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Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Plays

Lokathor's Audio Only Let's Plays

By Lokathor
Lokathor does Audio-only Let's Play content!
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[Mass Effect 2] So maybe... Bespin? If Bespin had a slightly funny hat.
Today we check our mail of course and then make our way to the dangerous hive of scum and villainy that is the Omega space station. and if you liked this then check out the Patreon.
October 21, 2021
[Mass Effect 2] But they're sending her to fight Geth... Geth... we both know they're not the real threat.
Time to dust off that space suit and get out there to save the galaxy a second time. And if you liked this, check out the Patreon.
October 15, 2021
[Paper Mario] It's The Last Day Of JRPG July
There's a bit of a walk-about to clear a little side quest deal, and then we take on Bowser's Castle. Patreon.
October 6, 2021
[Paper Mario] We've finally es-ka-pe'd!
So, true story, as I upload each episode I play it back the first few minutes just to make sure that things are alright. That's where the episode titles have all come from this season as well. Except on this episode, I mumble in the first sentence or two about Pillar of Salt. It's an OC Remix, and it damn well might be the best one. It's extremely good and if you haven't heard it before and you're a person that likes sounds then you should listen to it. Also, we do the ice mountain / frozen mansion chapter in this level I guess. Sure. Patreon.
October 4, 2021
[Paper Mario] Let's see if a whole heap of damage kills one
Looks like a whole heap of damage does, indeed. And by "one", we of course mean the baddies in Flower Fields. Patreon.
October 1, 2021
[Paper Mario] Oh, we probably want the mic where we can speak to it
Alright friends today I'm gonna tell you the story of the star spirits, or whatever. This episode is another setup sort of episode, getting ready for Flower Fields next time. By which I mostly mean that we've got to deliver a lot of mail all over the kingdom. A postman's job is never done. Patreon.
September 29, 2021
[Paper Mario] I know there's a way to activate the plot, know what I mean?
Lava Lava Island can go Lava Lava right off, if you know what I mean. Patreon.
September 27, 2021
[Paper Mario] I also thought as much about dialogs being special
Today's episode is focused mostly on collecting all the star pieces that we haven't been collecting so far. And eventually we talk to a whale. Not like a big spender, like an actual aquatic whale. Patreon.
September 24, 2021
[Paper Mario] We're trying to get the last bit of soup in before we suffocate to death
We're still on Shy Guy's Toybox, but that's okay since we're still being awesome the whole time. Patreon.
September 22, 2021
[Paper Mario] So I'm just trying to bounce back from that.
Normalization. We need Unit Vectors. And you get a Unit Vector in the Shy Guy's Toybox. Somehow. Patreon.
September 20, 2021
[Paper Mario] Do we want to fight things? or have free things?
A short little episode today where we do some side stuff to get set up for the next chapter. Patreon.
September 17, 2021
[Paper Mario] It's always BP Time.
The 2nd strongest foe in the world, and a mansion full of ghosts. Spooky stuff for sure. Also Mentioned: Improvised Star Trek and the Patreon link, as always.
September 15, 2021
[Paper Mario] The train smoke is all stars, so you know you're invincible during the train ride.
Today we go to Mt. Rugged, and then past that to Dry Dry Desert. And check out the Patreon or whatever. Bonus Notes: Satsuki Kiryuin's Theme
September 13, 2021
[Paper Mario] Did I tell you what voice I was gonna use for Kooper?
Today we meet a new pal named Kooper and then make our way to the Koopa Bros Fortress, where we'll have to rescue the first of the Star Spirits. And check out the Patreon or whatever.
September 10, 2021
[Paper Mario] Be these indoor people, I have no idea what to do for their voices.
Today on Paper Mario we manage to get all the way into Chapter 1, where we have to battle against the Koopa Bros which are definitely legally distinct from the ninja turtles. During the episode I mention Kingdom of Loathing, which is a great game you can play for free in the browser. And you can also check out the Patreon if you wanna support the show.
September 8, 2021
[Paper Mario] Think how annoying you want this voice to be, and calibrate that before you speak.
Hey everyone welcome to the first episode of a new season of the podcast: Paper Mario! This season is another one of the ones that has my brother in it too. He's basically the lead player, and I just help with all the funny voices and commentary that we do. In this episode we have repeated issues with the structural integrity of places we visit, but we eventually manage to get headed out on our quest to save the Kingdom.
September 6, 2021
[FF6] These things.... I am going to destroy!
Folks I know this is a long episode but we're going hard at one task the entire time: make it through Kefka's tower of madness and then stab him until he fades out of the world forever. That's right, we're going to Attack And Dethrone God. As you go in all good JRPGs. On the music suggestion front, we're closing it out with the final dungeon theme, Dancing Mad (Kefka's battle theme), and the ending suite song which is a medley of many of the character themes we've all come to know and love. Derek Oren, Jeremy Robson - Trauermarsch zircon, Sixto Sounds - Demon, Fiend & Goddess Shnabubula, Gabe Terracciano - Ending Suite And, as always, check out the Patreon if you like.
September 3, 2021
[FF6] A thousand years in the past, a battle was waged here...
Today there's two dungeons to do, but neither of them yields any new characters. Music: How could we pick anything but the theme of the Cultist's Tower? Argle - The Endless Stair And the Patreon too:
September 1, 2021
[FF6] Chill walkin' in the woods beats to relax and study to (1hr)
Today's episode is all walkin' in the woods, no commentary from me. As today's episode art implies, we did manage to pick up a single Economizer during all of this woods walkin'. And if that wasn't enough music for you, try this great remix of the battle theme: SnappleMan, norg, Captain Finbeard - Polemos Also check out the Patreon for more occasional goofy content like this.
August 30, 2021
[FF6] Finally... I understand that feeling... Even though I kept it buried for so long.
Two more people to pick up today. One of them is a fairly quick affair, and then one of them takes like, a whole complicated dungeon. It's like an entire whole deal. Suggested Music: Chad Seiter - Terra's Resolve Jovette Rivera - The 6th Kingdom Jeff Ball feat. Laura Intravia - Smoke and Clouds McVaffe - Reverie of the Broken Phoenix Patreon:
August 27, 2021
[FF6] Did you think I was gonna check out before you, old man!?
Today's recruitment is far more weird than the previous ones. Our music for today isn't a character theme, since we already heard the themes of Chris and Haney before. Instead, the special dungeon music from this haunted house has its own track: Flexstyle - 13th Floor Demonstration And check out the Patreon if you like.
August 25, 2021
[FF6] I'm your boss, kupo! You're gonna join us, kupo!
Gotta build up the party more! Today we're adding three cool friends to the squad, including a new World of Ruin exclusive character! Musical Tracks: Brandon Strader - Mogstradamus XPRTNovice - The Narshemellow Archangel - Umaro's New Groove bustatunez - Wild Child Ballad And the Patreon link of course:
August 23, 2021
[FF6] I am guilty of perpetuating a terrible lie...
This ep we find out Skelly's big sin in the World of Ruin, once characterized by the Nockat crew as "unforgivable". Though really, I can forgive it. This episode's musical suggestion is Radiowar - Stone Drum, a remix of Cyan's theme. And of course the Patreon Link.
August 20, 2021
[FF6] You want to live in this world as it is? No? Then do something about it!
This episode we meet up with Dan K finally, and we've gotta get our wings back so that we can save the world. Today's music suggestion is zircon - Full Speed Ahead, based on Setzer's Theme. And check out the Patreon if you want.
August 18, 2021
[FF6] I can honestly say I don't know what's going on inside of me...
Now that we're able to travel again, it's time to get a look at what's nearby and see who we can get back on the team. As for the musical suggestion this time, what better track than Nutritious - Castles in the Sand, the theme of Edgar and Sabin. And of course, check out the Patreon if you like.
August 16, 2021
[FF6] I'll see you again. Count on it!
Well Kefka has gone and really done it this time. A whole flying continent of evil at his command. We've got to stop him for sure. But, you know, first let's go pick up a side character. And then onward to stop Kefka! Today's music suggestion is Rexy, Brandon Strader - Black Genesis, the theme of the New Continent. And for no reason at all, we're also going to contemplate zircon, XPRTNovice, Jillian Aversa, Jeff Ball - A Fistful of Nickels. You can check out the Patreon too.
August 13, 2021
[FF6] The beginning of all magic...
We finally clear up that horrible "mansion on fire" situation in Thamasa, and then head through the mountains to the west, hot on the trail of those espers. This episode's music suggestion is XPRTNovice - La Montana de los Caballos Jovenes, which we first heard as the theme of Mt Koltz, but it's also used for this part of the game as well. And go sign up for the Patreon if you like this kind of stuff I guess.
August 11, 2021
[FF6] Will I ever be able to love someone?
The espers have gone berserk and burned the Imperial capitol of Vector. The Emperor is starting to see the error of his ways, but needs us to reach out and try to calm the espers down before the violence gets any worse. This episode's music suggestion is the two themes of the two characters we meet today: halc - Aggressive Blue Magic (Strago) Jose the Bronx Rican - Pure Essence (Relm) And sign up to the Patreon if you want.
August 9, 2021
[FF6] My existence is proof that such a bond CAN exist...
Jess is back with the team, but The Empire isn't going to slow down. Narshe has the cash, Figaro has the tech, but we still lack the manpower required to enact any kind of heavy assault against Imperial Forces. Well who else hates the Empire? That's right, the Espers do. Our Mission: Contact the Espers, and recruit their aid to help stop the Empire. Today's bonus Balance and Ruin music is Illusionary by Sole Signal. It's a mix of the esper cave music that we hear a whole tone of this in this episode. There's no major genre changes or anything like some mixes have, just quality work expanding the original track up past what the SNES could do. If you like, go sign up for the Patreon.
August 6, 2021
[FF6] Mii... Mii... Do, re, mi... Faa... hack, cough...
Alright amokoj, you all knew it would happen, this is the most famous part of Final Fantasy 6: The Opera. I've been doing all the voices in the game so far, and now you get to hear me do all the singing in the game too. Also, like, after the opera we go to a factory and learn about the history of espers and stuff. Sure, sure. Plot or whatever. Today's FF6 music suggestion from Balance and Ruin is not one, but two different songs! The Nightmare Oath by OA, Moonlapse, BardicKnowledge, Laura Intravia, and feat. DragonAvenger is based on just the overture portion of the opera at the beginning. The Impresario by Jake Kaufman and Tommy Pedrini is a full 70s-style rock opera track that's absolutely amazing. This isn't some of my favorite FF6 music, it's some of my favorite any music at all. Get ready for those socks to be knocked off. And of course check the Patreon if you like.
August 4, 2021
[FF6] Her very existence strikes fear into her own heart.
First we battle Kefka on the snowy mountain top, and then Jess goes to speak with that frozen esper. Things don't... go as planned. Soon the party has to find and rescue Jess from herself. dun dun dun! Just for kicks I'll start putting some bonus music links from an FF6 OCRemix album called Balance And Ruin in the show notes. Based on what happens in each episode, you know. That means that this week we've got a great track called Slam Davis by Mazedude. I think it's captures the warped feeling of Zozo very well. Oh, and you can check out the Patreon if you like.
August 2, 2021
[FF6] That Esper is either gonna save us... or dig us an early grave...
Today we've got three separate plots to work our way through, even if all roads lead to Narshe in the end. Jess, Jeff, and Banon get to Narshe, but the guards won't let them in, so they're forced to sneak in through the back tunnels. Steve sneaks in to sabotage the Empire's operations, and finds Mel in the imperial jail. Ryan washes up on a distant shore, and has to travel on quite the extended journey where we meet Kai, Skelly, and eventually even Bill. If you like this you can also sign up for the Patreon.
July 31, 2021
[FF6] If only you hadn't been in such a rush for power
We're still on our way to join up with the rest of the Returners, but to get there we have to travel all up and down the slopes of Mt Koltz. That's where we heard that Ryan was last spotted, right? Hmm, hmm. And if you liked this episode you should check out my Patreon too.
July 28, 2021
[FF6] Hard to believe an espers been found intact there...
Starting today we'll be going through Final Fantasy 6! Grab your magitek controls, and let's march off through a field of snow. And if you like me doing this kind of stuff, you can sign up for the Patreon.
July 26, 2021
[?] Out There: Ω The Alliance
Today we've got just a one-shot play of the demo for Out There: Ω The Alliance, which is sorta a rogue-lite space adventure thing, I think. I dunno this is one of those mobile games that was ported to Switch, which is always a slightly dubious sort of thing, but some of those mobile ports end up good so it doesn't hurt to try a demo.
July 22, 2021
[Bayonetta] Epilogue
Okay this is actually the end of the game. No more Bayonetta. For now. Some day we'll do Bayonetta 2 of course. I would say that I'm sorry to all of you who didn't like the Bayonetta episodes, but honestly I'm not. I love Bayonetta, it's a fun game and she's a fun character. If you like what I do you can check out the Patreon.
July 18, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter XVI: The Lumen Sage
We finally confront the mysterious asshole who's been whispering ominously to us all game. Patreon.
July 16, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter XV: A Tower to Truth
Time to scale a skyscraper! Patreon.
July 14, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter XIV: Isla Del Sol
The only way to approach the island is, naturally, on the back of one of the missiles they launched at us. Patreon.
July 14, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter XIII: The Cardinal Virtue of Prudence
Time for another boss fight interlude, but this time we're surfing! Patreon.
July 13, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter XII: The Broken Sky
In this fine episode of "sexy witch punches angels into a pile of blood", the angel punching takes place on a gigantic bomber that's taken off from the airfield where we were fighting that boss fight before. Obligatory "I am tired of these mother'trukin angels on this mother'truckin plane." Patreon.
July 12, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter XI: The Cardinal Virtue of Justice
This one is another huge boss fight that takes up the whole level. It's a cool boss fight though. Patreon.
July 10, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter X: Paradiso - A Sea of Stars
We're not out of Paradiso yet! Patreon.
July 7, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter IX: Paradiso - A Remembrance of Time
Home of the angels. I think this is the first time we get the chainsaw. Patreon.
July 3, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter VIII: Route 666
This is kinda the most boring chapter in the game, but oh well.
June 30, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter VII: The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance
Today we've got another big boss fight. This time against that mecha-angel thing. Patreon.
June 29, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter VI: The Gates of Paradise
We finally meet get to officially meet Cereza! Who I will call Cerezeta most of the time for reasons you'll "find out later" but which are also pretty obvious right now if you're paying attention at all. Patreon.
June 26, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter V: The Lost Holy Grounds
This one leans to the long end of things (for a Bayonetta chapter), but we get to see Jeanne again! Patreon.
June 25, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter IV: The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude
Coliseum battle time! Patreon.
June 22, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter III: The Burning Ground
You like fire. I know you do. Because fire is cool. But what if there was... a lot of fire? Like, just so much. Kai told me that these Bayonetta episodes are hard to follow along audio-only, which is correct. If you want to see the video versions of all this stuff you can check out the Patreon.
June 21, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter II: Vigrid, City of Déjà vu
Time to remember some people we've forgotten, and try to forget some people we unfortunately can't seem to shake. Patreon.
June 16, 2021
[Mass Effect] Mass Effect Post Game ASMR (Spoiler Free!)
Here's like an hour or so of what the post game of Mass Effect sounds like. I've crudely cut out any bits that would be a spoiler, so you can listen without worry. Patreon.
June 12, 2021
[SMT3] A Haunted Hospital scenario turns into... The End Of The World?
This is the first episode of Shin Megami Tensei 3. It's (I'm told) a game about capturing demons and using them to fight, like pokemon or whatever. However, we don't manage to get into any actual demon fights during this opening episode. The series is famous for being difficult and grindy, but we're playing on an Ultra Easy difficulty, so hopefully even once the demon fights start we should be able to keep the story moving along. If you wanna see the video version of this, or check out exclusive audio episodes, check out the Patreon.
June 9, 2021
[Halo2] Wow this game sucks more than I thought.
Moo Moo Dear Halo-ers. Are you all ready to wait in a room? I'm ready to wait in a room. Exciting Gameplay. Patreon.
June 3, 2021
[Mass Effect] Ilos
It's against the rules to steal a ship, but as long as you save the day in the end you're allowed to break any rule, right? So we better save the day. Patreon.
May 31, 2021
[Mass Effect] Vermire
May 30, 2021
[Mass Effect] Noveria
Ever wanted to take all the warm welcomes of Hoth, and then add a layer of mega-corp on top? I sure hope so, because that's what we're getting here on Noveria. Patreon.
May 25, 2021
[Mass Effect] Side Quests 1
If you want to follow the story of Mass Effect that's cool and all, but the game does sorta rely on you doing all the side quest nonsense. So we've put all the side questing into one episode, and if you don't care you can skip over this one. Patreon.
May 24, 2021
[Mass Effect] Feros
Now that we've got Liara on our side, it's time to check in on those other leads the Council had for us. First stop, Feros. A human corporate research colony that fell out of contact. We suspect it's the Geth. Patreon.
May 24, 2021
[Mass Effect] Introducing: Liara
Okay this time we die and have to load quite a number of times, but we make it through in the end. Patreon.
May 21, 2021
[Mass Effect] Time To Join The Space CIA
First we have to show that the special operative from the Space CIA is corrupt, and that he has to be stopped! Then we join the Space CIA of course. It's the only way. And if you wanna check out the video version of this, or just hear exclusive audio episodes, you can check out the Patreon.
May 19, 2021
[Pokemon Snap] I fixed the sound!
Time to take more pictures!
May 17, 2021
[Bayonetta] Chapter I: The Angel's Metropolis
We take a train to the town of Vigrid, then shoot at angels. Patreon.
May 16, 2021
[Mass Effect] I hear Eden Prime is beautiful this time of year...
Suddenly, killer robots and cyber zombies! Patreon.
May 15, 2021
[Pkmn Snap] Yeah the audio is still broken, whoops.
I fixed it in the next pokemon snap episode though!
May 14, 2021
[Halo] Everything we did before, but now it's backwards.
More of me and Brian playing Halo 1. Patreon.
May 12, 2021
[Halo] Suddenly: Zombies
Another instant-classic Halo sessions with Brian.
May 10, 2021
[Halo] Unseal The Hushed Casket
Today we start on a Halo journey with special co-host Brian.
May 9, 2021
[Pkmn Snap] Tutorial Trail
Just out snapping some photos of the pokemon in not-yellowstone park. The first route in the game isn't really called Tutorial Trail but that'd be a pretty good name for a route in a pokemon game I think. Patreon.
May 8, 2021
[Zoldor 2] Palace 4
Today we go to not one, but two different towns before heading through the palace itself.
May 7, 2021
[BotW] Master Mode Exhibition
Today we've got William showing off some great Master Mode skills. If you want to see the video version of all this fun you can join in on the Patreon.
May 6, 2021
[BotW] This Isn't A Game It's A Lifestyle
Check out Troy's Podcast which is currently on a daily streak of releases. Oh, I'm also suddenly back on a daily release schedule? Ah, haha, funny you noticed. No, no... no reason. No reason at all.
May 5, 2021
[Bayonetta] Prologue
What if 👉👈... a game was like Devil May Cry... but with a sexy witch? 🥺
May 4, 2021
[BotW] The Last Brian Of The Wild I Have Sitting Around
This is the last of the Brian Of The Wild episodes from the initial set that I recorded. Some day there may be more, but probably not for a while because Brian and I have started on another collaboration project, which hopefully you'll hear soon. Which is not to say that Breath Of The Wild is over, just that it won't be Brian Of The Wild specifically. Breath of The Wild is still a great game for easy playing and easy listening, so it's sure to come up.
May 3, 2021
[Majora's Mask] The Lost Timeline
This doesn't advance the plot, but it gives you some good backstory. Patreon.
May 2, 2021
[?] Brogue
Today we're doing Brogue as part of a colab-release with Bret and Kai! Also here's the music from today, if you wanna play that. Patreon.
April 28, 2021
[BotW] To Brian, With Love
Today is the first time trying out the ShadowCast so that I can record the Switch directly into my PC, and I think it was a smashing success. As to the actual content: it's Breath Of The Wild! That instant-classic of a game that we're all familiar with. Recently Brian (of Milkin' It fame, While You Were Talking fame, and also Book Nookie fame) wanted to know more about how to have fun in Breath of the Wild so I figured that it was a perfect game to use to try out this new ShadowCast thing. Also, since Breath of the Wild seems to be enough of "a thing" now, I'm making it Season 25 of the podcast, and moving the Brian Of The Wild episodes over into that, and now this is Season 25, Episode 3. PS: here's all those other podcasts that I mentioned during the episode that you should check out: TroytlePower Presents: The Power Play-Throughs Podcast, with TroytlePower Versian Chronicles Questing On The Road Daniel K's Audio-only Let's Plays Oh, and you can sign up for my Patreon if you want.
April 28, 2021
[BotW] More Brian Of The Wild
You can find Brian on his twitch page:
April 25, 2021
[BotW] Watching Brian Of The Wild
You can find Brian on his twitch page:
April 22, 2021
[TLOZLA] Link's Awakening DX
I just woke up from a nap and I can't think of anything good to put in the show notes.
April 21, 2021
[DnD] Oh, I'm in this scene?
Today it's a recording of some DnD 5th Edition that I played. It's the "Tyranny of Dragons" adventure, which is a mostly not good adventure, but it's printed in a nice quality book with great art, so it sells well despite being a poor adventure.
April 19, 2021
[Majora's Mask] oh wow we're not going back in time yet?
Oracle of Ages fans can get bent, this is not an Oracle of Ages podcast. We hate time travel. That's why we'd never play a Zelda game with time travel in it. no way. Patreon.
April 15, 2021
[Majora's Mask] 2nd Night, More Small Tasks
Hey it's majora again and it's a reasonable episode size again don't worry it's not always eternally long Baldur's Gate stuff!
April 11, 2021
[BGEE] Sword Cost Non-stop MegaMix: MAX Revolution ReCoded+
The other day I had nothing to do on a day off so I played a lot more Baldur's Gate EE than I thought I'd play in a single sitting. But my motto is "if you did it, they can listen to it", so here we are. If you want to see the video version of this episode, and/or if you want to hear patreon-exclusive audio episodes, check out the Patreon.
April 10, 2021
[Majora's Mask] Swamp, Mountain, Ocean, Canyon
Folks we're still just in the second time loop of this game. Patreon.
April 7, 2021
[BGEE] Nashkel? Never heard of her.
Jaheira and Khalid would sure love for us to check out the mines of Nashkel, but I'd sure love for us to wander all through the woods doing all sorts of things before entering the mines. This is a longer one, but Baludr's Gate is really that good. And if you want to see the video version, or get access to plenty of bonus audio episodes, check out the Patreon.
April 5, 2021
[?] Star Wars Republic Commando
In the end this game was a lot less exciting than Star Wars.
April 5, 2021
[Majora's Mask] Southern Swamp Temple
The audio is kinda messed up for the first few minutes on this one but stick with it because things even out.
April 2, 2021
[?] Void Pyramid
This was a bizarre stumbling through a dystopian Space Egypt future.
March 28, 2021
[BGEE] High Adventure on The Sword Coast!
Nestled atop the cliffs that rise from the Sword Coast, the citadel of Candlekeep houses the finest and most comprehensive collection of writings on the face of Faerûn. It is an imposing fortress, kept in strict isolation from the intrigues that occasionally plague the rest of the Forgotten Realms. It is secluded, highly regimented, and it is home. Patreon.
March 26, 2021
[Majora's Mask] You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
Once More Unto The 3 Day Cycle (Patreon)
March 25, 2021
[Zoldor 2] Palace 3
Ever had to break into a graveyard to get to a forbidden island? Me? No, I've never. Never would do that. Just wondering for a friend. And if you want to hear about my other Zelda adventures in Breath Of The Wild you can sign up for the Patreon.
March 22, 2021
[?] Into The Breach
A squad of time traveling mech pilots fight giant bugs in a game where you have perfect knowledge of the enemy's next turn actions, making the whole thing into more like a puzzle like anything else. And if you liked this episode, you can sign up for the Patreon.
March 16, 2021
[?] Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
Time to dive into a great crossover between Link's Awakening and Wind Waker!
March 15, 2021
[OCRemix] Chrono Trigger - Chrono Symphonic: Shadow/Ice
Part 2, of 2, of our Chrono Symphonic journey.
March 11, 2021
[OCRemix] Chrono Trigger - Chrono Symphonic: Fire/Light
Today is the next step in our OCRemix journey: Chrono Trigger!
March 8, 2021
[Pikmin2] The Subterranean Complex
Today we go back to the winter-land and delve into the (very deep) Subterranean Complex. Bombs everywhere! If you liked the cast, you can sign up on Patreon and get access to a whole second feed-worth of episodes!
March 7, 2021
[FF9] Crashing in a Spooky Forest
More Final Fantasy 9! And this time my brother says some stuff from the background. If you sign up for the Patreon you can see the very beautiful video version of this episode.
March 2, 2021
[OCRemix] Kirby's Adventure - Rise Of The Star
Today on the cast we're listening to an album from some of the folks over at This one is from Kirby's Adventure, it's called Rise Of The Star. This was listed as the earliest in their torrent tracker, though the dates on the tracker are definitely off from the actual release date of each album. I think they're just the dates of when each torrent was added to the tracker. Anyway, it's Kirby remix music, and I say a little bit between each track, and I hope you enjoy it. Other Casts I Also Mentioned: Skeleton House Podcast XVGM Radio Singing Mountain
February 27, 2021
[OOT] The Battle With Ganon
oot-8x14-end-final-again-final2.mp3 That's a wrap folks. No more Ocarina Of Time. Fun fact: when we were kids my brother and I kept reading the word as "O-kar-na", and our mom didn't let us buy the game until we learned how to say "O-ka-ri-na" properly. Patreon.
February 26, 2021
[Reading] Mass Effect: Revelation
Let's go to the gas station, and read a sci-fi book while we do it!
February 23, 2021
[OOT] Ganon's Castle
Time to use a rainbow bridge, and then shut off some laser beams. Patreon.
February 21, 2021
[2021-02-17] Let's Watch Nintendo Direct
February 18, 2021
[Pikmin 2] A disaster of sounds, a soundless disaster, and then a soundful disaster.
ANNOUNCEMENT This is the last day we'll be doing the podcast every single day. It's the 151st episode, and it's time to take at least a small break. As to this episode itself: First we crunch through some snow to the gas station, then I play some pikmin 2 with OBS not recording the game sound, then I realize the problem and fix the game sound and play some more pikmin 2 with the game sounds on. The Promised Links: Aidan's Twitter Thread Downed Tree Branch Spare Branch Parts Knowledge Fight Podcast
February 15, 2021
[OOT] Spirit Temple Complete
We've finally got all the medallions, so we're nearly done with OOT. And I think I said I'd put this link in the show notes: Ocarina of Time | Gerudo Valley [Arrangement] (by Pontus Hultgren Music)
February 15, 2021
[DQB2] Finally The Harvest Festival!
We finally get to do that harvest festival and it's pretty cool. And if you think this episode was cool you can subscribe to the Patreon.
February 14, 2021
[?] Aventuro de Soniko 2: Batalo (Malhela Rakonto)
This episode is for Bill. Others can like it too, but I'm not sure anyone else will like it as much. Patreon.
February 13, 2021
[?] Esperanto and then Rust Programming
Today I just had to start a new project in Rust and so I've dragged you along for the ride.
February 12, 2021
[OOT] The Thieves' Hideout
Today we can't tackle a temple, we gotta do a whole mini-dungeon before we can even get to the temple!
February 11, 2021
[FF9] I Want to Be Your Canary
On today's episode, a band of ne'er-do-wells are out to kidnap a princess by pretending to be a theater troupe. Also, a true woobie of a character, Vivi, is trying to watch the evening's theater event with a rat boy. Can the captain of the Knights of Pluto, Steiner, find the princess before the theater troupe make off with her!? Also, of course, esperanto practice. Patreon.
February 10, 2021
[?] A Pizza In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
Today in the Discord, our good friend Skelly was posting pictures of very cute rats eating very cute rat sized pizzas. Then I wanted a pizza. But there was no pizza in the house. So it became a podcast adventure! Patreon.
February 8, 2021
[Zoldor2] The Adventure of Abe Lincoln
Today my brother and I did our "Palace 2" play of The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure Of Link. Patreon.
February 8, 2021
[Pikmin 2] Meet The Blue Pikmin (Two)
Blue pikmin arrive on the team. Also we're back on the Esperanto train! Patreon.
February 7, 2021
[AR2] Intro To Atelier Ryza 2
So let's just get this out in the open folks. Apparently the word is French and so you don't say it "At-el-i-er", you say it "At'tl-ye". According to Google. Any way, today we're being an anime girl starting out on an alchemy adventure. And subscribe to the Patreon if you like the show.
February 5, 2021
[Battletech] To The Moon!!1! 🚀🚀🚀 (this is not financial advice)
Alright it's time to do the Main Plot I guess. Ne esperanto hodiaŭ, sed ni havas skeletojn.
February 4, 2021
[Battletech] Nearly Out Of Cash
We nearly run our cash down to zero, so we have to do a few missions with max cash and minimal scrap picks. No Eperanto today! I got lazy. Also the episode is long enough as is.
February 4, 2021
[Battletech] Lokathor Gets Mauled
Sometimes, standing still in the middle of the battlefield is a bad plan.
February 3, 2021
[Battletech] More Mercenary Work
Today is more Battletech, and a make-up for yesterday's shortened Esperanto session.
February 1, 2021
[Battletech] Mercenary Work: The Betrayal Continues!
Timeskip to 3 years later, and then time so start making some cash.
January 31, 2021
[Battletech] Our First Fight
Today we get into our first fight, aka: CURSE YOUR SUDDEN BUT INEVITABLE BETRAYAL!! Patreon.
January 30, 2021
[Battletech] Backstory and Tutorials, in outer space!
Today we're finding out our own backstory, how it is that we came to be the pilot of a 40 Ton metal death machine. Then we have to have a little bit of practice before we can escort our princess to her coronation. Obligatory Toonami AMV: Space Is The Place (Also Esperanto, of course.) And if you like the cast, check out the Patreon.
January 29, 2021
[OOT] Shadow Temple 2
Part 2 of the Shaaaaadow Temple. Also Esperanto practice.
January 29, 2021
[OOT] Shadow Temple 1
Part 1 of the Shadow Temple with the brother. Also, Esperanto
January 27, 2021
[Witcher 2] Tutorials and Seiges
I was driven to do a little bit of The Witcher 2. I don't know if I'll do this again any time soon, but I do really like this game, so we'll probably see more of Geralt some day. Also at the end we do some Esperanto at the end. I'll try to put some Esperanto at the end of every episode until we've got it all learned. It's at the end, so if you wanna turn off the episode early that's up to you. Patreon: Twitter:
January 26, 2021
[?] The Brother Plays Zelda 2
Remember how I played Zelda 2 a little bit ago? My brother wanted in on the same project, so this is his "start of the game" portion. And because you should practice your language learning every day, there's Esperanto practice in the second half!
January 25, 2021
[Duolingo] Saluton, amikoj!
Time to learn a much better sounding language than that nasty Klingon stuff.
January 24, 2021
[?] Territory Idle
This is a free to play game on steam. I feel like I got what I paid for.
January 24, 2021
[Duolingo] nuqneH?
The votes came in (some of them not fully locked!), and so here we have an episode about Klingon. Videos: Marc Okrand on Klingon The Klingon Teacher Closing Song: YIjah, Qey' 'oH cover by ollierollie  If you liked all this, consider checking out the Pateon.
January 22, 2021
[PST] We finally meet Pharod!
We finally meet Pharod, but before he'll tell us much of anything we have to do a fetch quest for him. Patreon.
January 21, 2021
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Mahogany Gym
Gotta battle through the Ice Gym (that's not really full of any ice pokemon). Patreon.
January 20, 2021
[PST] Ratpicker's Square
Here in ratpicker's square we meet people who are even poorer and down on their luck than everyone else we've met so far. Patreon.
January 19, 2021
[OOT] Water Temple Part 2: Hydraulic Boogaloo
The brother and I continue the travels through the ever-so-famous water temple. Patreon.
January 18, 2021
[PST] Violence Without Anger
We finally get to spend some of those weapon proficiency points. Patreon.
January 17, 2021
[OOT] Water Temple Vibes
It's just the little things, like a Royale with Cheese. Patreon.
January 16, 2021
[PST] The Western Hive
Instead of doing stuff in the eastern portions of the Hive, let's go out west today. Also, check out the Patreon if you like.
January 15, 2021
[?] Halo + Minecraft Voice Chat
What if your friends all got together on Discord to play Minecraft, but you just... didn't want to play Minecraft? Well, you could play another game instead probably, and Halo makes such satisfying sounds. So this episode is me playing Halo while chatting with friends on Discord. If you like this sort of weird stuff, you can sign up for the Patreon.
January 14, 2021
[PST] Let's meet Fell
Time to do more stuff for the folks in the Hive, and most importantly we meet Fell. He's got some enigmatic info for us. If you like the episode, check out the Patreon.
January 13, 2021
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Mahogany Rocket Hideout
Underneath Mahogany Town there's some sort of secret hideout run by Team Rocket. We gotta get in there and put a stop to whatever their horrible plan is. If you like the cast, check out the Patreon.
January 12, 2021
[PST] Angyar and The Dustmen
We've got a fresh save file, and we've gotta help poor Angyar out. Also we've gotta chat with some Dustmen about maybe joining their faction. This session was long, so I just cut it into two parts at a good point. It seems to work out well to do that, so I might keep doing that in the future. If you like the episode, check out the Patreon.
January 11, 2021
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Lake of Rage
Gotta go to the Lake of Rage and fight the Red Gyrados! Except it's randomized, so we fight something else instead. What do we end up fighting? Listen to the episode and find out! If you liked this and wanna support the case, check out the Patreon.
January 10, 2021
[PST] The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon
Now that we're a mage, time to read a religious text book about the history of Dak'kon's people. If you like the cast, check out the Patreon.
January 9, 2021
[Pikmin 2] Meeting The Yellow Pikmin
This time in Pikmin 2 we've gotta try and make up for the disaster of last episode. If you wanna see the video version of this episode, check out the Patreon.
January 8, 2021
[PST] Special laundry for a special midwife
Today we're setting out on a side path compared to the quests we were on before. I'm not sure I'll play 100% of the game on the cast, so I'm bumping some of my favorite content earlier, because we can fairly easily access it at this part in the game with just a hair of save game editing. However, before we can do any of that, we have to get some laundry for a nice old lady. Also, this session ran quite long, so I ended up chopping it into two episodes. If you wanna see the video version, check out the Patreon.
January 7, 2021
[Pikmin 2] Bashing down Poison Gates
Today we kick down some gates to get at those wonderful treasures, and one of them unlocks the route to the next region! Check it out on Patreon if you wanna support the cast.
January 6, 2021
[PST] Odd jobs for the Dustmen
Today we're doing some odd jobs for the Dustmen (and other Hivers). Also check out the Patreon.
January 5, 2021
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Beat down at Olivine Gym
Time for that amazing Olivine Gym match that you've all been waiting for. Check out the Patreon if you like.
January 4, 2021
[PST] Meeting Dak'kon
Today we use a little meta-game knowledge to go find Dak'kon sooner than normal, and then we start running errands for the prestigious denizens of The Hive. If you wanna support the show, check out the Patreon.
January 3, 2021
[Pikmin 2] Cave crawling for more pikmin.
Today we explore a bit only to discover that we need a lot more Purple pikmin. It's into the caves for us! If you wanna see the video version, check out the Patreon.
January 2, 2021
[PST] Waking Up In A Mortuary.... Again?
What's it mean when you wake up on a slab, covered in scars, and a floating skull is talking to you? It means you're playing Planescape: Torment of course! This 1999 sleeper hit is one of the "Infinity Engine" games. A game engine for 2e ADnD computer games. You've probably heard of Baldur's Gate? Well this ran in the same engine as that did. During 2021 I hope to tackle quite a bit of the IE games. They're all long though, so I don't think we can do them all by the end of the year. If you wanna see the video version of this episode, check out the Patreon.
January 1, 2021
[?] Chess Destroyer
Today we're trying out Chess Destroyer, which is on Steam.
December 31, 2020
[?] Wizard Hunter 2348
Today we're playing a super cool top-down shooter called Wizard Hunter 2348! Disclaimer: I know the author of this game. Disclaimer: This game is awesome. And if you wanna see the video version of what happened in this episode, you should check out the Patreon.
December 30, 2020
[?] Frog Fractions: Game Of The Decade Edition
I hope you're ready to learn about frogs, and some about fractions. And on Patreon you can see the video version!
December 29, 2020
[Zoldor2] The Legend of Zoldor 2: The Adventure of Lonk
For a group project that Bill wanted to do, we're gonna do Zelda 2 today. But I'm going to call it Zoldor 2, since the default game of Zelda 2 is kinda way hard, and I've put a bunch of patches in to improve the experience, including to make it a lot easier. If you wanna see the nifty modded graphics, check out the video version of this on Patreon.
December 28, 2020
[Pikmin 2] Into the depths of the planet.
Time to check out the exciting new realms of Pikmin 2: the underground caves! If you wanna see the videos or get the bonus episodes, check out the Patreon.
December 27, 2020
[?] Pair Reviews
Based on an amazing episode that Troy did, my brother did some reviews of board games played this year (and some video games too), and then (to ensure fairness) I assigned the review scores to each game based on the brother's review.
December 26, 2020
[Pikmin 2] We're all out of money!
That's right friends, it's time to play Pikmin 2. What do you do when you get back from a life-threatening journey and your job is all out of cash? You best darn get right back into the danger and start making cash for your boss. Olimar goes back to Earth and now we're hunting for treasures to pay off a loan. If you wanna see the video version of this exciting and cute quest, subscribe to the Patreon.
December 25, 2020
[?] FTL: Faster Than Milk (3/3)
The thrilling conclusion to the Faster Than Milk saga!
December 24, 2020
[?] FTL: Faster Than Milk (2/3)
A continuation to yesterday's episode! on a hilarious note: this is episode 20 of season 4.
December 23, 2020
[?] FTL: Faster Than Milk (1/3)
Hey everyone today we're playing FTL: Faster Than Light. I got the idea because Dan and Brian from the Milkin' It cast did the game on their youtube. The play ran long, so we're splitting it out over the next three days. If you want to see the video footage of the play, check out the Patreon.
December 23, 2020
[?] Stardew Valley
Ever wanted to get away from that Joja Corp (R)(TM) life and get back to nature? Well, now that your grandfather has died, you can live on the edge of a remote town and farm to your heart's content! If you wanna see the video version of this cast, be sure to subscribe to the Patreon.
December 21, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Lighthouse and Cianwood Gym
We make our way to the top of the lighthouse, only to be told that we have to go fill out a prescription. When we get to the next town and get the medicine, it turns out it'll be "faster" (in the plot sense) to beat the local gym and then fly back than to surf back the way we came. Various Calls To Action: Patreon Audio-Only Discord Twitch Twitter
December 21, 2020
[DQB2] Finally we plant those seeds!
Remember how we need to plant 250 plants, and at least 5 different types? Finally we get there today.
December 20, 2020
[Slice of Life] Evangelion with Mewtattoo
Today we're gonna watch some more Netflix and do some more chilling. The show of choice is Neon Genesis Evangelion, or just Evangelion or Eva for short. It's a show about depression and giant robots that fight giant monsters. Also, this is episode 5, so if you care about absolute story continuity you should watch episodes 1 - 4 of the series before this. But you don't have to, you can just listen to this.
December 19, 2020
[Slice of Life] Insulating the outer garage wall
Today on the cast, my brother and I are out working in the garage. This is from December 3rd. Since the last garage episode, most all of the first pass of junk removal has been completed. Now the area near the wall on the outer side is all clear, and we're putting R-13 insulation in between the wall studs. Because the house is older than modern standards the studs are all unevenly spaced, and there's a lot of us needing to cut the batts from their default size down to the size for each wall segment. As I said, this was recorded a little while ago, and we've since completed the full wall. There's some pics of it on Instagram, if you wanna see. Also, you can all thank Brett from the Skeleton House Podcast for encouraging me to put out this recording as soon as possible.
December 18, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] On our way to Olivine City
Today we head to Olivine City with special guest Annie (XXLDragon7 on the Lokathor Discord). While we're chatting the subject of some great pixel art by Dewndeym came up, and also a cool gif by ckelsallpxls, both part of the general #JohtoRedrawn project that's been happening the past little while. If you wanna see the video version of what happened today be sure to check out the Patreon.
December 17, 2020
[Slice of Life] Garage Cleaning (Nov 30)
More time sorting out old items in the garage while it's mostly cold and dark. This is the last of the garage cleaning backlog, but fear not because there will be more garage work out on the feed soon enough.
December 15, 2020
[?] A Monster's Expedition
Today we play a puzzle game that's probably not hard for people that do puzzle games, but I'm not those people. If you are those people and you'd like to play through more of the game than I got through today, contact me (eg, on Twitter) and we might be able to set something up.
December 14, 2020
[DQB2] New types of seeds!
Today we find some Tomato and Pumpkin seeds, and also do some voice impressions. To see the video version of this, check out the Patreon.
December 14, 2020
[?] Team Fortress 2: Red vs Blue, Smissmas
Today we're gonna meet the team and have ourselves a merry little Smissmas. If you wanna see the video version of what went on, check out the Patreon.
December 13, 2020
[Slice of Life] Raiders of The Lost Garage
This recording is from back on November 28th when the garage was a lot less clean than it is by now. However, I didn't hook my phone to my PC to get the recordings off of it until just this week.
December 12, 2020
[DQB2] Cookin' up some food.
Building up a Dragon Quest. With... well.. with Night Soil. You'll find out what that is. If you wanna see the video version of this and/or access backer-exclusive episodes, check out the Patreon.
December 11, 2020
[OOT] Finishing off the Fire Temple
Today we're finishing off the fire temple while we try out the new mic!
December 10, 2020
[Slice of Life] Evening TV Shows.
Time to have some ramen and watch the shows you watched as a kid. Well, the shows I watched as a kid at least.
December 9, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Ecruteak City
We're here in Ecruteak City to check out a dance house, a burned down tower, and then the local Gym. Check out the video version of this episode on Patreon.
December 7, 2020
[Pikmin] The End of Pikmin(gelion)
This is it folks! The last episode of Pikmin 1 content. Some day we'll do Pikmin 2 (don't worry), but until then you'll have to find something else to swarm around in groups of 100 for you. To see the video version of this episode, all the other Pikmin episodes, and all the other episodes that we do in general, check out the Patreon. You'll also get access to backer-exclusive audio episodes.
December 6, 2020
[?] Sonic Adventure 2 (Light Story)
For this week's "collab" episode, we have a very long play through of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. My brother and I played through the Light Story and Dark Story, but then OBS set the Dark Story audio track on fire, so we just have the Light Story path here. The Audio Is Extra Loud Today. You should probably turn down your device's volume. Sadly, SA2B has no volume controls of its own, and I only realized how bad the problem is after the recording was over and I was editing stuff. Skeleton Pod also did a SA2B episode this week as well. The game is available on Steam, but the GameCube version is better if you can find it that way. Check out the Patreon for the video archives and the backer-exclusive audio episodes.
December 5, 2020
[Pikmin] Distant Spring and Chill
Lots of wonderful, relaxing Distant Spring based Pikmin today. Check out the Patreon to get access to video version of all this, as well as backer-exclusive episodes.
December 4, 2020
[Eastshade] Shipwrecked in Lyndow
Today we got a whole new game! It's one that I've been looking to get off and on ever since I heard about it, and I finally pulled the trigger this last steam sale. The game is called Eastshade, and you play as a painter, exploring an island and finding good spots to paint. It's really cool, and I hope that you all like it too. To see the video version of this, as well as other video episodes and backer-exclusive audio episodes, check out the Patreon:
December 3, 2020
[Pikmin] The Distant Spring
There's so much to do in the distant spring, and so many monsters preventing us from doing it all. Subscribe on Patreon if you wanna see the video version!
December 2, 2020
[DQB2] Searching for sugar cane seeds
Mild audio goof again, so the audio here is me watching my own playthrough and re-commentating on everything. Thankfully, I'm apparently super consistent with my reading speed for each character, so the timing on all the text boxes turned out pretty well.
December 1, 2020
[Pikmin] Killing Bosses and Swarming With Blues
First we go to the Forest of Hope for the last two parts there, and then it's off to the Distant Spring. Check out the video version of this episode on Patreon, where you can also find backer-exclusive audio-only episodes.
November 30, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] North of Goldenrod City
Today we spend a lot of time north of Goldenrod City. There's trainers to fight, new pokemon to catch, and even a little bit of main quest progression. The promised video with a Furret is called He Skate. Patreon Link:
November 29, 2020
[?] The Year After
Today we're playing a game called The Year After by anvHadrian. It turned out to be both very linear, and also very powerful. I hope you enjoy this one.
November 28, 2020
[Slice of Life] Cleaning up the Garage
Today we're starting the 10th season of the podcast! Isn't that exciting!? Most things take years to get all the way to 10 seasons. Life hack: If you just call anything a season, you can get to season 10 way faster than taking 10 years to do it. Season 10 is the "slice of life" season, where I'm not playing a video game at all. Instead I'm doing stuff around the house. Necessary tasks to be sure, but not things that are super exciting on their own. However, if I do it "for an audience", then it's just a little bit more interesting, and the whole process helps combat executive dysfunction. Here's what it looked like when I started: At the end it didn't look notably different, but I'll be sure to keep you updated.
November 28, 2020
[?] Crusading to be a King
On this, the anniversary of the crusades, we'll play Crusader Kings 2. The base game is free to play on Steam, just the DLC costs money, since the game is quite old and Crusader Kings 3 is already out. Calls To Action: Subscribe on Patreon to see the video versions and also to get backer-exclusive episodes. Follow me on Twitter and you'll probably laugh some of the time. Join the Audio-only Let's Play Discord and talk to the other AOLP folks. Join the Lokathor Discord too if you want.
November 27, 2020
[?] A November Classic
What could be more November and/or Thanksgiving than a rousing game of Halo? Nothing. Nothing at all. Subscribe on Patreon to see the video version of this episode as well as to listen to all the backer-exclusive episodes: Also, Lokathor recommends the TorytlePower podcast for no particular reason at all and certainly not because I am deeply embarrassed that I forgot their name for a moment when listing off all my backers at the end of this episode.
November 26, 2020
[?] Castle of The Winds
We're playing dungeon-crawler classic Castle of The Winds, at the suggestion of Daniel K. If you want to play this yourself, you'll need to first get otvdm, then Castle of The Winds. Run otvdm, select castle1.exe, and then be patient because it take a moment to start up. Calls To Action: Subscribe on Patreon to see the video versions and also to get backer-exclusive episodes. Follow me on Twitter and you'll probably laugh some of the time. Join the Audio-only Let's Play Discord and talk to the other AOLP folks. Join the Lokathor Discord too if you want.
November 25, 2020
[Pikmin] Impact Site and The Forest of Hope Redux
This time in Pikmin-town we have a few ups and downs while using our new Pikmin to explore old places. In our Fanfiction Chapter it's a little short, and I'd even say hard to follow because the Pikmin all lack proper names, but there's a dramatically strong cliffhanger to hook us for next time. Also mentioned: Secret Of The Forest If you want to see the video version of this episode, and get the backer-exclusive audio episodes, the you should subscribe on Patreon:
November 24, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Goldenrod Gym
We're back to pokemon silver, which we've been away from for a little bit. That's okay, we still know how to fight a gym. There's a few new Pokemon to meet, and then a bunch of fights to revel in. Also I mentioned that I'd link to Aidan's stream, which you should check out if you like crosswords and/or tenants rights talk. If you wanna see the video version of this episode, or listen to the backer-exclusive episodes, then you can subscribe on Patreon.
November 23, 2020
[OOT] Epona, Biggorn Sword, and starting the Forest Temple
In the land of Hyrule, it's time to do some more side quest stuff, and this time we even start in on part of one of those temple things. We do a momentary but harmonious duo of the Flower Garden theme from Yoshi's Island. Also, a group called Malcura does on of the best Gerudo Valley mixes. I love the high energy of this live version that was recorded once, but they also have a studio version of the theme they put up just a few days ago. The studio version is hair slower paced, but has a wider variety of instruments going on. Finally, I did say that I'd link "that one Egoraptor video" in the show notes. Subscribe on Patreon if you wanna see the video version!
November 22, 2020
[?] Böbl
As a special event on the Audio-Only Let's Play Discord we all decided to play an NES game that made the NES Homebrew news recently because it got a v1.1 release. The game is called Böbl, and you can get a copy for free on their page if you want to try it out. The game is a simple metroidvania type of game where you play as a bubble that has to navigate the world. Like I said, not only do I have an episode about this game, but some of the other big names in the AOLP scene have one as well: Troytle Power Presents: The Power Play-Throughs Podcast, with TroytlePower Skeleton House Into the Verse with Kai Lee Cain And for the video version of this and other episodes, as well as backer-only audio episodes, you should subscribe on Patreon.
November 21, 2020
[Pikmin] Finishing out the Forest Navel
Today we have another two days of Pikmin where we finish up all the parts in the Forest Navel. The fanfic chapter at the end is The Struggle To Survive: Ch6 - Demon Horde. Subscribe on Patreon if you wanna see the video version!
November 20, 2020
[OOT] The Setup of Adult Link
Surprise! It turns out the game didn't actually just end with Ganondorf taking over the world with evil. We've got a whole second half of the game to do as an adult! To start, we do some setup stuff where we go around and get some adult link upgrades. Spoilers: no actual temples are defeated during this ep. Subscribe on Patreon to watch the video version!
November 19, 2020
[?] Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (Demo)
EMERGENCY PODCAST. I was told that Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has a demo out today! This episode is just a one-off of me doing the demo. I'll very likely do the rest of the game in the backers-only feed on Patreon, unless some even better game comes along unexpectedly.
November 19, 2020
[DQB2] Growin' that Deitree!
We're back in Furrowfield Farms, and today we manage to get the Deitree to its next stage of growth! To see the video version of this episode, subscribe on Patreon.
November 18, 2020
[?] Midnight Grub Session / Chex Quest HD
Midnight Grub Session is... not really a game that a person should play. It was gifted to me for Bill so that I'd do this episode about it, but the more I think about it the more that I think no one should buy or play this game. That said, it's been played on audio-only podcasts before, I found out while doing the notes for this ep: Daniel K did two episodes about it: here and here2 TorytlePower did an episode about it also: here (I know it's a video, but don't worry: if you play it in a background tab it'll be audio-only) After MGS was done, I decided to try out Chex Quest HD, which was a free download on Steam. It's a Unity remake of the old Chex Quest from 1996. It's not super exciting, but it's not bad for the price tag.
November 17, 2020
[DQB2] This time the game audio is back!
Time once again to help protect and grow the Furrowfield Farms! With sounds! Subscribe on Patreon to see the video version of this episode.
November 16, 2020
[Pikmin] Surprise Double Feature!
Today it's time to do twice as much Pikmin as normal! Also at the end we still have a chapter of The Struggle To Survive, of course. As always you can subscribe on Patreon to see the video versions.
November 15, 2020
[?] A Rope of Chalk
Today's episode is an Interactive Fiction (Text Adventure) game created by Ryan Veeder, of Clash Of The Type-Ins fame. This game was an entry to IF Comp 2020, which I would have totally forgotten even happened this year except that Verb Your Enthusiasm put out some episodes about the 2020 entries, which I finally listened to (...a month after they came out). I strongly encourage you to play the game yourself before you listen to this episode, but even if you don't the episode should still be fully enjoyable.
November 14, 2020
[DQB2] Lokathor drops all the game audio again!
I didn't record any game audio again! Whee! But there's still my audio track, so you can hear me doing all the voices and saying what's going on and all that.
November 13, 2020
[Pikmin] Forest Navel Troubles
Can't go too long without another round of Pikmin! Check out the video version on Patreon.
November 12, 2020
[OOT] Jabu Jabu's Belly, Lon Lon Ranch, and The Temple of Time
We get the last spiritual stone and then do some side stuff before going to Hyrule Castle and opening that door of time thing. Patreon.
November 11, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Route 34 and Goldenrod City
No major story today, just some classic exploration of the world around us. Follow along with the pokemon we're finding on the google sheet. Subscribe on the Patreon to see the video version.
November 10, 2020
[OOT] Kakariko and Dodongo Cavern (Director's Cut)
What do you do if the audio is gone but the video is there? Watch your own recording and re-recording all the audio in a "behind the scenes" format, of course. If you want to see the video that we watched this episode, you should scribe on Patreon.
November 9, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Hive Badge and Ilex Forest
A slightly shorter episode done at the last minute today. I'll try to do something extra fun tomorrow. You can check out the Rand Silver Notes Spreadsheet if you want to follow along with what's what as we go through the game.
November 8, 2020
[DQB2] Welcome to the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo!
Hi friends! Today we're starting Season 9 of the podcast! It's the Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo! This game is basically "what if minecraft had a plot? and also what if it was good?" It's set in the Dragon Quest setting, but you're not a warrior, you're a builder, so instead of the focus being on killing monsters, it's on helping villagers who need huts and farms and bathrooms to be built for them. You can subscribe on Patreon if you want the video version of this episode! Also here's the Steam Page for the game itself (the demo is free after all!).
November 7, 2020
[OOT] Kokiri Forest, Hyrule Castle, and Kakariko Village.
We're starting a new season with the brother, but yet again we've got a game that started on the N64. This time, instead of jumping on everything we meet, it'll be sword slashes to anything that gets in our way. Patreon Backer Shout Outs: Bills JRPG Adventures and Other Trappings Skeleton House Podcast "Doniel J", aka Daniel K's Audio-only Let's Plays The Power Play-Throughs Podcast (Troytle) You can of course subscribe to my Patreon to get video versions of the pod and get backer-exclusive audio episodes!
November 6, 2020
[Pikmin] Meeting the Blue Pikmin
The Struggle to Survive And subscribe on Patreon if you want the video version of this episode!
November 5, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Union Cave and Slowpoke Well
Mentions: Troytle Power Podcast Subscribe on Patreon if you want to see the video versions!
November 4, 2020
[?] West Of Loathing
West of Loathing Kingdom of Loathing
November 3, 2020
[?] Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial
I lost the recording for the character creation and getting into town, but this starts just after that as I'm joining the adventuring guild and that sort of opening stuff. The correct game page on Steam for the free trial version. Subscribe on Patreon if you want the exclusive video version of this episode.
November 2, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Daylight Savings and Violet Gym
Gotta' go home to change the in-game clock back an hour, because daylight savings is over. Then we can fight the Violet Gym, and use the money to fuel our great need for pokeballs. The name of the native group that I was clumsily trying to remember at the end of the episode is Tohono O'odham. Subscribe on Patreon.
November 1, 2020
[?] Halloween Spooktacular!
Spooky Halloween Bonus Episode! Episode Art from Daniel K. The story we read.
October 31, 2020
[Pikmin] Blasting down doors with Yellow Pikmin
Today we're using Yellow Pikmin to blast apart some doors in The Forest of Hope so that we can get where we need to go. Then we do a fun BONUS EVENT. Once you have played the episode, you can click the following fun links. However, it'll spoil the fun surprise if you click them now, so hold off until after the episode. Credit1, Credit2, Credit3. Subscribe on Patreon to see the exciting video version!
October 31, 2020
[Low-Production Bonus] Earthb0und!
As part of the "low-production challenge" we've got a bonus ep today! I put the phone down near my PC as I played and didn't check the recording quality one bit before putting this one the feed! Exciting!
October 30, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Battle through Sprout Tower
Google Sheets of our Pokemon captured so far. Subscribe to the Patreon to see the video version! Note: At the end of the episode I mentioned that Pikmin 3 is out on switch "tomorrow", but that's from the perspective of me recording on Thursday. Pikmin 3 is actually out RIGHT NOW by the time you're hearing this on Friday!
October 30, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Expand the squad and find some great mons
We're moving on to Violet City and catching some more great Pokemon in this episode. As I promised, you can have a look at the Google Sheet of the Pokemon caught so far, if you want. Subscribe on Patreon!
October 29, 2020
[MGS1] A one-man sneaking mission.
This time we're playing a game with a whole lot of voice acting, which I really like, and I wanna know how you all feel about it. If you have a thought to share, find me on the Audio-only Let's Plays Discord, on the Lokathor Discord, on Twitter, or really wherever else you think you'd be able to find me. If you want to see the video that goes with this episode, just Subscribe on Patreon!
October 28, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] Talking about Diablo, and eventually catching some pokemon!
The OCRemix that I talked about is called "The Sin War". Unfortunately, it seems that the track was removed from OCRemix for not technically being a remix of music from the game. While the narrations are genuinely in-game audio, the instrumentation is an original composition not from the game, so it "didn't count" as a real OCRemix. However, there's a project called OCRemoved which archives songs that have been removed from OCRemix, and you can still get the mp3 by clicking Here. Since it's not an official OCRemix any more with a nice YouTube link, I did end up putting the whole thing on the end of this episode, despite what I say during the show. I did quickly balance down the audio level a bit so that it better matches the level of the rest of the show and I don't blast out your ears. If you get the MP3 from the link it'll be a louder version. Jeffery Combs, Paul Eiding, Aardwolf MUD, Kingdom of Loathing This episode was recorded moments after I listened to this tragic episode from the Daniel K. Audio-only Let's Play Podcast. A moment of silence for the lost Pokemon Gen 2 save files everywhere. Don't forget to Subscribe on Patreon if you want bonus access to the video versions!
October 27, 2020
[Pikmin] Crashing down to an unknown planet
While flying home to Hocotate, our ship is hit by a meteor and crashes on a dangerous and unknown world. We'll have to recover all of our ship's parts before the life support runs out to get home safely. Subscribe on Patreon if you want to see the video version of the let's play!
October 26, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Silver] A rough start with Horsea
We're starting out on a new randomized pokemon adventure, and we immediately get stomped in the face by all the wild pokemon in the area. This one is gonna be a rough start listeners, but I've got high hopes for where it can go from here, just as soon as we get a second pokemon. You can find a full description of what was randomized Here. If you like the show, consider subscribing on Patreon! You'll get bonus access to the video versions.
October 25, 2020
[Get Ready!] Super Smash Brothers: Melee - Adventure Mode
Editor's Note: when I said "December of 2001 and January of 2001", I meant January of 2002 of course. I know how clocks work. I'm doing a Patreon now! Starting with this episode, if you subscribe on Patreon you'll be able to also access the video versions of most podcast episodes.
October 24, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Tick Tock Clock and the final Bowser Level
Just wrapping up Super Mario 64!
October 23, 2020
[?] A quick break from Pokemon.
This time we're taking a break from Pokemon to play a few rounds of a fun bonus game. Y'all can thank SkeletonPod for helping me decide on this great idea.
October 22, 2020
[Reading] Pokemon Adventures 01-10
Daniel K put out the call asking for Manga suggestions, so here's me reading an entire TEN chapters of a manga that I'm a big fan of. Note: The Japanese title of the manga is "Pokemon Special", but it's called "Pokemon Adventures" in the English translations.
October 21, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] The Elite Four
What's more elite than four gym-leader level fights all in a row? A secret fifth fight of course!
October 21, 2020
[Reading] Snow Crash, ch01
I was struck with the sudden desire to read y'all a chapter from a great Cyberpunk novel called Snow Crash. I'm sure we'll see more reading episodes from time to time, but probably from different books, depending on the mood.
October 21, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Victory Road
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!
October 20, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Mega Gym Bonanza!
First we take Team Rocket out of Silph Co., then the Mega Gym Bonanza starts! In Saffron we handle the Fighting Gym and Psychic Gym. Then we fly to Viridian City and get through the Earth Gym too! It's quite a bit.
October 19, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Cinnabar Mansion and Cinnabar Gym
Making our way through a burned down, abandoned mansion, then using the Secret Key we find there to battle the Cinnabar Gym. How do other pokemon trainers ever face off against the gym if we have the key? The world will never know.
October 18, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Rainbow Ride (2/2)
I hate Rainbow Ride and so should you.
October 17, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Wet Dry World (2/2), Rainbow Ride (1/2)
Finishing off Wet Dry World, and then the long tragedy that is Rainbow Ride.
October 16, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Fuchsia Gym and Route 21
Battling through the Fuchsia Gym, then we fly to Palette Town and take Route 21 down to Cinnabar Island. --
October 15, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Biker's Path and Safari Zone
We go down a hill, past a zoo, and on a safari! --
October 14, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Pokemon Tower
Today we go though Pokemon Tower, and I don't think we run in to any actual ghosts. --
October 13, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Tall Tall Mountain and Wet Dry World (1/2)
Today we're doing Tall Tall Mountain, and then we do a single level of Wet Dry World before I suddenly lose all energy and have to cut it short.
October 12, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Heading upstairs in the Castle!
Jolly Roger Bay 100 coins, then heading upstairs for Tiny Huge Island and Snowman's Land.
October 11, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Big Boo's Haunt, Lethal Lava Land, Dire Dire Docks, and 2nd Bowser Battle
Big Boo's Haunt, Lethal Lava Land, Dire Dire Docks, and 2nd Bowser Battle
October 10, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Hazy Maze Cave and Shifting Sand Land
Special Caps, Hazy Maze Cave, and Shifting Sand Land.
October 9, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Rocket Game Corner and Celadon Gym
Gotta get that Syplh Scope from Giovanni's grip and then pick up a Rainbow Badge from Erika. --
October 8, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Route 8, Celadon City, and Route 11
Got a new Pokemon, leveling him up on the way to Celadon, some stuff in Celadon, and then at the end we swing around through Saffron to nab all the Route 11 experience points we missed out on before. --
October 7, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Rock Tunnel
A fun time going through the dark and boring Rock Tunnel --
October 6, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Pt 08: Vermillion Gym (2/2), Onward to Rock Tunnel!
Not too much story this time, just some quality trainer battles. --
October 5, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Up Through The 1st Bowser Battle!
We got my brother on the controls this time and we speed through Jolly Roger Bay, Cool Cool Mountain, some clean up stars, and then the first Bowser match.
October 4, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Pt07: S.S. Anne, Diglett Cave, Vermillion Gym (1/2)
The S.S. Anne is a fun place to get HM01, and a quick trip through Diglett Cave gets us HM05. We start on Vermillion Gym but then run out of time to get it done in under an hour! --
October 4, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Whomp's Fortress
Today we're doing Whomp's Fortress. There a few mix ups here and there but it all gets done. --
October 3, 2020
[Super Mario 64] Intro and Bomb-omb Battlefield (1/2)
We're playing Super Mario 64! This is the version on Switch as part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars combo pack. --
October 2, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Pt05: Inside Mount Moon
We get through Mount Moon to Cerulean City, and accidentally do the rival fight too.
October 2, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Pt04: To The (Mt.) Moon
A gauntlet of trainers leading to the outside of Mount Moon.
October 1, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Pt03: The Boulder Badge
Here's that Last Airbender video I mentioned near the end,, and if you go to the other videos on the account they have seasons 2 and 3 also.
September 30, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Pt02: More Pokemon Than Pokeballs
We make our way past Veridian City and nearly run out of pokeballs with all these mons to be found.
September 29, 2020
[Pkmn Rand Red] Pt01: We're On The Road To Veridian City!
We start a game of randomized Pokemon Red and catch all the pokemon in Route 1. -- Shout outs: • Universal Pokemon Game Randomizer (java program) • The Greatest Generation (podcast) • No One Can Know About This (podcast) • Daniel K'd Let's Plays (podcast) • TroytlePower Presents: The Power Play-throughs Podcast with TroytlePower (podcast)
September 28, 2020