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London Music Podcast

London Music Podcast

By Andrei Sora
Becoming a working musician or music producer in current times can seem like a daunting process, given the seemingly over-saturated industry. Join Andrei Sora in his explorations of music-making, musicianship, and the London music scene through interviews with like-minded people. If you're struggling to find your place in the UK music industry (and beyond), then this is the podcast for you.

Featured on Feedspot's 'Top 50 UK Music Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020':
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Past and future with Good Dog
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to Good Dog, also known as Jack Hardman. Starting life as a 21 year old Radio 1 tipped singer, the death of his father changed the direction of his life and his music. With a new perspective on the world, writing offered a way to look inwards - a way to visit the past and dream of the future: Good Dog is your forgotten memories on a lonely sea under a warm sun. We talk about his overall approach to music-making, his propensity to use real instruments, visual aesthetics, and his recent No. 1 single on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart. Follow Good Dog: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify:
May 12, 2021
Musicmaking in 2021 with Frank Harkin
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to Frank Harkin, singer and one of the three founding members of the Ha Ha Ha band (along with Roger Hadwen, Rob Harris). They've been playing together in various forms since the turn of the century, morphing to overcome barriers in space, time and, most recently, global public health emergency. We talk about about songwriting, how the current pandemic has affected musicmaking, and about the future of live music. Follow Frank and Ha Ha Ha here: Facebook: Twitter:  YouTube:  Instagram:  Soundcloud:  Bandcamp:  Spotify artist link:
April 28, 2021
Music and message with Pablo Iranzo
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to Pablo Iranzo, a singer-songwriter from Munich, Germany. We talk about the importance of message in music, how the political landscape influences topics that artists write about, and how not to become irrelevant in today's music industry. Follow Pablo here: Instagram: Spotify: Facebook: Twitter:
April 14, 2021
Transitioning from producer to artist with Richard Marc
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to Richard Marc, who is a Yorkshire indie-pop artist. He has previously collaborated with other artists, writers and producers, working on music for Matt Marcii, Lauren Alex Hooper and TikTok star Sophie Frear (whose video containing one of his songs amassed, to date, over 8 million views). Follow Richard here: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
March 31, 2021
Audio engineering with Dan Willett
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to audio engineer and bassist Dan Willett. Based primarily in central Birmingham as part of Univibe Audio and The Mushrooms recording studios, Dan has been working with artists across the West Midlands. We talk about audio engineering in the analogue world, plugins, amp modelers, Auto-Tune, his band Creature, and many more. Follow Dan here: Website: Instagram: Creature:
March 17, 2021
Composing classical music in 2021 with David John Roche
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to classical composer David John Roche. He is the recipient of over 30 academic and professional awards and has composed pieces for vacuum cleaners and orchestra, epic planetarium shows, customised Dutch street organs, rock bands, video games, films, theatre shows, international orchestras, and anything beyond and in between. His music tends to inhabit one of two worlds. It is either celebratory and bright, consciously in opposition to the world in which it was written, or manic, detailed, and violent in response to the poverty and politics of our time. Roche’s compositions have been broadcast, televised, written about, and performed internationally to millions of people. We talk about the economics of being a classical composer in 2021, competitions, teaching, and Yngwie Malmsteen, among other topics. Follow David here: YouTube: Soundcloud: Website: Facebook: Twitter: d'OZ:
March 3, 2021
Promoting live music in London with Lorraine Solomons
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to Lorraine Solomons, who is the founder of Success Express Music, a live music discovery platform supporting and sustaining independent artist and bands by promoting live events at concert venues, independent gig venues, pubs, restaurants and creative spaces throughout London, festivals and tours around the UK. We talk independent promotion, independent bands, and the London live music scene pre- and post- Covid. Follow Lorraine and Success Express Music here: Website:
February 17, 2021
Music Charities in the UK with James Armstrong
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to James Armstrong, who is a mastering engineer and a trustee at the Forward 4 Wiz Trust. We talk about James' academic journey, his approach to mastering, and all of the important work he is doing with the F4WT. Follow James here: Facebook: Follow Forward 4 Wiz Trust here: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
February 3, 2021
The Bay Area scene with Nate Hendrix
On this episode of the London music Podcast, I talk to Nate Hendrix, who is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Oakland, California. We talk about his musical upbringing, the Bay Area scene, and his upcoming releases.  Follow Nate here: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Website: Spotify: Apple Music: Tidal:
January 20, 2021
Collaborations with Trip Jacker
On this episode of the London music Podcast, I talk to Trip Jacker, who is an electronic music producer, founder of Burn the Wick Music, owner of  Tall Pine Studios, member of ASCAP and of the Electronic Music Alliance, a global artists' collective. He is a a lifelong musician, an avid music fan and a supporter of independent artists. We talk about collaborations with other producers and singers, the independent music scene, marketing for the now, and the power of DMs. Follow Trip Jacker: Website: Spotify: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:
January 6, 2021
Musical crossovers with TDC Tunes
On this episode of the London music Podcast, I talk to TDC Tunes, a North London musician who creates original electronic music with analogue, digital and modular synthesisers. He has a diverse musical background, classically trained on piano and pipe organ but always having a love for creating music with computers and synthesisers.  TDC Tunes streams a unique, live modular set every Friday on Twitch. He has a new single coming out 18/12/2020 called 'Cosmic' with singer-songwriter Rocco. It’s a song about escapism and hope. Rocco writes about falling in love during a difficult time and she compares the feelings to a psychedelic euphoric experience of leaving everything behind and quantum leaping into outer space. Pre-save 'Cosmic' : Follow TDC Tunes: TDC Tunes Instagram TDC Tunes Twitch TDC Tunes Twitter
December 16, 2020
The importance of networking with James Rozzi
On this episode of the London music Podcast, I talk to J Rozzi, who is a singer, songwriter, and studio Violinist from Hertfordshire, UK. Studying Music Technology at Surrey University, he is looking to expand his knowledge of production, mixing and mastering while building up a portfolio of musical content on YouTube, Spotify and all other streaming platforms.  Follow James here: Instagram: YouTube: Spotify:
November 11, 2020
Mashups with Daanish Alam
On this episode of the podcast, I talk to Daanish Alam, who is a singer songwriter aiming to bring together the drama of 80s synth & electronica with a modern alternative guitar-led sound. Coming from a background in club mashups and house remixes, he applies the same principles to his original productions, wanting to surprise the listener by redefining a genre, artist, or instrument in a new and unexpected way." Follow Daanish here: Instagram: Spotify:
October 28, 2020
Identity with Maia Moham
On this episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to MAIA MOHAM, an Iranian American indie pop/soul singer songwriter from Orange County, California. Her music draws inspiration from the brutally beautiful works of Bob Dylan and the soul power of Aretha Franklin with modern influences from Bishop Briggs, Sia, Bastille, and Hozier. Her emotive production style is complimented by engaging harmonies and exceptionally raw vocals that are all her own. Maia brings her passion for storytelling into each of her songs, focusing on moments in life that are often the hardest to overcome. Her debut EP entitled "Facade”, explores the conflict between our public and private personas while delving into the different levels of vulnerability. "It is my attempt at defining the complexities of strength and pain - the person we seek to be and the person we are at our core. Too often I find that we hide our individuality out of fear, even at a subconscious level. It is a never-ending battle but one we fight in order to live a more full, meaningful life." Follow Maia here: Linktree: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
October 14, 2020
Producing pop with Greta Jaime
On today's episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to Greta Jaime, who, at twenty years old, is already a rising pop talent. After putting out her debut single 'Lost in Mexico' at sixteen, the north Londoner (of Mexican origin) has gained a firm foothold in the industry. In 2017, she was longlisted for Glastonbury Festival's Emerging Talent Competition alongside artists such as Cosmo Pyke, Fenne Lily, Jordan Rakei, and Flohio. Later that year 'Lost in Mexico' received airplay from Tom Robinson on his BBC 6Music mixtape. During this time, Greta gigged at a number of London venues including  the O2 Academy Islington, The Camden Assembly, and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.  Since then the songwriter/producer has gained consistent press support, with publications and outlets like The Line of Best Fit, BBC Introducing London, Born Music, and It's All Indie spotlighting her beguiling and idiosyncratic pop sound. She has also received support from Spotify, having been added to all of South East Asia's 'New Music Friday' playlists. Through her poised self-production, songwriting and thoughtful lyricism concerning the complexities of relationships and identity, Greta Jaime is already making a name for herself as a fully-formed and vital new artist. Follow Greta here: Spotify: Tik Tok: Instagram: Website: Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter:
September 30, 2020
Being authentic with Zoe Wakelam
On today's episode of the London Music Podcast I talk to Zoe Wakelam, who is an Aussie-born London singer-songwriter who still can’t quite shake the accent despite having lived in the UK for thirteen years! Having grown up singing in churches and writing for herself, Zoe’s music has evolved to be deeply rooted in meaningful lyrics that tackle subjects such as loneliness, courage and anxiety, whilst remaining within the listeners grasp. Drawing inspiration from artist such as FINNEAS, twenty øne piløts, half•alive, Wallows and Billie Eilish, Zoe’s musical offerings sit in the balance between Electro and Bedroom Pop; serving lyrical depth whilst tickling your ear drums with catchy melodies. Which sounds quite fun when you read it back. Follow Zoe here: Spotify & Apple: Instagram: TikTok: @zoewakelam  Twitter:
September 16, 2020
Writing lyrics with Andrei Lucas
On today's episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to Andrei Lucas, a London-based songwriter and musical artist. We talk writing lyrics, indie music, living in big cities, and feeling disconnected from today’s world and it's challenges.  Follow Andrei Lucas here:
September 2, 2020
Recording live instruments with Taliesin
On today's episode of the London Music Podcast, I talk to Taliesin, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London. We touch on live music, guitar playing, improv, Billie Eilish, and many other topics. Enjoy!   Follow Taliesin here: Instagram: Instagram band account: Soundcloud: Fanlink:  Follow me here:  Instagram: Twitter:   Facebook:   SoundCloud: LinkedIn: Blog: Podcast:   Tik Tok: @andrei.sora
March 11, 2020
Modern music production with Samuel Consentino Hunter
On today's revamped London Music Podcast, I have a conversation with Samuel Cosentino Hunter. He is a composer and music producer from London who has quite a specific approach to music-making. We talk synths, film music, Hans Zimmer, and many other topics. Enjoy!   Follow Samuel here:  Instagram: & (band account)  Soundbetter: Follow me here:   Instagram: Twitter:   Facebook:   SoundCloud: LinkedIn: Tik Tok: @andrei.sora
February 6, 2020
Being a solo artist in London with Rocco
In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Rocco, a singer-songwriter from London.  We discuss her musical career, from her time as a  session singer to being in girl bands, the Garage scene, and upcoming projects.  You can find out more about her projects by following her on social media:  Soundcloud:  YouTube:
November 6, 2019
The London live scene with Luis Chico
In this inaugural episode of the podcast, I have a conversation with Twickenham-based keyboardist Luis Chico on the London live scene. We talk his musical background, past and future projects, teaching, and how he navigates the treacherous waters of playing live in a place like London. We also touch on PowerJam, the band project/charity in Richmond, supporting young musicians that both Luis and I work for.  You can find out more about Luis by following him on social media, or contact him by email.    Facebook:  Instagram:  Email:  More on PowerJam:  Facebook:  Instagram:  YouTube:
September 24, 2019