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Word of the Week

Word of the Week

By Word of the Week
Bringing you a new word to help you get through the week ahead. Words matter! And so do you.
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Let The Yule Times Roll - WOTW #50

Word of the Week

Let The Yule Times Roll - WOTW #50

Word of the Week

Let The Yule Times Roll - WOTW #50
This week’s word is YULE - how related to Christmas is it? What’s it got to do with winter? Where does it come from? Why am I singing about it? Happy Merry everyone!
December 24, 2019
In The Dark, In The Light - WOTW #48
This week’s word is SOLACE - because finding comfort in times of sadness is human and necessary. We welcome back our guest, who chats more in depth about her role as a nurse. Also, Liz makes a big announcement! NOTE: Some audio has been cut due to technical difficulties. Sorry!
December 9, 2019
Tell Me: Who Do You Love? - WOTW #40
This week’s word is FEALTY - a historical noun that maybe we could use to our modern advantage. Also, an incredibly special guest chats with Liz about growing up a bibliophile, “tugging the forelock” (listen and find out what it means!), and how she spends her time as a retiree. **NOTE: the Magna Carta was written in 1215. sorry!**
October 13, 2019
Shine Bright Like A Diamond - WOTW #38
This week’s word is ADAMANT - a word of strength and power! Something we could all use a bit more of, don’t you think? Also, Laurie Ann shares her book recommendations, reveals her preferred job title, and tells more about her newest business venture: Side Hustle Show & Tell!
September 30, 2019
Channel Your Inner Chatty Cathy - WOTW #36
This week’s word is GARRULOUS - an even balance to last week’s deep feels! Also, friend Sam talks with Liz about being a Brit in America, the beauty of a serif font, and how words lose their relevance over time.
September 15, 2019
Dream a Little Dream - WOTW #35
This week’s word is ISTIQÂRA - a beautiful Arabic word that is very new to me, but based in a very familiar concept! Learn what this week’s powerful full moon has in store for us, move through your emotions with grace, and utilize your dreams to your advantage.
September 8, 2019
Whole Lotta Kindness Going On - WOTW #33
This week’s word is HALE - something I wanna be when I grow up! A brief Liz update, followed by how easy it is to be kinder every day. Also, Stephanie drops by again to chat about her knife skills, Thanksgiving dinner, and why kale is something people talk about now.
August 26, 2019
Clear the Decks, Light the Lights - WOTW #32
This week’s word is OPEROSE - a steady and industrious approach to this week! Also, Mo joins us to chat about creative disruption in a corporate environment, inherently biased words, and being a long-term PNWer.
August 18, 2019
Come Together, Right Now, Over Me - WOTW #31
This week’s word is UNCONVENTIONAL - a word you use often, maybe... hopefully? But we dive deeper into how being and living unconventionally is radical and necessary in today’s world. Just ask the WDS attendees I interviewed!
August 11, 2019
I Have A Vision Of Love - WOTW #29
This week’s word is AISLING - a Gaelic word, a Gaelic poetry genre. We dive a bit deeper into Irish poetry! This week’s new moon in Leo is all about affirming and envisioning what your heart truly desires. A new partner? A new career path? Make it come true by creating a vision board!
July 28, 2019
Value Is In The Eye Of The Miller - WOTW #28
This week’s word is a PHRASE! ....drumroll... GRIST FOR THE MILL - all about finding value in every last bit of our human experience. Also, Mary-Jayne talks with Liz about assimilating into work culture and being a former English major. Plus! MJ gives a mini-masterclass in how to be impeccable with your word!
July 21, 2019
I Am Iron, Man? - WOTW #27
This week’s word is METTLE - stuff you’re made of and gets tested! Must mean you’re human... Also, Stephanie gets Literary AF with Liz about working with dogs, growing up a reader, and starting her own blog: WabiSAB Stories. Bonus cameo by Addy the dog!
July 14, 2019
Like a Rolling Stone - WOTW #26
This week’s word is VAGARIOUS - cousin to vagabond, vagrant, and vagus nerve... when life seems to be wandering and slightly out of your control, maybe take a breath and find your own version of “balance”. Also, fellow WDSer ( Iggy chats with Liz about Midwestern passive-aggression and how a single word can bond a group.
July 7, 2019
Unchain Your Heart, Your Mind, Your P*ssy - WOTW #24
This week’s word is UNFETTERED - be unburdened, release yourself from restraint! Our guest Lucia Pavone chats with Liz about sexual emancipation, unlearning shame, and why a NO is really a YES. Lucia knows what she’s talking about - she’s experienced over 6000 hours of full-body orgasms!
June 23, 2019
These Hips Don’t Lie - WOTW #23
This week’s word is COSSET - if you could pamper or indulge someone you adore, wouldn’t you? Isn’t love meant to be shared and shown? Where is the line between care and spoiling? Dear friend and fellow world traveler Amanda chats with Liz about her definition of COSSET, her experience growing up with dyslexia, and how learning a foreign language creates empathy. Plus, find out how you can easily and joyfully celebrate this week’s full moon in Sagittarius.
June 16, 2019
What’s the Moral of Your Story? - WOTW #22
This week’s word is PROBITY - a little moral guidance, anyone? What are morals anyway? Lucky we’ve got Alexandra, who untangles the right and wrong of it all with me! Hold on to your seats, there’s some explicit language and a whole lotta philosophizing. Small cameo made by Thor and Star Lord, also.
June 9, 2019
Native, American - WOTW #21
This week’s word is ANIANI - Hawaiian for mirror, or glass. Perfect for this week’s New Moon in Gemini, which is all about reflection and communication. We go into a brief history of how Hawaii became part of the USA, and how the Hawaiian language lives on. Also, Angela returns for a chat about her personal connection to indigenous cultures and why they’re vital.
June 2, 2019
Give a Little Bit of Your Heart - WOTW #20
This week’s word is CARITAS - let love shine on the week ahead! No matter how you feel about where this word comes from, its essence is still important. Also, Carlee and I stumble through a convo about religion, de-stigmatizing STIs, and what charity means in a modern world.
May 19, 2019
A Sharp Sting for the Full Moon - WOTW #19
This week’s word is ACERBIC - a full moon in Scorpio deserves a sharp tongue! Listen in for tips on having your own Full Moon Ritual. Also, Lauren Goché fangirls over Michelle Obama, talks about how she became a realtor, and discusses sexist perspectives on definitions and dictionaries. Warning: contains some explicit language!
May 12, 2019
The Fragrances Of Your Life - WOTW #18
This week’s word is REDOLENT - what fragrance or smell reminds you of your childhood? Let’s celebrate those memories! Also, Leah comes back to chat with Liz about her strongest memories of her mother. Grab a tissue, it’s a touching conversation!
May 5, 2019
Tell Your Truth - WOTW #17
This week’s word is AVER - what can you affirm and attest to? What new stake will you claim for yourself? Also, a special secret guest makes a brief but vital announcement! Plus, a window into how each week’s word gets chosen.
April 28, 2019
Swipe Left to Spring Clean - WOTW #16
This week’s word is WINNOW - What can you purge and release from your life? What’s no longer needed? #springclean Also, Robin from chats with Liz about how businesses clean house, transforming her daily-used words to feel more empowered (don’t SHOULD on yourself!), and the difference between your head and your heart.
April 21, 2019
A Hop, Skip, Leap Kinda Week - WOTW #15
This week’s word is GAMBOL - let’s have one (or two), shall we? What are you celebrating this week? Also, Emily the event genius shares her thoughts on the word, what her next big event will be (you’re gonna wanna come!), and how language reveals more than you think.
April 14, 2019
Are You For Real? - WOTW #14
This week’s word is UNFEIGNED - a past participle of the word FEIGN. This week is about integrity and walking your talk authentically. This is also a word with a varied evolution! #wordnerdfun Jen McFarland stops by and chats with Liz about living with an open heart, being genuine, and why this week’s word should be a perfume.
April 7, 2019
Wound, Heal Thyself - WOTW #13
This week’s word is FOMENT - let’s release whatever anger and intense emotion you have in a healthy way! Also, Starr from Radical Revelations discusses with Liz the power of bacon, how to be a loving disrupter, and why words are our magic. NOTE: It was a long chat, editing occurred, snafus also occurred, hence the awkward transition mid-chat. Welcome to podcasting...
March 31, 2019
Be Bold, Be You - WOTW #12
This week’s word is TEMERITY - all about being bold and brazen. This word has so many scrumptious synonyms! Can you bring some bite to your week? Also, Kat nerds out with Liz about reading, being a badass, and how libraries can help raise children. Shout out to all the local community libraries out there! You are doing great work in the world - thank you!
March 24, 2019
Rush In, Fool! - WOTW #11
This week’s word is BESOTTED - can you feel infatuated with your life this week? What in your life can you fall back in love with? Also, Jen B drops by to chat about Thumper from Bambi, high school hijinks, and being an English-to-English translator!
March 17, 2019
Be Engaged In The Work - WOTW #10
This week’s word is ASSIDUOUS - because with great care comes great perseverance! This week is all about taking clever action. Also, a big thank you to all you listeners. Seriously, thank you! Plus, Anne from shares her radically different perspective to this week’s word, along with sage money advice!
March 10, 2019
Get To The Heart Of It - WOTW #9
This week’s word is PITH - short, but not sweet! Set some boundaries this week, put your foot down, and be mighty! Also, Haley visits with Liz and shares her pearls of wisdom on motherhood, choosing words carefully, and peeling back language like an onion.
March 3, 2019
Feeling Small? I Doubt It! - WOTW #8
This week’s word is INDUBITABLE - for when you feel uncertain, or need a bit of a boost! You know who you are, deep down you already know. That’s what this week needs - your certainty! Also, Bev gives masterful tips on neuro-linguistic programming and intuition with Liz, shares her love of books, and brings her own brand of wonder and positivity to this week’s word.
February 24, 2019
Spreading Your Seeds - WOTW #7
This week’s word is PROLIFIC - creatively speaking, here’s to a week full of new babies to nurture! Brainstorm sesh, anyone? Also, Angela giggles her way through a chat with Liz about journaling and spirituality.
February 17, 2019
What’s Your Smallest Wish? - WOTW #6
This week’s word is VELLEITY - bring a little imagination to this week ahead, especially with loved ones! Also, Leah chats with Liz about growing up with language experts, and license plate Scrabble.
February 10, 2019
I Can See Clearly Now - WOTW #5
This week’s word is ASTUTE - let’s try to observe first, then act during this week’s activities. Also, Leslie gets some herbal help before talking to Liz about whether manipulation can be a positive thing, holiday birthdays, and how she’s a better actress than she realizes.
February 3, 2019
Reach Your Boiling Point - WOTW #4
This week’s word is EBULLIENT - let some joy, cheer, and laughter into your week! Also, Carlee stops by to talk to Liz about energy management and how language can improve your daily routine.
January 27, 2019
Sharing Your Bounty - WOTW #3
This week’s word is LARGESSE - a fitting word for this week’s lunar eclipse, as well as the US holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What goods have you harvested in your life? Who can you share with? Also, Charlene from HipShakeFitness chats with Liz about what generosity means to her and how real kindness can leave an impact.
January 20, 2019
What Makes You Feel Alive? - WOTW #2
This week’s word is DYNAMISM - let’s activate how we move through life this week! A little vim and vigor anyone? Also, Sonja gets philosophical with Liz and ruminates on how we can more authentically communicate in the world. Star Wars fans, you might really love this word!
January 13, 2019
New Year, New Moon - WOTW #1
Welcome to Word of the Week! This week’s word is SANGUINE - ideal for bringing joy and glee to the week ahead. Especially as a new moon occurs, can you bring SANGUINE to your new project or tasks? Also, Jen and Liz chat about the difference between being well-read and well-spoken, making up words, and staying positive in the face of negativity.
January 6, 2019
Word of the Week - Trailer
Welcome to Word of the Week! Each week, you’ll hear about a new word that will hopefully provide some meaning and focus for your week ahead. Hear from your host, Liz Zirk, where her love of words comes from and why she created this podcast. This podcast lives at the intersection of linguistics and positive thought. Because words matter - and so do you! Find out more at
January 1, 2019