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Learning on the Trail @BTPS28

Learning on the Trail @BTPS28

This educational podcast series is designed to guide students through information about various careers and opportunities. Through personal interviews, we share excitement, knowledge and stories about careers. Students are able to hear advice and learn how to overcome barriers to be able to find a job they will love.
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Learn about Robin's Story
In this Episode: Robin Nielson's child attends one of our BTPS schools. Robin sent a heartfelt letter to be shared, that acknowledges the work teachers are doing in the classroom in response to the recent discovery of remains of 215 children found buried on the grounds at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. She talks about when her mother was part of the The Sixties Scoop and speaks about how that trauma made its way down the generations in many indigenous families. However, she is encouraged about the future and believes that the conversations of today in our classrooms are having an impact.   RELATED LINKS: Robin's Letter read aloud:
June 21, 2021
Learn about Kevin's Story
In this Episode: Kevin John kindly gives us a glimpse into his reconciliation journey. He is the youngest in a family of eight and collectively his family has hundreds of years experience of being indigenous and raised in rural Alberta.  He reflects on how his schooling and his career has been preparing him for his current work through 'They Build Bridges'.  He shares with the students and staff of BTPS (and all listeners) little known facts and challenges that indigenous people have both currently and historically. Tune in and spend some time with Kevin and Rhae-Ann. RELATED LINKS: Senator Murray Sinclair response: 21 You May Not Know About the Indian Act: Inconvenient Indian; Thomas King: Clearing the Plains; James Daschuk:
June 21, 2021
Learn about Motivational Speakers
In this Episode:  Sam Demma is 21 years old, a keynote speaker, a youth coach and an entrepreneur.  Sam shares his stories and if you listen closely you find he has met almost every hurdle in his life with a perspective that helped him turn that hurdle into a positive opportunity, bringing happiness and success. His biggest dream is to inspire and provide strategies for people to find their own successes through becoming change makers.  Listen in and imagine finding opportunities in your own world! RELATED LINKS: Website: TEDxYouth: Podcast Photo:
June 2, 2021
Learn about CAO's
In this Episode: Wes Laporte, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Village of Edgerton, discusses with Rhae-Ann how the local school and students are a major focus for their local government.  He gives many tips on how students can get involved through summer jobs and the school's Work Experience program to make an impact on government decisions.  Wes shares his personal path to CAO, how he manages the affairs of the municipal government for Edgerton and some projects he has been a part of for the village including aggressive tax incentives like $1 residential lots for families and a three year tax program for business in order to attract family and business to their fabulous community. Welcome and listen in...   RELATED LINKS: ALIS Occupation details: Village Bio Page: Univ. of Alberta program (Certified Local Government Manager):
May 31, 2021
Learn about Mayors
In this Episode: Caroline McAuley, the current Mayor for the town of Vermilion, speaks about the events in her life that led her to the Mayor's office. We hear about her education, her career as a dietician and her time spent as a town councilor all of which add to the positive changes she is proud to bring to her community including supporting 30 new businesses, securing a McDonald's franchise, expanding broadband capacity for every user in the area and more... listen in. RELATED LINKS: Bio page:
May 19, 2021
Learn about System Analysts
In this Episode: we spend time with Derek Holte who is a System Analyst with BTPS.  He talks to Rhae-Ann about how events in his life kept pointing him toward a career in technology.  He has broad experiences including work in the oil-patch and ranching but he says that for him, working with technology is fun and he is doing something he has enjoyed since he was a kid... taking apart and putting together computers and systems. RELATED LINKS: Derek's Staff Bio: NAIT Program: ALIS Occupation details:
May 13, 2021
Learn about Researchers
In this Episode: Nick Yarmey, who grew up in Wainwright and is now a Researcher with the University of Lethbridge, talks about how researchers use data to connect human practices with negative and positive events, and how communities use this knowledge to make decisions. Environmental Science is at the root of his work. He also shares essential job hunting tips that will help to get your resume picked by those computers that move resumes to the top of the pile. Tune in. RELATED LINKS: Ask Nick Anything: ALIS Occupation details:
April 18, 2021
Learn about Firefighters
In this Episode: We chat with Darren Grosky, a firefighter with the Wainwright Fire Department.  Firefighting is a team sport with strong team spirit!! Darren is proud to be a part of Wainwright's 'fire family' and proud to serve the community and he encourages students to become part of such an extraordinary calling.  Focus on solid training and continuous upgrading is key for firefighters to do their job and help people through their worst day. Darren invites students to tour the fire hall and visit with first responders to see if this is a path they might want to pursue. RELATED LINK: Podcast Photo: ALIS Occupation details:
April 16, 2021
Learn about Agrologists
In this Episode: Jessenta Woloshyn, Agonomist (Agologist) drops by and chats with Rhae-Ann about where her interest in agronomy started, how she pursued training through Lakeland College and now that she has her dream job, she feels lucky to have had rich and amazing experiences along the way. RELATED LINKS: Podcast photo: ALIS Occupation details: General info about agrologists:
April 15, 2021
Learn about Professional Dancers
In this Episode: Graeme Kitagawa, a Professional Dancer based in Vancouver, talks about his amazing life's journey from Brooks Alberta to the television sets of Nickelodeon and Riverdale as well as his stage performances in the Music Man and Singing in the Rain.  He tells us about the best and worst jobs he has had along the way. He shares what his goal is for the future.  And just for good measure, he has great advice for other aspiring dancers on how to secure their financial future if they choose to follow their dream.  Check out this podcast's related links to view Graeme's work. RELATED LINKS: Graeme's DANCE DEMO REEL: POST-SECONDARY DANCE TRAINING: NEWSIES PERFORMANCE: FILM AND TV APPEARANCES: Freaky Friday Musical remake (Disney +); 2 numbers in (Oh Biology and Go) Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist; Sn.1 Ep.2 & 7, Sn.2 Ep. 11, Riverdale; Season 4 Ep. 17 DC's Legends of Tomorrow; Sn.6 Ep.3 (June 2021)
April 11, 2021
Learn about Custodian Supervisors
In this Episode: Jennifer Schneider, Custodian Supervisor at BTPS highlights her essential work. The responsibility of being a front-line worker during COVID and the pride she has in her BTPS custodial team is at the center of this interview.  Students get tips on how to look for and apply for temporary or full-time positions in this rewarding line of work. Tune in. RELATED LINKS:   Jennifer's Staff Bio: ALIS Occupation details:
March 28, 2021
Learn about News Reporters
In this Episode: Shelby Clarke of PTLN drops by to chat with Rhae-Ann about all it takes to be a News Reporter.  Shelby shares stories about the demands and rewards she has experienced so far from her start as part of her High School news team to her anchor chair with Prime Time Local News in Lloydminster. RELATED LINKS: ALIS Occupation details: Zoom Interview: News Anchor Mar 25/2021: First-responder Awareness Report:
March 27, 2021
Learn about Principals
In this Episode: Becky West, Principal, is asked "What do you want most for women of tomorrow?" Becky feels that women lead differently than men.  She quotes, "I want every little girl that is told she is bossy instead should be told they have great leadership skills!"  I hope for equity of opportunity and reward for the women of tomorrow and their unique leadership skills need to be valued.  If we encourage and value the skills of women and men the same way, it will be better for not just women but the world of tomorrow. RELATED LINKS: School Staff Page
March 18, 2021
Learn about our Innovation Coach
In this episode: Heather Rentz, Innovation Coach, is asked 'How can women best support each other?' She guides us by saying, "We as women, should engage in authentic conversations. And if you see a woman who is not being heard, be the person to lift her up to support her voice." She shares a quote that has guided her, "Surround yourself with women who would mention your name in a roomful of opportunities." RELATED LINKS:  BTPS Staff page
March 18, 2021
Learn about our Transportation Director
In this Episode: Chrysti Mannix, our Transportation Director is asked "How do you strive for, achieve and maintain balance in your life?" Chrysti considers BTPS as part of her family. And to help balance the stresses on the job she makes sure to include fun in her life. And that caring about people is important to her. It is also rewarding for her to dedicate time to and support her own children in their lives so they become important people in our community. RELATED LINKS:  BTPS Staff page
March 18, 2021
Learn about our Deputy Superintendent
In this Episode: Michelle Webb speaks about International Women's Day and shares that her "great-grandmother was 11yrs on the first official gathering in 1911". That celebration inspired women across the world to advocate for all types of equality.  Michelle states that "from challenge comes change so let's choose to challenge inequities and collectively we can help create an inclusive world." Related links: BTPS Staff Bio
March 17, 2021
Learn about our Board Chair
In this Episode: Lanie Parr, our BTPS Board Chair shares thoughts and advice with our students about women leaders in the workplace; "Women bring so much talent to the workplace but are undervalued.... Advice for our young woman... be intentional and your dreams will become your reality." Related Links: The BTPS Board  
March 16, 2021