A.I. We really need to be weary

An episode of AnnSplaining

By Liz
Ann explains the obvious
More places to listen

More places to listen

More man on man splaining
Finally found someone who tried to mansplain me
June 23, 2019
Shame. No need for it. Silent disco is the answer
All the answers you need
June 18, 2019
A.I. We really need to be weary
Is your Siri or Alexi giving you attitude? Stop right there and turn that shit off
May 27, 2019
Put that razor down
Put that razor down! Why do women need to shave their legs or arms or whatever. A new generation is leading the way to positive body freedom
May 25, 2019
Blueberry data or go with love
The day to day musings of AnnSplaining
May 24, 2019
Annsplaining intro
Just listen
May 23, 2019
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