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World 8th with Evening raiding - Inteview with Aversion

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By Brin Žvan
A World of Warcraft talk show about raiding and the people who raid.
On a (bi)weekly basis I'll be interviewing players from the top guilds in the raiding scene to talk about everything from progression to farm.

When the world first race appears you can expect us to cover it on a day to day basis to bring it one headphone closer to your ears.
Pre Raid Race Show with Moofz & FinalBossTV.
Moofz and Adam from FinalBossTV joined me to talk about the upcoming raid race!
July 10, 2019
Method Cayna on Eternal Palace & Essences
Sitting down with Cayna to talk about the upcoming race, the competition they will have essences.   00:45 - Pieces & Limit as competing guilds 02:10 - How many alts is Method going for? 03:54 - Doing viewer residuum runs 6:07 - “Clever use” of mail mechanics & island farming 8:00 - Clever use or exploits? 10:33 - Upkeeping a competitive integrity with viewer runs 11:45 - What was the biggest shortcoming of Method in Crucible  14:24 - Raid races, blizzard support and raiding while streaming 20:42 - Asian guilds in world first races 23:34 - Top 5 guilds predictions for Palace 24:24 - Selling out : )  24:45 - Eternal Palace Raid testing and initial thoughts 26:08 - “1 boss” raids or difficult end bosses and trivial non-end bosses 27:22 - Azshara & bugged raid bosses 28:36 - Amount of guilds killing a mythic end boss 29:51 - Bug reporting on PTR & identifying “clever mechanics” 31:28 - Uu’nat bugs and it’s difficutly 34:04 - Affixed loot 36:17 - Essences and the balancing shitshow 38:54 - PvP essences in PvE 40:08 - Class stacking and what we get in 8.2 43:06 - Grinding AP/Islands and raiding
July 2, 2019
World 8th with Evening raiding - Inteview with Aversion
I sat down with Aversion to talk about their world 8th finish with raiding hours that leave plenty of time to do other things, for a top 10 guild at least. 0:13 Who are you? 02:01 How was Aversion formed? 04:14 Are you satisfied with your pefomrance in CoS? 7:41 Other guilds of their level not raiding CoS 9:42 Who do you conisder competition? 11:18 Is Uu'nat a good boss? 16:35 Class stacking and your thoughts on it  -> 20:28 Hard bosses with stacking, easy bosses with no stacking? 24:11 Streaming as a guild 27:31 Does Method stremaing benefit you? 32:09 Would you day raid? 37:50 Thoguths on the Uu'nat nerfs? 42:00 Raids where gear does not reset 44:00 Why did you switch realms? 46:44 Recruitment as a german only guild 49:03 Goals for the future 49:40 Shoutouts
May 17, 2019
An Interview with <Pieces> ThinkTwice - World First Crucible
Tonight I sat down with ThinkTwice from the Pieces, a new name among the world first guilds. Timestamps will be added in the near future. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjq_1BAYZEehzKizixtzXOA Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Lockout
May 6, 2019
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