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By Deepak Nair
Law of Attraction. Mind Science. Metaphysics. Spirituality.
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December 16, 2021
December 16, 2021
September 10, 2021
Deepak talks about vibration-detection apps, the law of attraction basics, and pro-wrestling being great again. Blog:
September 10, 2021
September 3, 2021
Deepak is once again talking about the best topic ever, yes, law of attraction. For 54 minutes. One take johnson as well! Let's be happy and have another great high vibrational week!
September 03, 2021
August 27, 2021
Deepak is talking about loa, MACER, and life. Everything I have learned about loa boils down to "just be happy." That's it! I'll say this same thing 52 different ways in a year!! Blog: // Facebook Page: @KingCarnegie // Website: // Podcast:
August 27, 2021
August 20, 2021
Deepak is back for this week's chat about loa, life, and Abraham-Hicks. Website: // Blog: // Podcast: // FB Page: @KingCarnegie
August 20, 2021
August 13, 2021
Big energy alert. High vibration alert. Deepak is once again talkin about babies, law of attraction, and Abraham-Hicks. And about life as a student of the spiritual game. This is our weekly loa chat. Another one! as DJ Khaled says. Let's get into it. Blog: // Website: // Podcast: // Facebook Page: @KingCarnegie // aka Louis XIV // aka How many great nicknames can we give ourselves??! // aka The Magic of Thinking Big!
August 13, 2021
August 6, 2021
The weekly chat about law of attraction and Abraham-Hicks. Basically, find any easy way to be happy! Get. In. The. Vortex! That is all there is to it. - Deepak
August 06, 2021
July 30, 2021
Oh, just talking about Abraham Hicks, The Vortex, and my understanding of the whole thing. The usual!
July 30, 2021
July 23, 2021
I spent all week listening to Abraham-Hicks audio about making money, for OUR benefit. ;) Spoiler alert: the only thing to do is to be "in the vortex" regularly, and money, like all good things, will also come, at the right time. The only thing that keeps money away is to be regularly "out of the vortex" regarding any subject, including the subject of money! Meaning: just be happy as much as possible everyday. Blog:
July 23, 2021
July 15, 2021
Chatting about law of attraction, a tens unit, and other manifestations. Blog: Podcast: Website:
July 16, 2021
July 8, 2021
I am talking about my recent online counseling experiences, past therapy experience, finding a therapist and style that is a good fit for you, law of attraction (of course), and a recurring theme in my life of remembering to "do what you love." (I lightly edited this pod myself, so not sure if it sounds loud enough! Enjoy either way, because I made this! For you!!) website: and blog:
July 09, 2021
June 10, 2021
Hi there. How have all y'all been?! I talk about my workout streak that started in Jan and is still going on in June. I have officially become an exercise-guy! Topics include Law of Attraction, The Message Translation of that famous religious book, Charles Capps, Joel & Dodie Osteen, Positive Psychology happiness scales, and other things I am into these days. I want you to rate how you feel before and after listening to this episode. Ideally, your vibration (emotion) will have lifted after listening to a positive piece of content. My goal is to lift your vibration thru my content. RATE HERE:
June 13, 2021
January 16, 2021
Law of attraction, weight loss, and exercise. Changing the vibration around each subject to make it more enjoyable. How not to check stats in order to maintain the high vibration. How I now record, edit, and upload podcasts and still maintain high vibration. (PS: Vibration and Emotion are the same thing, according to Abe Hicks. Positive emotions = high vibrations.)
January 18, 2021
January 13, 2021
Talking about my daily life experiences as a student of Abraham-Hicks and law of attraction. The purpose of the show is to be upbeat and uplifting so that both of us can move up on the emotional scale (raise our vibrations). On this one, I think I talked more about my health wins and my plan to get slabbed up this year.
January 16, 2021
January 9, 2021
You know the deal by now! Just a casual chat about loa, medicine, and manifestations.
January 12, 2021
January 5, 2021
Chatting about law of attraction, the importance of feelings, and visualizing fun scenarios just to raise vibration.
January 06, 2021
December 31, 2020
Rejoice! A new episode has appeared. Talking about law of attraction, Abraham Hicks, and EFT. Happy New Year!
January 02, 2021
December 13, 2020
Talking about Law of attraction, my Phoenix trip, think and get slim, and traditional medicine.
December 14, 2020
November 5, 2020
Guaranteed ways to raise vibration and how I am easily releasing weight thru Think and Get Slim by Abraham-Hicks.
November 10, 2020
October 27, 2020
I manifested a move to Phoenix, Arizona!! Abraham-Hicks emotional guidance scale. Law of attraction basics. EFT & LOA.
November 06, 2020