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Living ReelDriven

Living ReelDriven

By Nick Updike
Nick Updike interviews purpose driven young adults, experts in different industries, and those who have a powerful story to share. All of these people have one commonality - they are taking massive action towards their best self & the life they WANT to live! These guests share their stories as well as the life lessons, challenges and adversities they've faced on their journey. Tune in to learn the best advice, tools and knowledge Nick and his guests have to offer, so you too can live a ReelDriven life!
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15. Building an Impactful Life & Lasting Legacy - W/Sam Bakhtiar
I'm extremely sad to announce that since the recording of this episode, Dr. Sam Bakhtiar has tragically passed away.  Sam, Your legacy and the tremendous value you contributed to this world will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service and for touching the lives of all those around you - RIP, you will be missed dearly brother. . . Sam was a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and business/life coach on a mission to help 1 million people get in the best shape of their life! He was the CEO of The Camp Franchise with over 100 locations AND the CEO of a rapidly growing supplement company known as 1% nutrition! In this episode, we talked about the adversity Sam overcame to get to where he was, what it takes to build your dream life, and the true meaning of success. I hope you all enjoy!
January 20, 2021
14. Nick Updike's Full Story | A Journey of Perseverance
In this episode, I bring you through my life's story in a condensed, yet very vulnerable and real way! I share with you the challenges, adversity and lessons I learned on my journey that have pathed the path to where I am today!
November 01, 2020
13. Solo Episode 1: Inside the Mind of a College Entrepreneur - The REAL Struggles!
In this episode, I open up about one of the biggest challenges I face as a college entrepreneur. It is REAL and it is RAW!My goal with this episode is to show you that everyone has their own struggles, whether they are open about them or not, and YOU...
February 13, 2020
12. Humble Beginnings to Successful Serial Entrepreneur - W/ Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy is a serial entrepreneur having started 5 successful businesses, and is the CEO of Murphy Auto Group. Through these companies, Mike's been able to generate a very impressive yearly sales revenue of half a billion dollars! In this episode,...
February 07, 2020
11. From Double Amputee to Fraternity President and Top Law School - W/ Radley Gillis
In this episode, Radley Gillis shares his story of going from a state champion wrestler in high school and wrestling D1 at Tennessee, to losing both legs in a FREAK motorcycle accident. He talks about how he was able to not only recover after the...
January 17, 2020
10. Growing Your Personal Brand and Online Business in College - W/ Jen Butters
In this episode of Living ReelDriven, Jen (@Jenbuttersfit) shares her story of how she went from being lost and bullied prior to college, to discovering her passion for fitness and growing her following to what is now a whopping 135k! Jen shares the...
December 11, 2019
9. Leadership, Team Building and Finding Your "Why" - W/ Student Body President of UF, Ian Green
In this episode, former student body president of the University of Florida delves into what it was like being the leader of a student body encompassing over 50k students, the importance of building a strong team, and why finding your "why" is...
October 09, 2019
8. Building a Name in the Art Industry and All Things #75Hard - W/Anthony Bowes
In this episode, Anthony and I discuss his art journey thus far, what it takes to make it in the art world, how he's been able to get paintings to guys like Gary V and Tai Lopez, and the importance of continuous personal development.Anthony is a 20yr...
September 23, 2019
7. Drug Addict to TedX Speaker and Life Coach - W/Jimmy Defalco
In this episode, Jimmy tells his story of growing up in a Wolf of Wallstreet environment, getting hooked on drugs, and ending up in a mental health facility, to how he was able to dramatically transform his life for the better. Jimmy shares the exact...
August 20, 2019
6. World Class Athlete, Motivational Speaker, and Business Consultant - W/Charles Clark
In this episode, Charles Clark shares his inspiring story of how he dramatically transformed his life after a career ending injury that took him from the 6th fastest man in the world to ROCK BOTTOM.In this episode, Charles covers how to use adversity to...
July 22, 2019
5. Traveling the World, Saving the Environment, and Changing Lives - With Kristina Rodriguez
Kristina is an extremely passionate environmentalist who has spoken all over the world, sharing her beliefs on ocean conservation and finding ways to further protect our planet. In addition to this, she currently runs 3 non-profit clubs at the...
July 07, 2019
4. The Power of Networking and Discovering your Passion - With Justin Caballero
Justin covers how he navigated difficult times in his late college career, how Social X came to be, the importance of pursuing something you’re passionate about, networking, and mentorship.
July 06, 2019
3. How I Used my Battle with Cancer to Find my Higher Purpose - With Matt Ode
Matt shares his tumultuous journey of battling Stage 3 Cancer and how he was able to use his adversity to find a bigger purpose in his life!
July 06, 2019
2. Inside the Life of a Young, Trailblazing Female Pilot - With Gatlyn Ligon
Gatlyn shares her story and gives practical advice to other females who aspire to do something different with their lives, and go against the norms.
July 06, 2019
1. Finding Your Voice in the Music Industry - With Nick Aquilino
Nick dives into how mindset, self-discipline, and building a strong team has played a huge role while navigating the music industry.
July 05, 2019