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Living Life with Ailina

Living Life with Ailina

By Ailina C
I’m Ailina and this podcast is about life. Talking about all the things; friendship, relationships, parenthood, spirituality, I’m talking about all of it! Here is to all of us doing our best in life. Living loving life! Xoxo A
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The One About Time is Life
Hi Fam!! On today's episode, we have Kevin White on the show to talk about TIME IS LIFE!!  If this is your first time hearing from Kevin, you are in for a treat!!! Kevin is a corporate trainer, fellow podcaster and YouTuber!! He is truly an inspirational leader! Kevin talks about what "Time is Life" means and how you can start implementing strategies into your life to ensure that you are using your time to your benefit!! Kevin is truly an inspiration on so many fronts!!  At the beginning of the episode I mention Kevin's podcast regarding the grind, you can listen to this specific episode here: Time is Life - What is Your Level of Grind To learn more from Kevin, visit his website at: Subscribe to Kevin's Podcast, Time is Life here as well: Also, start following Kevin today!!! Youtube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:
November 27, 2020
The One About Behavior Styles
On today's episode, I invite my wonderful friend and mentor Tasha Robinson-White to talk about Behavior assessments, specifically DISC Assessment.  DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and conscientiousness. Tasha shares why understanding your behavior style can help you in your professional and personal lives. By understanding your behavior you are able to communicate with those around you on a deeper level.  To learn more about Tasha you can visit her at If you are interested in taking the DISC Assessment you can reach Tasha at Connect with Tasha on Social!!  Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn -
November 19, 2020
The One About Intuitive Reading & CBD
On this episode, I invite my beautiful friend Mara Francesca to talk about her power of intuitive reading and what you should know about intuitive readings! It was so much fun to have Mara on, especially because I myself am incredibly intuitive.  Mara also shares her CBD line with us and the amazing uses of CBD for muscle aches, soft skin and so much more!! To schedule your own intuitive reading, you can find and follow Mara at:  Facebook: Instagram: If you are interested in checking out Mara's CBD Line, Cathy Betty Dotty visit: Use code: ailinac10 to receive 10% off your order!! 
November 11, 2020
The One About Bullet Journaling
On today's episode I invite my friend's Amy and Carlita, the hosts of a Bullet Journaling club on Facebook. Amy and Carlita share how Bullet Journaling has impacted their lives and how you can start bullet journaling too. I joined their Bujo club in September and it has been so much fun to get to know all the ladies in the group and learn the different spreads and collections I can use. Bullet journaling is such a great tool to get in touch with your creative side and your organizational side! 
November 4, 2020
The one About Tragedy to Testimony
On today's episode my friend and Author, Tiffany Ward comes onto the show to share her experience when her daughter was involved in a hit and run on Halloween after leaving a Trunk or Treat. Her book, Tragedy to Testimony, is all about how she and her family overcame such a tragedy and came out on the other side with the most positive and uplifting story!  Tiffany and her family are hosting a virtual Halloween event to attend, register at: To purchase your own copy of Tragedy to Testimony visit: Follow Tiffany on Social at:
October 30, 2020
The One About Sisterhood
On this episode I invited my sister onto the show and we talk about our relationship as sister. Sisterhood is not simply about being blood related but it’s truly about a bond!! Share your experiences with me on my website at: 😊
October 27, 2020
The One About Women Empowerment
On today's episode, I invite my good friend Tenere the Host of the Survive Thrive and Shine Show and we are talking about women empowerment! As two women in the world who is sharing more positivity into the world we come together to share our own experiences to empower those around us and how you can too!  To hear more from Tenere visit her podcast as well: The Survive Thrive and Shine Show Xoxo A Today's Reminder: Share more positivity into the world. Follow positive accounts on IG and share positivity with the people you know. Add more positivity into the world because that is what we need more of!!  To learn more about me, Ailina, visit my website at:
October 21, 2020
The One About Self-Care
In today's episode, I am sharing 5 of my best self-care tips that have been working for me! If you are looking to start your own self-care routine or looking for new things to add to your routine, this is the episode for you!! I refer to quite a few different tools that I use, you can find the links to those tools below:  Exercising apps I have used:  FitOn  AloMoves  Chloe Ting on YouTube  Book Recommendations:  Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth Paulo Coehlo - The Alchemist Brene Brown - Braving the Wilderness Self-Improvement Apps:  Mine'd Bloom  Positive and self-improvement Podcasts:  Mario Forleo  Unlocking Us with Brene Brown The Happiness Lab Positive IG Accounts to follow:  the_female_Lead Peaceful_Barb findyourshinetherapy
October 16, 2020
The One About Women and Friendship
I invite my bestie, Kirsten to the show to talk about our friendship and all the deets about nurturing, building and creating lasting friendships! Friends are so important, having that connection with others to go to during all the good and bad is so vital for women! Here is our take on the struggles of friendship and also the beauty in it too! Xoxo A
September 29, 2020