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Living Indigenous Media

Living Indigenous Media

By Rain Charger
Welcome to Living Indigenous Media, a podcast forum for discussing Indigenous media movements, oral histories and contributing to the Indigenous conversation. I'm your host Rain Charger, an Itazipacola Lakota grad student in the Indigenous Studies department at The University of Kansas.
Dr. Joshua Miner and Video Games
Hello again friends and relatives! This episode is centered on Video Games and Natives, a relatively fresh area of media exploration and I hope you enjoy it. As always, you can email the show with friendly conversation at Re-uploaded due to length issues.
May 16, 2018
Music with Rain Charger
Hello! This is the last episode of the Spring 2018 Series of Living Indigenous Media and I wanted to leave you with some of my thoughts around my favorite media of music. This is not the last episode of the podcast by any means and I plan on putting out episodes for the summer periodically. I hope you continue to hangout with us here on the podcast and I appreciate your listening so much. As always, you can reach me for collaborative ideas, friendly conversation and potential guest ideas at Wopila Tanka!
May 15, 2018
Indigenous Justice Initiative
Hello! On this episode of Living Indigenous Media, I'm talking with members of the Indigenous Justice Initiative and was live at the event at Haskell Indian Nations University. We get into some themes of Indigenous law as a media, Environmental concerns and self-determination. As always, I hope you're enjoying the podcast and any inquiries about the show or media discussion questions can be sent to
May 15, 2018
KU Pow Wow and Culture Festival Interviews
This episode of Living Indigenous Media is formatted a little bit different. We have multiple, short interviews with various students from multiple colleges who are all Indigenous and talk about their work in home and external communities. Powwows are central hubs of multi-media and this year's at KU was no exception. I hope you enjoy this episode and as always thanks for listening. You can reach the show for questions about the podcast and media discussions at
May 15, 2018
Dr. Eric Anderson and Film
Hau Mitakuyapi! This episode features Dr. Eric Anderson from HINU and our talk focuses around the Native American role in the conversation of Film. I hope you enjoy this episode and please provide inquiries and feedback to:
May 15, 2018
Literature with Dr. Robert Warrior
Hau Mitakuyapi. Welcome to Living Indigenous Media. This is our first episode and it is focused on the conversation of Indigenous Literature. We hope you join us in the future for more conversations with great people. For further inquiry, feel free to email me at Wopila Tanka!
May 15, 2018