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Lights On! Mental Health Podcast

Lights On! Mental Health Podcast

By Shaina Fawn
In this podcast we talk about all things mental health in the entertainment industry. We will speak with professionals from both the mental health field and the entertainment and creative arts industries to help break the damn stigma and push forward essential conversations around mental well-being for those involved in artistic creation.
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Episode Three with Ashna Sharan - Coping with Covid and Industry Stress
If you are struggling to cope with stress related to Covid and/or the entertainment industry YOU DO NOT want to miss this episode.  Ashna drops so many gems!  She shares with us her go-to skills for coping and truly is an inspiration for us all! An award-winning filmmaker and former pageant queen from Virginia, Ashna moved to LA to pursue her dreams to be on the big screen! She began performing on stage when she was four years old. Growing up as a  classically trained dancer, she learned how to express herself through a movement that eventually helped her when it came to acting. Whether it's comedy or drama, she loves to dive deep into all the characters she plays on camera. When she's not acting, she is pouring her heart and soul into writing socially conscious stories. If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis and/or is considering suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.  You are not alone.
September 24, 2021
Episode Two with Garry MacLean: Mental Health, Method Acting and Documentary Film Making
On this episode I spoke with Garry MacLean who is a Canadian based actor, writer and producer.  I met Garry through Instagram when he reached out for support on a documentary film he is currently working on that explores Mental Health and Actors.   Starting as a background actor in 2011, Garry has worked his way to leading  roles in multiple independent projects as well as principal roles on  major television shows. In 2014 he earned his first major television  credit on season one of Wynonna Earp. His more recent accomplishment is a  principal role on the pilot episode of The Secret History of the Wild  West, airing on APTN. Right  around the same time as Wynonna Earp, Garry delved into creating his  own content by writing and producing his own short films. His most  recent project was a multi-award winning short horror film titled Yard  Sale. The film earned multiple best suspense/horror wins and a best  actor nomination. Garry has also created his own YouTube talk show  titled Talent Talk. Talent Talk is in its third season and interviews  filmmakers & actors from around the globe. Additional links for reference: Talent Talk Website Talent Talk Instagram - @talenttalkmedia Twitter - @GarryMacLean71 Personal Instagram - @garry_maclean
September 4, 2021
Espidode One with Yours Truly - Why the heck do I care about mental health in entertainment?!
In this first episode I discuss the reason behind my passion for starting this project.  I also share some important statistics from the UK's 2020 "The Looking Glass" report which was a survey of mental well-being with approx 10,000 film and TV workers.  You can check out the report here:
August 11, 2021
Lights On! Mental Health - A Preview
Bonus episode.  Take a listen to our test episode with me, Shaina Fawn and my partner, Tyee Tilghman as we figure this podcast shit out.
August 6, 2021