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LogoSophia Magazine (Audio Edition)

LogoSophia Magazine (Audio Edition)

By LogoSophia Magazine
LogoSophia Magazine is an online interdenominational Christian magazine that is published quarterly (February, May, August, November). At the start of every year, the magazine staff decides on a new theme for its content, ranging from the many virtues of life to the heavy burdens of our world. This magazine publishes a wide array of creative material that encourages interesting conversations and emotional connections between Christian believers of different denominations and cultures.
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LogoSophia Magazine Summer 2022 - Theme: Prudence
Link to the FULL Phil Lollar Interview:
August 06, 2022
Spring 2022 - The Virtue of Temperance with Charity, Meekness, and Forgiveness
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May 07, 2022
LogoSophia Magazine Winter 2022
April 26, 2022
Logosophia Magazine Fall 2021
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November 06, 2021
Logosophia Magazine Summer 2021
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August 06, 2021
Logosophia Magazine Spring 2021
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May 17, 2021
LogoSophia Magazine Winter 2021
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February 10, 2021
LogoSophia Magazine Fall 2020
Coming Soon...
November 09, 2020
LogoSophia Magazine Summer 2020
Join us as we explore liturgy and worship. Here you will learn about how different people worship and the liturgical practices of different denominations. You will find non-fiction, songs, personal stories and a new set of prayers for your prayer beads. We can’t wait to hear what you think! Table Of Contents Editor’s Note Controversy Corner - Various Authors Letter to Charles Dickens - Killarney Traynor Confessions of a Sound Booth Girl - T.K. Wilson Distracted: Memories of Mishaps at Mass - Sarah Levesque Holy Holy Holy - Reginald Heber & John B. Dykes, performed by Amy Narkis (melody), Sarah Levesque (harmony), & Lauren Brouillerte (piano) You Worship What? Dispelling Myths About Catholicism - Sarah Levesque The Rosary & The Family of God - Amanda Pizzolatto Freedom to the Captives – A Protestant Prayer Beads Prayer - Rose Therese Modern Worship Music: A Criticism - Ian Wilson Little Planets - Liz Nguyen Our Next Issue
August 06, 2020
LogoSophia Magazine Spring 2020
Join us as we explore the Church and the Means of Grace. In these pages you will learn what different people mean by “means of grace” and “sacraments”, things we all hold in common and things we disagree on. You will find non-fiction, poetry, reflections, a look at how prayer shows up in a manga series. We can’t wait to hear what you think! Table of Contents Editor's Note A (more or less) Simple Guide to the Sacraments - Ian Thomas Wilson Controversy Corner - Various Authors These Rites - Joshua David Ling Letter to Mary Higgins Clark - Killarney Traynor La Table de Sapience - J.C. Ellis Apology of an Apology - Sarah Levesque Amazing Grace - John Newton, arranged & performed by Jordan Quigley He Will Help Us, He Will Save Us - Liz Nguyen Musical Musings: Review of Declaration - Michael Milisci The Riches of Grace - Rose Therese Do This In Memory of Me - Amanda Pizzolatto Mary, Full of Grace - Sarah Levesque Next Issue
May 05, 2020
LogoSophia Magazine Winter 2020
Join us as we explore the Church as the Body of Christ, Unity & Community. In these pages you will find things we all hold in common and things we disagree on. You will find non-fiction, poetry, reflections, puzzles, book and media recommendations, and a fictionalized account of a real fight with the devil. We can’t wait to hear what you think! Table of Contents: Editor’s Note Christ Has No Body But Yours - Authorship Disputed When God Speaks - Sarah Levesque Letter to Chesterton - Killarney Traynor Catholic - Amanda Pizzolatto Incarnation in Words - Jamison N True Wisdom - Ian Wilson Suffering - Billy Beauchesne Controversy Corner - Various Authors Canticum Caritatis - Michael Hoogasian City of God (Hymn) - Samuel Johnson & R. De W. Mallary??? Strings - Rose Therese The Prayer Rope - Christopher Woods Ode to Mary - Sarah Levesque Never Alone - Amanda Pizzolatto Jesus, Unity & Community - Sarah Levesque Our Next Issue...  
February 05, 2020