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Shuck Memorial Baptist Church

Shuck Memorial Baptist Church

By Shuck Memorial Baptist Church
Living the Shuck Church life through our weekly sermons and devotions with Pastor Jt.
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Episode 5 Pastor JT and Tristan Through the Bible in a Year
Pastor JT and Tristan have a discussion on Exodus 13-20 From the Red Sea to the Big 10.
February 24, 2021
Sermon on Philippians 1:5-9 (Gospel Partnership)
This Sermon is preached by Pastor JT on February 21, 2021. 
February 22, 2021
Ash Wednesday 2021 Sermon by Pastor JT
James 4:1-9 War or Peace 
February 17, 2021
The Plagues of Exodus 6-10 Part 2
Pastor JT and Tristan have a discussion on the plagues (6-10) of Egypt from Exodus 9:8-11:6.
February 17, 2021
Episode 1 Sermon Notes (Psalm 145)
This is a discussion based on last week’s sermon, with pastor JT and guest Bob Foster.
February 12, 2021
Weekly Update from Pastor Jonathan and Nikalee, 2/11/21
Church re-opening and Ash Wednesday Announcements
February 11, 2021
Pastor JT's Weekly Devotion, 2/4/21
Join Pastor JT and Tristan as they discuss Exodus 2-5 covering "the plagues". 
February 4, 2021
Pastor JT's Weekly Devotion, 1/28/21
Join Pastor JT and his guest, Tristan, as they discuss Exodus 4-7 this week!
January 28, 2021
Pastor JT's Weekly Devotion, 1/20/21
Exodus 1-3 Conversation with special guest, Tristan! 
January 21, 2021
Sunday Sermon, 1/24/21
Philippians 1:1-26 "Challenges For the Early Church"
January 21, 2021
1/14/21-Pastor Jt's Devotional Podcast on Psalm 42
Hope in the midst of hardship
January 14, 2021