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Giraffe's Eggs And Other African Tales

Giraffe's Eggs And Other African Tales

By LM.Daini
Here we recall African legends, myths, folk and fairytales, both in English and in French.

Ici, on se rappelle des légendes africaines, mythes, fables et contes de fées, en français et en anglais.
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La Tortue Et Sa Carapace
Le conte d’aujourd’hui nous vient de la région sud de l'Afrique de l'Ouest. Il fait partie des contes folkloriques raconté en Afrique de l'Ouest depuis des siècles et publié en 1917 par William H. Barker et Cecilia Sinclair. J'espère vraiment que vous aimerez notre conte d'aujourd'hui. Si c'est le cas et que vous desirez nous soutenir, veuillez partager ce podcast sur les réseaux sociaux et envoyez le directement à vos amis qui aiment le folklore. Nous sommes aussi sur Youtube!  Pensez également à vous abonner sur votre plateforme préférée, c'est totalement gratuit. Et cela nous aide vraiment à avoir plus de visibilité, sans dépenser beaucoup d'argent en marketing. Donc, voici notre conte pour cette semaine, A bientôt les amis, see you soon friends.
September 24, 2021
How The Tortoise Got His Shell
For today’s story, we are travelling to the region of southern West Africa. This tale has been shared in that region, for centuries and was published in 1917 by William H. Barker and Cecilia Sinclair. I really hope you enjoy today’s story. If you would like to support this podcast please share it on social media and directly to your friends who love Folklore. Don't forget that we also have an eMagazine with many more stories. Also, consider reviewing it on your listening platform, it’s completely free. And it really helps the show get more visibility, without spending much money on publicity. My  West African fable, Giraffe’s Eggs is available on Amazon (go to to get your copy).  A bientôt les amis, see you soon friends.
September 17, 2021
Anansi and Tiger (the pit)
Tiger needs help, but Anansi is in a mischievous mood... find out what happens, in this short but comical tale. Moral of the story? "Be careful not to laugh at other's misfortune"! Go to for more.
June 02, 2021
The Mino
For today’s story, we are going to the country named after the body of water on which it lies: the Bight of Benin. Our legendary person is not a ruler… it is not even a person. It’s a group of people who became known to the world after fighting the French troops rallied to conquer this dangerous, almost mythical unit: The Mino (Our Mothers). Research done by Noire Historia. Produced by Loopify media.
May 02, 2021
Queen Nandi
For today’s story, we are travelling to the southern tip of the beautifully diverse continent of Africa.  We are going straight to the south, Mzansi.  To the country dripping with culture and history. A country rich and diverse. The place that gave us apartheid, but also gave us Mandiba Rholihlahla Mandela. Shaka’s backyard.  The place where the natural music of various voices mesh and merge to give us glorious choirs. We are travelling to the country of 11 national languages … and listening to the legend of Queen Nandi, from the isiZulu People. Please visit to get a copy of the African Folktale: Giraffe's Eggs. Also visit to have access to all my social media.
March 21, 2021
Osei Tutu the 1st
Today’s story is from the Ashanti Empire (set in present-day Ghana). It is the story of Osei Tutu, who was from the small state of Kumasi, but ended up uniting all the separate Ashanti states to create a powerful empire.  Osei Tutu was motivated by his desire to fight back against the oppression of the Denkyiras, their southern neighbours. This makes Osei Tutu the very first "Ashantehene" or King of all the Ashantis. He was the Founder and first King of the United Ashanti empire. He is also the Uncle of Abla Pokou, Queen of the Baoulé people, a splinter group of the Ashanti’s, that can be found in modern-day Cote d’Ivoire. An earlier episode retells her story and why she fled Kumasi to start her own queendom.
February 16, 2021
Queen Aminatu
Today’s story is from the kingdom of Zazau, which is located in present-day Northern Nigeria in West Africa, it is about Queen Aminatou who was known as a great military strategist. A cavalry-trained Queen who fought many wars that expanded the southern-most part of the Hausa kingdom. Her story was recorded in the Kano Chronicle, a well-regarded and detailed history book of the city of Kano and the surrounding Hausa people. It was composed in the late 19th century and comprises early, oral histories from the region. Today's episode is dedicated to my good friend Valerie Kerri, fellow podcaster (The Valerie Kerri Show) and the real-life warrior queen. Giraffe's Eggs available on amazon: 
February 07, 2021
Anansé et le Lièvre
Anansé a encore trouvé une ruse pour de ne pas mourir de faim, au détriment d'autres animaux... mais Leuk le lièvre ne le laissera pas faire! Ecouter sur youtube: 
February 05, 2021
Sundiata Keita
Today’s story, is from Mali in West Africa and we will listen to a legend from the Malinke People. This story is based on an Epic poem: Sundiata Keita. He was the first ruler of the Mali Empire in the 13th century AD. He laid the foundation for a powerful and wealthy empire and proclaimed the first charter of human rights, the Manden Charter. I really hope you enjoy today’s story and that you learn something new. I am LM Daini, author of the West African fable Giraffe’s Eggs available on amazon: 
January 31, 2021
L'oiseau et le serpent
Un conte qui nous vient du Sénégal!  L'origine du proverbe: un malheur ne vient jamais seul... mais est-ce que vrai? Ecouter et décider de vous-même. Chanson de Yoro Ndiaye: Lamisso
January 29, 2021
Queen Ranavalona the 1st
Ranavalona I (born Rabodoandrianampoinimerina (also called Ramavo around 1778)   also known as Ranavalo-Manjaka I, was sovereign of the Kingdom of Madagascar from 1828 to 1861. After positioning herself as queen following the death of her young husband, Radama I, Ranavalona pursued a policy of isolationism and self-sufficiency, reducing economic and political ties with European powers, repelling a French attack on the coastal town of Foulpointe, and taking vigorous measures to eradicate the small but growing Malagasy Christian movement initiated under Radama I. (Source Wikipedia) Her story is not well known, but very fascinating. Acapella Song by Malagasy boy's group: Zaza Kanto (To find out more about this group of street children using their voice as a talent, please visit: There you can also donate to support them). Giraffe's Eggs (the book), available at
January 17, 2021
Queen Nzinga
Many fascinating stories and legends are attributed to Queen Nzinga. In an often-repeated tale, the Portuguese governor, Correia de Sousa, did not offer a chair for Nzinga to sit on during their negotiations, and instead, had a floor mat laid out for her to sit. The use of banal floor mat was appropriate only for subordinates and Nzinga took exception to this slight by the governor. Unwilling to accept this humiliation, she ordered one of her servants to get down on the ground on all fours so she could sit upon his back during negotiations. Through this overt act, she asserted her status as an equal to the governor, not an inferior. Find out more about this fascinating queen and military genius.
November 29, 2020
Why Lizard Moves His Head
Male Lizards, those found in parts of West Africa, have the habit of nodding their heads as if to answer a question. Find out why and what Anansi the trickster had to do with it!
November 16, 2020
The Origin Of Death (Maasai Myth)
This episode comes from the Maasai Region (Maasai people are found in both Kenya and Tanzania). The Maasai are fascinating people. Their culture and traditions are captivating. I particularly like their communal singing, it is so rich! There are many myths about the way death entered this world. This one is from the Maasai culture. I hope you like it. Please review the podcast and share it with a friend who likes stories! Thank you and have a great week.
November 08, 2020
The Disobedient Daughter And The Skull
Affiong meets a delightful stranger and decides to get married despite her parent's advice... with dire consequences.  This is our 10th Episode! 
October 18, 2020
Hassebu and the King Of Snakes
A story from Eastern Africa, originally told in Swahili, Hassebu is a young man faced with the consequences of his choices. Will he save himself or do the right thing and save the King of Snakes? Thank you, Oskar from Cameroon, for your message.  And to all the listeners of this podcast, please don't hesitate to connect with me! Leave me messages about the show: let me know your thoughts, feelings and suggestions.
October 11, 2020
The Twin Brothers
A tale of brotherly love, ingratitude, bravery and betrayal. Find out about Luemba and Mavungu's interesting tale.
October 04, 2020
Queen Pokou
This is the story of the legendary Queen Abla Pokou and the origins of the Baule people of Ivory Coast, sad but beautiful. Specially dedicated to Jilian Makanaka, a big fan of the podcast and a lovely little girl living in the US with some roots in Zimbabwe.  Please consider leaving a review on your listening platform, it helps a lot more than you'd think! Thanks for for their valuable information.
September 27, 2020
Adamou L'orphelin
Un proverbe africain dit : " L'enfant qui n'est pas embrassé par le village le brûlera pour sentir la chaleur "... voici un example!
September 23, 2020
The Pot Of Wisdom
How did common sense became so common? Find out... and of course, our favourite trickster is involved!
September 20, 2020
The Making Of "The Monkey's Fiddle"
BONUS EPISODE. A "behind the scenes" episode into the art of African storytelling, specifically the making of "The Monkey's Fiddle". Enjoy!
September 13, 2020
Les Trois Sourds
La femme, l'homme et le judge... qui d'entre eux est le plus sourd?
September 09, 2020
The Monkey's Fiddle
Wolf plots to steal Monkey's property... will he succeed? *Music by George Maqoma.
September 06, 2020
Le Maître Des Animaux
Découvrez comment l'Homme, avec l"aide de la Femme, devient le maître des animaux.
September 02, 2020
Why we have "Anansi" tales.
Anansi The Spider wants all folktales to be about him, but Nyame is in his way. Will Anansi succeed in getting his way...?
August 30, 2020
Contes Africains en Français.
Un podcast mensuel.
August 26, 2020