blows my mind is how many people complete the 7 question application and then never show up to their appointment or answer the phone when I call! Instead I'll receive a text that says... "I don't have the time." Even though we've never discussed a schedule or know that we have workouts from 5:30am until 7:30pm most days. "I can't afford it." Even thought we've never discussed a program or price and sitting down to share my 15 years of experience, tips and strategies is $0. "I can't do the exercises." Even though they don't know what we do or that we modify every workout for ages 8-80 and any type of injury or ability level. "The program isn't right for me." Even though they don't know what we have to offer from online coaching to private training to large group training. All that is happening is they are letting False Events Appear Real because they are delaying taking action. The first step, the first day, the first try is always the hardest and scariest.  So get it over with QUICK and before you can overthink it! Just like pulling a band aid, go fast and don't hesitate. Because you're probably in the current situation you're in because of this same voice guiding you in the wrong direction in the past. You're letting that voice win and guess what? You're proving it right. Stop overthinking things. Start making decisions faster. Start doing. Nothing happens until you start doing. So go. Do. Win! Committed to your fitness success, Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda :)
October 20, 2018
Overcome Weekend Weight Gain
Do you get frustrated from weekend weight gain? You go Monday through Friday each week, kicking butt and taking names then enjoy one or two small Indulgence on the weekend, only to find yourself weighing 2, 3 or 5 lbs heavier on Monday. What the heck right!? Here's the first thing that you need to consider... 1.) Did you eat 2, 3 or 5 lb of food? Chances are you did not. So what you need to realize is that a lot of the weight gain you are seeing a day or two after a cheat meal is excess water and bloating. This is simply your body's response to something foreign. Here's the second thing that you need to consider... 2.) If it's that hard to lose 2, 3 or 5 lb Monday through Friday, do you really think you can gain that much in only one or two bad meals on the weekend? Of course not! Again, it's just your body adjusting. So keep this in mind... Every gram of carbohydrates you eat, your body needs water in order to digest. This means that instead of excreting excess fluid like usual (peeing), your body will hold on to that additional fluid in order to digest those additional carbohydrates. The same reason applies when you cut out carbohydrates and you are able to lose a quick 3, 5 or 10 lb of water weight on a low carb diet. So if you do not give yourself credit when you first start a diet of losing water weight, why do you beat yourself up over gaining a few pounds of water weight after working so hard during the week? The answer is, you shouldn't! Cheat meals on the weekends should be a healthy part of your long-term success plan. ==> These meals should include foods that you love, crave and enjoy most. ==> They should be enjoyed in moderation and not an all-out gluttonous attack. ==> They should only be included if you were on track and stayed on your meal plan throughout the week. ==> They should only contribute to one or two of your total meals each week. So instead of sweating an extra couple of pounds that you see on the scale on Monday morning, just restart your healthy eating and move on. Or you could just throw on an extra long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt to go for a walk to sweat off your delicious weekend treat. Remember that your "fitness journey" is really just a fancy way of saying you are living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Remember that your "diet" is really just a fancy way of saying you are eating a healthier and more balanced selection of food. Neither definition requires you to starve, suffer, regret or anything else. They only require balance and moving forward to the next meal, workout and choice! Tomorrow is a new day. Carpe Diem. Committed to your fitness success, Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda :)
October 15, 2018
Flip your fitness strategy (commitment issues)
I've got a a bit of harsh reality to share (or expose) with you today... Your stubborn body parts that are holding onto excess fat are only going to add on more and more fat. Why? Because your fat is committed :) Your fat doesn't take a day or a meal off. Your fat definitely doesn't take a week or a month off. So while you're skipping workouts a greater uphill battle is forming on your...  ==> hips  ==> lower belly  ==> inner thighs  ==> back of your arms  ==> bra fat area What can you do? The obvious answer is- don't skip days! But I realize that everyone has different schedules, priorities and limitations that hold them back on a daily basis from going to bootcamp or a gym. This means you need to build in time and develop a new routine. Something simple, quick and effective. That's why my Morning Metabolizer workouts help so much because in under 5-8 minutes you can attack your 2 most stubborn body parts every day with 200 direct fat burning repetitions. I explained these style of workouts with you last Wednesday, but in case you missed it... What is a Morning Metabolizer? Of course I always love giving things cool names, but in short a Morning Metabolizer is a quick 5 minute workout (or more) to jumpstart your metabolism first thing in the morning! While you're sleeping overnight, your body is processing the surplus glucose, amino acids and fatty acids to help heal, grow and recover your body from the previous day's wear and tear. So when you wake up, your blood sugar is at its lowest point meaning your body's primary energy source will be from any last remaining glucose in your system or your stored body fat. How do you do it? The easiest way to to get started is to pick 2 exercises, perform 20 repetitions each and repeat for 5 total sets. The best part is these can be done very quickly. For instance 20 jumping jacks and 20 bicycle crunches would take less than 40 seconds for an advanced client, but no more than 20 seconds for the most beginner client. So you'd finish this in under 5 minutes to start your day! To target your most stubborn body parts, you can include exercises each morning that isolate those areas best. For instance if you don't like the back of your arms and want to burn extra fat from your inner thighs you could do 20 close grip push-ups against your countertop and 20 wide leg squats for five total sets tomorrow morning. The key is to not overthink it and just do it! After a couple of days it will become routine and habit. The early morning adrenaline and endorphin release will help jumpstart a great day with more energy and a faster metabolism! Committed to your fitness success, D PS...if you need ideas on what exercises to do to target your trouble areas, or how to modify an exercise due to injury or space, just reply back and I'll put together a free personalized plan for you today :)
October 12, 2018
2 things you're missing... ACCOUNTABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY
Did you catch yesterday's Transformation Tuesday story? If not, then you need to take 2 minutes and read it now because the lesson you'll learn is EXTREMELY valuable... Read Ashley's story ==> The reason it's SO important to read is that she shares the 2 "magic ingredients" that go into making LiveFit such a success: community and accountability Having a support team in your corner to keep you on track is invaluable because things are always going to pop up in your life, but those supportive people will help to make sure what's important doesn't get forgotten. Those supportive people (and your coaches) help to keep you accountable and to help you focus on making YOU a priority to be happy and healthy! Did you have a few bad months? So did Ashley. Did you have battles of depression? So did Ashley. Did you want to give up? So did Ashley. The only difference between you and Ashley is that she did not give up because she had the community and
October 3, 2018
REBOOT & RECHARGE- how to destress and sleep your best
Are you somebody who struggles to sleep at night? Is your mind constantly racing and not letting you unwind and relax? Do you wake up in the middle of the night remembering something that you don't want to forget and can't fall back asleep? Are you always stressed, anxious and lacking Energy? If you said yes to any of these questions then you need to listen to this super important podcast now! Your sleep is so important for so many things... Your energy, motivation, self esteem, Focus, metabolism, attitude and friendliness all are heavily impacted by a lack of sleep. There are two keys that I always stress when helping clients that have difficulty sleeping... 1. Quality vs Quantity 2. Setting up your unapologetic nightly routine Turn your speakers up, sit back and listen to a life-changing episode!
September 20, 2018
Best time to workout? (1st podcast with the Wifey!)
What's the best time for workout motivation? Are you a morning worker outer or an afternoon worker outer? Michelle and I live on complete opposite schedules, workout at different times, feel motivated at different times. But the key is to do what works best for you! Listen to our delirious disaster of a first podcast together! 😂😂
September 13, 2018
How to be happier EVERY weekend
Of course everyone tells you to distance yourself from negativity, but that's not always the easiest when you work or live with negative people. So how do you avoid it? How do you make changes in your life? Tune into this new episode to find out how to take control of your life, surround yourself with more positive people and start making major changes in your happiness!
September 7, 2018
Focus on 30 YEARS, not 30 DAYS!
The most important video to change the next 30 years of your life... Volume 📣☝️ Let me know your thoughts in the comments⤵️⤵️
September 7, 2018
Stop caring what others think! (Gary Vee takeaways)
It's amazing what you can learn in 1 hour. I am a HUGE fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and was fortunate to hear him speak. His highlight topics were about self awareness, self confidence, striking while the iron is hot and who you should NOT be listening too. The dude was amazing, here's my recap...
August 30, 2018
We needed to talk about OUR RELATIONSHIP!
This is a must listen if you're a person who listens to a bunch of podcasts, follows a ton of fitness athletes on IG, buy diets online... but especially the people NOT seeing results! Listen up, this is for you.
August 27, 2018
Getting back to the BASICS!!!
Just because something is healthy for you or contributes to good health, does it necessarily mean it's good for weight loss. Weight loss is its own completely separate animal. You can either attack it directly and give up everything to lose weight at all costs. Or you can focus on getting healthy as possible and letting weight loss be the side effect. But you can't do both!
August 24, 2018
MOTIVATION MONDAY RANT...please listen or read ⤵️⤵️
MOTIVATION MONDAY RANT...please watch or read and share your thoughts below⤵️⤵️ Today is going to be all about setting up realistic expectations and goals for yourself. Unfortunately in the day and age of Instagram, YouTube and social media we are trying to compare ourselves to something that's not real. Plain and simple! The first thing to realize is that if somebody is airbrushing, filtering or face tuning their pictures they are not hiding abs, muscle definition or something that looks good... They are hiding their flaws! The other thing to keep in mind is that you don't know their body type, genetics, age, adversities, stubborn body parts, or anything else that has gone into their personal journey. Chances are what you dislike about your body, is also what will look the best and have the most curves once you add a little bit of muscle. Remember that fat makes you bulky, muscle makes you curvy! So what you need to do is idolize and admire people with similar genetic and bod
August 20, 2018
Stop F'in Losing! *RANT*
Are you tired of losing? Do you feel like the odds are stacked against you and you can't seem to find any wins right now? Tired of seeing everyone else went around you and making it look easy? Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say that the Reps don't start counting until they start hurting... So quit bitching and listen up!
August 14, 2018
Success starts with Sunday planning 🤔📝🏆
Success starts with Sunday planning 🤔📝🏆 Not being productive and things that "pop up" that we forgot are two of the biggest contributors to daily stress! 😤😱🤪 We have so many external daily contributors to stress, that we need to control our inner stress by planning, forecasting and organizing our week in advance. 💆‍♂️🛀🛌✌ Here is how I have managed my days, weeks and months for the past 8 years to make it possible to run a business, Vlog, Blog, podcast, email, reply to client text, send personal messages and everything else I get done on a daily basis. 📣🏋️‍♂️🎧💻📺📸 Check the comments on Facebook for the exact two forms I use in the video that you can download FREE and start using tomorrow! Please share this with your friends and anyone you know that is stressed, overwhelmed and could use this information to improve the quality of their life :-)
August 13, 2018
Today is my first day 'back to work' after a week away last week cruising on the beautiful Oasis of the Seas. Before I left last Sunday, I had written a 2 emails each day in the week leading up so that you'd still hear from me each day to continue to motivate, guide and inspire you. So all I had to do each day was press "SEND" and the work was done so that I could enjoy more time with my wife and friends. That's it, just a little planning ahead to make sure the work got done. Nothing fancy. But that's what I'm here to talk to you about today, not getting too fancy. While away last week, I was still able to get in 4 workouts while overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. I also took the steps to and from my room each time no matter if we were going for food, drinks, the pool or even my workouts. On a boat with 16 floors and routinely going from the pool on the 16th floor down to food/drinks on the 5th floor, we were routinely walking/running 11 flights of step
August 6, 2018
The best CRASH DIET for quick weight loss as discussed in the previous episode, under eating always leads to underperforming. That's why most crash diets do not work. Instead you need to still feel your body properly, but just with more efficient sources of food. Learn this quick 4 meal per day short-term, crash diet meal plan to drop 10 lb in 30 days without the dreaded rebound or a plateau at the end.
July 25, 2018
Why undereating ALWAYS underperforms
Here are the five stages of disappointment when under eating is your go-to weight loss option! Trying to lose a quick 5, 10 even 20 lb? Learn why under-eating is the quickest recipe to disaster.
July 25, 2018
3 ways to "dumb down" your meal plan...
"Meal prep is the elusive beast that can never be tamed, captured or Sasquatch!" Does this sound like you? If so, then you need something to get you on track and the easiest way to do that is to "dumb it down" for a couple of weeks to start establishing a routine. For the past 3 weeks we've been ordering from ReBuilt Meals, a healthy food delivery service that drops your food off on your doorstep (or our gym) every Monday and Thursday morning. It literally takes less than 3 minutes to unpack and organize your healthy meals and you're ready to go for the week with 5 lunches and 5 dinners. But, I'm going to trust that you'll stilloverthink this so.... Here are 3 easy meal plan samples to help you on your way: #1 Balanced Healthy Lifestyle Fat Loss Plan Breakfast- 1 cup Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup blueberries  Snack- 1 apple with 1 tbsp of peanut butter  Lunch- ReBuilt Meals "BBQ Chicken Flatbread"  Snack- protein shake with 1 tbsp peanut butter  Dinner- ReBuilt Me
July 21, 2018
You have been LIED to...
You always hear the old cliche that getting started and showing up is the hardest part. That is the biggest load of BS! Showing up is one of the lowest levels of commitment you can apply. Showing up does not promise success at all. In fact if you don't plan on showing up the following day, you are probably wasting your time by showing up today. Because a great body is earned over time, not in a single meal or workout. Continuing to show up, learning from your mistakes, not repeating them and getting started every time you fall I'll track does promise success. Patience, resilience and consistency is the true difference maker!
July 19, 2018
Inspiration Tuesday- Interview w/ 76 Year Old Fitness Freak Watch an exclusive interview with 76 year old fitness inspiration Art Faschan. After a random meeting together at a Publix 7 years ago, Art fell in love with training and is now a motivation to others. In this interview you'll hear his morning routine, his diet, his surgery & setbacks, his advice for others his age, his job at Lowe's moving refrigerators and so much more that'll leave your jaw on the ground and smiling ear to ear. This is an inspirational story YOU NEED to hear!
July 17, 2018
**LISTEN NOW** It'll change your day
It's a mind game. A challenge of toughness. Revealing of grit and perseverance. Test of resilience. A measurement of will power and determination. No, I'm not talking about fitness or transformation challenges or a mud run or even military basic training. I'm talking about LIFE! I'm talking about ALL OF IT. Every day is a test. Every day is a challenge. Every day is a fight. Some of us handle it better than others, and some of you crumble. Which one are you? Do you let one bad meal derail an entire day, week or month of progress? Do you let one negative comment from a co-worker ruin your day? Do you let a disagreement with your husband become a disagreement with everyone you encounter today? No matter what you answered above, just know that you can change that. You can be better. You can be stronger. You can overcome more. You can move on and move forward to bettering yourself. More than anything, that's what I want for YOU. And together over the next 28 days, I'm going to be your safe
July 15, 2018
My challenge to YOU!
Do you think you can go 28 for 28? In the next couple of days we will be beginning our 28 day nutrition and accountability challenge. I love challenges because it gets people motivated and encouraged, but I dislike challenges because some people get overwhelmed and overthink things. This is not going to be one of those times! I want you to dummy down your fitness and health. I want you to create three simple daily action steps that you are going to do routinely and commit to. These should not be challenging steps, rather the challenge should be doing them consistently for 28 days. Small healthy action steps in the right direction each day will get you much further than a perfect workout and a perfect diet for one day.
July 12, 2018
Don't underestimate these 3 things...
There are so many components to fitness that it's easy to understand why most people tend to complicate the process. Do you do this? There's high carb, low carb, fast cardio, slow cardio, weight lifting, Zumba, Crossfit and bootcamp workouts, but what works best? They are all the best. They are all the best if you enjoy it, can fit it into your daily routine and can stay consistent. But more important than what type of diet or workout or cardio you choose is these 3 things... 1.) Water intake- most people when they order water say they'll have "just water". Just water? Do you realize that over 70% of this earth and YOUR body is made of water? The more clean water you drink on a daily basis the more efficient and effective your digestion, metabolism, your organs and body will respond. Want to look younger? Drink more water.  Want to feel less aches and pain? Drink more water.  Want to recover faster from workouts? Drink more water. 2. Protein intake- while most people are focus
July 11, 2018
Start your Monday off right...
If you want to kick your week off on the right track for weight loss, fat burning and the best workouts, the preparation begins on Sundays! Learn my simplified way of making your to-do list, packing your gym bag and getting meals prepped for Monday.
July 8, 2018
My 5 Groundrules for CHEAT MEALS!
1. No Guilt– Savor it. Enjoy it. If you allow yourself to feel guilty, you are missing the point. Cheat meals are intended to be “mini breaks” from your day to day eating schedule and be a reward for sticking to your program throughout the week. 2. Plan your indulgence meals– They should not be a spur of the moment decision. I always recommend to my coaching clients to write down their cravings on their daily meal log. This way you see it daily and you can use it to plan and reward yourself at the end of the week. 3. Don’t forget everything you know about portion control– An indulgence meal should not be a license to binge. Instead, plan it, measure it and ENJOY! 4. Limit your indulgence meals to two times a week most of the time. This one is self explanatory I think…if your cheat meals become more frequent, they are no longer cheat meals, you are just cheating yourself. 5. Move on– Don’t allow an indulgence meal to be a trigger to more bad eating. This is extremely common around t
July 7, 2018
All about Proteins, Carbs and Fats
HEAT/POWER (dry, clean logs) aka Protein Once your fire starts to build, you need to immediately and frequently add new dry logs to keep it burning and burning hot. This is just like protein. Only protein burns hot, not carbs and fats. The more frequently you add protein to your fire the longer and hotter it will burn. It is long lasting, efficient and your most important macro nutrient. You see, when you eat carbs and fats your body has to work harder to burn them through activity and exercise. But when you eat protein, your body heats up to burn them without activity. It sustains life without any additional fuel source! Without enough protein your body will have spikes and crashes of energy and becomes a very inefficient fire. FUEL (sticks, paper, lighter fluid) aka Carbohydrates In order to start a fire you cannot take a lighter (or blowtorch) to a log and expect it to ignite on fire. Instead you need small sticks, paper and kindling to build up heat that will then encompass
July 2, 2018
Keeping your fire BURNING HOT! (metabolism basics)
I feel that my job is to simplify things down for you, dilute them to their simplest form, and provide you with the tools to be successful in your weight loss and body transformation journey. You see, most times when I meet someone who has previously struggled with losing weight or sticking to a “diet” it’s because they have created WAY too much deprivation. What you need to understand about your body and your metabolism is that it needs FUEL to FUNCTION. If you continuously starve yourself while attempting to lose weight you might burn off a few pounds but, within a week or so your body will switch over to “SURVIVAL MODE”. This means it is no longer burning food to provide energy, instead your body is choosing to store your food to protect itself from potentially starving. So how do you lose weight consistently, boost your energy and burn more fat? The answer is to treat your metabolism like a fire. Since in essence, that is EXACTLY what it is. The definition of metabolism is t
July 1, 2018
Celebrate but don't ANNIHILATE (part 6 of 6)
Today we are going to imagine that you've pushed through all 5 stages and we're 3, 6 or 12 months down the road with a bangin' bod! Shut your eyes and imagine a life where... ==> Your body is a highly functioning machine and you can easily identify when you're hungry and when you're dehydrated. ==> You have a consistent morning routine that includes 100 reps of your most stubborn body part each day, you plan your meals and pack your gym clothes nightly for the following day. ==> When you look in the mirror or try on clothes, they fit better with less bulges in the places your eyes go to first. ==> You have a slight idea of what you weigh, but the scale doesn't matter to you because you know you're healthy, your new found muscles are showing and your hourglass taper looks better than it has in years! Sounds like a win right? It's not as difficult as you think or as you're making it. Go back and read each email since Monday and start to make your own personal battle plan for all 5 steps.
June 30, 2018
Staying motivated and surviving the suck (part 5 of 6)
Today the #1 thing I want to stress to you is the power of momentum. It's one of the most powerful forces YOU CAN CONTROL! MOMENTUM- noun: In physics, the property or tendency of a moving object to continue moving. For an object moving in a line, the momentum is the mass of the object multiplied by its velocity (linear momentum); thus, a slowly moving, very massive body and a rapidly moving, light body can have the same momentum. So let's apply this to fitness and nutrition.... ==> it's always going to be easier to keep moving than it is to start moving ==> more energy is required to start than it is to continue moving forward ex: think about how much more gas a car uses each time it has to stop at a light and start over, compared to cruising along much more efficiently on the highway. ==> you can either set a BIG goal and move slowly/patiently or you can set small goals and move QUICKLY. ex: it'll take longer and require more patience to move a giant boulder than it would to chip away
June 26, 2018
Creating safety nets for yourself = ACCOUNTABILITY (part 4 of 6)
Today we are going to cover stage 3 which is basically where ideas turn into actions... So the first day we had to come to grips with the fact that we need to make a change in our life. The second day we isolated small daily action steps that we need to complete in order to reach our goals. So today is where we need to put rubber to the road and actually start committing to our action plan that we created yesterday. This is typically not the toughest step to begin, you just have to 'show up'. If you have already identified what's wrong, what you need to work on and how to do it... Now it's time to JUST DO IT! The biggest sticking point and hurdle I find for clients at this point is when routine gets interrupted. So what you need to do is identify safety nets for yourself if you do fall off track. For instance if your goal is to work out 5 days per week, what will you do on a days that you missed a workout? What will you do on the other two days of the week? If you mess up on your diet,
June 25, 2018
Do your actions match your goals? (part 3 of 6)
This week I've sent you the evolution of change during your personal transformation and how to survive 'the suck' of working out and dieting. In case you missed it, here are the 5 Stages of Change During Your Transformation... 1.) gather data, analyze current status 2.) set goals with daily action steps **3.) suffer through the ups and downs of performing the daily action steps** (today's topic) 4.) surviving the suck as things begin to change ^^^^Where most people fall off track, quit, then fail^^^^ 5.) reaping the rewards of the efforts you put in Today we are going to cover stage 3 which is basically where ideas turn into actions... So the first day we had to come to grips with the fact that we need to make a change in our life. The second day we isolated small daily action steps that we need to complete in order to reach our goals. So today is where we need to put rubber to the road and actually start committing to our action plan that we created yesterday. This is typ
June 21, 2018
Are you a boiling frog? (part 2 of 6)
today I want to talk about stage #2 with you, "Set goals with daily action steps".  After yesterday, you've now realized that there is a problem that needs fixing. So the next step is figuring out What, How, When and Why you are going to start fixing it. What- most people shoot for the moon when setting goals, which is sometimes effective, but often leaves people disappointed when they fail to reach them. Your goals need to follow the template I sent to you a few weeks ago about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely Another thing I feel is so important to stress is that your goals should be focused around actions and action steps. Ex... S- 20 minute workout, 4x weekly  M- tracked on my cell phone calendar  A- at 7am after breakfast, before getting the kids before school  R- to look and feel better before vacation  T- on July 26th So in this example, the ultimate goal is to create a consistent exercise schedule to look and feel better, with a de
June 20, 2018
5 Stages of a Transformation (part 1 of 6)
"I'M FINE".....This is the ultimate vague and ambiguous answer anyone could ever give me. Do you say "I'm fine" to others when they ask how you're doing? I'm sorry but I don't want to settle for "fine" and I don't want you to either. I want you to be GREAT. AMAZING. NEVER BEEN BETTER. But the problem I find is most people quit during the "I'm fine" stage so they never get to experience the GREAT, AMAZING, NEVER BEEN BETTER moments. After spending last night and early this morning writing notes about this email I wanted to write for you, here is the Evolution of Change during most transformations... 1.) gather data, analyze current status (easy) 2.) set goals with daily action steps (difficult) 3.) suffer through the ups and downs of performing the daily action steps (challenging) 4.) surviving the suck as things begin to change (hardest and seemingly impossible) ^^^^Where most people fall off track, quit, then fail^^^^ 5.) reaping the rewards of the efforts you put in (the e
June 19, 2018
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