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Live Well, Be Bold

Live Well, Be Bold

By Karla Gregg
Be bold by defining the path to your own life. Live Well, Be Bold” is a podcast on personal growth and self-expression. Hosted by YouTuber and Entrepreneur Karla Gregg, this podcast shares weekly inspiration on how to overcome fears, be courageous, authentic & vulnerable in all areas of your life. Karla will invite special guests to share how they make bold moves to live a meaningful, fulfilled, purpose-driven life. New episodes released every Monday. This is a personal development podcast for the passionate souls who want to be bold by becom
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Forgiveness of Self
A raw conversation from my car.
March 19, 2022
Past Abuse Doesn’t Have To Stop You ft. Ashley Easter
In this episode, Intuition coach & abuse survivor advocate, Ashley Easter joins us to share her story of strength and courage. After many years of abuse in a cult, Ashley tapped into her intuition, walked away from the abuse, healed, and now lives her most empowered life. Ashley helps women stop the self-doubt and harness their Intuition so they can take control of their destiny by becoming Intuitive AF. She is the founder of Courage 365, a non-profit which empowers abuse survivors and co-host of Emerge, a retreat to help women unleash their empowered selves. Learn more about the change Ashley is creating through her coaching, retreat and nonprofit: Follow Ashley: Learn more about The Emerge Retreat here: Check out more of Ashley’s story here:  Stay up to date on the podcast by following me here:
April 15, 2021
Funding Your Purpose Is A Messy Path & That's Okay
In this episode, I talk about how in order to achieve your dreams you need to focus on the resources you have vs what others have. A lot of the time, I see people holding themselves back on getting a side job to fund their purpose. That leads them to not achieving their purpose or making more income to move towards their dreams. If your curious about the behind-the-scenes of my life and business from what side jobs I had to take to fund my purpose to why I still record this podcast in my closet, this podcast is pretty transparent. Say hi here:
April 02, 2021
Why Creating Boundaries Is Essential ft. Christina Sergnese
In this episode, I chat with marketing & mindset mentor, Christina Sergnese about how transferring your powers to others can leave you constantly seeking validation. She breaks down how to put boundaries in place in order to level up in your life and business.  Christina works with coaches on how to rewrite the rules so they can create offers that are uniquely in line with their values. I loved being able to connect with Christina on the power of showing up as yourself.  Connect and follow Christina here:  If you are a coach seeking a marketing whiz to help you create your offers, visit her website:  Follow me here: Want to be on the podcast? Send me your bold story here:
March 15, 2021
How A 48-Hour Personal Growth Training Changed Me
In this episode, I talk about how my scarcity mindset was holding me back from believing in myself and how one huge decision made me reframe my entire way of thinking about money during an NLP training (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.)I  give details about what it was like to attend an NLP Practioner training and why I decided to learn these tools for my brand story coaching & personal brand strategy business.  If you want to work with me 1:1 and sign up for my 12-week private coaching program apply here:  If you need help with one area if your personal brand, personal story, social media strategy or want to pick my brain on how to become better than you were yesterday in your life or career you can book a 60-minute strategy call here: Say hi here:
March 02, 2021
Can Ego Be A Good Thing?
In this episode, I talk about how sometimes having an ego doesn't always have to be a negative thing. Instead, it's having the confidence to not give up because you know you need to be better for yourself and to help others.  Follow me here: Download my "How To Build A Courageous Personal Brand" & weekly newsletter here:
February 15, 2021
Courage Is Sharing Your Real Self, Thoughts & Feelings.
In this episode, I talk about how being vulnerable is a big part of being bold. Boldness is something you can choose to be at any given moment and when you choose vulnerability, not only does that take courage, but heart. I talk about how I had lost my courage & surprisingly, amongst all the chaos of 2020, I regained it by owning my vulnerability. I took new heights and said no more to holding on to guilt, pain, loneliness, and sadness. But most of all, I said: “No more” to holding myself back from expressing my emotions. Follow me here:
January 16, 2021
Excelling With Boldness and Courageous
In this episode, I talk about using courage and boldness to kick fear in the butt and create a fulfilling life no matter what fears you may have. Excited to kick off season 2 with what truly lights me up: sharing bold stories to empower you to live a courageous life! You see, true courage isn’t only about taking bold, big, huge, action-packed risks in a fearful situation. Courage is being able to share your real self, thoughts & feelings. Follow me here:
January 02, 2021
Using Your Tragedy To Change The World ft. Karen Allen
In today's episode,  my guest Karen Allen shares how to shift your mindset when going through grief. At 29-years-old, Karen suddenly became a widow after her beloved husband was tragically murdered. Although life will throw you hardships, Karen is a big believer in that we have the power of choice to either stay down or get up. Karen is a Tedx and motivational speaker, mindset expert, and grief consultant who helps individuals navigate the effects of the tragedy. Check out her book "Now What?" here: Listen to her Tedx/Story here: Follow her here: Sign up to Betterhelp here:
October 12, 2020
Creating a Vision For Your Life
In this episode, I talk about how creating a vision for your life can help you get rid of limiting beliefs.  Creating a vision for your life will allow you to start taking the action steps you need to take in order to make that vision a reality. Leaders to follow & resources mentioned in this podcast:  Launch Program: Create Your Purpose program:  Follow Karla Gregg here: Follow Live Well Be Bold here:
August 17, 2020
Your Beliefs Have Consequences
If you've ever told yourself you "can't" do something, this episode is for you.  You see, our beliefs have consequences and if you keep telling yourself you can't do A, B, or C, you'll get stuck and see everything as "impossible."  In this episode, I go over how I went from burned out Social Media Strategist to a Personal Branding Coach by doing two things I share in this episode.  Links mentioned in the episode:  Follow here: Follow Karla here: Volunteer with All Hands & Hearts: If you want to learn how to let go of fears and create your own path by starting that side hustle, passion project or grow a profitable brand online, book a 1:1 with me here: 
July 06, 2020
Shifting Your Mindset To Accomplish Your Dreams ft Taste Studio
In this episode, I invited fashion designer and owner of Taste Studio, Stephanie Oyervides to talk about mindset and going after your dreams even with adversities. After feeling defeated and depressed after fashion school, Stephanie had no clue if she would make it. However, after shifting her mindset, Stephanie started her dreams with what she had and built her fashion career in her hometown of Modesto, CA. After building her first fashion studio in her garage, she now has her dream studio in downtown Modesto and is living out her dream of being a fashion designer and her own boss.  Follow & support her here: Shop here:
June 22, 2020
You Can Hustle or Go Hungry
In this episode, I share more about how letting go of fears during the Coivd-19 pandemic helped me act fast and create opportunities for myself. Follow here:
May 19, 2020
Giving Up A 6-Figure Marketing Career to Pursue Missionary Work ft Ryan Breakfield
In this episode, I had an honest conversation with my friend Ryan Breakfield who left behind his 6-figure marketing career to pursue missionary work and live a more simple lifestyle. After having a time of self-reflection, he realized he was living a life chasing success and validation from people and instead, wanted to dedicate his life to serving God. In January of this year, he set a goal to embark on an 11-month mission trip with The World Race. However, due to Covid-19, after only 3 months of missionary work, he and his team were sent back to the states. Ryan shares what keeps his faith strong, how his creativity has allowed him to help others, and what he's learned about what it truly means to be bold. Follow Ryan on Instagram: Ryan's "Hey, Stranger" podcast: Ryan's YouTube channel:
May 11, 2020
Finding Peace in the Chaos
After many months of me trying to tell myself 'I am okay" in order to keep my optimistic outlook, I realized I wasn't. In this episode, I talk about dealing with depression, earlier this year, something I had never experienced before. However, like in any moment of darkness, there is always light. I hope this episode allows you to reflect, be nice to yourself, and find peace in the chaos.  Stay posted:  If you are in need of therapy, online therapy really helped me talk to someone who could help. Check out Better Help here:  Follow Karla:
May 05, 2020
How To Reconnect With Your Truest Self ft .Camilla Rambaldi
In this episode I am honored to have Camilla Rambaldi, an Award Winning-Emmy Nominated Anchor/Reporter for KABB/WOAI the NBC and FOX affiliates in San Antonio, Texas. She currently works as an anchor at KABB covering various stories on a daily. However, Camilla is on a mission to empower women to become the strongest versions of themselves. Camilla talks about how doubt and fear can kills so many dreams which is why even through bumps on the road, she pushed herself to get to her end goal of being a storyteller. Listen for an empowering story of reaching for your goals but mostly, finding your truest self. You can follow Camilla here:
January 23, 2020
How Being Intuitive In Everything You Do, Success Strategist, Pia
In this episode, Pia from Curate Well Co talks about following your intuition when it comes to making decisions in your life. As a success strategist, Pia believes your life should work for you, not the other way around.  We also discuss how it’s okay to show up to your business being 100% your complete self. If you are looking to build new habits that last and create the right kind of accountability to crush your goals, step into the life you imagine for yourself and be intentional with everything you do, this episode is for YOU. Follow Pia here:
January 02, 2020
Scientific Self-improvement Methods That Actually Work ft. Joey Doughty
In this episode, the Improvement Geek, Joey Doughty, shares goal setting and self-improvement methods based on psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science . Back in 2012, Joey weighed over 300 lbs and was able to lose that weight by applying intermittent fasting into his life. Joey discusses why he started his YouTube channel and why he gives science-based tips to help people with their self-improvement. Be sure to follow Joey here:  Live Well, Be Bold Facebook Group: Instagram:
December 20, 2019
Overcoming Overwhelm & Stress With Simplicity
In today's episode of Live Well, Be Bold,  I talk about the feeling of overwhelm and how carrying that over into a new year can bring stress and discouragement. Instead of coming up with New Year's resolutions, I share my simple way of creating results for YOUR dream life. Follow Karla here: Instagram:
December 11, 2019
The HARD Truth About Being An Instagram Influencer ft Owin Pierson
In this episode, Instagram Influencer, Owin Pierson opens up about what it's like to be a Asian-American, LGBT, Christian, Instagram Influencer. Owin started off his career as a Youth Pastor but after coming out, he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a photographer. Soon after moving to the city of dreams, he then got into social media marketing and shortly grew his name as a lifestyle influencer.  Although his personal and professional journey have not been easy, Owin stays strong with his faith and hopes to positively impact others who have dealt with mental illnesses. Be sure to follow Owin here:
November 26, 2019
The Importance of Dating Yourself & Being Single
In today's episode, I get vulnerable and share how although I have never been in a long-term relationship, it has allowed me to focus on who I want to become. 
November 05, 2019
Becoming More Confident Through Insecurities Ft Eric Wen
Confidence takes time.  In this episode, self-development vlogger and communication expert, Eric Wen discusses how you can become more confident as an introvert. Eric went from being an insecure individual to someone who loves who he has become. If you are dealing with insecurities, this episode will help you become the confident person you are in search of. Subscribe to Eric Wen here: Follow Eric on Instagram:
October 28, 2019
You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out, But You MUST Believe In Yourself!
In today's episode, I share memories of my childhood and how I learned to create my own opportunities thanks to my mom’s entrepreneurial and driven spirit. I also share about my experience starting a business after losing my dream job in television and quickly realizing I hadn’t fully believed in myself. This episode is a reminder that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one ever will.
October 15, 2019
Starting A Business and Working in Television ft. Living Locket Films
If you’re feeling stuck in your career, this episode is for you. My guests, power couple, Michael Broussard and Jennifer Fernandes dove into the world of television where they quickly found success working at Nickelodeon. Although they enjoyed their work in television, they weren't fulfilled. Two years into their careers, Michael and Jennifer got the idea to film a tribute video in memory of Jennifer's mom who had passed away in 2009 from Pancreatic Cancer. In 2015, they were inspired to make the bold decision to leave their careers at Nickelodeon and follow their hearts, launching Living Locket Films. Since then, they have traveled across the nation documenting family stories about love, war, parenthood and have even landed television gigs, filming for CBS's The Recruit and This Is Hawaii as well as UPTv's Our Wedding Story. What drives them is the support of those around them & constant strive to tell more stories. Follow Living Locket Films: Michael Broussard and Jen Fernandes:
October 08, 2019
What Does It Mean To Be BOLD?
Welcome to the first episode of Live Well, Be Bold! In this new podcast, I will introduce what it means to “Live Well” and “Be Bold,” in order to live a meaningful and fulfilling life! Throughout this journey, I will boldly share my personal life stories that took me from a fearful, insecure individual to a bold, confident soul who is constantly striving to become better in all aspects of my life! I will also invite special guests to share how they make bold moves to live a purpose-filled life. New episodes will be released every Sunday. Description: In the first episode of Live Well, Be Bold, Karla Gregg shares her story on how she felt she wasn’t taking enough risks and how taking control in one area of her life, made her become the bold individual she had been striving to be. Karla encourages passionate, soul-driven individuals to branch out and let go of fears! Be bold by defining the path to your own life.
September 30, 2019