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Love Notes x Heart Checks

Love Notes x Heart Checks

By Dara Adams
Motivational rants & raves to help you design the life you deserve. What your 🤍 needs...
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Beyonce has 30 days to respond
Are we really prepared for what we are praying for? In this episode, we will see what it takes to truly get to where we want. 
February 25, 2021
Rihanna isn't a Fashion Designer
Many are called, few are chosen. In this episode, I talk about Rihanna and the temporary fall of her fashion brand, FENTY. Romans 11:29
February 14, 2021
Don't Steal My Parking Space
The balance in knowing who you are doesn’t prevent life from happening, but it does give what happens in life direction and structure so that you can learn to move on without everything around you moving out of place.
February 11, 2021
Welcome To My Digital Space
So glad you're here! Thanks for tuning in to my first podcast series, LNHC. This is just an intro and prequel to the many rants and raves that will spring forth. Be sure, for every episode, to bring a pen and paper because ya girl is known to drop gems.  See you on the inside!
February 6, 2021