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LIVEfor Empowering Kids

LIVEfor Empowering Kids

By Kathryn
LIVEfor was created in 2011 by a pediatric physical therapist with a dream to help all kids with a physical disability maximize their potential, regardless of their ability to pay for treatment. This podcast is an extension of that dream where we connect with parents, caregivers, kids, teachers, medical providers, and entrepreneurs who share a vision that no one is limited by any disability, condition or societal pressure. We talk about how physical therapy can be incorporated into any setting, but more importantly how movement is vital for development of self efficacy.
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Get Involved-How to Inspire Change in the World
Annie Heathcote is a voice all need to hear. As a young 22 year old just graduating from college, she has a vision for a more inclusive world. Don’t miss this episode where she shares how you can get involved in various ways and make a real impact in the lives of people with a disability. Find Annie on Instagram @annieheathcote and on her website If you’d like to check your website for accessibility, check out Annie’s recommendations: Movies Featuring Disability To Watch: Soul Surfer 7 Yards Walk, Ride, Rodeo Crip Camp Breathe The Fundamentals of Caring Peanut Butter Falcon Clouds The Ultimate Gift Run The Race Christmas Ever After The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Disability Influencers To Follow: @shaneburcaw @megandejarnett @tess.daly @wecarrykevan @role.with.cole @misstalisha @presuttiadvocacy @alyssaksilva @letsdothisheather @rollin_with_tonye @ridingeverest @trickynikkidee @sav.huff @maythesunrise @amber.bosselman.coaching @lifebeyondmywheels @andrea.hanson.82 @walking.on.wheels
June 16, 2021
Get Involved-Why play is all your kids need this summer
Join us as we talk to a school Occupational Therapist, Diana Amend, as she shares how play is the best thing you can do with your kids to get them ready for 4K and Kindergarten. Worried your 4 or 5 yo is not writing or getting dressed on their own? Is this normal? What can you do to help? Listen in and find out the best ways to help prepare your kids for school in the fall. 
June 11, 2021
Inspiration through Embracing Who We Are
This month, we continue to spread stories of inspiration through connection with individuals who have overcome unexpected obstacles and challenges in their lives. Today, we are so lucky to have Megan Hufton join us and share her story. She is a single mom, parenting 2 boys, aged 9 and 10, with nonverbal autism and hypotonia. Megan is currently in grad school to receive her Autism Specialist Certification. She is an Advocacy Ambassador for the state of WI and Madison Walk Chair, both of which are with the Autism Organization. I have been so eager to talk with Megan and have her share her story because she truly is an advocate for her children in all areas of life.  She demonstrates constant gratitude and chooses kindness even in the toughest of situations. Her ability to support her kids while pushing them to be the very best versions of themselves, and maintain her grace and kindness while doing it as as a working mom and student, makes her such an inspiring role model for so many, including myself.
May 28, 2021
Inspiration through Wheelchair Sports with John Boie
John Boie is an athlete at the highest level. He is a member of the US Men's National Wheelchair Basketball team and has his eye set on the 2021 Paralympics in Tokyo this August. A native of WI, he grew up on a farm, but when he was involved in a tractor accident at the age of 2 resulting in an incomplete spinal cord injury, it didn’t mean his parents would go easy on him. Join us, as John talks about how he got to where he is today, the obstacles he continues to overcome, and how to not be afraid of failing.
May 14, 2021
Inspiring Kids through Wheelchair Sports and Recreation
Join us as we talk to Damian Buchman about how to inspire kids to try something new, in a new pair of shoes, the sport wheelchair! A one-in-a-billion survivor of his childhood bone cancer, Damian has endured dozens of surgeries. But, that never stopped him. He is the founder of The Ability Center and the Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association. He is also the vision behind the RampUp movement. He has a passion for helping people realize their best self, delivering his message of hope. In his words, “The work I do is simply my way to honor my survivorship and those who lost their battle. Everybody deserves an equal opportunity to play – together!”. You can find more out about him and his missions at and on Facebook as Damian Buchman.
April 30, 2021
Gaining Kids’ Trust in Times of Uncertainty-with Jeff Mason
Today, I am talking with Jeff Mason on gaining kids trust in times of uncertainty. Jeff is a father to two wonderful boys, and is a pediatric physical therapist who has been working his dream job at Children’s Minnesota for the last 10 years. His work integrates his love for mental health, working with pediatric cancer patients and a growing interest in hospice care. Over the last 8 years, he has been meeting kids and their families shortly after their initial cancer diagnosis and is working almost exclusively in the pediatric oncology inpatient department. Jeff’s super power is the true connection he makes with kids and their families and finding creative ways to empower kids in challenging times.
April 06, 2020
Parenting Twin Toddlers during COVID-19
Today, I am extremely thankful to be talking to Michelle and Rachelle Skarr. Not only are they long time friends of mine, but they are amazing working mamas to twin toddlers. Michelle is now a Senior Systems Engineer at Centauri and Rachelle is a Satellite Systems Engineer at Boeing. Like most of us, they are learning to transition to working from home while raising their littles and finding a way to make the most of it. Listen in and find your inspiration to taking care of yourself, your kids, your neighbors, and your local businesses. Want even more inspiration? Follow them on Facebook as Michelle Skarr and Rachelle Skarr.
March 30, 2020
Movement After Injury with Grant Hennington
Today, I’m here with Grant Hennington talking about how movement can inspire change. Grant is not only a great friend of mine, but also a sought out Physical Therapist who has been a part of LIVEfor since 2012. He is now treating at Salmon Bay Physical Therapy In Seattle, Washington. Check out him and his clinic at
March 23, 2020
Bohring-Opitz Syndrome, with Tracy Schreiber
Today, I am blessed to sit down and talk with the stay at home mom of an amazing little boy, Jack. Jack is now 8 yo and was the inspiration behind starting LIVEfor. He has since been diagnosed with Bohring-Opitz Syndrome and continues to grow and flourish every day. His parents are natural advocates who inspire me as a mom and provider. Join us as we talk about his condition, his journey, the importance of advocacy, and the amazing boy he is! For more information on his syndrome, visit and if you’re interested in how you can help, visit where you can find out how to contribute to this cause.
March 16, 2020
Today, I’m here with my husband, Kyle, and my son, Bekytt. In this intro episode we chat about who we are individually and as a family, and how movement is important in our lives both personally and professionally. Kyle and I also dive deeper into a full conversation on how movement can inspire change. Discover more about LIVEfor at and Kyle’s work at
March 09, 2020