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Llamazing Data with Kseniya

Llamazing Data with Kseniya

By Kseniya K
Data is everywhere! Doubt it? Then join the Llamazing Data show to find out how people from various industries face the same data-related issues.
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Episode 01 - In the Beholder's Eyes: Data Visualization in IoT
In the premiere episode in the renewed season of "Llamazing Data" podcast we're talking with Manuel Lima, Design and Visual Culture leading specialist, about how data can be interpreted, how IoT-based products are benefiting from data and where is the limit (if there is one?) of the useful data's capabilities. Brushing up with our traditional 1-minutes-long quiz "Visualize That: IoT solutions" Tune in to hear our llamazing conversation and let us know what are your thoughts and opinions!
June 24, 2021
Season 2 of Llamazing Data podcast is here!
Hi there everyone! A year ago we started our data-savvy journey in bringing you awesome stories and fun games with our guests - and we're going it AGAIN! Throughout the pandemic out there Llamazing Data podcast team has been working on bringing you more content you love and is now launching Season 2, dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT). Stay tuned! Premier episode - this June, 2021.
June 04, 2021
Episode 12 - Talented Mr. Machine: Data-Driven Optimizations and Machine Learning Implementation
Autumn's finale episode of the "Llamazing Data" podcast is featuring Kostas Perifanos, Tech Advisor and ML Expert, who is building and leading ML, AI & Data science teams and helps transforming business to tech/AI organizations. He will explain what the connection between ML and AI is, what the core elements of a data-driven projects are and will dive into our traditional 1-minute-long quiz "Here Goes ML: How to Introduce the Technology". Tune in to hear our autumn new llamazing talk and stay warm and safe while sharing your feedback!
November 12, 2020
Episode 11 - No Gibberish for this Table: Simultaneous Interpretation and AI-based Translators
This spooky Halloween episode brings us the discussion with Shweta Ravi, a Simultaneous Interpreter & International Business Facilitator, who is talking about how the language is picked up by humans and how by machines, discussed whether the AI-driven translations can ever evolve enough to be poetic and posh and takes our traditional 1-minute-long quiz, dedicated to all brave Belarusians, on the Yanka Kupala's poem "And Who Goes There?" Tune in to listen our great talk and let us know what are your thoughts about algorithmic translators! #WeStandWithBelarus
October 31, 2020
Episode 10 - Talk Ex-Machina to Me: Natural Language Processing and AI in Speech Recognition
Our first anniversary episode of "Llamazing Data" podcast introduces Audrey Duet, Researcher and Team Leader for NLP-based product development projects, who tells us about how NLP-algorithms are trained, whether it's possible to find immortality in the machine and rushes through our traditional 1-minute-long quiz "Tweeting Humans and Witty Machines".  Tune in to check out our llamazing conversation and let us know how many of those did you get right!
October 15, 2020
Episode 09 - Kseniya's Reading Room: Alan Turing - Computing Machinery and Intelligence (1950)
In the newest solo episode of our "Llamazing Data" podcast I am talking about the game-changing and truly revolutionary paper by Alan Turing, the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. Celebrating the article's 70 years old anniversary this year, I will be discoursing about what of its insights have actually made in to the year 2020, where is the edge between fiction and real science in terms of AI and was Turing eventually right about "thinking machines".  Join me in my journey along the almost prophetic paper and let me know what are your thoughts about it! 
October 01, 2020
Episode 08 - All of Those Things: Data Usage and AI in Product Management
The awesome Product Management professional Vlad Grubman, Senior PM at EPAM, is talking about data usage in Product Management, what collaboration AI and PM hold and whether it can make Product Managers obsolete. The traditional 1-minute-quiz is challenging our guest to know: "Where's PM in these AI & hi-tech projects?" Join our long-awaited llamazing episode and let us know what you think!
September 17, 2020
Episode 07 - Once Upon A Time: AI in Storytelling and Data-Driven Reader Experience
Summer farewell with the "Llamazing Data" podcast's latest episode introduces Leila Ismailova, the founder of Stardust AR and a former TV host, who has challenged herself to merge traditional book publishing with Augmented Reality technology. She will share her vision of contemporary storytelling, how to fight kids' attention scarcity, what role AI has in bringing literacy, and will race through our traditional 1-minute-long quiz "AI in Headlines: Fiction or Reality?" Tune in to hear our brand new llamazing talk and share your feedback and suggestions!
August 27, 2020
Episode 06 - Academia Has Entered the Building: Data Science and AI-based Products
The “Llamazing Data” podcast’s newest episode is approaching data world in an academical way – Deena Gergis, the Senior Data Scientist, told our show about her journey in data science, what are the crucial steps for each data-driven company project, how to properly explain the concept of AI and took our traditional 1-minute-long quiz “Data Science That: Starting a Business”.  Join our brand new llamazing conversation and tell us we did great through the rough recording scheduling 😊
August 14, 2020
Episode 05 - Catching the Curl: Data and AI in Traditionally Manual Business
July's last episode of the "Llamazing Data" podcast tells the story of Anna Tereshkova, a hairstylist specializing on curls, who has entered the world of data and new technologies with a niche and traditionally manual business. How it is working, what statistics are required and whether the AI can learn how to cut hair - Anna will share her thoughts and take part in our traditional 1-minute-long quiz of "Who's the Barber: me or AI?" Join in to check out our llamazing discussion and let us know your impressions and ideas for further episodes!
July 30, 2020
Episode 04 - We Mean Business: Data-Driven Enterprise Analytics and Consulting
Midsummer episode of the "Llamazing Data" podcast meets Renata Pataki, Enterprise Analytics Consultant and Data Analyst, who talks about values and milestones in Enterprise Analytics, why AI in its core is not enough and plays our traditional 1-minute-long quiz "Brilliant Basics vs. Exciting Extras". Tune in to check out our llamazing conversation and let us know what are your thoughts and suggestions!
July 16, 2020
Episode 03 - Fourth Estate on AI-wheels: Data Usage and Digitalization in Journalism
First July episode of "Llamazing Data" podcast introduces listeners to Adam Reichardt, Editor in Chief of "New Eastern Europe" magazine, who has been on board with the project for almost a decade and is ready to share his thoughts on the journalism in year 2020 and how it evolved through time, concluded by our traditional 1-minute-long quiz "Peekaboo: am I a Human or an AI?" Join our brand new llamazing talk and share your feedback and suggestions!
July 02, 2020
Episode 02 - Live, and Learn, and Automate: Data-Driven Education and Supplement Learning
This fortnight’s episode of “Llamazing Data” podcast guest is Stan Penksik, Key Stage 5 Coordinator and Data Manager for Mathematics Faculty in the UK-based school, shares his opinion on what challenges modern schools face, discusses possibilities for future approaches in education and takes a quick quiz “Who would rather: AI or a Teacher?” Join to check out our llamazing talk and let us know what ideas and thoughts!
June 18, 2020
Episode 01 - Cinderella's Best Shoes: Hyper-personalization in Data-Driven Product Design
In the premiere episode of "Llamazing Data" podcast Victor Schlegel, Director, Enterprise Analytics Consulting in EPAM Continuum, shares his vision on how to use Artificial Intelligence capabilities to create products, explains crucial steps to be taken for companies to go data-driven and takes a small quiz on "How AI can be applied?". Tune in to hear our llamazing conversation and let us know what are your thoughts and opinions!
June 04, 2020
Welcome to the Llamazing Data Podcast!
Hey guys, so this is actually happening - I am launching my own podcast for you to enjoy and check out the awesome world of Data! This is a small intro just to get to know each other, and the Episode 01 will be launched on the first week of June, so stay tuned! Love ya
May 26, 2020