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Living on the B Side

Living on the B Side

By Birgit Livesey
'Living on the B Side’ - A place where Music Inspires & Motivates! My aim is to highlight the positive impact Music can bring, how it can change a person’s life, be of support and be our constant companion when working on our life goals. Let's create a inspiring and motivating movement of Music lovers that can change the world - one song at a time!
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You don't even know me
How often do you think to yourself ‘you don’t know me’ when someone judges or criticises you? Or maybe you even asked this about yourself?! This song by Armand van Helden came out in 1999, when I lived in London on my own and had to navigate life away from home and learn to live in a different country. On many occasions, I probably got judged, yet people did not know me and why I did what I did. This song was and still is a reminder that no matter what I do in life, there will be judgement yet it doesn’t mean I do anything wrong or should act differently. This message came through again whilst I going through a 30 day Inspirational coaching call program this month. Run by a coaching friend of mine, his intention is to help us develop a mindset that is all about taking responsibility and ownership of our life, become better at the ‘mindset game’ and step into better versions of ourselves. So far it has been eye opening and I already made some shifts that are amazing and I am truly grateful for this experience that allows me to show more compassion and understanding towards myself and others. I am sharing more about this 30 day journey in this week’s episode. Come over and join my my FB Group community. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more snippets and inspiration. Or join my mailing list to keep up to date with all new Podcast guest announcement, news and other updates.
June 27, 2021
Chat with Nat | Hub Productions Talent Handler, Guest Liaison & sometimes MC | Sublime Talent Rep
Nat is Hub Productions Talent Handler, Guest Liaison & sometimes MC and Sublime Talent Rep, who works at ComiCon Conventions as well as other TV Show & Movie events, using her organizational and people talents to look after a wide range of talent, including actors, writers and other creative minds in that area.  Her love for all things Music and beyond started after being given a Lepa Brena album on cassette and her grandma would her play the album on the huge stereo system in their loungeroom where they would dance together to the songs. These moments are very special and helped Nat form the respect and love she has for her culture’s music. Through this early experience of Music and how it can create amazing memories, she went on to create more wonderful moments related to and with Music. We talk about one particular one related to Ricky Martin and how many unexpected moments have come about, which shows that it isn’t always one-sided in how memories/experience get made and felt. You can follow Nat on her Social Medial accounts here:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Become part of my FB Group community. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more snippets and inspiration. Or join my mailing list to keep up to date with all new Podcast guest announcement, news and other updates.
June 20, 2021
Hold on one more day - When it's time to break some of our chains
Wilson Philip’s song ‘Hold on’ is the inspiration for today’s episode, in which I talk about my super bad day I had this week, what I believe made it worse and the lessons I learned from it all. Do you often give into your limiting beliefs and fears and end up with your day being run by those? Maybe you even feel like having chains around your hands that hold you back from being happier and in control of our life? Our personal fears in life can really paralyse us, yet the only person who can break those chains is, you guessed it, is you! Maybe it’s time to identify why you are holding yourself back and start to make small and consistent changes. AND don’t forget to play this song to keep you inspired to move towards those changes. Become part of my FB Group community. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more snippets and inspiration. Or join my mailing list to keep up to date with all new Podcast guest announcement, news and other updates.
June 13, 2021
Let Music help you learn a language
Music has many benefits when learning a new language, and today I am sharing how I used it to learn English.  From sitting at my desk in my room, with pen and paper and a dictionary to end up passing my Cambridge Advance English test when I was 18 back in Switzerland, music has been there by my side and supported me in achieving this goal. And I believe you too can use it to your advantage to learn a new language, hence share a few ideas on where to start and what to do. If you are wanting to get started but are not sure how to use Music to start learning a language, maybe this episode can be of assistance.  Become part of my FB Group community. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more snippets and inspiration. Or join my mailing list to keep up to date with all new Podcast guest announcement, news and other updates.
June 5, 2021
Be courageous to show your True Colours
In this episode of my music storytelling Podcast, I share why I believe gently stretching ourselves and opening up to someone / our closer community can help us so much when we feel the world is overwhelming. Or when we feel undeserving and loose our self-believe. Inspired by Cyndi Lauper’s song ‘True Colours’, I am talking about how I dealt with my low mood by reaching out to my close-knit community of introverts and it made me feel so much better. By also quoting some of the lyrics to this song, I hope to inspire you to dig into yourself and reveal your amazing true colours and realise that we all contribute to make the world a better, more sparkling place. And that you are beautiful and needed as you are. Become part of my FB Group community. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more snippets and inspiration. Or join my mailing list to keep up to date with all new Podcast guest announcement, news and other updates.
May 29, 2021
How important is Music (to you)?
On my journey to dig a little deeper into why music is so important to us humans and the reasons behind this, I started to ask myself questions. And this one is the first one.  Not only have I myself pondered on this, but also put the question in my Facebook Group Community and their answers were amazing and beautiful. I will share some of them in this episode as well as my answers, which I hope inspires you to do the same - ask the question and find meaningful answers. I also hope that thinking about this means you can make music a more integrated part of your daily life and enrich it for the better. If you would like to become part of my FB Group community, you can do so here: Living on the B Side Community Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more snippets and inspiration. Or join my mailing list to keep up to date with all new Podcast guest announcement, news and other updates. 
May 16, 2021
How my Mum influenced & nourished my love of Music
It's time to mention one of the most important human in my life - my mum! Without her gentle and at times invisible guidance when it comes to music, I don't think I would have experienced or get to love music as much as I do today. In this episode I reminisce a little on how she has shape my music journey and what we have experienced together. From the early age to my teenage years to now, music without my mum wouldn't be the same. It's a different kind of Mother's Day gift, especially since I am half way around the world away from her (I am in Australia, she is in Switzerland) and I wanted to express my appreciation for her, so the world knows what a special woman my mum is.  Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more snippets and inspiration and to get in touch with me. Or you can join my mailing list to be the first to know about new episodes, any news or changes and become part of my Facebook group as well.
May 9, 2021
How music has helped me get through an MRI scan
Have you ever found yourself in a situation that is new to you? One that can make you nervous and maybe even anxious? That's how it was for me a few weeks back when I had to go 'in the tube' for a back scan. In this rather unusual setting, I was able to use the power of music to help me with my mindset and new experience without freaking out too much. Often times we don't think about using music in this way and in this episode I share what I did and hopefully it can inspire you to try out this tip as well. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more snippets and inspiration and to get in touch with me. Or you can join my Facebook group 'Music & Mindset Lovers' Community, where we share our love of music and the impact it has in our life.
April 28, 2021
'Unwritten' - Every day is a chance to 'write' your life better
I have chosen the song 'Unwritten' by Natasha Bedingfield for this episode, because I love how she created lyrics to encourage us look at our life as a book full of blank pages. We can choose how to fill these pages  - loving, exciting encouraging and positive or the opposite.  It's our choice and I believe through writing we can explore all facets of ourselves and then re-write how we spend out days, weeks, months...our whole life! I also provide some ideas for those of you who want to start to write in a journal, but are unsure how to start and what to write about. Come and join me as we explore how 'Unwritten' can support us in making daily changes to our 'book of life'. 
April 20, 2021
Destination Unknown - when the road ahead looks a little foggy
This song always helps me refocus and put things in perspective when I am not sure where I am headed in life.  'Destination' Unknown is from the official Top Gun Movie soundtrack and has been on my favourite song playlist for years.  During this episode I will pick out a few sentences from this song and hopefully inspire you to look at your life and challenges a bit different, maybe even with new enthusiasm and confidence that your life's journey can be fun and good - even without knowing exactly where you are going. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes it is a dim light and other times it is almost as blinding as the sun.  Please give this song a listen and hopefully it can brighten your day.
April 10, 2021
How a theme song & word for 2021 help me focus
We all know New Year's Resolutions and let's be honest, how many of you actually stick to them? How about selecting a theme song & word for 2021?! It's a simple and different way to achieve probably more with more ease. In this episode, I go through what this is all about, how you can find yours and what mine are.  (And a heads up, it is 2021 and not 2020 as I refer to a few times. I am very excited to talk about this, so a few small slips are okay, right?!)
April 2, 2021
Let me officially introduce myself
In this episode I am sharing who I am, where I am originally from (here’s a hint and say hello to ‘Heidi’, cows and yummie chocolate!) and where I have spent my time living so far. I also share the story about how my passion project ‘Living on the B Side’ has come into existence, why Music is my ‘red thread’ in life, how I have come up with the name and why it is perfect to me. Then I talk about what to expect in future episodes, solo and guest interviews. Plus, why I believe music is a big part of our healing process, as individuals and as a community. Join me so we can get to know each other much better and start to make a change in our life as well as others, one song at a time.
March 24, 2021
Chat with Hilde | How she found her dream job through listening to one song
Rock music has been there for Hilde since she was 13 and she discovered the music of Kiss and later on AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Many bands came and left until she saw GOTTHARD on MTV with 'All I Care For' on July 31st 1992. She was blown away!           Their music and the amazing voice of STEVE LEE was life changing….as he was. Ever since that day she dreamed of working for them. The first dream came true when Hilde was asked by their management to start the Fanclub in Belgium in 1994. For 15 years she did volunteer work with translations, reports and reviews for the Official Fanclub until her big dream came true and she could take over their Official International Fanclub professionally in 2009.    Since then she has added MAD MAX and PICTURE to her RockDreams Agency business, where she supports bands with their fanclub, promotions and merchandise needs.  Her main driver for doing what she does is and always will be the passion for the band’s music.  You can follow Hilde and her business RockDream Agency right here: Website: RockDreams Agency FB Page:​   RockDreams Instagram​ Gotthard FB Page​ Gotthard Fanclub FB Group​ You can follow me: Website: Instagram:​​​... FB:​​​... FB Group:​...
February 28, 2021
Chat with Katie Chambers | How to start jotting down your photo & song stories to create YOUR legacy
Katie Chambers is a memory keeping writing coach who specializes in helping sentimental Moms and Grammas capture personal & family moments that matter...resulting in energized, more deeply connected families for generations.  With her unique approach to Family PhotoStory Organizing, she teaches a step-by-step mini-story writing system so her clients set family memories free, jot down MORE of the STORY than photos are capturing, build a collection of moments that matter and leave a fulfilling legacy of memories and family connection, with ease.   Katie is a certified teacher of curriculum based on the Turning Memories into Memoirs program and PhotoScribe method of the Memoir Lifestory Network. She has been facilitating JOTTINGS for Generations workshops and mini-retreats for over 10 years as well as leading on-line group programs and mentoring private mini-story writing clients.  Katie lives in Kentucky with her husband, within thirty minutes of their children and eight grandchildren. She loves storystrolling in the woods, journaling with God, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.   Get in touch with Katie here: Website & StoryJots Blog:  Private Facebook Group of sentimental memory keeping Moms & Grammas:  To learn more about Katie's upcoming 4 week small group program:
February 7, 2021
Chat with Lisa Barker | Founder of The Elemental Dancer - Highland Dancing differently... together
Lisa is the founder of The Elemental Dancer, a global online space for Highland Dancers and Teachers to talk technique, training, mindset and to grow community in order to do Highland Dancing differently... together.  A qualified chemical engineer and 50 time state and national champion Highland Dancer, 7 years ago Lisa swapped global manufacturing and operations for the development and now home schooling of her 6 year old daughter, and is pursuing a life that blends passion, enjoyment and connection in place of achievement, results and external validation. (Apologies for some bad audio in parts. It seems the internet connection wasn't the best at times) Find out more about Lisa:   FB: IG: Thanks for listening! Please like, subscribe, share and comment. You can follow me:  Instagram:  FB:
January 13, 2021
Chat with Tracy Ann Guillet | Helping introverted & sensitive people feel seen and heard
Tracy is  a Clinical Social Worker in private practice, offering counselling to those who are more introverted and sensitive. As an introverted, sensitive person herself, she know how sometimes we feel misunderstood by others which can lead to feeling like we don't really belong. Her passion is to help others like me see the great gifts that come with our quietness. Find out more about Tracy:  Website:  Facebook:  LinkedIn: Instagram: Thanks for listening!  You can follow me:  Instagram:  FB:
November 8, 2020
Chat with Casey Lightbody | Helping quietly powerful women come out of hiding & create impact
Casey Lightbody is the CEO and Founder of The Quiet Collective. She is a business and marketing strategist who helps quietly powerful women entrepreneurs establish a clear business growth plan so they can come out of hiding and create the impact they desire in their lives and the lives of others.   She’s the host of annual virtual conferences for women entrepreneurs attracting 1000s of attendees and featuring guest speakers including Amy Porterfield, Selena Soo, Carrie Green, Jadah Sellner and Jennifer Kem. She has also been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and the Introverted Entrepreneur and authored three Amazon bestselling books.   Casey draws from her university education, 15+ years of work experience, life experience living on 3 different continents, deep intuition, and over 80+ interviews with industry Influencers to help her clients with personalised 1:1 strategy and coaching to create successful, sustainable businesses on their terms.   When she’s not enjoying precious moments with her family of 3 boys (and a grown up boy!), you can find her sipping on an Earl Grey, curled up with a good novel, or sneaking in a nanna nap on the weekends.   Find out more about Casey:  Website: FB Group:,  FB Page:  Thanks for Listening! Please like, subscribe, share and comment.   You can follow me: Instagram: & FB:
October 28, 2020
Chat with Paulina | Women Empowerment Coach - On a mission to help them THRIVE, RISE and SOAR!
Paulina is a Certified Conscious Uncoupling ™ coach, empowerment coach and counsellor.    After her marriage of 17 years ended, she struggled to find herself again, but learning to love herself and knowing her self-worth changed the game. She believes the best relationship you can have is the relationship with yourself.    A true believer that events and situations that occur in your life happen FOR you and not TO you, she is now supporting other women to THRIVE in all areas of their life and to know they are worth it and to be their authentic self.  Wanting to make a ripple effect and support other women through various ways either by the  empowerment coaching, Conscious Uncoupling ™ coaching, counselling and or online business opportunities.  I have known Paulina for about 3 years and having seen her transformation and determination to use her life to create lasting impact is amazing.   Watch us talk about how important Music is in her life and why, we cover her favourite song(s) and also what song she would use to walk on stage to do a speech.   Find out more about Paulina:  Website:  Instagram:   FB:    Thanks for listening! Please like, subscribe, share and comment.   You can follow me:  Instagram: FB:
October 13, 2020
Chat with Nash | Breakthrough Coach - Supporting people to feel truly free!
From time in the military as a Combat Medic at 17 years old, working in hospitals for several years, running an array of his own businesses, working with a number of world class mentors, training as a Strategic Interventionist Coach and now mentoring people around the world, Nash feels blessed to be able to combine a huge array of unique ‘boots on the ground’ experiences to help people transform how they live. The methods he uses to support people in getting new results in their life have been developed through his own struggles, triumphs and over 6 years of consistent study to discover the principles and strategies that allow people to achieve holistic success that lasts. Nash have a beautiful young family with my amazing wife, Cassy, who he has been together with for almost 11 years. In a world where so many people feel they will never achieve their dreams, Nash says he feels incredibly grateful to say that every day his dreams are transforming into reality. His mission is to support as many people as possible make that their reality. Having known Nash for over 4 years, first online and then meeting in the flesh, talking with him is always such a unique experience. His passion and determination for coaching and supporting humans is evident from the second you meet him! During our relaxed chat we cover what influence Music had and still has in his life, how he uses it in everyday life and situations, and he reveals what his favourite artist is and why. Find out more about Nash: Instagram:   FB:  YouTube: (Nash Mackey) Twitter:  Thanks for listening! Please like, subscribe, share and comment. You can follow me: Instagram: FB: Website:
September 27, 2020