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The Locumstory Podcast

The Locumstory Podcast

By Locumstory
At Locumstory we share the stories of locums. What's a locum? Locum tenens are physicians, PAs, and NPs that work temporary jobs around the country and the world. These unique healthcare providers choose to work this way for a variety of reasons, from flexibility and work-life balance, to making extra money and traveling. Each has a unique story to share. Learn more at
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From residency to the open road, locums as a first job - Dr. Trevor Cabrera

The Locumstory Podcast

From residency to the open road, locums as a first job - Dr. Trevor Cabrera
When Dr. Trevor Cabrera finished residency he wasn't ready to just settle down in the first job that came along, he wanted something more. His more, ended up being locum tenens and the ability it gave him to experience being a pediatrician in a variety of places. It also allowed him to pay his student loans back at an astronomical rate. Tune in to learn how and why he calls himself the Nomadic Pediatrician.
September 01, 2022
Working with a locums agency versus direct contracting - Dr. Rip Patel
Locumstory contributor and emergency medicine locums Dr. Rip Patel shares when he thinks it's best to work with an agency and when direct contracting is the better choice. Dr. Rip Patel is a long-time locum tenens doc and Locumstory partner, read more of his thoughts on the Locumstory blog. 
July 27, 2022
Finding a better way for a two-physician family to manage work, kids, and life - Dr. Nii Darko
Locum tenens is a family affair for Dr. Nii Darko and his physician wife. We talk about how he balances a two-physician household with two young kids and what motivated him to start the Docs Outside the Box podcast. Learn more about Dr. Darko at
July 27, 2022
Teaching nurse practitioners the ins and outs of working locum tenens - NP Ebony Thyme
A conversation with locums NP and world traveler Ebony Thyme. After fielding so many questions about what locums life was like she created her own locums boot camp for NPs. She shares what motivates her to work locums and why she wants to help others on their own locums journeys. Ebony has been featured in Forbes, Insider, the Washington Post and more. To learn more about Ebony check out her Instagram.
July 27, 2022