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Local Open Mic

Local Open Mic

By Tim Hief
Local Open Mic is a worldwide stage that is always open for musicians that want to tell their story and share their music. Hear these talented singer/songwriters discuss their roots, their passion for music and the direction they see themselves going as they disclose the victories and the failures along the way. We ask about the backstory to their songs and perhaps hear some never before released music along the way. Subscribe to Local Open Mic podcast now!
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David Shanhun Update! David has been busy since we last spoke to him, catch up with this amazing singer and loop artist!

Local Open Mic

Shimna Higgins! Shimna is an amazing Celtic fiddler, she has travelled with internationally acclaimed, Celtic Illusion, as their featured fiddler
Shimna Higgins! Shimna is a highly regarded Celtic fiddler, she has travelled and performed extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand with internationally acclaimed, Celtic Illusion, as their featured fiddler. Hear about her musical journey as a fiddler, starting at a very young age. She brought three songs that showcase her talent, along with the backstory of each, you will be a fan after the first 8 bars! Instagram: Shimna (@shimnabridget) • Instagram photos and videos Facebook: Wix:
September 22, 2022
David Shanhun Update! David has been busy since we last spoke to him, catch up with this amazing singer and loop artist!
David Shanhun Update! David has been busy since we last spoke to him, catch up with this amazing singer and loop artist!  Hear about the touring and his move to Twitch for live events! On Facebook just search for David Shanhun YouTube (51) David Shanhun - YouTube David Shanhun (@davidshanhun) • Instagram photos and videos davidshanhun - Twitch
June 30, 2022
Eric Ramsey! Eric has performed all around the country, found success in music competitions, like the 2022 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. where he won the Solo/Duo Award!
Eric Ramsey! Eric is an artist that got his start in music later in life and it wasn't until his wife told him to 'go for it' that he mustered the courage to begin his musical journey. That was seven years ago, and in that time Eric has performed all around the country, found success in music competitions, like his recent showing at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. where he won in the Solo/Duo category. It doesn't end there, he also won the Memphis Cigar Box Guitar award for Best Guitarist in the Solo/Duo category and… (deep breath), he won the People's Choice Award at the Wildflower Arts and Music Festival Al Johnson Performing Songwriter Contest! His music is a combination of blues, folks and country with lyrics penned from his experiences in life. We will hear three of his songs and their backstories today. Email: Website: Eric Ramsey Facebook: Instagram: Eric Ramsey (@ericramseymusic) • Instagram photos and videos Spotify: Eric Ramsey
June 09, 2022
Linda Sussman! Linda considers herself a roots folk singer but has some amazing blues tunes that will leave you in awe of her versatility.
Linda Sussman! Linda has been a lifelong musician, but the singer/songwriter phase of her life began some five or so years ago. In that time Linda has managed three full album releases and is on the cusp of her fourth…yes, all in four years. She considers herself a roots folk singer but has some amazing blues tunes that will leave you in awe of her versatility. She regularly appears on the roots folk charts and has garnered radio airplay all along the way. We will share with us, the backstory to three deeply personal songs including one of her blues tunes. Join me, for a dive into the musical journey of Linda Sussman. Website: Spotify: Linda Sussman
April 14, 2022
The ACT Americana Trio is a group that "gets" the whole modern folk vibe with tight harmonies, meaningful lyrics and an earthy, organic musical sound.
The ACT Americana Trio! The ACT Americana Trio is a group that "gets" the whole modern folk vibe with tight harmonies, meaningful lyrics and an earthy, organic musical sound. Andre, Chris and Taryn began their relationship of collaboration some five years ago, finding common ground in the Americana sound. The backstory to each of the four songs we will hear today are sure to make you fans. Their recently released EP, "True North", is already getting airplay in both Canada and the US. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: The Act Americana Trio Individual Members Social Media Andre Chrys Website: Facebook : Chris Lok Website: YouTube, The Venn Collective: Taryn Laronge Website: Facebook:
April 07, 2022
2022 Spring Air Playlist! Spring is in the air and Local Open Mic has an amazing line up of songs for your listening enjoyment.
2022 Spring Air Playlist! Ah yes, Spring is in the air and Local Open Mic has an amazing line up of songs from our guests in the past three to four, months. Every song is either 'sung by' or 'written by' one of the growing list of Local Open Mic guests. Some artists have more than one song in this playlist! Be sure to share it with your friends too! Judy Rodman(One Way Ticket), Josie Bello(Can't Go Home), Charlotte Campbell(Stay Like This), Rosie Bans(Real Life Love), Tedi Brunetti(Eat, Sleep, Repeat), Josie Bello(I Bleed Human), Stella Cole/Emma Scotson(Fine), Eyvindur Karlsson(One of the Boys), Nico Padden(I Get Down), Sarah Smith(Meet Me At The Crossroads), Jason Blume(On Angels Wings), Nico Padden(White Flag), Marianne Sveen(Don't You Forget About Me), Reinhardt Buhr(The Circle of the Earth)
March 19, 2022
Taryn Laronge! Taryn has been keeping busy during the pandemic, writing and co-writing songs and starting a new folk style group called The ACT Americana Trio.
Taryn Laronge! Taryn has been keeping busy during the pandemic, writing and co-writing songs and starting a new folk style group called The ACT Americana Trio. (Look for the interview with her new band members in April 2022.)  Taryn is keeping a hand in her own solo career with more songs in the pipeline too. Local Open Mic interview with Taryn Laronge For more artist interviews, visit
March 10, 2022
Josie Bello! Josie's style ranges from folk and country to bluesy tunes that show case a classic sound sometimes compared to Mary Chapin Carpenter
Josie Bello! Josie Bello picked up guitar about seven years ago at the pleading of her teenage find a hobby! Not long after starting to play guitar, Josie discovered she had things to say and found her voice in the amazing songs she creates. Already a veteran performer, her music is catching on both in North America and Europe! Her style ranges from folk and country to bluesy tunes that show case a classic sound sometimes compared to Mary Chapin Carpenter. We will hear the stories to three of her songs today; Josie selected them especially for Local Open Mic listeners. These stories and the songs will leave you changed for the better. Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: Mentioned during the interview, Mike Nugent: Mike Nugent and the Blue Moon Band
March 03, 2022
Eyvindur Karlsson is from Iceland and is passionate about music, especially teaching other, experienced, songwriters to be better at the craft!
Eyvindur Karlsson! Eyvindur Karlsson hails from Iceland. The first thing you'll notice about him, his english accent sounds like he was born and raised in the mid-west of the United States! I kid you not. The next thing you'll notice is how passionate he is about music and these days, especially teaching experienced songwriters to be better! He hosts a successful podcast entitled The Strong Writing Podcast, with at least one Local Open Mic alumni in his catalog. Along the way to all of this, Eyvindur has written music for theatre productions that have taken the show on the road, throughout Europe. His writing style is engaging since all of his songs tell a story. We get to hear the backstory to three of his songs, all while enjoying discussions about his musical journey Website: Song writing course: Facebook: YouTube: Eyvindur Karlsson - YouTube Instagram: #eyvindurkarlsson hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos
February 24, 2022
Marianne Sveen! From Oslo, Norway, Marianne is a truly gifted singer/songwriter. Her music and lyrics bring you into her private spaces in a way that will both disarm you and change you.
Marianne Sveen! Marianne Sveen, from Oslo, Norway, is a truly gifted singer/songwriter and arranger! She is best known as a member of the European pop group, Katzenjammer! Her most recent solo release album, Next of Kin, is a deeply personal project that even includes the a cover song, a reinterpretation of the 80's song by Simple Minds, "Don't You Forget About Me". It is utterly brilliant, not to be missed. The music and lyrics on Next of Kin are powerful, bringing you into her private spaces in a way that will both disarm you and change you. She shares with us the backstory to four songs that reveal much about her personal musical journey. Facebook: Instagram: Marianne Sveen (@mariannesveenmusic) • Instagram photos and videos YouTube: Marianne Sveen - YouTube Link Page: Marianne Sveen - Next of Kin (
February 18, 2022
Reinhardt Buhr! Reinhardt Buhr is a talented ambient music artist, each of his creations are unique, one-time events. He has five Youtube videos in excess of 1 million views! One at nearly 7 million.
Reinhardt Buhr! Reinhardt Buhr is an exceptionally talented ambient music artist. From the early days of picking up his first guitar in a place called, Wilderness, South Africa to living in Cape Town, Reinhardt has demonstrated a natural ability to learn new instruments. He stumbled into the ambient music space quite by accident but it suited him and the rest may be thought of as history. He has been busking for years and along the way found his moral footing in his Christian beliefs. He is not preachy about such things but offers a clear account of his conversion later in the podcast. As a busker, Reinhart is no stranger to performing for a transient audience, but after recording a full day of busking in Cape Town, just two years ago, five his live creations were posted to YouTube and his career lifted off. Each of those songs rocketed past 1 million views and continue to climb. One song is at nearly 7 million views! For Reinhardt, there is no formula to the his success, at least not one he can articulate. You see, each of Buhr's creations are unique, one-time events. When he starts to play, he concedes that he does not really know where the moment will take him. He doesn't let a little thing like 'time' limit him either, for example, the four songs he brought just for this interview are all in excess of 9 minutes. We will hear the backstory to each song and so much more today. One thing to note at this point, during the interview we will listen to only a portion of each song, however, each song can be heard at the end of this interview, complete and uninterrupted. Website: Download Music | REINHARDT BUHR | Cape Town Bandcamp: Reinhardt Buhr ( Facebook: (3) Reinhardt Buhr | Facebook YouTube: Reinhardt Buhr - YouTube
February 10, 2022
Judy Rodman! Judy Rodman has certainly made her mark in the music industry, from her ACM Female Artist of the Year award, to writing breakout songs for other artist, with stories tell along the way!
Judy Rodman! Judy Rodman has certainly made her mark in the music industry. Let me list a few of her accomplishments: Her 1986 self-titled, breakout album that included her #1 hit, Until I Met You ACM Female Vocalist of the Year Writer of a song recorded by an unknown LeAnn Rimes, that sold over a million copies and put Rimes on everyone's radar A-lister backup vocalist in Nashville, a prestigious situation for any singer An in-demand vocal coach Producer Reinvention is one of the hallmarks that make her musical journey extraordinary. Judy gives us the backstory to four of her songs, include the #1 hit song she wrote that was recorded by LeAnn Rimes. Email: Website: Judy Rodman | vocal coach, vocal producer, recording producer, studio singer, public speaker, songwriter, recording artist, Nashville, Tennessee Facebook: YouTube: Judy Rodman - YouTube #1 Hit Until I Met You: Judy Rodman Until I Met You
February 03, 2022
Rosie Bans! Rosie Bans is a singer songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. this self-taught pianist found herself in London for 5 years, describing it as a dramatic time in her life.
Rosie Bans! Rosie Bans is a singer songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland who gravitated to playing piano at a young age. Rosie plays a number of instruments and even includes the lowly recorder in that list. In her 20's, this self-taught pianist found herself in London for five years, she describes this as a dramatic time in her life and incredibly educational, playing 4 and 5 Star hotels and restaurants, and even the House of Lords. She recounts that on one occasion she was let go from one of her regular gigs and replaced by a modern player-piano. That's right, just plug in the memory card and the piano starts to play, keys and all. She laughs about it now, not so much then. Her main project these days is called, Be Radical, Make Music, it is also a Facebook group anyone can join! In addition to the group, she hosts Be Radical, Make Music seminars for more in-depth learning. Rosie has some amazing stories of self-discovery and travel that any musician is sure to identify with. She will also tell us the back-story to two of her songs that she brought for us to play. So stay with us for this wonderful interview with Rosie Bans! Email: Website: YouTube: Rosie Bans - YouTube Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: Rosie Bans (@rosiebans) • Instagram photos and videos Facebook Group:
January 27, 2022
Jason Blume! You already know Jason Blume, at least from his body of work in the music industry. Jason has written and co-written songs for many of the biggest stars over that past 30 years.
Jason Blume! You already know Jason Blume, at least from his body of work in the music industry. Jason has written and co-written songs for many of the biggest stars over that past 30 years. From The Oak Ridge Boys, Collin Raye, and John Berry, to Britney Spears, the Back Street Boys and Jesse McCartney and more. These days, Jason finds fulfillment in teaching the craft of writing songs, or as he put it, 'rewriting songs'. Jason will be the first to tell you, nearly all hits songs get rewritten many times before they are ready for prime time! He shares the backstory to the writing of a couple of the hit songs has co-written and a couple of song writing tips just for Local Open Mic podcast listeners! Email: Website: Change My Mind video - John Berry Change My Mind Dear Diary video - Britney Spears - dear diary (Official Video)
January 20, 2022
Sarah Smith! The perfect example of Canadian rock artistry, from early gospel influences, to the edgier rock, Sarah's musical journey and stories are not to be missed!
Sarah Smith is the perfect example of Canadian rock artistry. She has shared a stage with Thundermug's Bill Durst, 54-40, Melissa Etheridge, Brian Adams and others. Sarah even developed a following in southern Texas before the pandemic put a pause on live gigging. Her unique rock sound remains in front of her fan due to extensive touring in both Canada and Europe. Her lyrical styling from early gospel influences in her life, to the edgier rock she came to embrace as she grew in her musical journey will all be explored in this episode as Sarah shares four of her brilliantly produced songs. If rock is your thing, you'll become a fan after sampling the Sarah Smith sound! Email: Facebook: YouTube: Sarah Smith - YouTube Instagram: Sarah Smith (@sarahsmithmusic) • Instagram photos and videos Spotify: Sarah Smith Bonus tracks: You Don't Get My Love, The Crossroads, A Christmas Wish
January 13, 2022
Izzie of Izzie's Caravan! Izzie has a classic heavy rock expression to his music with introspective lyrics. We discuss his musical journey and hear some Ramones tunes he covers with his special touch!
Izzie of Izzie's Caravan! Izzie has a 'caravan' of various musicians coming in and out of his band… by design. Izzie has a classic heavy rock expression to his music with introspective lyrics. After years of a lifestyle that dragged him down, Izzie decided enough was enough and embarked on a self-recovery path, lifting himself up and out of the dark holes he found himself in. He tossed out the alcohol, changed his diet and began to exercise his way back to health. We'll hear about that dramatic time in his life. In today's interview, the songs Izzie will discuss are covers from an important band from his past, The Ramones, that played a role in his recovery. We will play those songs, you don't want to miss his heavier rock versions of some classic Ramones tunes. Email: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Izzie's Caravan
January 06, 2022
Tedi Brunetti! Tedi is in the midst of a career resurgence, hitting #82 on the World Indie Charts with her recent project release, "Queen of Pittsburgh". Hear the Janice meets Steely Dan sound!
Tedi Brunetti! Tedi is in the midst of a career resurgence, hitting #82 on the World Indie Charts with her recent project release, "Queen of Pittsburgh". Some of you may know her from her successful 80's band where she played drums for "The B Girls", produced by Debbie Harry of Blondie. Her break from the music business came when she decided that raising her family was more important to her than the lights of the stage. A few years ago, Tedi started to gig again and resumed writing music. It didn't go unnoticed either, the Janice Joplin meets Steely Dan description of her musical style is apparent in her songs. Join us as she shared the stories behind her music and some great tales from her 70's and 80's bands. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Email: Spotify: Tedi Brunetti YouTube - The B Girls: Two Hearts
December 23, 2021
Bill O'Hanlon! Hear it directly from Bill, how his milestone year has gone and the get the newsie details of his upcoming year!
Bill O'Hanlon! We last talked with Bill one year ago this month, today we get an update of how his musical journey is going. I can tell you, many exciting things are happening now. Take the 15 minutes or so and hear all the newsie details from Bill On Facebook just search for Bill O'Hanlon
December 16, 2021
Lucy LeBlanc! Since we last spoke with Lucy, many wonderful things have happen. You'll hear all about it in todays update with her.
Lucy LeBlanc! During this short format, update podcast, we talk to Lucy LeBlanc. She has continued her prolific song writing, you can hear all about that journey in episode six, published last year on December 5, 2020. Lucy was recently recognized with Songtown's Writer of the Year Award, many of her contributions are finding open arms with agencies that place music in TV and movies. Today, we get an update on how her musical journey have been going for the past year.
December 02, 2021
2021 Christmas Joy Playlist! Our first ever Christmas Playlist, sure to become a seasonal favorite for you and your family. Every song by one of our Local Open Mic guests!
2021 Christmas Joy Playlist! Settle in to the first Local Open Mic Christmas Joy Playlist, this will become a seasonal favorite for you and your family. Every song is either 'sung by' or 'written by' one of the growing list of Local Open Mic guests. Some artists have more than one song in this playlist! Be sure to share it with your friends too! Charlotte Campbell(Merry Christmas To You), Tim Hief(Little Shops On 5th Ave), Nico Padden(I'll Be Home for Christmas), MonaLisa Twins(Snow Falls Softly At Night), Tom Scott(She's My Christmas), Shane Ericks(Merry Christmas Darling), Ivan Bodley(Christmas Time Is Here), Rorie Kelly(What Are You Wishing For), Lucy LeBlanc(Snowfall In The City), Bill O'Hanlon(Magic 'Neath The Mistletoe), MonaLisa Twins(All I Want Christmas To Be), Joe Nelson(Mr Grinch-New Version), Joe Nelson(We Three Kings-2021), Lorraine Baron(Silver Bells), Rae Leigh(Dreaming Of A Christmas), Megan Barker(Missing Mistletoe), Lucy LeBlanc(Christmas In Paris), Jeff Curtis(Christmas Blues), Paul DeMarco(Drunk Snowman, Nico Padden(Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
November 25, 2021
Stella Cole - Emma Scotson! From Tik Tok fame to working with one of James Taylor's long time producers, this duo is a rising force. Join them on the ride!
Stella Cole/Emma Scotson! It would seem Tik Tok is the new place to be discovered, at least that is how is was for Stella Cole! She found a niche in singing classic 1940's and 50's era American Standards and drawing in fans with her sultry, better-than-Disney vocals. But it was when James Taylor (that's right, You Got A Friend, James Taylor) reposted some of her videos, that Stella began her crescendo on social media. This led to working with one of his long time producers on their upcoming release. But Stella isn't writing her own songs, that talent is coming from Emma Scotson who is already demonstrating the 'it' factor for lyrics and melody. It's the beginning of a classic duo writing/performance team that is the stuff of legends, and we get to witness the magic in it's infancy. The Stella and Emma brought three of their songs for us to hear, along with the back story to each. Tik Tok: Stella (@stellakatherinecole) TikTok | Watch Stella's Newest TikTok Videos Facebook: Instagram: Website: HOME | Home ( Spotify: Stella Katherine Cole
November 19, 2021
Nico Padden! Nico stepped onto a global stage, presenting her lyrical landscapes, wrapped in punchy music that resonate with her ever expanding fan-base.
Nico Padden! Nico Padden is singer/songwriter whose background started in opera, with formal training while attending university. She abandoned the course she was one for the one that suited her better, that of a singer/songwriter. With the release of her 2016 project, A Light in the Dark, Nico stepped onto a global stage, presenting her lyrical landscapes, wrapped in punchy music that resonate with her ever expanding fan-base. One song from this project, White Flag, took on a life of its own. The a cappella song has been embrace by high school choirs throughout the US and Canada to great success, a truly unexpected viral experience. The song is especially meaningful because it was inspired by her late grandmother, whom she cared for in the later years of her life. Nico tells us the stories behind four songs she brought today, some of which are on her upcoming, January 2022 album release, Pirate Queen. Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Nico Padden - YouTube Spotify: Nico Padden
November 11, 2021
Paul DeMarco Update! Get the latest updates from the 2021 Song Town Co-Writer of the Year winner!
Paul DeMarco Update! Don’t miss the quick update with Paul DeMarco, so much has happened for him since our initial interview one year ago. Catch that original episode for all the great music he shared too. Since this update Paul was recognized as the 2021 Song Town Co-Writer of the Year! 
October 28, 2021
2021 Autumn Colors Playlist! Start the fall season right with the 2021 Autumn Colors Playlist!
2021 Autumn Colors Playlist from Local Open Mic Artists!  A special color of songs for autumn from artists we’ve interviewed. Start the fall season right with the 2021 Autumn Colors Playlist!  Some of our guests were songwriters only and so they needed other singers to perform the song they contributed too.  Find the song you like and look up their interview, get the backstory to all of these great songs. Toby Tobias(I Listen and I See), Bill O'Hanlon(All The Words To), David Shanhun(Gypsy Girl), MonaLisa Twins (Close To You), Taryn Laronge(Surfacing), Rorie Kelly(Lying Streak), Paul DeMarco (Endless Sea), Megan Barker (Smokin Again), Jeff Curtis(Eatons Funk), Arlen Roth(Bunky with Brad Paisley), Alan Brewer(Banjocaster), Kevin Kelly(Ducktown), Tom Scott(Something For Nothing), Rae Leigh(Saying Yes To Love), Barry Leef(Cab Driver), Corey Pryor(Libere), Ivan Bodley(Pigs Feet and Potted Meat), Joe Nelson(Driver), Lorraine Baron(You Echo In My Heart), Shane Ericks(Your Love Is Enough)
October 21, 2021
Charlotte Campbell! Charlotte’s engaging lyrics will draw you in, just listening to her music will make your day better!
From performing in a major London West End theatre production to managing successful and growing music career, Charlotte Campbell has stories to tell! Charlotte is best understood as the eternal upbeat artist. Her songs could fit in just about any 'feel good' movie or tv show, even Disney productions. Never one to add filler lyrics to her music, we play an amazing song that is just 2:15 minutes, now that is brave. She was cast in a theatre production (think NYC's Broadway) on the West End of London at a young age, she dreamed of being an actress and musical theatre star but her dancing skills fell short. It was during this time that Charlotte's mother suggested she learn guitar telling her she could still sing, all while standing still! After playing guitar for five years, Charlotte began to busk and by all accounts has developed a loyal and growing international following across many platforms. We play five of Charlotte's songs and get the backstory to each as we explore her musical journey! Email: Website: Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: Tiktok: Spotify: Charlotte Campbell
October 07, 2021
Jeff Curtis! If you admire guitarists like Phil Keaggy, then you will truly be amazed by Jeff's personal creations.
Jeff Curtis is a guitar instrumentalist, one might even say, guitarist extraordinaire! If you admire guitarists like Phil Keaggy, then you will truly be amazed by Jeff's personal creations. Curtis does not do covers, as a rule, he prefers the uncharted territory of original music. With the release of his latest project in early 2021, Jeff has an impressive body of work for any fan to enjoy. We'll hear the stories behind four of his favorite tunes, along with a remarkable story about Jimmy Page's guitar case from 1972 that fell into Jeff's hands. Email: Facebook: Website: Jeff Curtis - Dreams ( Jeff Curtis - The Next Place ( Jeff Curtis - Find a Way ( The Jimmy Page Story: Jimmy Page reunited with his Number 1 Les Paul guitar case - after 47 years! -
September 16, 2021
Shane Ericks! Shane Ericks is gifted with an amazing voice, her songs are as authentic as she is, her personal musical journey will touch you!.
Shane is an amazing singer with a very uncommonly accurate 'Karen Carpenter' sound! She launched onto the YouTube scene in 2011 with a Rascal Flatts cover and by 2012 was already appearing on local television shows. Winner of internationally acclaimed singing competitions by 2016, Shane became a YouTube star when people heard her version of Karen Carpenter's "You". Since then, Shane Ericks has gained nearly a quarter million YouTube subscribers and continues to climb in dramatic fashion. Writing her own songs or collaborating with established artists, Shane's music is both engaging and authentic. We get to hear four of her songs, along with the back stories to each. Join us and hear first-hand, Shane Ericks personal musical journey. YouTube: (11) Shane Ericks - YouTube Facebook: Instagram: 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓮 ♕ (@shaneericks) • Instagram photos and videos Tik Tok: Shane Ericks (@shaneericksofficial) TikTok | Watch Shane Ericks's Newest TikTok Videos
September 02, 2021
District 13 Update! District 13 provides exciting details of his career since our first interview with him.
District 13! This past year has been anything but slow for 'District'.  He updates about several exiting releases both in the US and Europe and talks about the international attention coming his way.  Catch the first interview with District 13 on this streaming site (he was the second interview for Local Open Mic) and become a fan today!
August 12, 2021
Dublin City Today UPDATE! Sean Leahy updates us with the latest happenings at Dublin City Today since our original interview.
Sean Leahy updates our fans with the latest happenings at Dublin City Today since our original interview.  You'll recall that Dublin City Today is a premier busking channel on YouTube, featuring new and experienced buskers.  A few of these buskers are making huge career strides because of what Dublin City Today does for them. YouTube: (2) Dublin City Today - YouTube Facebook:
August 05, 2021
Alan Brewer! Alan Brewer is a movie producer, who happens to have an amazing past as a singer, songwriter, musician and arranger. Don't miss his story!
Alan Brewer, originally from New York, has worn many hats in his five decade long career. From contributing musician and arranger to full producer for major movie releases and even a publisher, Alan has found himself working with many of the who's who in the music and movie industry, including the likes of Rick Wakeman, Pete Townshend and Arlen Roth. While still in a successful band in the late 70's, he was approached with the idea of leaving his band to be one of the new front men for Jefferson Starship… before Mickey Thomas. We play six songs that Alan had a hand in producing, including a few that wrote and played on. His skill as a musician will never be overlooked and as an arranger, he is always in top form. The stories behind the songs are as diverse as his career.  You'll love the story about Pete Townshend. Facebook: LinkedIn:
July 29, 2021
Arlen Roth! Arlen is legendary, his amazing talent on guitar has placed him in a special class of artists and performers. He has few equals and they would gladly take the stage beside him!
Arlen Roth is an artist with an amazingly diversified resume, so where does one start in talking about Arlen Roth. Here, I'll give you the short list of accomplishments, his band was the only band to play at the Second Annual Woodstock Festival to a crowd of 50,000 fans, he played with the Bee Gees during a 1974 tour in Canada, he was in the first skit on SNL in 1978 with Dan Akroyd and John Belushi that shortly evolved into the Blue Brothers, he was the last to record with the legendary Johnny Winter, before his passing in 2014. Arlen has many more stories to tell, both professional and personal, including the back stories to four songs we'll hear in the episode. Website: Arlen Roth Booking: General Information:
July 22, 2021
Ivan 'Funkboy' Bodley! This is one cool cat, Ivan's brand of funk gets down and dirty with a flare. Before his music career as a bassist, he was a publicist with multi-platinum records to show for it.
Today we're talking with Ivan Bodley aka Funkboy! If you like funk music, you will love this episode! This is one cool cat! Ivan has a book, available on Amazon entitled, "Am I Famous Yet?: Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star". We will be talking about the book along with his musical roots. Before his career as a working-class rock star, Ivan worked for major record labels as a publicist and has eight platinum and multi-platinum records he has contributed too, but who's counting! These include projects with Joan Jett and the Black Hearts, Michael Jackson and Bad, Luther Vandross, even Weird Al Yankovic and his platinum Fat project that was a parody of Michael Jackson's big hit. As a performer he's played on two grammy nominated records, with Pete Seger and Raphael Cruz. We'll hear four of his original funk tunes and get the back story for each. Let's bring in Ivan! Website: His book on Amazon: Am I Famous Yet?: Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star: Bodley, Ivan "Funkboy", Clarke, Stanley: 9798711152200: Books
July 15, 2021
2021 Summer Blend Playlist! A special blend of songs from Local Open Mic artists we’ve interviewed. Start your summer right with the 2021 Summer Blend Playlist!
A Local Open Mic first! A special blend of songs from artists we’ve interviewed. Start your summer right with the 2021 Summer Blend Playlist!  Some of our guests were songwriters only and so they needed other singers to perform the song they contributed too.  Find the song you like and look up their interview, get the backstory to all of these great songs. Berry Leef (Baby Come Back) Kevin Kelly (For All Time), Paul DeMarco (Designs On Your), Megan Barker (Tequila Told Me To), Rae Leigh (All Of Me), MonaLisa Twins (Still A Friend Of Mine), Rorie Kelly(Magick Comin), Bill O'Hanlon(Southern Nights (duet)), David Shanhun(Whiskey and Red Wine), Taryn Laronge(Juliet), Lucy LeBlanc(Afraid Of The Dark), Toby Tobias(), Dakota East(Runaway), Lorraine Baron(Down The Road), Corey Pryor(Light Up My Life), Tom Scott(Hooked), Joe 'Rockstar' Nelson(Haight Street), Lewin Barringer(Ignoring All The Stop Signs), Tara Jamieson(Birches)
July 01, 2021
Tara Jamieson! Tara Jamieson is a singer/songwriter. Not only an amazing singer, she is a 4th year med student in Dublin, Ireland. She has a wonderful musical journey that will leave you inspired.
Tara Jamieson! Tara Jamieson is a Canadian singer/songwriter living and attending university in Dublin, Ireland, with aspirations of being a medical doctor! Funny thing happened on the way to her Hippocratic Oath, she auditioned for Ireland's Got Talent and made it all the way to the semi-finals. With classic Canadian politeness, she writes songs of personal experiences in her life, and along with the back story to each of the three songs we'll hear in this episode, you'll not only feel as though you know her but you will like her too. Website: Facebook: Intagram: @tarajamiesonmusic YouTube: Tara Jamieson - YouTube Tiktok: @tarajamiesonmusic
June 24, 2021
Dakota East! Dakota is a country singer whose time has come. Her first single is already on several significant iTunes country playlists. Don't miss the start of something big!
Dakota East is a country singer/songwriter, living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She just released her first song, 'Runaway', that is already being added to several major iTunes Playlists. Dakota spent time in the trenches, playing rock, blues and jazz before finding her passion in a country sound that only she can bring. Hear the song and the story behind it, along with other details of her musical journey. Facebook: Intagram: Dakota.East Website:
June 17, 2021
Kevin Kelly! Kevin Kelly is a well-known and highly regarded producer/recording engineer with gold records to show for his efforts, working with legends like Blondie, Rick Wakeman and Edgar Winter
Welcome to the first episode of Season 2 of the Local Open Mic podcast! In this first episode of season 2, we talk with Kevin Kelly. Kevin, is a well-known and highly regarded producer/recording engineer and musician in the New York City area. Among his credits is recording the earliest known demo by Blondie, that's right, Blondie and it is from 1975! Four out of the five demo songs went to Gold Record status and yes, they were the versions he recorded with the band. He has worked with many of the best artists from the 70's and 80's, recording live performances with Hall and Oats, Billy Joel, The Police, Edgar Winter and many more. Many of these recordings made it to the artist's 'live' album/cd releases. He was the bass player in several successful bands in the 70's, even touring with the Bee Gees throughout eastern Canada in 1974. By 1989 he changed gears and turned to teaching, becoming a tenured professor at a local Long Island college. Twenty five years later and about five minutes after retiring, Kevin launched a studio again, The Workshoppe East. He will talk about all of these things and the never before heard stories behind five songs we'll be playing in this interview. Website: The Workshoppe East – Music Production & Mixing LinkedIn:
June 10, 2021
Tom Scott! Tom Scott writes incredible music that is consistent with his easy disposition. You'll find his musical journey fascinating at all points.
Tom is 'modern easy'. He takes life one day at a time and has managed to remain a viable performer during the challenges in the past year due to public health concerns. He has a nearly unmatched repertoire of cover songs he can perform on request. You'd be wrong to think of Tom Scott as a cover artist though, he in fact has released some amazing music that we'll hear, along with their back stories. His faith in Christ contributes to his unpretentious approach to life, so much so that he only mentioned an American Idol contestant covered a song of his after the interview was over! He is a rare find and worth your time to listen. Facebook: tslionsong Spotify: Soul Frosting YouTube: "Time" by Tom Scott
June 03, 2021
Toby Tobias! Toby is a passionate singer/songwriter originally from South Africa. His message of love and peace can be heard throughout his music.
Toby Tobias, grew up in South Africa, leaving his homeland after high school for an music education in Israel and eventually immigrating to the United States and settling in Long Island, New York. He is passionate about his musical journey and has produced a live show about it called, "Journey From Johannesburg", performed across the United States, from New York to California. Toby writes and produces all his own music and has a decided South African feel it. He brought four songs for us to hear and each has a great backstory you won't want to miss. Let's get right to the interview. Facebook: YouTube: (2) The Toby Tobias Ensemble - YouTube Northshore Original Open Mic: Wednesday: 8 - 10 PM EST
May 27, 2021
Joe Nelson! Joe is the talented former lead guitarist for the band, Sozo. He continues his musical presence by releasing an edgy style of rock music, often playing all the instruments you hear!
Joe Nelson, locally known as Joe Rockstar, is from the Daytona Beach, Florida, area and comes from a family of musically accomplished performers. His taste of the big-time came as the lead guitarist the very successful 90's band, Sozo. Joe brings his edgy style of playing and producing to the music he continues to release since his Sozo days. He has a fascination with Christmas music, you don't hear that very often, he reveals the WHY's of that and so much more in this episode of Local Open Mic. He brought four songs for us to enjoy along with the back story to each Facebook: Rumble:
May 20, 2021
Del Puckett! Del, originally from New Mexico, this Master 3-string Cigar Box Guitar builder has both a successful musical past and a musical family with industry props too.
Del Puckett, his motto, "6 strings is 3 strings to many", explains a lot about an amazing lead guitarist who discovered 3-string cigar box guitars! Handy with his hands, he also discovered quickly that he could take these simple boxes into beautiful instruments. His craft has put him at the top of YouTube cigar box luthiers. In addition to Del's successful lead guitarist roll and founding member of the early 2000's group, Soular, his family as achieved industry props all on their own too!  He'll discuss all of this and much more in this episode of Local Open Mic! YouTube: (4) Puckett Cigar Box Guitar - YouTube Website: PUCKETT CBG (
May 13, 2021
Rorie Kelly! Rorie's latest album release, Shadow Work, show cases her talent as an amazing singer/songwriter, reflecting on things we do in the shadows.
Today's guest is Rorie Kelly, she lives on Long Island, NY and was firmly embedded in the music scene in the Big Apple, New York City, playing several nights a week and earning a fine living doing so. She hosts a regular show on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch called "Monday Night Muses with Rorie Kelly", it streams live… you guessed it, on Monday's. Rorie has four songs to share from her up coming album release, entitled "Shadow Work", long with the very interesting back story to each. Email: Website: - rorie kelly YouTube: rorie kelly - YouTube Facebook: Twitch :
May 06, 2021
Lorraine Baron! Lorraine is an award winning hip hop artist in Germany! She doesn't consider hip hop her main focus, so you must hear how all this came to be.
Lorraine Baron. Lorraine, a bi-lingual University Professor, has been doing music for only four years now, since retiring. During her four years as an musical artist, Lorraine has already been part of a collaborative team that won a German Hip Hop award! No, not a contest, a genuine national award in Germany! She brought four songs for us to listen to along with their back stories. And hey! The story behind the hip hop award is truly next level engagement stuff, it's a must hear story! Stay with us to hear about Lorraine Baron's musical journey. Facebook: Instagram: Website:
April 29, 2021
Barry Leef! His highly recognizable vocals set Barry apart from even the youngest of current singers, his personal stories will keep you asking for more.
Barry Leef or Baz to his friends, has a long and storied career as one of Australia's most recognizable musical voices. Baz started his career in the late 60's with a couple of #1 hits on the New Zealand charts before moving to Australia and joining the progressive hard rock band, Bakery in 1972. His talents though, were never exported commercially to the world like his contemporaries. Baz was under an internationally binding contract during this time, so when Frank Zappa came calling, asking him join his band the opportunity had to be turned down. He continued his string of musical successes through the 80's with the highly regarded band, Supermarket. Leef's most recent release, entitled "Rythmized", is a solo effort with his favorite music from the 60's and the 70's. It is a fresh interpretation of music from that era, it's full of blues, soul and pop music and we get to listen to four of these tracks in this episode. Website: Home - Barry Leef Classic Rock Band Sydney Bandcamp: Music | Barry Leef (
April 22, 2021
MonaLisa Twins! One of the very best musical duos on YouTube, Mona and Lisa have garnered high praise from the likes of Donovan, The Who and Toto for their engaging style on stage.
Mona and Lisa form the band, MonaLisa Twins, a musical duo, residing in Liverpool, England, that take their love of all things Beatles to the stage and YouTube by performing songs that commanded their attention as young girls, growing up in Austria. Coming from a family that was embedded in the European music scene for decades, by way of a successful recording studio, they had a chance to see and learn music at a young age from observing many world class performers that came through the studio. Their engaging and accurate Beatles productions landed them a Cavern Club residency that lasted for some three years, finally ending with their 100th show at the Club, in 2018. We will hear all the stories that brought them to the prominence they now enjoy as one of the very best musical duos on YouTube! They brought some of their original music for us today, along with the back stories for each. By the end of this episode you will feel as if you know Mona and Lisa. Stay with us as we have a conversation with MonaLisa Twins! Website: MonaLisa Twins Homepage - MonaLisa Twins ( Facebook:
April 15, 2021
Corey Pryor! From Newsboys keyboardist to DJ and music production, Corey has stayed the course with his faith and his music
Corey Pryor, famously known as an early member of Newsboys, makes his home in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Professionally, he is a highly regarded and award winning DJ, producer and song writer and was a driving force in some early #1 hit songs the Newboys released. He'll take about all that and more. You can still hear that classic style in Corey's current music today. We'll play a few of his song during this episode Local Open Mic, so be sure to stay with us for the ride! Email: Instagram: CoreyPryorMusic Instagram: TenetMusic
April 08, 2021
Lewin Barringer! He is likely the master of all things musical with great stories from his journey to tell!
Lewin Barringer is the musician you want to be, he is accomplished playing many instruments, he produces and mixes professionally with great success, especially in the Philadelphia area, where he was born and raised. In addition to all of that, as if that is not enough, his YouTube channel, GarageBand and Beyond, is the longest running home recording channel on YouTube! Before folks knew what YouTube could do for them, he was already a YouTube trailblazer! We talk about that along with many other details of his musical journey. We play four songs from his Music Monday feature, where he writes and produces the complete song and then publishes it all on Monday! Stay with us to the end and you can hear a bonus track from Lewin to close out the show. Facebook: Facebook: Instagram: The gear Lewin uses: Martin HD-28: Taylor GS Mini-e 3/4 Size: Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size: Digitech Whammy 5: Line 6 DL4: Boss DD-3: Xotic Effects BB Preamp 1.5v: Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah: Fulltone Custom Shop WahFull Stompbox Wah: Roland Space Echo RE-20:
February 11, 2021
Megan Barker! With successes like "Jammin' In Jammies", a regular live event in Nashville that she hosts, to streaming success on Spotify, this Tennessee native has taken control of her career.
In Episode #12 of Local Open Mic we chat with Megan Barker, she is a singer/songwriter and host of a popular live event in Nashville on Sunday nights called "Jammin' In Jammies", three years running now. Jammin' In Jammies is THE place to go to showcase your talents as a song writer. Many locals find song co-writing partners while attending.  Megan started performing at an early age in Las Vegas as a professional paid busker! Yes, you heard that right, a professional busker! In time she moved to Nashville, where she had some breakout songs on Spotify, leading to a global following for her own country music and you'll hear three songs today that are sure to make you a life long fan. So stay with us to hear about Megan's musical journey. On Spotify search for Megan Barker and Jammin in Jammies
February 04, 2021
David Shanhun! This full time New Zealand musician started from humble beginnings as a busking loop artist, climbing all the way to a #1 song on iTunes in 2020!
In Episode #11 of Local Open Mic, we interview David Shanhun.  David is a musician from Auckland, New Zealand. A place where the locals say you can't be a full time musician in New Zealand and yet he's been doing it for nearly 11 years now. How does that work exactly? He even has the streaming cred to prove it with a #1 iTunes song from July 2020. David Shanhun cut his teeth as a busker and loop artist and has been known to release full MTV style videos in support of his amazing original music. His live performances continue to draw fans all across New Zealand where ever he plays. In this Episode of Local Open Mic, we get to know him! Email: Facebook:  @davidshanhun Instagram: @davidshanhun (51) David Shanhun - YouTube The following are links to the gear mentioned in the podcast that David Shanhun uses: AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Amp: Akai MPX8 Sample Pad: Boss OC-3 Octave Pedal: PSR Paul Reed Smith SE A55E Guitar: Boss RC-300: VoiceLive 3 Extreme:
January 28, 2021
Rae Leigh from Gold Coast! Overcoming fear of performing, she is an in-demand local singer and podcaster, showing all the positive signs of success.
In Episode #10 of Local Open Mic we talk with Australian native, Rae Leigh.  Rae is a singer/songwriter from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. She seems to conquer just about anything she turns her attention too. Coming from a rich gospel background, you can hear the honest lyrical stylings that make her music a stand out in a sea of quality music being produced 'down under'. In addition to her music interests, she is the host of an amazing podcast that we'll talk about. It recently trended on iTunes in New Zealand, coming in at #3! She brought three of her current releases for us to hear, along with the backstory to each. So be sure to stay with us for this episode because you'll feel as though you know Rae Leigh by the time we are done! Her social media locations Facebook: Instagram:  Rae Leigh (@raeleighaus) • Instagram photos and videos Spotify:  @raeleigh Website: Rae Leigh - Singer & Songwriter ( Some of the gear Rae Leigh uses and mentioned in the podcast: Fender Redondo Player – California Series Acoustic Guitar - Belmont Blue Finish: Musical Instruments BOSS KTN-50-2 Katana-50 MkII-50-watt 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp (KTN-50-MK2)
January 21, 2021
Taryn Laronge, a talented singer/songwriter with an amazing heart for writing songs that convey empathy, understanding and healing
In Episode #9 of Local Open Mic, we talk to Taryn Laronge.  A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, she started her 'artsy' life as a promising dancer and stage performer, garnering a scholarship to an exclusive dance school.  On the way to beginning her advanced training she was met with a life changing automobile accident.  As she was recovering, she spent time sitting at a piano, playing what her heart was telling her to play.  Even as her dream of being a dancer was fading, her piano playing opened up to writing songs and finally recording  Little Doorways.   Her journey is inspiring, her songs are amazing, you'll want to find her music and make it part of your personal collection. Be sure to follow Taryn on Facebook at Her professional website is She can be contacted at
January 14, 2021
Bill O'Hanlon Part 2. We continue to talk about Bill and his song writing experiences
In Episode #8 of Local Open Mic, we continue our interview with Bill O'Hanlon. We deep dive into the co-writing process of song writing and visit some more fascinating stories he has to share about the business and his experience with it.  Remember, Bill can be contacted at and on Facebook(@bill.ohanlon).
January 07, 2021
Bill O'Hanlon! The very definition of self reinvention, Bill is successful at whatever he is passionate about and his current passion is song writing.
In Episode #7 of Local Open Mic, we interview Bill O'Hanlon. Bill is the very definition of self reinvention. He would described himself as a restless soul and always wants to be doing something he is passionate about. His current passion is song writing, specifically, country music. You'll hear, in his own words, about his journey to this point in his life and get to hear some of his recently produced songs.  In addition to song writing, Bill is a highly regarded Psychotherapist, an author of more than 30 books, a guest on the Oprah show and an in-demand speaker and coach. Bill can be contacted at and on Facebook(@bill.ohanlon)  Songwriter, Psychotherapist, author of 30+ books, Oprah guest, speaker, coach.
December 31, 2020
Lucy LeBlanc! We interview this gifted songwriter about her career and recognition in Nashville circles as a co-writer that is never short of lyrical inspiration!
In Episode #6 of Local Open Mic, we interview Lucy LeBlanc.  This Canadian from British Columbia is an in-demand co-writer of country music, coordinating song writing sessions with talented song writers from around the world.  She's been recognized in a feature article in American Song Writer magazine beside the likes of song writing legends Dan Fogelberg, Jimmy Web and David Crosby.  Lucy is an unassuming, gentle woman who has managed to co-write some 1200 songs in the past nine years.  Hear, in her own words, about the world of co-writing songs and the impact it has had on her life.
December 06, 2020
Paul DeMarco, Part 2 of our interview with this amazing musical force from North Wales
In Episode #5 of Local Open Mic we continue where we left off with Paul DeMarco, the original tune we played from Part 1 gives you a taste of the two additional songs you will hear in Part 2. After listening to the remaining part of our interview with Paul you will be hooked as a life long fan. Find him at, Facebook(@pauldemarcomusic) and on Instagram (@pauldemarcomusic).
October 30, 2020
Paul DeMarco, multi-talented singer/songwriter and producer with edgy rock vocals to match
In Episode #4 of Local Open Mic we talk to Paul DeMarco, a prolific song writer, singer and producer. Paul maintains a busy schedule, hosting song writing sessions with fans that follow him on Facebook(@pauldemarcomusic), producing songs for his clients, releasing his own material on Spotify a regular basis and even placing songs for cable and TV productions in the Sync world.  His edgy rock vocals backed by amazing guitar skills and his ear for classic music production make him one of the premier artists and producers in North Wales! Paul has an EP scheduled for release at the end of November 2020, we'll talk about that too.  You can find Paul at and on Instagram (@pauldemarcomusic).
October 30, 2020
Christy Vanden and her Unexpected Road! Christy is an uncommonly gifted guitarist, stage performer and singer/songwriter whose reach spans international borders.
In Episode #3 of Local Open Mic, we interview Christy Vanden.  The very definition of "a breath of fresh air" on the music scene, nothing about Vanden is standard or business as usual.  She wants you to hear her music and relax in the message of embracing unexpected roads.  Each song is about her journey of surprise, exploration and experiences that have shaped her and make her songs a gift to you.  She can be found on Facebook (ChristyVandenMusic), Instagram (@christyvandenmusic), Twitter (Christy_Vanden) and YouTube (#ChristyVanden).  Become her fan today!
October 21, 2020
District 13 in the HOUSE! We interview a rising dubstep artist in the Phoenix market.
In Episode #2 of Local Open Mic, we interview a rising star in the Phoenix dubstep space.   Chris, known professionally as District 13, has become a 'must have' DJ for local clubs and area festivals in Arizona and has shared the stage with internationally known DJs from Europe to Australia.  He'll spill the details about how this DJs are and where they are from.  District 13 has an amazing background that includes some success in films, with one project being highly acclaimed at the Sundance Film Festival a few years go.  Queue up the podcast, by the end you will be a fan!
June 17, 2020
Dublin's BIG STAGE, we Interview Sean of Dublin City Today, at the heart for this remarkable transformation
Dublin City Today, DCT is firmly established as the largest YouTube channel to feature buskers.  It's rise from obscurity to it's lofty place in the world of busking has been nothing short of amazing.  We talk with Sean, the founder of DCT at length about his some of his background to include TV and HBO appearances on The Tudors, his 17 years in theatre and the early days of how this premier, all busker channel found it's way it's huge global following.  Dublin is suddenly the 'big stage' for buskers to get noticed.  If you are a musician with aspirations to sing your way into a following, this is a must listen to podcast.
June 08, 2020
Local Open Mic: The Podcast Trailer
This is the trailer for our podcast, Local Open Mic.  We'll be doing interviews, news commentary, current events and LIVE STREAMS with a listener call-in number.  Local Open Mic started out in 2012 in support of musicians, now 8 years later we will continue that support through interviews with global reach that help you get to know these new, great talents!  In the tradition of radio talk shows that always included their 'open mic' call-in time,  Local Open Mic will open the stage so you can join the conversation when we LIVE STREAM on Facebook and Youtube.
May 28, 2020