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#14 - Jessica Gelibert
Initially entering track and field, Jessica never knew she would achieve a full scholarship.  Her mind was only set to do better than she did yesterday.  When she runs, she becomes stronger, faster and deeply invested in exceeding yesterday’s goals.  This habit has transpired in other areas of her life. As a collegiate athlete, she has set multiple records and has been scouted to run professionally on the international circuit.   Jessica, now wants to inspire the next generation of athletes and go getters.  Welcome to the Live Louder Podcast Jessica!
September 25, 2022
#13 - Timothy Saipramuk
This life is no longer my life, it’s a life that He has breathed into it💞 This journey is no longer my journey, it’s a journey of His path that He has laid out for me🕊 Job 33:4 Live Louder @fitkyt 💞Be the voice for the “have no voice”🕊 #training #workinprogress #duespaid #journey #walkwithgod #onehive #faith #workout #motivation #motivationalquotes
September 25, 2022
#12 - Tim Hacker
Tim Hacker is a mountain bike age group athlete, coming from a background in triathlon and  running. He is a head coach for a high school mountain bike team in Arizona. He’s always up for  an adventure and checking out new trails around the state of Arizona and the United States.
September 20, 2022
#11 - Cain Leathers
Cain Leathers is 27, from Philadelphia, PA.  He is a Queer Pro Ultrarunner, supported by the following brands: HOKA, Honey Stinger and Squirrel's Nut Butter. He is the Founder & Executive Director of Queer Run, an organization in Philadelphia established to strengthen the bonds between LGBTQ+ athletes and allies in the community.  They go on weekly group runs, and collaborate with organizations in the community to promote inclusivity in the sport.  They pride themselves on the motto "Everyone is welcome", and they stand by it. Cain also assists HOKA with events in the Philadelphia community, and in return they support him with his goals of creating a more inclusive environment for the LGBTQ+ community in athletics. He recently ran across the state of Pennsylvania, 361 miles in 10 days (running between 16-51 miles a day, depending on circumstances), 26,348 ft of elevation change. He ran from the PA / WV border, to the PA / NJ border. He did this to raise money for The Trevor Project, which provides a 24/7 suicide hotline for LGBTQ+ youth, counselling services and education for them and their families. You can read about it at This also took place during Mental Health Awareness Month (May) to raise even more awareness for the necessity of this cause. There was a recent feature in Runner's World as well about my journey. Running and DEI are definitely at the forefront of my life and my goals.
September 18, 2022
#10 - Nina Markowitz
Nina brings so much joy energy and light to the world. She runs an online and face to face business called The Mat with Nina. I personally think that she is one of the best trainers in the world. The Mat is a challenging blend of pilates, HIIT, kickboxing and mindfulness. It’s a space where we meet to push boundaries and find stillness in chaos. A place to reframe our challenges and to use discomfort to bring us into the present – to freedom. Lets sweat, shake and build resilience together…..
August 16, 2022
#9 - Ishani Sawant
Meet the multi-talented Ishani Sawant - a mountain athlete, national level rock climber, adventure sports enthusiast, and an action photographer who loves to inspire, motivate and spread happiness. She is a mountain athlete aspiring alpinist having represented India for trad climbing internationally, in Thailand, USA, France, UK. She believes in the transformational power of wilderness in growth and development. She teaches adventure sports in India, US, Hong Kong, UAE, rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, downhill biking, white water kayaking and mountain biking. She hold numerous international certifications in her field. She is a Leave No Trace Trainer teaching outdoor ethics. She lives in Manali, at the Himalayan foothills. Where her days are spent training for climbing,  climbing and teaching climbing. She is a law graduate but adventure is her profession. She is an entrepreneur having started ProEdge where she specializes in conducting customized adventure events. She also has a blog where she shares her many adventures. She is currently bolting new routes in Manali and going on High Altitude Expeditions and exploring lesser known trails.
August 16, 2022
#8 - Jennifer Fisher
Our special ''Live Louder'' guest is Jennifer Fisher. She is a lifelong competitive/elite runner, she competes at the Master's and Super Master's level.  Her career highlights over the last few years includes: Texas 10 mile State Champion (female supermaster 3x), Top Age Group finisher in the National CG Games Finals (super master division 5x) Qualified and finished Spartan World Championship in the Elite field 16th in S.Central US region CrossFit Open (50 -54 division), Austin's Fittest - 50 year old female division. She holds, USA records in the 50-53 Age Group in the global Hyrox Fitness race as well as the 50-54 World Record in She also has a popular blog that focuses on easy, healthy recipes to fuel performance and a healthy lifestyle. She is just about to publish her cookbook.  Whilst she has a competitive spirit, her message to others is always…… You are NEVER too old, out-of-shape or unathletic to try something new or set an audacious goal --- #keepingfitfun is her personal hashtag.  Welcome Jennifer, to the Live Louder Podcast…..
July 27, 2022
#7 - Victoria Campbell
Meet Victoria Campbell.  Victoria is an amazing mom to two active boys, she is motivated, she works hard professionally and in life to stay positive and to share her enthusiasm, positive mindset and energy with others.  Victoria is inspirational, funny, heartwarming and eye catching. She is a Christian hearted woman who is also a fitness ambassador and role model.  Welcome to the Live Louder podcast Victoria.
July 25, 2022
#6 - Eron Gordon
Eron Gordon was Point Guard for Valparaiso University and has recently played for The Houston Rockets in the 2022 NBA Summer League tournament in Las Vegas.  He has recently graduated from Valparaiso University with a Masters degree. FanNation's post of July, 14, 2022, quotes..."There is a reason why my brother has been in the league for so long and has had success," Gordon said. "He has told me to be an every-day guy. And not to get too high or low throughout my career." A great interview with Melissa and Eron and yes, he is just an awesome ever-day guy Living Louder and making a difference.
July 22, 2022
#5 - Brad Montgomery
Brad and Melissa talk all things health, fitness and nutrition.  Brad is currently getting NASM certified.  He has a background in marketing and social media.  After the last couple of years (with family illness) he has changed his priorities and his big goals.  He makes his health and wellness a priority in particular, how he deals and manages stress in his daily life.  We talk about correct exercise techniques, getting and staying motivated as well as nutrition.   Not only is Brad a great son, step son and brother, he is keen to share his knowledge with everyone, to ensure that each day you are ''Living Louder''.  
July 13, 2022
#3 - Logan Misuraca
Such a great interview with Logan Misuraca is currently a NASCAR Driver in the ARCA Menards Series East, dance coach, and aerospace engineer major breaking the stereotypes of women in motor sports. An inspiration to all and a down right authentic and amazing person.  Logan talks about being a role model, her disciplined approach to reach her goals, how she Lives Louder and stays true to herself.
June 08, 2022
#2 - Alicia Sunshine Depry-Gbaho
Friend, FITKYT ambassador and inspiring soul who is a nutrition coach, group fitness instructor, ballet teacher and owner of Beyond Measure LLC based in St Louis, USA. Alicia guides us through her motivation and inspiration, not only in dance but also as a small business entrepreneur. Founded in 2007, in St. Louis, Missouri, Beyond Measure Dance Theater (BMDT) has been labeled a “preeminent Afro-Fusion Dance Company!” Artistic fusion is the language of this company, as is expressed through its combinations of poetry, visual art, folk tales, and dance. Both the company and individual members continually receive accolades for the powerful choreography, technique, musicality, and overall artistry in the work. 
June 08, 2022
#4 - Dee Perkins
Dee is a Chicago-based, professional boxer with a record of 1 win, 1 Loss with her win coming by way of knockout. Dee began boxing late in life, just 7 years ago at age 34. She competed as a USA Boxing amateur, where she competed in tournaments around the country, in the elite 19-40 years division, at a weight class 2 classes too big, in hopes of making the 2020 Olympic Qualifiers. Her late start is attributed to not thinking it was possible, along with being consumed by her corporate tax career and publishing business. At the age of 30 she went on a mindful, meditation for several years, that allowed her to reduce her daily needs and live a life of simplicity, or what she calls the "Maslow Life." It was during a morning meditation that Dee found her way to competitive boxing. She ended her amateur career ranked #8 in the US, with highlight being when she won a 2-day WBC amateur tournament at the All-Female Atlanta Classic. She began her pro career last year (delayed due to covid) in Mexico where the legendary Roy Jones Jr wrapped her hands. A vegan for 11 years, Dee believes whole heartedly in healthy eating. She believes, "complete wellness, begins and ends with the foods we eat," citing many of the harmful ingredients in our food supply that caused the increase of disease of mental illness. On her spiritual, mindful journey, Dee learned that, "the purpose of life is to reduce the suffering of others", which she admits is easier said than done, at times (she can explain).
June 08, 2022
#1 - Live Louder Podcast Founders Melissa & Katie
Our why for starting FITKYT, Hang-Fold-Go and Live Louder. FITKYT is the story of two successful women who believe fitness products can empower people to be resilient and healthy. It started when Melissa found herself turning to exercise to calm her mind, relieve anxiety and stress—and most of all, to do something for herself. Recreational swimming became Melissa’s outlet. The movement was helping a great deal to clear her mind, but she couldn’t find the products to keep up with her. She needed a workout bag where she could leave her goggles, ear plugs, swim cap, flip-flops, toiletries and kick board, without having to pack and unpack everything. But it didn’t stop there. The perfect bag had to be versatile for using in the showers and stowing in a gym locker. And at home, it had to hang easily on a door or a cupboard, so that it could dry out between workouts. She scoured retailers for the perfect bag, and when she couldn't find it, she decided to make her own. Using her daughter's sewing machine, she started designing the very first concept for the patent-pending sports utility bag, Hang-Fold-Go, and that’s when Melissa’s Harvard Business School classmate Katie Duffin got on board. Katie, a former collegiate softball player and long time sales and supply chain leader, immediately saw the utility in the design for other sports, fitness and the wellness industry. They both left their full time jobs and with this, FITKYT’s journey began.
June 08, 2022