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Logic and the Bible

Logic and the Bible

By Father Mike
A logical and pragmatic approach to understanding the Bible, spirituality, faith, and much more. This podcast is for everyone: Christians, non-Christians, and everyone in between. There is no attempt to convert people.

If you want to learn more about faith, religion, theology and the psychology behind why people believe in what they do, you are in the right place. There is always something we can learn from each other if we take the time to listen and be rational.

I’m open to discussion and feedback so leave a voice note or send your questions to Enjoy!!
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There and Back Again
Season 2 is right around the corner. We will be discussing an amazing number of topics that are sure to peak your interest. Our guests this season are experts in their field and have graciously offered up their time to talk with us and show us a variety of different perspectives. If you haven't listened to Season 1 yet I give a brief synopsis to get you a little caught up so you aren't totally lost (but you will still have to go back and take a listen. Then I discuss the topics for Season 2. I'm excited, I hope you are excited also. Have a listen to There adn Back again to find out what is coming up next!!
June 19, 2021
It's Almost Time For Season 2
Season Two Trailer. Take a listen and find out what is in store for Season Two of Logic and the Bible. We have some great topics to cover and I look Forward to sharing with you all what we have been working on
May 4, 2021
The Bible: Good News! It's Allegory
In our Season 1 closer we talk about, you guessed it, The Big Book itself. We discuss different ways people approach the Bible, both the Hebrew and the Christian Bibles (its a two in one kinda book....well, 66-100 books but you get my point). Also, we talk about some different perceptions people have about the Bible, history, translations, problems with interpretation, the problem of: Biblical Illiteracy, poor scholarship and how they effect the church and often causes harm, and so much more...  Littera gesta docet, Quid credas allegoria, Moralis quid agas, Quo tendas anagogia. Get your free ticket (with donation) for unlimited views here
April 25, 2021
Heaven and Hell: Aware Are We Going?
In this episode we discuss the power of the human mind, how our bio-psycho-social-spiritual environment play a part in the development of our actions towards others, and how we understand concepts of Heaven and Hell. We also talk about if Heaven and Hell are real places, the theological understanding of the Heaven and Hell doctrine and its history, and how these concepts play a role in our daily life.
April 14, 2021
Perfection: Mistakes Included
Perfection: Mistakes Included, begins with a question. Did the historical person, Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth actually exist and if so, What kind of evidence is there and how reliable is it? Can we look for the person of Jesus without the trappings of divinity? You may be wondering about the title of this conversation if we are looking for a historical person. How does Perfection include mistakes? Is it actually perfect if there are mistakes? Who's perfection are we talking about? For those who are struggling with their faith or in the process of deconstructing the toxic religious systems they grew up with, is there a way to understand Easter without the need for death and atonement? These are all questions we look at in this conversation. Listen and find out if it's possible for mistakes to be included the idea of "Perfection".
April 3, 2021
Theater : Divine Self-Expression an Interview With Robby Kendall
Robby Kendall is a Psychologist and Screenwriter/Playwright/Producer. Robby brings together psychology, humor, and a bit of his own take on religion and spirituality to create the genre of Biblical Rom-Com. We dig into the mind and experience of a man who is forging a path to understanding, acceptance, and queer-positive entertainment programing with a flair for the divine. Find out what amazing LGBTQ+ projects Robby Kendall and Sweet Nothing Productions are working on now! 
March 31, 2021
From the Source's Mouth: An Existential Inquiry
Today we are talking about aspects of creation. We will look at different creation stories to learn how the Ancient Hebrews developed their spiritual and cultural identity. We will also ask and try to answer some age old questions like, why are we here? Why would God create? What is God exactly? We may not be able to answer all of those questions, but at least we will be one step closer to possibly understanding ourselves.
March 22, 2021
Biblical HERstory: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine
This conversation examines the stories of biblical women in a more positive light; deconstructing what we think we know and learning about their origins, who they were, and how they changed the course of history. To ask questions, leave comments, and give feed back feel free to leave a Voice message here at or or You can also send an email to Remember to subscribe and like so I know how Im doing and you know when new conversations are released. Thanks for joining me on the journey.
March 11, 2021
In this conversation we talk about common MythConceptions that both Christians and non-christians have about the nature of Christianity itself: we will talk about some of the differences between a few of the major Christian faith practices, God: we will talk about gender identity and change, the Bible: we will talk about if God actually wrote the Bible and what its attitude towards women is (you think you know, but I could surprise you), and lastly we are going to cover some MythConceptions about Jesus: Why is he White?  So Join me for our first conversation together, MythConceptions. Enjoy and please remember to follow, leave comments, and come back.  Edit Note: I do mention the person Lot in one of my tangents. I misspoke, I should have said Abraham. Abraham is Lot's uncle and who the angels approach. It is Lot's house where the angels stay. Same story, I just mixed the names around. I apologize. Next week are talking about Biblical HERstory. 
February 28, 2021
Logic and the Bible Trailer Ep0
I'm Inviting you to join me in an honest discussion about how and why people of faith believe what they do. We will discuss a variety of topics and cover spans of history. We will ask questions, and in true theological fashion, we will leave with more questions than we have answers for. We won't shy away from any topic concerning faith, religion, and the quest to discover true understanding. I will cover topics and present their concepts in a way that you may not have heard or thought of before and from a perspective that you probably wouldn't expect. If you would like to learn more about how we will do this, have a listen to the trailer, subscribe or follow, and stay tuned for our weekly conversations.
February 14, 2021