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Local Homeschoolers

By Local Homeschoolers
Florida homeschooling resources and stories from families discovering freedom through alternative education.
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Family, Freedom and Faith With Melissa Martz For Congress CD 18

Local Homeschoolers

Living Books with Michelle Howard Founder of the Living Learning Library
Tune into our latest podcast interview with Michelle Howard, the founder of the Living Learning Library, located right here in Jupiter, Florida. If you are making careful decisions about your kids' education, please consider the reading materials so equally crucial to the development of their hearts and minds. They should be truly rich in content and inspired in their view of the child as a learner. Their books should be living! Imagine a book so life-filled that it "captures attention, secures interest," and "arouses something noble in the heart of the child, without any effort on the part of the teacher or the taught." Seeing is believing--not just the library, but also the surprising impact of these books in engaging your students in learning and virtue. Sound like what you want your kids to read? Please visit for a preview of the Living Learning Library.
June 14, 2021
Finding Your Homeschool Grove with Liz Sandt
Listen to our latest episode on finding your homeschool grove with Liz Sandt, local Jupiter Florida mother of two.  Take a moment to be inspired as we discuss Liz's first year homeschooling. She will encourage you to take time to discover how your child learns best, and by doing so finding freedom in the homeschooling process.
June 7, 2021
Family, Freedom and Faith With Melissa Martz For Congress CD 18
Get encouraged and inspired as we discusses how Melissa Martz is fighting for our families and freedoms in Palm Beach County and hear how we can support her campaign for Florida's Congressional District 18. Martz is a homeschooling mother and homesteader with a love for our earth and the "fearfully and wonderfully made" human beings that inhabit it. Melissa Martz has a long list of passions and accolades but at the center of nearly all of them is one thing – people. Martz is a Registered Patent Attorney with a B.S. in Pre-med/Biology and minors in Chemistry and Religion. Martz was raised in both the Jewish and Christian faiths and attended an Assemblies of God undergraduate college. Out of college, Martz briefly worked for the public school system as a high school biology teacher.  Martz has always been a constitutionalist and government minimalist. However,  it has been the recent display of outright government tyranny, in this last year, that has ignited her to fight on behalf of her fellow Americans, to protect our freedoms at all costs. Martz was the first of four attorneys to stand up and sue Palm Beach County against their unconstitutional mask mandate. Martz rejects the concept of "anti-masker" and embraces the idea of "pro-freedom", choice and medical autonomy.
May 14, 2021
Homeschooling a Child on the Autistic Spectrum with Local Mom Lyndsay Rager
Are you wondering if it's possible to homeschool a child on the spectrum? Listen in to hear Lyndsay Rager give practical advice on how to homeschool a child on the Autistic Spectrum in Palm Beach County. Lyndsay is paving the way for her homeschool using the Gardiner Scholarship, as well as other resources, in order to design a customized educational program for her son. You won't want to miss her encouraging advice. Check out more about the Gardiner Scholarship and how you child may benefit. 
April 29, 2021
Homeschooling in Palm Beach County with Cheryl Trzasko
Tune in to this episode with Cheryl Trzasko of Palm Beach County Homeschoolers, an organization supporting all things homeschool in Palm Beach County. Cheryl is a Florida State homeschool evaluator and a seasoned local homeschool mom. Get encouraged on your homeschool journey and find valuable answers to your questions as we discuss pressing issues facing homeschoolers today! Visit Cheryl's website for further information or to contact her for an evaluation:
April 26, 2021
Local Hybrid School impacting Jupiter Florida
Today I'm thrilled to chat with Amy Daumit, founder of the Jupiter Learning Community hybrid school, right here in Palm Beach County. Hear about her passion for education and be encouraged as she describes her goal of meeting each child exactly where they are. Find out more about her program at  
April 12, 2021