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By Lucia
We are Glynn and Lucia, two local celebrities who love travel and local music and from around the world. if you are here to live our adventure vicariously, please stay. If you are here for any other reason, there's the door, don't let it hit you on the way out.
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LiveWire with LadySpitfire and Kickazz Episode 25 featuring 5 bands
   In this episode we talked about the big Facebook outage and other platforms disappearing, but we also talk about the following bands played:   1. Rebel Heart – Courtenay - John Mellencamp walks into a bar….And sits down at a table with Steve Earl and the Tragically Hip. They’re getting drunk and telling road stories. In the corner Weird Al and Axl Rose are playing pool; The Music... Loud, a bit Proud, Unrepentant.  2. London King – London - London King is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK. She started performing at the tender age of 4. At age 11, she discovered his passion for songwriting and founded her very first band, called 'Rancid'. In 2012 she started her solo career. 3. Shattered Glass – Valdese - Matt Hogan the man behind the Band Shattered Glass started playing music at the age of 12 and was taught by his father who is a very talented musician as well. At age 18, Matt followed his dreams and debuted with his first live show.  4. Jeff Baker – Hermosa Beach - Jeff’s music is described as a “melodic musical cocktail with equal parts Goo Goo Dolls, Train and Lifehouse and a twist of Sting-like spiritual and intellectual lyrics”. Vocally, some suggest he is blend of Bob Seger and Chad Kroeger.  5. Interphase – Buffalo, NY Interphase is a fusion of classical, jazz and rock in a heavily progressive rock/electronic format. 6. 71 Spiders Webville, CT 71Spiders debut album is guitar driven hard rock influenced by the music of the 60's and 70's. Though the album is mainly heavy rock you can hear elements of folk, pop, blues, soul and more that is layered into the music and lyrics.  Video Play –  El Gato Dice – Tres 360 – Oakland CA SF indie pop rock along the lines of old Weezer or Pavement with sweet shards of Carolina indie and garage. A sweet engaging listen that soars and plummets into and out of post-punk. Now heard (2019) on KALX, KZSU, WJCU, KZSF, WBGU, KTUH.          
April 10, 2019
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 24 2 Bands Featured
  Apologize for the audio trouble that we had tonight - just listen to the entire thing please -  In this episode we talked about the big Facebook outage and other platforms disappearing, but we also talk about the following bands played:   1. Rebel Heart – Courtenay - John Mellencamp walks into a bar….And sits down at a table with Steve Earl and the Tragically Hip. They’re getting drunk and telling road stories. In the corner Weird Al and Axl Rose are playing pool; The Music... Loud, a bit Proud, Unrepentant.  2. London King – London - London King is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK. She started performing at the tender age of 4. At age 11, she discovered his passion for songwriting and founded her very first band, called 'Rancid'. In 2012 she started her solo career.
April 2, 2019
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 23 3 Bands Featured
   In this episode we talked about the big Facebook outage and other platforms disappearing, but we also talk about the following bands played:  1. El Gato Dice: SF indie pop rock along the lines of old Weezer or Pavement with sweet shards of Carolina indie and garage. A sweet engaging listen that soars and plummets into and out of post-punk. Now heard (2019) on KALX, KZSU, WJCU, KZSF, WBGU, KTUH. 2. Flux Amuck: The shape of inseminated overlords to come 3. Cousin Jack: Cousin Jack blends their passion of bluesy rhythm folk and arena rock. Tied together with punchy drives and emotive energy!Big sound in a small Trio package recently described as a "An even split between Chili peppers and the Tragically hip"
March 14, 2019
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 22 5 Bands Featured
   In this episode we just played 5 at random because it's been a while since we had a show, but hopefully we will have 3 more bands from soon - can't help it if Spitfire is picky!  1. We Were Sharks – Beyond Repair 2. Divine Era – Burn This Alley 3. Black Coffee – Creamer (not sure why it was as short as it was) 4. Jungle Rot – Doomsday 5. Abandoned by Bears – I Want You Back (Jackson 5 Cover)
February 24, 2019
LiveWire with LadySpitfire & Kickazz : Special Episode # 21
Releasing my original track Effort Never Dies this is the link to the youtube version (video)  
February 11, 2019
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 20 3 Bands Featured
   In this episode we have the usual nonsense, but we also talk about the following bands played:  1. Mankind's Remedy; Abbeville - Mankind's Remedy: Travyn Hargrave (Lead/Vocals), Bennett Price (Drummer), and Mason Dugas (Bass/Backup Vocals). Their 12 track debut album "Faceless" is giving potential fans a strong sampling of their musical talents. The 2nd album is in the works.  2. Lars Boquist & The 1712s; Sweden - Hard and addictive rock/metal with must-hear-again melodies and riffs. 70’s Hard Rock sounds like Ozzy Osbourne  3. 71Spiders; Webville - 71Spiders debut album is guitar driven hard rock influenced by the music of the 60's and 70's. Though the album is mainly heavy rock you can hear elements of folk, pop, blues, soul and more that is layered into the music and lyrics. 60’s and 70’s rock Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy 
January 26, 2019
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 19 Vovkulaka, Letters to Her, and Olly Lagemann, Hedge
   In this episode we have the usual nonsense, but we also talk about the following bands played: 1. Vovkulaka: Odessa Ukraine - ...Dark...Angry...Evil...Metal: Pain Never Sounded So Good (Disturbed) 2. Letters to Her; Denver CO - began as a way for Michael Wagner to cope with life better. After developing PTSD at the age of 23, Michael moved 1000 miles away from his hometown of Milwaukee. He put a pen to paper this past year to write it all down.  3. Olly Lagemann, Hedge; Hamburg Germany  - A young singer and producer and an old smart musician try their musical luck. "Sound of the waves" is a homage to life on the sea and the desire to go back 
January 13, 2019
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 18 3 Bands Featured
   In this episode we have the usual nonsense, but we also talk about the following bands played: 1. Rackett - RACKETT are an all-girl, riot-pop squad from Sydney, Australia. The band is fronted by Rebecca Callander on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ally Gaven on bass, Astrid Holz on drums and Kat Ayala on lead guitar. The members have undergone extensive music and performance training and specialise in a range of genres from jazz to heavy metal. Their combined powers make for a diverse and highly skilled songwriting team, taking no time at all to move from their once virtual anonymity to becoming a house hold name. Receiving spots and rotations on community and commercial radio, features in Rolling Stone Magazine, Tone Deaf, Music Feeds & more and earning a fierce reputation for crafting an adventurous live show described by The Music, as both “Intense” & “Magical” as well as receiving a nomination as ‘Best Live Act’, 2018 by the National Live Music Awards alongside Ball Park Music and Hockey Dad. After supporting the likes of Abbe May, The Bennies, DZ Deathrays and having championed national tours with the likes of The Darkness (UK), Killing Heidi and Stonefield. RACKETT are also no strangers to the Festival Circuit bringing their distinctive sound to Groovin the Moo, Big Pineapple Festival, Festival of the Sun, Secret Garden Festival, Hotter than Hell, Electric Lady, Jungle Love and more. 2. Fasha – San Francisco, CA Ambient, intelligent, alternative art rock music. Similar artists: Deftones, Bring Me the Horizon, Mars Volta, Echo and the Bunny Men,30 Seconds to Mars, Team Sleep, M83, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Animal Collective. 3. Six Feet To Salvation – Fort Wayne We are 5 guys each with our own influences and style that came together to create our own collective sound With 2 Lead Vocalists no 2 songs sound alike. Something for everyone. 
January 4, 2019
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 17 4 Bands Featured
   In this episode we have the usual nonsense, but we also talk about the following bands played: 1. Ironic Punishment Division – Akron, OH - IRONIC PUNISHMENT DIVISION is a one-man band featuring straight ahead,detuned,sludgey rock. Melodic, Ozzy -esque vocals combined with lyrical potency ala The Hidden Hand, Megadeth,Void of Sleep, etc. over a tapestry of Fuzz laden guitars Song: Come and Take it off the album Come and Take it 2.  FORGOTT3N – Spring Hill, FL - I have been influenced by many bands throughout my life and I try to stand out differently than anyone else. Music is the highway to my soul and making good music helps me travel this highway without missing a beat. - Song: Sink or Sin off the album FORGOTT3N 3. Chasing Embers – Kyiv, Ukraine Our lyrics are mostly devoted to person's inner world, existing reality and other unexplained world's phenomena. Although we are playing Alternative Metal, You can also hear admixtures of nu metal, oriental, progressive and other styles in our songs. Song: Silent House – Chasing Embers 4. Slant Six – Edmonton Canada The music for this album is based on different states of mind. We explore, Amnesia, mental illness (bipolar), party mood, depression mood and adapting to technology. Song; Amnesia – Slant Six
December 21, 2018
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 16 - 5 Bands Featured
In this episode we have the usual nonsense, but we also talk about the following bands played: Anna Wolf – London, UK: Believer Believer is an alternative song about breaking the silence concerning domestic violence. The song is aggressively performed with poignant lyrics and a ghostly vocal tone. Don’t do this in Singapore: Worth The Struggle – Murfeesboro, TN; Golden Rules We call ourselves Worth The Struggle. This is because of the battle we fight against ourselves every single day in pursuit of being more like Christ. 10 Must Do’s in Thailand Broken Testimony Greenville Broken Testimony prove they’re more than up to the task with the sound of their kinetic debut album Holding on to Nothing, which celebrated its release on June 22, 2018 via Thermal Entertainment. Spitfire screwed up here announcing bands – what a dumbass Talked about Spitfire 11/24/19; Talked about Germany not having any good music going on while we are there… Deadbeat BlackOut; Olympia WA Deadbeat Blackout is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Olympia, WA. Taking influences from various metal and rock bands and infusing some punk and melodic touches, Deadbeat Blackout delivers high energy Rock/Metal music that takes no prisoners! Revel 9 Long Beach NY
November 25, 2018
Stranded Beach Bar Island in Thailand
in this episode we're coming to you live from a beach bar on a stranded island in the middle of Thailand while you're listening to us go back and forth for 2 minutes to listen to the environment behind us that's how you know this is very real
November 21, 2018
LiveWire With LadySpitFire & Kickazz: Live From Singapore
... in this episode we are coming to live from hi joyful in Singapore where we talk about Day 2 something brand new that we would never do on this podcast. we talk about our day, we talked about the culture, we've been talked about the music that we've come across which was a two-man act. we did not put in this episode about the argument that we got into with a commoner about Donald Trump because we don't discuss politics. so hope you enjoy this episode and come back in a week and a half for some new music.
November 14, 2018
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 15 featuring 2 bands
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 15 featuring Lunarin and One Gun Shy In this episode we have the usual nonsense, but we also talk about our upcoming trip. We played some music from One Gun Shy; Seattle Washington One Gun Shy is a 5-piece band from Seattle, Washington that combines Alternative Hard Rock with crunchy, gritty riffs and catchy hooks. They sound like Dokken do you agree or disagree. We also played some music from Lunarin; Singapore Lunarin is a 3-piece alternative rock band hailing from Singapore. The trio have been compared to heavy acts such as Tool, A Perfect Circle and Soundgarden with female vocals. If you like Tool, then you will definitely dig these guys. Don’t forget to check out our friends over at Whose Review they feature the best reviews of the latest movies. Their YouTube Channel is incredible!
October 30, 2018
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 14 featuring 4 Bands
Kicked off the show playing some “This Probably Won’t End Well” by All That Remains, remembering Oli who has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 44. 2. Joe Aponte, aka, JoeyNiles from Woodland Park has played in bands since 1980's, has played in the original band called Heavy Artillery later called Blue Waters, was a co-writer in the band and now is writing 100% of his own material. 3. Progressive metal with death and melodic metal elements, The Pox Eclipse from Springfield is fast, shred-filled fun! Epic musical landscapes with plenty of solos. The Pox Eclipse features guest soloists and vocalists on every track! 4. Devon Loch is an Italian post-hardcore band The band's 2018 debut, "For What We Forget We Never Come" is a mix of a broad range of genre influences from post- hardcore to crust, from punk to metal.
October 17, 2018
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 13 featuring BetylJoos, Civil Discord, Lese Majesty, Last Snow and Eric Val
In this episode we talk about our Greek / London vacation featuring artists Betyljoos - Betyljoos is a blend of metal, grunge and alternative with female vocals from Staten Island, NY Civil Discord - It’s a fierce world out there and unless you’re Civil Discord, you might get swept up before ever getting your feet on the ground. The Philadelphia rock outfit not only know where they’re going, but have a rock solid history that put them here today – They are from King of Prussia, PA Lese Majesty - Lese Majesty's music spans a wide scope of dynamics shapeshifting from the dark moody atmospheric soundscapes to the frantic prog-rock inspired "Age of Outrage." They are from Australia Last Snow - Join our prayer circle and help us summon more dark cat overlords! There is no Mittens, only Bastet!! Bonus: Get to hear Madonna's "Just Like a Prayer" the way it was always meant to be played! They are from St. Paul Eric Val – From Watstontown; "I hide it well, no one can tell-My Own Hell" Second single off the upcoming album My Gift, My Curse by Diverse Rock Artist Eric Val.
September 30, 2018
Livewire with LadySpitfire & Kickazz with Leopoldo from Shockproof
BAND Description: SHOCKPROOF (from Rome-Italy) are 3 old friends with distinct music experiences and previous bands (since the early 90’s ) as Block of Flats, The Dead Fly, D.u.s.k., Kotton F.u.c.k., The Overcome, Ophelia’s Revenge and many others. In 2013 Andrea Gandin (guitar),Leopoldo Russo Ceccotti (drums) and Conte (bass & vocals) put together as a power trio’s to play some Heavy stuff that someway has been contaminated by Thrash Metal Old School ( so the definition: “THRASHED”…freely inspired to..) The songwriting it results enjoyable not only for the Extreme Metal fans. The sound is solid and analogical oriented, the lead vocals, instead of clichés/trends mean to get its own attitude. The Lyrycs are about “realistic themes for open-minded”: ”Fighting Bad Times”(2015- self-producted,7songs,37 minutes) and “More Broken Chains”(2018-Time to Kill records-11songs,42minutes) are the titles of their 2 issues. Between their favourite bands: Anthrax, Motorhead, Slayer and earlier Metallica…..Killing Joke,Misfits,Voivod….. Check out this amazing band!
September 5, 2018
LiveWire WIth LadySpitfire & KIckazz Episode 12 featuring Pierced, Champ De Mars, Mackatac, Arcsin, Sean O Reilly and Eric Val
Pierced: New Jersey Pierced is a NJ Metal band bringing fresh new evil in uncharted Metal waters. The new song and Video "The Fist" is just a taste of what's to come. Stay in touch for Bigger, Badder and More Metal!!! Champ De Mars: Alexandria Indie rock band with Northern California roots, now transplanted to Alexandria, Virginia. Indie pop craftsmanship with unique tuned guitars creating distinctive sonic textures. View our full details at Mackatac: Switzerland Macakatac is a virtual mainstream rock band based in Switzerland and formed in 2017 by Mirco Parata, consists of several fictional animated members (The macakatax). Their style represents several genres of rock n'roll including blues rock, punk rock Arcsin: Florida South Florida-based five-piece progressive metal band combines heavy guitars and drums, atmospheric keyboards and power vocals with a touch of brutal growls. For fans of Nevermore, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Arch Enemy, Mercenary, and more. Sean O Reilly: Connecticut Old school Singer-Songwriter tunes trapped in the digital domain of modern day: piano and vocal melodies adorned by hand with woodwind ensembles and shimmering synthesizers. Eric Val: Watsontown "I hide it well, no one can tell-My Own Hell" Second single off the upcoming album My Gift, My Curse by Diverse Rock Artist Eric Val.
August 8, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 11 Alien Guitar Abduction; Phillipe LYS; CueStack
Been a while since we have done a show last, terribly sorry about this! In this episode we featured Alien Guitar Abduction Flagstaff, Arizona The heavy metal sounds of Alien Guitar Abduction derive from Stan Rose's early musical influences such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, refined by later bands such as Metallica and Dream Theater, and older school speed/dark metal such as Sepultura. Philippe LYS Tahiti, French Polynesia When you understand that you will have forgotten all your past and your memories, in only a few years from now... CueStack Vienna, Austria The essential trademark of the electronic/metal/pop art-project CueStack is a very mechanical and industrial appearance which is featured in the stage-design of their five debut videoclips and also in a variety of graphic artworks. We also gave a brief synopsis of how we are changing things up. it's been a while since we did radio, and we are going back into it! Enjoy!
July 26, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 11 Eileen Carey, Hand Drawn Maps and Cosmogyral
Our usual antics featuring Eileen Carey; Altadena, CA: Hand Drawn Maps; Los Angeles, CA CosmoGyral; Fort Lauderdale, FL
July 7, 2018
Rock and Ramble with Lucia and Glynn Episode 10 Suzy CreamCheese, Jake Vance, Hawk and The Wild
Absolute Shit Show this week too many going on at once. I have to learn how to do this better we featured Suzy CreamCheese from Miami, FL Jake Vance; Calgary Hawk and the wild - Stockholm, Sweden
June 16, 2018
Rock n Ramble with Lucia and Glynn Interview Spotlight A Gathering of None 06 09 2018
Band Bio: A Gathering of None are a quintet comprised of musicians from all over the north, southeast, and southwest United States. AGON began as a one-man project, with TB (formerly of horror punk underground icons Blitzkid) recording the 2013 EP "Purging Empty Promises" entirely on his own, performing all instruments as well as vocals. Their second release, the full length Nothing Left to Lose, in 2015 saw the addition of long time collaborator Chris White on drums and Justin Travis Osburn on guitar. A Gathering of None made their live debut in 2016, adding guitarist Jeff Grunn and bassist Ken Belcher to round out the lineup. This lineup returned to the studio to record AGON's second full length release, 2018's "One Last Grasp at Hope." AGON draw influence from a variety of musical styles including melodic punk, 90's grunge and alternative, posthardcore, stoner rock, and progressive metal. Despite the breadth and diversity of backgrounds and influences, the band exists as five people all with the same goal in mind, to bring something nostalgic yet entirely modern and multifaceted to the heavy rock genre. If you like groove laden songs with heavy guitars, inhumanly proficient drums, prog rock bass lines, hooks a plenty, and more vocal harmonies than you can count, then you have just found your new favorite band. A Gathering of None is: TB - guitars/lead vocals Justin - backing vocals/guitars Jeff - backing vocals/guitars Ken - bass guitars Chris - backing vocals/drums Social Links:
June 9, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 9 Devils Envy Evercross RavenFace The Buddz and Shockproof
Devils Envy Orlando EverCross Joelton Ravenface UK Based Metal Band The Buddz Shockproof
June 1, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 8 with Sacart Taggert Arcana and Shockproof
In this episode we feature Taggart - Philadelphia, PA Sacart - Moscow, Russia Arcana - Los Angeles, CA of course Lucia is ranting again about Glynn, what else is new. Don't really say much about the past 2 weeks being off on a great trip to Egypt and Canada
May 18, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 7 with Onism EV, Shockproof, Grey Mourning, War & Sin, A Gathering of None
Welcome to another episode of Rock N Ramble w/Lucia and Glynn!! #7 In this episode we cover Onism EV, Shockproof, Grey Mourning, War & Sin, A Gathering of None War & Sin, Canada, An original music project by 3 music veterans. Hard rock with an edge/melody. Featuring the new singles The War Within and K.O Grey Mourning, Catawissa, PA Grey Mourning is a hard rock/alternative/metal band from Northeast Pennsylvania. The band originally started in 2004. Throughout the years, the sound of Grey Mourning has changed dramatically, and can be best described as a melting pot of numerous sub-genres of rock music. Taking inspiration from grunge, alternative, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, thrash, and even progressive rock music, Grey Mourning has created a sound that is unique unto itself yet strangely familiar at the same time. ON April 11, they put up a Please Stand By logo, which means some type of reunionish is going to happen so whatever happens next follow them on facebook Shockproof, Rome Italy, SHOCKPROOF is a power trio addicted to old school thrash metal contaminated by modern influences; their music is like an odd mix of Anthrax and Motorhead. Onism EV, New York, Self described straightforward indie rockers, these rock songs are infused with dark melodies and relatable lyrics that will get your attention from the first note. A Gathering of None, Franklin MA, A Gathering of None are a quintet comprised of musicians from all over the north, southeast, and southwest United States. Mention the sponsors; Musicsubmit, Tag Publicity,
April 16, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 6 with Wen Tilley Voice of Addiction and more
Welcome to another episode of Rock N Ramble w/Lucia and Glynn!! In this episode we cover music from Wen Tilley from Nashville, TN *** I have no information on you so how the hell you got on my station ill never know!!!!*** Voice of Addiction; Chicago IL; Voice Of Addiction are politically charged and socially conscious Chicago based punk-rockers. Learn more at Distant Bonds - London-based trio, Distant Bonds are fusing catchy pop-like choruses with arena-rock inspired “sing along” hooks to justify that this EP album is polishing the band’s already established sound making it into something undeniable. Divided Minds – Divided Minds is an established Rock Pop band from Phoenix, AZ, who has performed with numerous national acts such as Wage War, The Summer Set, Whitney Peyton,SLAVES, Doll Skin and Best Ex (Formerly Candy Hearts). Divided Minds has proven time and time again that their music connects well and their sound continues to be fresh. Their music has often been played on KWSS 93.9 and ALT-AZ 93.3 along with interviews and morning TV guest appearances. Having released in 2016 their debut EP _Perception,_ they toured the regional circuit and found themselves gaining the attention of Ross Robey of Rolling Artists and Greg Long - owner of We Are Triumphant. Digital Criminals - Digital Criminals are a Pop-Punk Rock band from Pontypool, South Wales (UK) that never fail to deliver a high energy show! Gears - Miami based hard/heavy rock act GEARS isn’t your average start-up garage band. Despite being confronted with a near disastrous setback at the cusp of their debut, headlining tour, jarring line-up changes, and financial challenges, the band has persevered and rebuilt. Christopher Dean - Hi i'm singer songwriter Christopher Dean, please click the LIKE button to follow my Music, News and Updates!!! Chris is completely self taught with a great love and passion for music, and a childhood dream of becoming a successful singer songwriter. Vendetta Red - Vendetta Red Formed in Seattle 1999. Probably the most tattooed band you've never heard of, Vendetta Reds fans are an Elite cadre of assassins who's mission is to destroy insipid indie rock at all cost. The band toured constantly and was honored enough to share the stage with the likes of AC/DC, Chevelle, Finch, The Distillers, Dashboard Confessional, A Static Lullaby, Brand New and many Warped tours and festivals in the USA and UK. "Close To Me" new single on iTunes and 7" / & Keep in mind that Lucia bitched a lot about the music not being tagged. Bands – tag your shit – we are not your glorified babysitters because no one will know what song you are performing if you can’t have it in your metadata. It’s not our job. It’s yours!! So if you don’t want to be called out on the show, tag your shit!! Take the extra time if you don’t know how to do it just ask!!! Its your music that you need to protect.
April 8, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 6 with Bloody Gulch Stillphase 5Rand Blacklist9 Cats Dont Have Souls
Welcome to another episode of Rock N Ramble w/Lucia and Glynn!! In this episode we cover music from • Bloody Gulch Groove based moody hard rock from Dixon USA We talked about how 3 different places this past week served cold food based on the service. Someone needs to teach them a lesson! • 5Rand - 5Rand are an Italian Female-Fronted industrial death metal band. Headed by Julia's voice, a trademark of band's sound with her incredible style mixing screams, growl and clean vocals. from Anzio, Italy!!! We talked about a DJ leaving a great station – best of luck to her. We also did the regular ramble as normal because I can’t remember a word I said • Stillphase - A modern yet timeless band whose genre includes a wide variety. They are simply classified as rock but can range from as soft as pop and to as hard as metal. They are from Long Branch, NJ We mentioned our sponsors; Ricochets Rapid Detail for your auto detailing needs , and of course if you are looking for something to do, eat or drink check out Our app is dropping soon!! • Cats Don't Have Souls - Cats don’t have souls started off as a minimalist deathrock duo in 2006. Since then it has grown slightly out of control and polluted itself into a deranged goth tinged psychedelic metal mutant hell bent on sonic weirdness They are from Albany NY Of course, you have the usual interruptions by your co host who is too busy to do the show because its tax season and I get that but doesn’t pay attention very well. I don’t have a door in my office to block the noise out all I have is a stupid curtain and leave it to him to get loud during the show when I asked if I could close the door. He never listens. He does what he wants. That’s ok. I am going to change this. Count on it. It’s not nice to flirt with other women when you are involved with someone. Joke or not. Don’t do that. We are very comical in what we do also. So please don’t take any of this serious. I’m the funny one, he’s the serious one. I will make him sing soprano real fast if he doesn’t get his act together. • BlackList-9 - BlackList-9 is heavy rock/metal band from Southern California, bringing you heavy groove’s and powerful riffs. Taking any pieces of different elements of metal and slamming them all into one.
March 25, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 5 with Kill No Albatross Secondhand Habit Raze Henry Metal and Vovkulaka
Welcome to another episode of Rock N Ramble w/Lucia and Glynn!! In this episode we cover music from Kill No Albatross; Hamilton Canada; Fronted by the energetic dynamism of vocalist Kyle Collins, Kill No Albatross delivers a brand of rock music sui generis, blending technical instrumentation, reflective lyricism, and a wildly energetic stage show. Secondhand Habit; Victoria Canada; Secondhand Habit is a high voltage rock band based out of Victoria BC. With their inspirations and style evolving over time, they have been compared to the likes of Nirvana, Mastodon, and Alice in Chains. Currently they have embarked on two Canadian. Raze; Hertfordshire England; Playing an exciting and innovative combination of Grunge and Metal, Raze take the sound of bands such as Nirvana and Alice In Chains and meld it with heavier influences from the likes of Machine Head and Lamb of God. Henry Metal; Los Angeles, CA; Henry Metal is one of the most exciting new artists in rock and his new album, "War In Heaven," is out everywhere January 1, 2018. Vovkulaka; Odessa, UK; (which we had a hard time getting their music on the show because the music wasn’t tagged … HMMMM) ...Dark...Angry...Evil...Metal: Pain Never Sounded So Good. We also talked about Uber and Lyft drivers are getting screwed over; where we have traveled this past week (Judas Priest & Blake Shelton Concerts; as well as last and not least, the biggest thing that pisses Spitfire off and that’s when bands don’t tag .. Enjoy
March 18, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 4 Guest Chris Vince of Symetria
Welcome to another episode of Rock N Ramble w/Lucia and Glynn!! In this episode of course, we finally get back online!! In this episode of course, we had our usual ramblings, but you have to listen to the show. Along with that we featured: Shane Martin: Minnesota based artist Shane Martin is quickly becoming one of the premier artists in the Midwest with a with a distinctive voice and a unique blend of country rock routinely performing over 175 shows per year. The singer songwriter has self released three full length albums and two EP’s to date performing with his full ensemble and as a solo “One Man Band”. Symetria: Heavy Metal Rock & Roll band with influences from all across the genre. If it rocks we like it. Intense guitar work, aggressive vocals, groovy bass riffs, and thunderous drums. Dual leads, harmonized leads, a little bit of everything that is metal Yelept: Independent artist from Magna, Utah. Heavy Metal with a Post Rock vibe. The music is a coping method for my issues in hope it will also help others. (Hey you guys don’t have a f/b page or anything?) Oliver Sean: "(Oliver Sean's Music) Like the Eagles have hired Jack Johnson for some lessons on lightening up" - Rolling Stone Magazine; http://htttp// and Second Echo: Fronted by multi-talented musician and singer, Casey Stickley, Second Echo was conceived in Ohio in the late 1990s. The early years consisted of late night writing sessions in barn lofts, countless hours playing shows in any venue av :
March 11, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia & Glynn Episode 3 with Karma Fire, Katya, and StereoViolet
Welcome to another episode of Rock N Ramble w/Lucia and Glynn!! In this episode of course, we had MIC issues – thought the webcam can take the place of a microphone but apparently not. At least the music played. We featured Karma Fire; Heart On The Run, Stormbringer, Coming Home and Forever off of Heart On The Run. After that we featured Katya of KatyaMusic with Kelly Garni on bass of Quiet Riot; NUMB IN MY OWN PLACE. Lastly we closed out the show with StereoViolet featuring Alone, The Last Stand, Broken Leverage, and A Whisper from The Rise and Fall of O'Ren Black. Special thanks to our sponsors; MusicSubmit, Glynn D Murphy CPA, Ricochets Rapid Detail and One Way 2 Fun!
March 2, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia And Glynn Episode 2 with Chris Langan
We are Glynn and Lucia, two local celebrities who love travel and local music and from around the world. if you are here to live our adventure vicariously, please stay. If you are here for any other reason, there's the door, don't let it hit you on the way out. in this episode: we talk to Chris Langan: *Professional Drummer and Educator, from Northeastern Pennsylvania offering Private and Online Drum Lessons for Beginners through Advanced Players. *Studio/Session Drummer available for Remote Drum Tracking or Studio Drum Tracking (Local). *Please email, visit, or you can find him on Facebook: Subscribe to our you tube channel Lucia Glynn to see more of these awesome videos that are coming your way - and don't forget you can hear our audio podcast here: CategoryWe are Glynn and Lucia, two local celebrities who love travel and local music and from around the world. if you are here to live our adventure vicariously, please stay. If you are here for any other reason, there's the door, don't let it hit you on the way out. in this episode: we talk to Chris Langan: *Professional Drummer and Educator, from Northeastern Pennsylvania offering Private and Online Drum Lessons for Beginners through Advanced Players. *Studio/Session Drummer available for Remote Drum Tracking or Studio Drum Tracking (Local). *Please email, visit, or you can find him on Facebook: Subscribe to our channel to see more of these awesome videos that are coming your way - and don't forget you can hear our audio podcast here: Category
February 16, 2018
Rock N Ramble with Lucia And Glynn Episode 1 with Xavier Boscher, Tripod, and NewClue
Rock N Ramble with Lucia And Glynn Episode 1 with Xavier Boscher, Tripod, and NewClue Hello everyone, my name is Lucia of a local celebrity who loves to travel and loves to listen to local music from around the world. Since we are out of local NEPA music to share, we are continuing down our list of MusicSubmit.Com artists to unleash to the masses. In this episode we will play one song each from Xavier Boscher, Tripod, and NewClue Let’s start off with Xavier Boscher from France: Xavier Boscher is a French pop-rock-prog-metal artist who has released many albums since 1999. For himself and other projects (Nebuleyes, Misanthrope, Continuum, Déborah Hofer, Mlle Julie, Mon ami Mío, Michael Resin, Benjamin Karmer and more…) He is known as composer, guitar player, producer, singer and writer. After 8 albums relayed by the US media; a new album in which the artist will focus all its multiple influences is announced at the end of 2016 Here’s Le corps des femmes from the album Album: Pentagramme … Next up Tripod from trondheim, sør trøndelag, Norway: The Norwegian rockers, Tripod, find themselves in between the two worlds of stoner metal and grunge rock, making them twice as soothing to take in. Groovy and catchy riffs, with amazing vocals. With killer live performances, heavy drums and a rumbling bass, the quintet is trying to take back the raw purity that once existed. Since the release of their debut album “Nevermind This Black Album” in 2008, including hits like “Another Monday” and “Tomorrow”, the band has been delivering their massive sound to the masses. After touring Norway, they started working on their second album. The album “Four Coins”(2012) was released in China, as well as Norway. Mixed by legendary producer Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Ratt, Warrant and more). “Catchy tunes that rocks your balls off!” (“Four Coins”: 7/10) – Icon Music Mag “With the song “Jack and Blood” Tripod manages to bring back Kurt Cobain from the grave!” “Efficient and well played” –Firdaposten “Amazing songs, which they exploit to the max in their live performances.” -IMM. After touring Norway and China with “Four Coins” they started once again to work on songs for their next album. The summer of 2013 Tripod recorded a new album in legendary Sono Records, outside of Prague, Czech Republic. This was the first album to include new guitar player Jørgen Berg (ex-Torch). The album also featured Apollon Quartet (members from Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) and Norwegian solo artist Martine Rygvold. The album will be released in 2014. Tripod’s sound is now even more massive than before. Heavier! Rougher! Keeping the purity of 90’s grunge and metal intact.   Last but not least: New Clue New London, Connecticut, USA NOSTALGIC METAL REBORN with a NewClue Sure, we all have our bumps in life, but NewClue has been through the trenches. As formed in the very late 80’s, (and after about 6 years) all disbursed and went their separate ways. Neil (the vocalist) almost died, when he slammed his motorcycle into a telephone pole back in 2000. With TBI, he had to learn to walk & talk (as well as sing) all over again. With the reformation of yesteryear’s "NoClue", the band rejoined into today’s "NewClue". The guys came back, full circle. Neil's heartwarming story, and his willingness to never give up on a dream, fueled the fire and sparked the embers for pure passion and the love for music. Here’s Mystic Winds by NewClue from the album Album: Mystic Winds
January 20, 2018
UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 41 Featuring: NeverWake and Vovkulaka
NeverWake's music is a sinew of rock and metal which forms a pathway for dark guitar harmonies to unwind into shredding leads. Symphonic choruses and melodic vocals pull the listener into a haunting trance and awaken them with undeniable guttering of heavily distorted breakdowns. NeverWake consists of Johnny DiCarlo on lead vocals/lead guitar, Marcus Giannamore on drums/vocals, George Scott on bass guitar/vocals and Justin Sanford lead guitar/vocals. NeverWake was chosen by the AEG Live promoters to play on the first ever ReverbNation stage at the annual hard rock and heavy metal music festival Carolina Rebellion 2015. Kicking off the weekend for 60,000 fans, NeverWake had the incredible opportunity to share the spotlight with bands such as Korn, Slipknot, Nonpoint, Periphery and many more. In April, NeverWake rocked alongside various artists from Iron Maiden, Disturbed, and Twisted Sister, (The Foundry), at The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh and had multiple shows at the SXSW Heart ofTexas Rock Fest. Earlier in 2015, the band played at The ReverbNation Stage for the Millennium Music Conference Showcase, Altar Bar in Pittsburgh and several other local and nationwide venues. Described as “smashing 'Bullet For My Valentine' and 'Trivium' together,” NeverWake's second and most recent studio album is "SleepWalker," crafted at Innovation Studios with producer/engineer Mike Ofca and mastered under legendary engineer Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound. Their debut full-length album "Vitality" was released in August 2011 and the single "Cut You Down" on Halloween of 2012. Become a part of the dream and walk with us.   Volk is an amazing Drummer and Vocalist with a unique style and sense of music. He’s an artist, musician, composer, clinician, entertainer, and educator…NOW his latest creation: Vovkulaka.Singing while Drumming,Volk,is taking his Drumming career to another level. A real Paranormal Investigator,Volk mixes his music with his Paranormal experiences.Ghost Hunting around the World,Volk's fans read about his Ghost Hunting stories while enjoying the music. The first single written for Ukraine,”Glory to the Heroes”,Vovkulaka (Ukrainian for Werewolf) is already on the charts in Kyiv ( Featuring Keith Lynch on Guitar (Bill Ward Band,Ozzy Osbourne), based on his travels in Ukraine after Maidan,the song has been dedicated to Ukrainian Soldier Nadiya Savchenko [jailed in Russia and subsequently released in May 2016].Along with thousands of other Ukrainian Patriots,Vovkulaka participated in a three month Twitter campaign,focused on the Kremlin,to release Savchenko.'Glory to the Heroes' was given to the Ukrainian People as a gift for Freedom.Currently,the song is being played in Ukraine,France,Russia,and the States.The second Single released,'my Devil',is much darker and based on VolK's Paranormal experiences. In October 2016,Vovkulaka finished reording new music.Again,working with Producer Darian Rundall (Pennywise,Suicidal Tendencies),Vovkulaka released 4 new singles in 2017. Based in Odessa,Ukraine, Vovkulaka is a true 'International Metal Band'. Vovkulka's members come from Ukraine,Bulgaria,and the United States...naya G and juleZ(Ukraine) dance,play percussion, and Drumset and Ivan(Bulgaria) plays Guitar [live]. The Band is committed to creating "Dark...Angry...Evil...Metal". Volk explains what Vovkulaka is all about. He say’s,”…Pain never sounded so good…”.
January 13, 2018
Up Close and On Fire Ep 40 Empire in Decline % Radio Kartel
” Empire In Decline ” is a Northeast PA-based band featuring three former members of one of NEPA’s favorite local original bands ” Plus 3 .” After releasing two full-length albums, achieving local and regional airplay also gaining much experience from playing the countless amount of memorable shows throughout Northeast & Central PA ” Plus 3 ” dissolved in 2011. Fast forward to March 2013 three of the former members found themselves reunited and immediately began working on new original material along with a vast collection of covers from the 70’s to present. Radio Kartel a three-piece Rock Alternative power trio band from San Pedro, California. Started back in 2013, the band consists of Johnny Aralica Guitar & Vocals, Ray Solorio Bass & Vocals & Jerry Trebotic Drums. Johnny and Jerry met back in 1988 in a recycler ad in their teens and together have been in bands like Greenhouse, Seven Poisons, and CroTech. Ray and Johnny met back in 2006 when an impromptu jam at a Johnny Angry rehearsal got Ray in the band the next day. Besides playing in Johnny Angry, Ray has also been in LA Eyez and the metal band Scarred. Johnny has also been in 22 Minutes, Under The God with Vincent Rocco & The Angry (Johnny Angry after Ray joined Scarred). Jerry has also been in a number of bands like Joy Ride, Vitamin L, Evenrude and is currently the drummer for Mike Watt & The Secondmen. Just take a listen. No gimmicks, no sequencers, no computers. Just Guitar, Bass & Drums. Can you handle that???
January 7, 2018
Up Close and On Fire with Spitfire and Kickazz Ep 39 Threatpoint and VOA
Finally back after a 3-week hiatus. Did you miss us? didn't think so.  Phuck you haters. Every one of you. No one will stop the almighty Spitfire in 2018. So suck it and back off.This week 2 new bands Threatpoint is a Thrash/Groove Metal band based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania formed March 2012 from the demise of their other bands. Chris James (vocals/guitar), Alex Olivetti (guitars/backing vocals) & CJ Krukowski (drums) sat down at a diner to layout the plans of what was to become Threatpoint. Rounding out the bands' current lineup is Matt Van Fleet (bass). Being no stranger to Threatpoint, Matt actually helped finish recording their debut album. As of 2015 becoming a permanent member. Fast forward 2017, with three full-length albums, an acoustic disc and hundreds of shows coast to coast in the United States, Threatpoint vows to not be taken lightly. Delivering a high energy show every single night they hit the stage and preparing to write and record their fourth and most ferocious effort to date, Threatpoint is a must-see for any metalhead. Tastefully drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences, all of the members have strong writing skills and creative input. You will hear remnants of Classic Rock, Power Metal, Thrash Metal and straight up Hard Rock. On an occasion, you can find a sprinkle of Death Metal and European influence within their musical smorgasbord. Still searching for a label to extend their helping hand Threatpoint drives at full speed ahead on their own strength and dollar flooding the underground music scene. Voice of Addiction Voice Of Addiction are politically charged and socially conscious Chicago based punk-rockers. V.o.A. has been around over a decade doing 1,200 shows across the U.S. & Canada. Having 5 official releases & independently selling 6,500 physical copies these boys have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. V.O.A. realizes how important the live show is to their career & never fail to deliver a highly dynamic and energetic performance in which all are encouraged to participate. Both a new full-length album and a feature-length documentary are due to be released in 2018. PRESS RELEASE:
December 17, 2017
Up Close and ON fire with Spitfire and Kickazz Various Artists 3 wk hiatus Episode 37
In this episode you got DramaScream, Jeffrey, Vovukulaka, some unknown artists because their "SHIT"wasn't tagged proper - how do you expect to get discovered! It's time after this - anything untagged is coming out of our rotation. Don't bother me again unless you tag your music. I refuse to download anything ever again because you have infected my music! Last but not least Symetria's newest!
November 9, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with Spitfire and Kickazz Ep 36 Catacomb C and Signal 99
First Up: The Catacomb Creeps - Wilkes Barre, PA .. in the year of 1980, a group of rogue engineers [two, recently banned from the international society of genetic and cryogenic engineering and development] set out to plan and perform a grand experiment in liberation. With 1.21 jigawatts of electricity (which was rumored to be stolen from a Rush concert being performed a few short blocks from the secret underground laboratory, that was conveniently buried below the local trailer park). With this, 3 sons of rebellion, booze, and rock n roll were born. the scientists conditioned the brothers in the arts of fury, brutality, and passion. the scientists grew happy with the boys performance. They noticed the rapidly increasing rate of romantic insanity and decided the 3 would be unstoppable together. The scientists knew their plan of infecting the world with their brand of genetically engineered insanity would be too dangerous to carry out with 3 animals whose instincts were found too powerful even after conditioning. it was soon decided that the brothers would be separated and buried alive in various Catacombs of eastern Europe. Given nothing but their destined weapons in rock n roll the 3 were lost in the darkness of death and separately found themselves locked in a subconscious fit of musical mutations. This cortextual conversion lasted the better of 20 years. The procession left the boys twisted in the head; mad with delusions of an undead opera constantly creeping through their skulls. the delusions would keep them in a perpetual state of waking dreams. The visions were the same for all 3, with the conclusion being the apparitions would need to perform through the brothers. And only through them could their murderous play be delivered. With the help to ghostly cast of the waking dream, the Catacomb Creeps re-emerged and united from their underground prisons. More powerful than ever, the boys were ready to use their undead visions to transcend the ultimate levels of romantic insanity throughout the land. As act 2 of their undead ensemble ready to stage that is their minds, our heroes find themselves at the End of the Grey; ready to battle forward let the facet that is their music drip undead rainbows of madness on only the strongest of souls who can accept it. Fuck you world, all of your base now belong to us Second up - brought to you by who wants to help indie artists get airplay, reviews, and exposure for their music. We've come up with an affordable way for artists to reach genre-specific music outlets and get their music in front of music industry people who are looking to discover great music. Signal 99 SIGNAL 99 has emerged from the southwest with their powerful music along with their unforgettable stage presence. Their hard metal punk influenced music coupled with the hard rock vamping vocals and melodic tones with minor key tonality which results in embedded music that you will not forget. This band originated as a trio and now filled out its sound with another guitarist. The music stands for itself and has proven to compete with many bands near the same genre. Their music styling is often paired with Coal Chamber, Static-X, Upon a Burning Body, and Psychostick. Signal 99 was recently featured in a first of its kind eBook that has nearly 800,000 downloads since its release in May 2015. Selected along with 25 other artists out of 4,000 worldwide entries, Signal 99's song "Zombie Star" made the soundtrack. This prompted several local media and regional TV coverage (KOB TV 4, NBC) to cover the band's accomplishment. The Gospel CD features recommended tracks such as Zombie Star and Ten Fold. Zombie Star has gained the attention of many A&R Reps to stop and listen. Pandora, Amazon, and Spotify currently feature this CD. The earlier 2008 CD, Armed and Dangerous features recommended tracks of the self-titled “Armed and Dangerous” also “Jealousy Breeds” which is available on ITunes. They will be going b
November 4, 2017
UP Close and ON Fire with S and K Ep 35 Super Bob and Fractured Spine
5 more episodes and we will be at our 40th!And look none of Spitfire's haters have been attacking her either. Know why? Because she's Lady F'N Spitfire that's why. Everything that she does, touch is protected by Karma baby Two New Bands - this week Super bob - PA, DC and more Super bob is a rock band from the Washington DC area formed under the name "bob" in 05. We have three members. Matt Santoro on vocals, Adam Smith on guitar, and Drew Recny on drums. We won't waste your time with a long-winded description of our accomplishments, or grandiose exaggerations of who we are and what we've done. To make it short and sweet we will simply say that Super bob is a hard-working, dedicated, full-time rock band that plays about 240 shows a year (actual shows, not just days on the road). We have 4 full-length records (all available on iTunes), recorded by amazing producers (Garth "GGGarth" Richardson, and Matt LaPlant), our members hold sponsorship's from companies like P.R.S., and G.H.S to name a few. Our live show is more than overblown hype, it's a fun, energetic, captivating, physical expression of music with an energy and presence beyond the words that can be written in a bio. We spread through the eastern half of the country by starting in one place, building a following, and moving to the next city. Nothing fancy, no label, no investor just hard work and dedication. We're a new sound in rock and roll, with an old-fashioned rock and roll attitude. We're familiar, yet completely different. Thank you, and we'll see you soon! -Team Super bob Fractured Spine - Finland Atmospheric death/doom metal with gothic and black metal influences.
October 27, 2017
Up Close and ON Fire with S and K Ep 34 Sucker and Fracture
SUCKER is sexy, wild rock and roll founded by Candi Vee (bass, vocals) and hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Sucker finished its second EP in the summer of 2012 “one of the most dangerously rocking local spins in recent memory” and officially released its first full length album on March 15, 2013. They released their newest single April 6th, 2017. The current line-up includes Gene Pavlico on guitar and Rob Helme on drums. The band performs regularly in the North East United States. Fracture is a Modern Metal band from Los Angeles, CA that combines catchy sing-along choruses with brutal breakdowns.
October 19, 2017
Up Close and ON fire with S and K Ep 33 Spinelli and Modern Day Outlaw
Len Spinelli a drummer, keyboardist and vocalist/song writer of independent rock/progressive metal. Modern Day Outlaw - Tamarac, Florida Recipe for Distaster: A shot of metal. A shot of Country. A shot of blues. and a handful of Ice and mix for 3 seconds of fury!  The new age of Southern Metal is HERE!!! Loud aggressive, melodic, and in your face....
October 16, 2017
up Close and on fire with S and K Ep 31 SkinnBones chris langan murkocet
Skin-n-Bones strips rock to its barest essence. The Scranton-based quintet built a hardcore following around its self-described brand of “dirty rock and roll.” The band just released its newest album of, “Listen Up.” For “Listen Up,” Skin-n-Bones worked with well known producer and musician Bret Alexander, formerly of the Badlees. Made up of veteran local musicians — Rob Rosencrans on lead vocals, Donny Engle on guitar, Todd Costantino on bass guitar, Paul Davies on drums and John Roman on guitar — Skin-n-Bones formed in 2009. Inspired by legendary acts like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses, the band made a commitment to churning out “live, in-your-face rock and roll,”The band released its debut EP in 2010 while slowly building a fanbase. They helped their cause by landing opening slots for several national touring acts, including Charm City Devils, the Romantics, Jackyl, Queensryche, Tantric, Great White, Pop Evil, and Trapt. Like those bands, Skin-n-Bones’ set lists consist entirely of original songs — no covers. Meanwhile, the band is now in the process of booking a series of gigs in the coming months to promote “Listen Up.” “We’re just trying to get on the road and push it. I think when you hear it, you’ll like it, “We’re just trying to get it out there. Anyway, we can. We just want to be heard.” We also got the chance to talk to Chris Langan of Behind the Beat with Chris Langan. a professional drummer and educator, from Northeastern Pennsylvania, with over 30 years experience. He offers Private, and Skype drum lessons for Beginners through Advanced players. He also offers Online and Studio drum tracks for an artists song or album. Please email him at for pricing. Last, but not least Murkocet an American heavy metal band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2013, the band’s debut album ‘Digging Mercy’s Grave’ was released on January 14, 2017. The album consists of eleven tracks, two of which have been aired on Phoenix’s 98KUPD “Into The Pit” and another that was chosen by indie horror film director, Bob Clark of Reel Bloody Films to be the title track of his movie, ‘Strip Club Massacre’. Since their debut, the band has ventured out on multiple North American tours rocking stages in New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, throughout Southern California and The Viper Room in LA. They have shared the stage with headlining acts such as Attila, Exodus, Crowbar, The Browning and more. With a rapidly growing fanbase, the metal quartet landed themselves a number four spot in Phoenix New Times’ article for “13 Best Metal Bands In Metro Phoenix” on August 29, 2017. Murkocet comprises of vocalist Richie Jano, guitarist Nate Garrett, drummer Mike Mays and bassist Jared Pettit. Heavily influenced by Lamb of God, Slipknot, Hatebreed and the like, Murkocet combines their own musical talents to deliver a highly aggressive and unrelenting sound with a catchy melodic groove. The band’s main objective has always been to write material that would not only be exciting musically, but have a strong emphasis on crowd involvement. Their captivating live performance and high energy stage presence prescribes every audience a heavy dose.
September 30, 2017
up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 30 Ratghost and SMT
Shannon Marysada Trio - Hazleton PA Ratghost - Portland OR Rant - talking about health insurance when you lose it go to no where else, otherwise you will be mobbed
September 21, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 29 Sezhu and Bill
welcome to another episode of UP Close and On Fire with S and K hope you guys are having an amazing morning, aftenroon, or night depending on when you are listening to us This week: Sezhu HAVING FUN! making great music with great people, and having fun while doing it. Bill March Bill March is a singer/songwriter in the tradition of the Beatles, Raspberries, and Badfinger
September 13, 2017
Up Close and ON Fire with S and K Ep 9 Corners of Sanctuary
The band for this week’s episode of Up Front And On Fire left me in a bit of a conundrum. I was presented with five of their releases to go through for this week’s episode of the show. Unfortunately, two of them were not properly tagged, so they couldn’t be reviewed. Bands, please double-check your ID3 tags in your mp3 files before you send them to radio stations, podcasts, and blogs, and submit your track listings to Gracenote as well if you’re sending CD copies to stations – it only takes five minutes to do this in iTunes. (ten if you’re careful with your typing!)
September 6, 2017
My Night Out 2017
Glynn: Lucia what are doing tonight Lucia: I don't know you tell me! Glynn: I've got it! Download the My Night Out App, My N I G H T Out Lucia: My Night Out? What's That! Glynn: My Night Out is your online resource for what to do, where to go, what to eat in NEPA Lucia: Really? Does that include where local bands are playing too? Glynn: Of Course - You can find local bands similar to E 57. Download My Night Out now Sign up for push notifications and My Night Out will tell you where your favorite band is playing. Lucia: Famtastic! But I'm Hungry Glynn: Perfect! Where's the wing night, burger night, steak night, or happy hour? Lucia: Great! I am going to download the My Night Out RIght Now! Powered by 105 The River Some assembly required, batteries not included.
September 2, 2017
UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 27 Rick Jones and Fat Candice
Every day is never a good day Tonight we featured 3 songs from Rick Jones – Chronicles of the Heart – released in 2011; Paralized, Without You (featuring Eric Ritter and the late RJ Minichello), and Talk to me (featuring Allen Van Wert) Rick’s music is best described as An 80s , 90s Rock Band mixed with original music We also featured Fat Candice – Forged in Salt Lake 2012, Fat Candice vowed to bring back grit, energy, sophistication, back to rock music. Armed with experience musicians, a full repertoire of covers, and many originals numbers, Fat Candice is on a mission to rock your socks off! Check out Slave and Let Go
August 18, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 26 - ThrillKiller and The Boys of Psych
UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 26 ThrillKiller and The Boys of Psych UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 26 ThrillKiller and The Boys of PsychTonight we feature ThrillKiller Baltimore MD Created by Rob Bradley alongside Maxim Sobchenko. Thillkiller explores the boundaries of rock, pop, and metal creating a sound totally unique to itself. Playing in events such as MAGstock and the Main Street Music Festival, the band has performed on stages such as Merriweather Post Pavillion and Baltimore Soundstage as well as many others. Thrillkiller is joined by Sebastian Ochoa(bass) and Saywer Lubold(drums) hot on the heels of their new single, The King of 1984. The Boys of Psych, Easton PA PSYCH” first began as a studio project whose members all shared a common desire to write and record original music. Once in the studio together, after just a few sessions, it was evident that our combination of musical styles and personalities were something more than any of us really expected. After numerous hours of writing and rehearsing, we decided that we would test the waters and start playing some local shows to see how our music would go over with a live audience. Our band was received well by audiences and we decided to give it all we have. We played a number of benefit shows, Live college radio programs, started our own website We also entered into a radio competition for original bands and were picked as a top 5 finalists.Then soon after, nominated by our fans into our local Music Awards.We brought home “Best Original Band”. At this point, things really seemed to be falling into place for us,So we decided to move forward with the release of our first CD entitled “PSYCH 101”. The CD was released on New Years Eve of 2012 with a live performance/CD release Party at a local venue. The turn out was decent and we began putting CD’s into the hands of our fans. In March of 2012 we were offered the opportunity of opening for The “Michael Schenker Group” in front of a crowd of about 2,000..We were very well received and in November of 2012 we accepted the offer to open for “Dio Desciples” with Tim “Ripper” Owens. This was another great show that we are grateful and proud to have played.. The “Bottom Line” is that we work “very hard” to promote our band and it seems to being paying off for us. Not only are we gaining new fans, but new opportunities too. Please share PSYCH with your friends through our website or through our Facebook page “The Boys of Psych.” Thank You for helping PSYCH chase there dreams.
August 9, 2017
Up Close And On Fire With S And K Ep 19 Jakesway And Soul Exchange New Edit
Jakesway were an original music project from Mehoopany, PA that self-released three albums with music that mixed rock, country and pop. The project was spearheaded by Gary Kashack, a veteran of several Scranton area cover bands until he and a handful of friends and collaborators started to go into SI Studios in Scranton with a goal to record and release the originals that Gary had been stockpiling over the past few years. Jakesway’s Reverbnation page gives as the project’s main influences Matchbox 20, Social Distortion, The Smithereens, and the GooGoo Dolls. With four such disparate influences, it’s not surprising that jakesway’s three albums all had cuts played not only on rock radio in Northeastern Pennsylvania but on pop and country stations as well. The project was put on hiatus a few years ago, and after recharging, Gary has adopted the stage name Gary Carl and recently released a solo country CD, Off The Grid, which may turn up on a future episode someday soon. For now, let’s highlight three tracks from their second album, the appropriately titled It May Get Loud – and this was definitely one release where we had trouble deciding on which three tracks to select because they were all too damn good. Tracks: Unassuming Angels, You And Me, So Simple So True SOUL EXCHANGE Soul Exchange are a five-piece rock band from Stockholm, Sweden – a country more famous musically for giving us ABBA, a slew of notorious Black Metal bands like Dark Funeral, Marduk, and Dissection, and most recently the ever-popular and mysterious Ghost. Soul Exchange do list their fellow countrymen Ghost as both a favorite band and an influence, but outside of sharing a predilection for mixing pop songwriting with rock influence and some dark thematics, they don’t have much in common with Papa Emeritus and his Nameless Ghouls. The band – vocalist Daniel John, guitarists and brothers Hans and Thomas von Bell, drummer Benny White, bassist Patrik “Patte” Ekelöf, and lyricist Jens Joel Evaldsson – likes to describe themselves as “The sound of a new world being born, and the louder sound of an old world being destroyed.” Their second album, Bloodbound, caught the attention of North Carolina-based independent label Mervilton Records, which has released the album worldwide, and it’s most certainly caught our attention here on the show. Tracks: Left Behind, Torn To Pieces, Hangin’ On
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 15 GlimDropper Graces Downfall Dammit and Eric Gibson
GLIM DROPPER Usually putting together a band with a minimum of three or four members is a daunting task. You’ll get your fair share of the following tropes: players who only want to do cover gigs on the weekends; players who have had it with covers and only want to do originals; players who are willing to fill in for a while, but leave when they feel the money or the music isn’t good enough; players who can’t even play. Philadelphia-based band Glim Dropper elected to eliminate those headaches by taking advantage of modern musical technology and performing and recording as a two-piece unit of Dan Kauffman on lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, and loops, and Rob Schnell on drums, samples, and backing vocals. The pair creates a full organic band sound that they call “forward thinging retro rock and roll” – meaning that while they’re utilizing familiar classic and alternative rock sounds and feels in their music, they’re not a couple of luddites who’d prefer to record and release their music on shellac 78’s or Edison cylinders! Their well-written and produced album Last Days Of Analog harks back to the days before being a producer meant you took a band’s recorded performance and chopped, cut, and pasted the thing into a platable mess intended to be overplayed on corporate terrestrial radio. Highlighted songs: Last Days Of Analog, Make It, Happy Now GRACES DOWNFALL Very recently, NEPA-based band Graces Downfall called it a collective career after 12 years and three albums, with the various members spinning off into two different cover band units. Their breakup this past February left a small void in the otherwise vibrant Wilkes-Barre/Scranton original music scene, but there’s no denying the impact that Graces Downfall had on that very same scene. Their third and final album Change. Adjust. Continue, which was funded mostly by a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, ends their discography on a creative high note with their trademark blend of heavy riffs, stready rhythms, and anthemic vocal melodies. Highlighted songs: Letter To Lainey, Jesus Crutch, Strumpets Of course the producer forgot to include: Dammit! has been playing the San Francisco Bay area (and beyond!) music scene for over 10 years. Originating from the basement of guitar thrasher John Gillette, the goal was to start a band that had the sound of Metallica and the heart of Alice in Chains; a mixture of Punk, Rock/Metal and Grunge; and John Gillette did just that. Featuring Darker and Darker Eric Gibson is an Austin, TX recording artist who writes, performs and produces his own unique brand of Alternative music. Eric was born in Richmond, VA, and raised in the mean streets of Gainesville, FL. He has been playing guitar, a variety of stringed instruments and keyboard since the early 90's. He has performed music, theatrical poetry readings, and performance art in venues all over Florida, DC, and Virginia. Featuring Ocean Rolling
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 16 Fall of Man and Harpo
HARPO Harpo have been in existence since 1974, initially as a cover band back in the days when you could play bars up and down the East Coast and into Canada and make a decent living doing it. (Yeah, there was a time when that was possible.) Their Facebook page’s biography displays a litany of all the trials and tribulations the band has gone through over the past 44 years going on 45 – personnel changes, car accidents that sidelined their singer for over a year, breakups, reunions, and a few independently released albums. Chances are, if you lived in Pennsyvania, you’re familiar with the name even though you may have never heard a single note of the music. When the band was originally making records in the Eighties, they would have fit in very well with the string of hair bands that dominated MTV back in the day – but no major label ever picked them up. This week we highlight cuts from their album Harpo Live: Go Heavy Or Go Home, originally released in 1997 and reissued over a decade later by the Italian label Time Warp Records (supposedly a grey-market “bootleg” label if is correct). Songs like “Chain Reaction”, “Tuff Love”, and “Tumblin’ Down” give good indication of how radio-ready Harpo was determined to make their music throughout their long career. Highlighted Tracks: Tuff Love, Too Much Is Just Enough, Hearts Cold. FALL OF MAN Fall Of Man are a relatively new band from Los Angeles, CA. They formed in the early 2000’s and first rehearsed as an instrumental trio while they seeked out a frontman for their band. Enter, ironically, a frontwoman in Erica Barile, who had been hanging out with the band at their rehearsals since day one (she was friends with most of the band at the time), then started filling in at band practice while they searched for a permanent singer. Not long afterward, she ended up being the defacto vocalist. Imagine Evanesence without the piano, the ego, and the penchant for mopey goth ballads, or even Flyleaf without the preaching, and you’ll have a decent idea of what Fall of Man sounds like. Or better yet, you could listen to the highlighted tracks we present from their most recent release, the 2016 EP Hallways And Doors. The band is presently working on their third full length album. Highlighted Tracks: Hallways And Doors, Lullaby, Breathe
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On fire with S and K Ep 22 Lupe Guru and Black Dawn
Lupe Guru, Bucks County, PA Catch these shape shifters of modern music as they bring their brand of riveting blues based progressive rock to the stage. Reaching international exposure with 2011 CD release “First Bite” featuring hit “Come To See Me Fall”. In addition to their original repertoire, they do justice to some of the best of rock/blues/jam music. Check the band out at lupegaru.comfor shows, music, live videos, more biographical information etc. and “Keep On Howling”. Black Dawn Carleplace, NY, USA Black Dawn has been performing live music of the metal / heavy rock genre in the Long Island / New York City area since 1996. Black Dawn has consisted of the same four members for all eighteen years of live performances: Matt Kotten (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Tom Kelly (Rhythm Guitar), James Lane (Bass Guitar), Enzo DiPaolo (Drums). Black Dawn's most direct musical influences include Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Down, Fight, Godsmack, Korn, Life of Agony, Metallica, Mudvayne, Soil, Soundgarden, Staind, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Volbeat, and White Zombie. Black Dawn's discography consists of the EP "Black Dawn (1996), the live CD "Live at CBGB's (1998), two full-length CD's "Absence of Time" (1999) and "Age of Reason" (2004), and the EP "Until We Meet" (2014). Selected tracks from all of these releases have been included in rotation on hundreds of various college / internet radio stations and podcasts worldwide. All five tracks from "Until We Meet" are currently available for free download on among other websites. Black Dawn has performed / participated in numerous shows, festivals, competitions and conferences from New York City to Los Angeles and has opened for acts such as Kings X, Daisy Berkowitz, LA Guns, Biohazard, and Michale Graves (ex Misfits vocalist). Black Dawn has performed in many famous venues in New York City including Webster Hall, CBGB's, the Continental, and the Hard Rock Cafe. Perhaps the best thing that could be said about Black Dawn is that, even after all this time, the band has no intention of slowing down. The band is writing new songs all the time so creatively, there is still pleanty of gas left in the tank. Still pleanty more shows to perform. Basically, a band like Black Dawn is what you get when you combine four metal / rock musicians who are able to work together over the long term through thick and thin to continue to bring their act to the stage.
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 17 Durango Dogs and Iron Cowboy
IRON COWBOY Iron Cowboy do most of their shows in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area as a cover band doing a lot of country and Southern rock covers, but they also have made the effort to record a few CDs of original music. One DJ that heard one of their CDs described them as “a cleverly disguised rock band with a steel guitar” – which to most fans of traditional or outlaw country would come off as a remark not much different from Tom Petty’s famous dismissal of bro-country as “hair metal with cowboy hats”. Iron Cowboy, however, have taken that DJ’s description and accepted it as 100% accurate. Since the release of the album from which we are highlighting cuts tonight, 2011’s Tattoo Of You, the band has expanded their sound a little with the addition of a second vocalist in Cathy Paty, who has graced their most recent releases, including a one-off cover of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road”. The tracks we are highlighting this week from Tattoo Of You don’t have Ms. Paty or the pedal steel, but the idea of a rock band disguised as country still seems to fit – or could they be a country band disguised as rock? You decide as we listen to the following songs from Tattoo Of You: “I’m Thinking ‘Cause I’m Drinkin’”, “Please Believe Me”, and “Dead Man Walkin’”. DURANGO DOGS Durango Dogs are a hard rock band from San Francisco, California with an interesting history as to how their debut release, Raw Doggin’ Love, came to be. Band leader, singer, guitarist, and songwriter Eric Durango had taken his then-lineup of the group into the studio in April of 2014 with only three hours of time to cut as many songs as possible, only getting five tracks finished. Eric spent much of that summer adding overdubs to the existing songs, and then mixing and mastering them, only to declare the results nothing more than an expensively produced demo. He went back into the studio a year later with local legend Ed Jones, and together the two recorded ten songs, including new takes on the songs from the original demo, with both gentlemen taking on multiple instrumental duties. After the songs were recorded and mixed, the perfectionist part of Eric Durango’s personality decided that all of the guitar parts needed to be rerecorded from top to bottom – which they did… twice. Surprisingly, the finished album sounds more like a full band slogging it out in the studio in a couple of takes apiece, yet still sounds like a lot of time and energy went into it. Go figure! Representing the Raw Doggin’ Love album are the tracks “Devil Dog”, “Leviathan”, and “Yoga Pants Woman”.
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 13 Robert Hunter and EOA
This week we share 2 local talents!
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 14 Friars Point and Black Dawn
The Friar’s Point Band are a contemporary blues band from Lehigh Valley, PA. Live, the band mixes their own original material with their own takes on old-school blues classics. Their most recent studio album, Lust, is an all-original affair – all of the songs having been composed by their guitarist Chris London – with the song’s lyrics centering on “love, lust, loss, and being left alone”, to quote their website. The group is celebrating their tenth anniversary this year. We had three albums from Friar’s Point at our disposal to choose from, but two of them, To The Point and Live at Sun Studios share similar track listings, so wherever we had the option, we elected to use the versions from Live at Sun Studios over the original versions on To The Point to better represent how the band sounds in a live setting. You Must Think I’m Blind [Live from Sun Studios] Art For Money [Live from Sun Studios version] Gonna Make You Love Me [Lust] BLACK DAWN Black Dawn are a metal/hard rock quartet from Long Island, NY. While most metal bands have decried the existence og grunge and alternative rock, Black Dawn have openly embraced the influence of acts like Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice In Chains on equal footing with more headbanger-friendly fare like Black Sabbth, Metallica, and Dwon, and their music has come out all the better for it. Black Dawn also have something else to be proud of in an era when bands seems to have more fluid lineups: they have had the exact same exact lineup since they first formed eighteen years ago. Upon Your Lips Open The Gates
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 8 Caanedy aka The Rods
CANEDY The name of Carl Canedy should not be unfamiliar to most metalheads, whether it is as drummer of long-running metal trio The Rodz, or as a producer for such classic metal albums as Anthrax’s Spreading The Disease and Possessed’s Beyond The Gates. Recently, the veteran musician and producer decided to take on a special solo project, bringing in a variety of friends , including TT Quick/Accept vocalist Mark Tornillo and Savatage guitarist Chris Cafferty, amongst others, to bring his first proper solo album Headbanger into existence. A particular highlight for anyone even unfamiliar with Canedy’s status in metal is “The Code”, featuring one of the last recorded vocal performances of the late Ronnie James Dio. If that alone doesn’t make you add this CD to your metal collection, you’ve got a problem. Featured tracks: Cult Of The Poisoned Mind The Code Madman
August 7, 2017
Up Close And On Fire With S And K Ep 18 Jackson Vee and Danny Vash
Up Close And On Fire With S And K Ep 18 Jackson Vee and Danny Vash By Spitfire and CJ M. Jackson Vee is a bit of an institution around the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. Rarely a week goes by in the area where he isn’t at some velue with his acoustic guitar, putting on a one-man show where he’ll mix a seemingly random set list of covers and originals in near-marathon sets. The producer of our podcast, upon learning of Jackson’s being the featured artist of the week, recalled seeing him open for a newer national artist at a local terrestrial rock radio station’s secret acoustic gig, where he did a shortened half-hour version of the kind of sets he was already doing. When the next act needed a few extra minutes to get themselves together, Jackson filled in the time by doing a quick game of “stump the singer” with the audience, proceeded to come off with every suggestion thrown his way, from a quick (and note-perfect) snippet of Cher’s “Believe” to a then-ubiquitous TV advertising jingle (complete with the quickly mumbled disclaimer at the end of said commercial!). Jackson’s album “Sigrad’s Theory” is not an all-acoustic affair, however – Jackson instead does a primarily electric-guitar-heavy modern rock approach for his all-original long playing affair, showing off the songwriting talents that he had been developing since his school days as well as the multi-instrumental chops he refined while he studied music in college. Featured songs: “Hide And Seek”, “Bury Yesterday”, “EnVy”. “Believe”. Danny Vash and Nite Wolf are a three-piece power trio from the Albuquerque New Mexico in the south-west United States. Their hard-hitting sound is a combination of Danny Vash on lead guitar and vocals, Bill Weber on drums and Mike Alberts on bass. Together they grind out crunchy riffs, complex melodies and songs with a classic hard rock sound. Danny Vash writes all music and lyrics. Their First album “TAKIN’ CONTROL” was recorded and produced by Danny Vash and Mike Alberts at their studio in the Sandia mountains of New Mexico. Featured Song Hard Life Next week - Soul Exchange Meets Jakesway
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 20 Long Time Divided and Decadent Nation
Since our producer decided to do other things this week, decided we would do the show on our own w/o him. He had his hands tied up with the Brandolino Family Fire Benefit and his head up his ass with Insomnia Station getting the single EP out. So, we are going to put out one more episode next week, then we are on vacation from sometime in July. Until then, ENJOY this episode. Long Time Divided; Pittsburgh PA Like the hometown of their inception, Long Time Divided is a band of blue-collar musicians, carving a name for themselves in the Pittsburgh music scene as one of the hardest working acts today. The wealth of musical knowledge that the members of the band bring to the group gives Long Time Divided a very polished hard rock sound. Each person's distinctive style blends almost seamlessly with the others: lead singer DJ Beckage's grunge rock vocals weave through the harmonic crunch, hammered out by guitarists Paul Terry and Dean Toughlian. Bassist Bob Beveridge and Drummer Jason Slick form the bedrock of the band; Bob bringing his soulful intensity to the bass in tandem with Jason's almost robotic-like precision to the drums. Long Time Divided has kept themselves grounded because they have never forgotten their roots and their fans who have elevated them. Formed from five, they are Long Time Divided. Just have to listen in to see what songs were featured. Decadent Nation, Columbia Decadent Nation has been eviscerating stages for over a decade with their own, unique brand of modern blues-based rock. Having toured coast to coast, releasing multiple records to critical acclaim, DN socio-political rock is more relevant than ever. Just have to listen in to see what songs were featured.
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On fire with S and K Ep 21 Jordan White and Wayne Mayfield Band
Hello Everyone Welcome to another edition of Up Close And On Fire With S And K This week we feature Jordan White Drawing inspiration from artists such as: Counting Crows, Jackson Browne, and Third Eye Blind; White's music is an interesting blend of the 1970's with a vibe from the alternative rock explosion. White has performed on national television networks such as FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and is currently performing live throughout the east coast as a solo act, with bands, and supporting major acts. Wayne Mayfield Band a guitar/lyric driven band with emphasis on writing and musical performance. Blistering shredding or mellow finger picking, its supported by rock solid bass and drums. consists of two core members who are strictly in the studio. Wayne writes the songs plays guitar, and is the lead vocalist John Sullivan, the proud owner of a gold record for his albums with the band Loudmouth, plays bass and drums and sings harmony vocals. John also produces and engineers the songs. John currently plays in two other bands, and Wayne is also loaded with other life commitments which prevent any live appearances at this point in time. Will they grab other players for live gigs? Since both are veterans of the stage, it could very well happen. For now, continuing to record quality songs is the focus.
August 7, 2017
Up Close And On Fire With S And K Ep 23 Paul Martin and State of Mind
Episode 23 - What ? Can you believe it!! And here we thought Sound cloud was going away Nope! Two new artists this week State of Mind - Cleveland, OH and Paul Martin - Scranton PA State of Mind - Cleveland OH State of Being is a Cleveland-based American alternative and industrial rock project. The group is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Christopher Foldi, and has been called the "...great missing link between 80s synth-pop and heavy industrial." by the webzine Chaos Control. Paul Martin - Scranton PA No bio available at the time of podcast.
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 4 Beyond Fallen
Veteran Wilkes-Barre, PA metal band Beyond Fallen have had quite the interesting time since the late summer 2013 release of their Machines of Corruption 5-song EP, which marked the band’s 10th Anniversary.
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 11 Dani-elle
After a technology-postponed one-week delay, Up Front And On Fire returns not only right out of the starting gate, but making a bit of a left-field turn by featuring NEPA-born aspiring country artist Dani-Elle Kleha (who goes solely by her first name professionally). Positing herself as “90’s country with a modern flair”– in other words, much closer to Terri Clark than to more recent sensations like Maren Morris and Kelsea Ballerini – the long-player on review here, 2012’s Dream Big, vaults between modern country and occasional traditional-sounding spots throughout the album’s ten tracks. There’s also seemingly unusual covers of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Belevin’”, John Fogerty’s “Bad Moon Rising”, and Aerosmith’s “Living On The Edge”. Watch Dani-Elle’s Facebook page,, for a special announcement planned for this week. It’s More About The Ride Once In A Blue Moon Livin’ On The Edge
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 7 Candlelight Red
Candlelight Red are a four-piece modern rock band from Williamsport, PA with two full-length albums and one EP to their credit. For this week’s episode of Up Front And On Fire, I’ve decided to concentrate on their most recent release, Reclamation, released in 2013 on the Imagen label. (The band is still active, having toured with a renewed vigor in 2016, and are planning new material in 2017, per a New Years Day post on their Facebook page.) The quartet of vocalist Ryan Hoke, guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Edge, bassist/vocalist Jamie Morrat, and drummer Brian Dugan hits all the right touchstones for 21st Century mainstream modern rock – a vocalist that alternates between clean melodies and grimy screams with ease, downtuned guitar work that features tight crunchy rhythms and fluid leads, and drums that do their job of keeping the beat and knowing just the right places to bust out the right kind of fill. The production on Reclamation is also listener friendly, enhancing the band’s main sound with ambient and unobtrusive keyboards, leaving Dugan’s drums dry and compressed for a truly heavy sound (rather than the excessive cement room echo sound from certain 80’s metal records), and occasionally throwing in a shade of reverb on Hoke’s vocals for emphasis. If this band doesn’t find themselves at a higher level in their career before 2017 ends, there’s something wrong. Highlighted tracks: Broken Glass Like A Disease Demons
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 10 Crobot
So far, all of the artists that have been featured on Up Front And On Fire have had two things in common: they’ve been from the Eastern Pennsylvania area, and they’ve had releases put out either on their own or though smaller micro-labels. This week, part of that streak gets broken, as our featured artist is part of the Wind-Up Records/Concord Music Group roster. Yes, that same Wind-Up that gave the world Evanescence, Seether, and Drowning Pool. Nice. Crobot released a new album late last year on Wind-Up, but I didn’t have it available for review at press time, so this week’s episode is going to highlight cuts from their debut album Something Supernatural. Between the band name, the cover art, and some of the song titles, I was anticipating something along the lines of doom metal. I wasn’t too far off when I hit play on the opening track, “Legend Of The Sunbourne Killer”, but in a way, I was because this track sounds like a lost Soundgarden song – and so do a lot of the tracks on here, which is a good thing. Singer Brandon Yeagley frequently comes off as a dead ringer for Chris Cornell, and the riffing the rest of the band does could have easily been heard on any Soundgarden album. Soundgarden isn’t their only influence, though – these guys have the whole history of riff-tacular hard rock in their DNA, and it shows. Reading the band’s bio on their Facebook page, in fact, states right in the first paragraph that their focus is on killer riffs arranged into great songs. These guys are focused. We need more good riffs in rock and roll, not that there hasn’t been a shortage of riffs to begin with. Crobot are just devotees of the almighty riff, with the songwriting and playing chops enough to add to that infinite lexicon. It was a total bitch to try to settle on three songs this week, because every one was just so goddamned good, but for today, these will be the three. My answer might be different on a different day. So might yours, so just dive in for yourself. “Legend of the Sunbourne Killer” “Skull of Geronimo” “Night of the Sacrifice”
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 6 Blue Max Schang
BLUE MAX SCHANG Key tracks: Bad Attitude Don’t Lose Your Cool I’m Crazy For You.
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 12 Dustin Douglas
Dustin Douglas is a veteran guitarist/singer/songwriter from Wilkes-Barre, PA who has already racked up quite a few musical miles, both as one-third of the power trio Lemongelli, and as a guitarist with the Badlees after a personnel shift in 2009. Neither of these facts gave me any clue as to what to expect when I sat down to listen to Dustin’s first solo album Black Skies and Starlight. Neither did his website’s boasting of the band as “capturing the vibe of late-60’s blues-based, rock and roll band”. Then I heard the opening chords of “Daydream”, I immediately thought back to Asylum-era Kiss, especially Paul Stanley’s songwriting and vocal style from that time period. That’s when I remembered something else from his website’s bio section, where Dustin describes his own music as “a mix of big guitars, with pop-laced hooks and an alternative attitude.” That pretty much nails it. The guitar tones are straight out of late-60’s classic rock, the songwriting is solid pop construction, and Dustin himself is a talented guitarist that knows when to flash (show off) and when to smash (serve the song), and since he’s the only guitarist in a power trio – a format with a lineage that basically goes from the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Hüsker Dü and back – he knows that it’s better to smash. “Daydream” “Been There, Done That” “My Door”
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 2 Ancient Wolves
Pennsylvania has its share of metal bands, but one that is of note is Wilkes-Barre’s Ancient Wolves. While they might seem like standard fare, this Northeast PA band channels classic metal of the 80s while adding a personal touch to their 2011 debut.
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 1 A Social State
Out of the hometown of our Station, Scranton, Pennsylvania, comes a rock group reminiscent of Weezer with a hint of power pop/90s alternative influence
August 7, 2017
Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 5 Black Tie Stereo
Black Tie Stereo are a pop/rock band from Northeastern Pennsylvania. Their name fits their sound – polished, keyboard-driven pop rock. And there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re not on a major label… yet. But their debut mini-album sounds pretty damn ready to be on one.
August 7, 2017
UP Close And On Fire With S And K Ep 25 Pave The Way And Seven Soliders
UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 25 Pave The Way and Seven Soldiers by Lucia PiccolinoApologizing for the profanity this week but its absurd that I am still stalked 29 years later. So going to play my favorite music, and sound "Bullet to your chess" in honor of me being rotten this week. Enjoy Playing some Pave The Way and Seven Soliders from the UK. Enjoy
August 1, 2017
Up Close And On Fire With S And K Ep 24 Winter Rye And Nick Coyle
Another 2 more bands this week.
July 24, 2017
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