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Lp Studio / Dossier: April 2021
It's the start of Q2 2021 and the outlook seems to be positive in the city. We've moved into RED TIER in California which means limited indoor experiences NOW ALLOWED 💽 🎛 💽  We're stoked to share some updates for the Month of April regarding Music Programing, Coffee, New Schedule and of course a little nugget about our PM experience.  PEACE ✌🏽🎭
April 2, 2021
Lp Studio / Dossier: March 2021
We skipped February but it's all good, we're coming at you with some updates on the moves we made last month. Also a quick feature on some of the records we copped this month.  Enjoy!
March 3, 2021
Lp Studio / Dossier: January 2021
We're not here to talk about the first couple weeks of 2021...but rather we're here to drop some news on some of our newest Studio additions as well as up and coming happenings in this months Dossier. Tea Menu Debut Brew Bar Memberships NOW BOOKING We launched our TikTok last week Sunday Selector Takeovers x visiting listening bars Jazz Kissa Update TAP IN – PRODUCTION: G. Huerta / @narbig LONGPLAY STUDIO /
January 22, 2021
Back of House / ep. 012 / Peace Out 2020 ✌🏽
After wild year, we're ending it with a final word and lots of gratitude. Thanks to all the listeners, guests, family and friends. See you on the other side. – PRODUCTION: G. Huerta / @narbig LONGPLAY STUDIO /
January 1, 2021
Back of House / ep. 011 / GUCCI Quarantine Campaign, Face Mask Fashion, News from NYC Subway, Instagram debuts REELS w/ Hyunjoo Hwang
After a 5 month hiatus (thanks COVID), we're back with episode 011 of Back of House. This is the first POD we record remotely and we thank our guest  for the patience in coordinating this recording  감사합니다 🙏🏽 For our return episode, we invited Hyunjoo Hwang aka "Joo Joo" to join us via Zoom from NYC to catch up on Culture and see what she's been up to during the lockdown months. Of course, we end the show with some goodies, Joo Joo drops some Korean food gems on us from her last meal with her mom in Seoul. TAP IN 📲 SOBRE MESA: Gucci Quarantine Campaign Face Mask Fashion News from the NYC Underground Instagram debuts Reels – GUESTS: Hyunjoo Hwang / @hyunjoo_hwang HOST: G. Huerta / @narbig – PRODUCTION: G. Huerta / @narbig LONGPLAY STUDIO /
August 7, 2020
Back of House / ep. 010 / Baby Yoda news, Zero Waste Instant Coffee, Mandy Moore links w/ LA Coffee Shop w/ Rebecca Smith of Armistice Coffee Seattle
We always look forward to our yearly Seattle trip for many reasons, but topping that list is of course the coffee scene up here. If you love coffee and still haven't visited the mecca of US café culture, we highly recommend it. During last year's trip we stumbled upon (literally) Armistice Coffee in the Eastlake neighborhood, which at the time was still a fairly young shop. The moody vibe automatically lured us in and the cortado was fucking on point, not to mention the distance from our Seattle outpost was 2 blocks therefore it quickly became our SPOT during the 2 séjour. During this time we had the opportunity of meeting Rebecca Smith, the owner of Armistice Coffee, we knew she was somebody we eventually wanted to invite as guest on Back of House. Fast Forward to a year later and Armistice Coffee is well settled into the neighborhood whilst Rebecca is crushing it with new location in the Roosevelt area that's a mix between a coffee shop + cocktail bar (DOPE!); all this in a highly male dominated industry and we have to point out that she chose to do this in the city where she grew up. SOBRE MESA:  Baby Yoda news Zero Waste Instant Coffee Mandy Moore links w/ LA Coffee Shop – GUESTS: Rebecca Smith / @armisticecoffee HOST: G. Huerta / @narbig – MEALS: Un Bien / Seattle, WA Grappa / Seattle, WA – LPs: Moonlight922 (2020) x Cruz Cafuné Lover (2019) x Noah Gundersen – SHOUT OUTS: Armistice Coffee / @armisticecoffee – PRODUCTION: G. Huerta / @narbig Victor Carrillo / @victorrenecarrillo Daniel Ruíz / @dan_yull_son LONGPLAY STUDIO /
March 6, 2020
Back of House / ep. 009 / SUPREME Oreo Cookie hype, Hockey news from the 6 and Travis Scott's new Nike SB Dunk w/ Jam Zumel, Erwin Hines and Chef Philip Esteban
It's great to see both San Diego locals and transplants come together to create a Tour de Force in our our City and to do it with such genuine passion and a humble approach that raised the bar for what community building should stand for. Where to begin with this trio is super hard because they are literally doing loads of cool shit non-stop. We managed to get them on the pod and not only that we had a surprise guest that we had to mic up (Gracias Chef!). On episode 009 of Back of House we sit down with Jam Zumel, Erwin Hines and Chef Philip Esteban on an episode that was so much fun to record, we hope to enjoy listening as much as we did recording. Sobre Mesa: SUPREME Oreo Cookie hype, Hockey news from the 6 and Travis Scott's new Nike SB Dunk  – GUESTS: Jam Zumel / @jamuelle.z  Erwin Hines / @erwin_hines  Chef Philip Esteban / @phillipesteban HOST: G. Huerta / @narbig  – MEALS: Birrería 664 / San Diego, CA Fernandez Restaurant /  Super Sergios / National City, CA Yakitori Yakyudori / San Diego, CA Cleveland Soul Food / Cleveland, OH – LPs Ugh, those feels again (2019) x Snoh Aalegra Awaken, My Love! (2016) x Childish Gambino Texas Sun (2020) x Khruangbin + Leon Bridges Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (1994) x OutKast Maggot Brain (1972) x Funkadelic We're New Here (2011) x Gil Scott-Heron + Jamie xx – SHOUT OUTS: BASIC Agency / @basicagency WellFed / @experiencewellfed CRAFTED / @experiencecrafted wordsmith / @wordsmithbookstore OpenGym / @opengym Arts + Rec / @artsandrecstore Overload / @shopoverload – PRODUCTION: G. Huerta / @narbig  Daniel Ruíz / @dan_yull_son  LONGPLAY STUDIO /
February 28, 2020
Back of House / ep. 008 / Aimé Leon Dore collabs w/ Porsche, How to ship back a Mattress and Space X enters tourism with Future's Past
The Future's Past due that is Alyssa Mopia + Adrian Gutierrez (aka Fides Rex), are never not on the go. Last year had some setbacks but it seems that recent moves and the constant drive to keep learning and growing has Alyssa and Adrian en route to soon pulling up to HQ in that 911. We also need to mention that both are producing some dope content (shout out Motivation Mondays and Coffee + Convos Pod) which we recommend you peep out. We crack open some Topos to catch up on culture, moves and of course music and food. Sobre Mesa: Aimé Leon Dore collabs w/ Porsche, How to ship back a Mattress and Space X enters tourism – GUESTS: Alyssa Mopia (@alyssamopia) + Adrian Gutierrez (@fides_rex) / / Future's Past HOST: G. Huerta / @narbig / LONGPLAY Studio PRODUCTION: Daniel Ruíz / @dan_yull_son / LONGPLAY Studio – SHOUT OUTS: Victor Carillo / @sandiegomacrepair (San Diego) / Thanks for the Pint + Camera work Topo Chico / @topochicousa Zinqué Café / @zinque (San Diego) – LPs The Slow Rush (2020) x Tame Impala – PRODUCED BY LONGPLAY STUDIO
February 22, 2020
Back of House / ep. 007 / Billie Eilish drops new BOND film theme song, Uber goes old school, and Bloomberg hires Jerry Media with Coast to Costa
We met Natalie and Andrew back in 2015 when they were guiding curious Angelinos down to Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe for Day Trips centered around food, culture and of course a little vino + mezcal. They were calling themselves "Coast to Costa" and at the time were exclusive to only bi-national trips between California + Baja. Fast forward 5 years and the Highland Park (Los Angeles) based couple have now both left their day jobs to go 100% on the dream of building one of the most experiential travel companies around. We sit down for a little Sobre Mesa and get Debriefed about what's in store for the homies in 2020 from trips to Cuba, Peru to new itineraries dropping soon.  Sobre Mesa: Billie Eilish drops new BOND film theme song, Uber goes old school, and Bloomberg hires Jerry Media to make him cool... – GUESTS: Natalie + Andrew / @coasttocosta / Coast to Costa HOSTS: G. Huerta / @narbig / LONGPLAY Studio PRODUCTION: Brando / @brandolikemarlon / LONGPLAY Studio – SHOUT OUTS: Antoinette V. Cardenas / @social_._experiment (Los Angeles) La Azteca Tortilleria / Yelp (Los Angeles) LIVE NOODZ x Chinese Laundry / @chinselaundryinla (Los Angeles) Tacos Hipódromo / Facebook (Tijuana) – LPs Bona Drag (1990) x Morrissey The Roots of Chicha 2 (2010) x Various Artists Animals (1977) x Pink Floyd – PRODUCED BY LONGPLAY STUDIO
February 14, 2020
Back of House / ep. 006 / Bieber drops AR filter tracklist, NIKE Tokyo Olympic Fits and Padres talk with Bradford Lynn
As an artist, choosing to cultivate and invest in your hometown's culture scene is always a tough decision, especially when the art capitals of New York and Los Angeles are calling. Cue in Bradford Lynn, born and raised in San Diego's South Bay, schooled in Los Angeles, artist and faithful San Diego Padres fan; had a great time catching up with one of my favorite local artists and overall one of the dopest humans in San Diego. This week we will look at Justin Bieber's AR filter tracklist drop on Instagram,  a first look at Team USA's official NIKE Tokyo Olympic Fits and Padres talk prior to the 2020 Season. We'll also see what's cooking over at Bradford Lynn HQ 🤘🏽 Let's get it! – HOSTS: Bradford Lynn / @bradfordlynn / Artist G. Huerta / @narbig / LONGPLAY Studio – SHOUT OUTS: Tired Eyes Coffee / @tireseyescoffee (San Diego) Itzel Islas / @yayitzel (San Diego) The Nood Bar / @thenoodbar (San Diego) Influx Café / @influxcafe1 (San Diego) – LPs The Weight (2019) x Weval Moodyman (2014) x Moodyman – PRODUCED BY LONGPLAY STUDIO
February 7, 2020
Back of House / ep. 005 / The Motorola RAZR comeback, Louis Vuitton's first restaurant and Pepsi's new coffee flex with Will Remsbottom of Scrimshaw Coffee
We all started the 26th of January 2020 on a very sad note with the news of Kobe Bryant's passing. As a generation that grew up with Kobe in their lives, we had to show our respects to the Bryant family and the victims of the tragedy that took place Sunday morning in Calabasas, California. In true Mamba Mentality we decided to continue with recording this show despite our spirits being weighed down by the tremendous sadness of the day's events. For episode 005 of Back of House, we invited our good friend Will Remsbottom of Scrimshaw Coffee. What started as a DIY project for Will and his partner in 2017, has now become a local staple and a must stop for any coffee connoisseur visiting San Diego. With the newly launched lunch menu and new collaborations on the 2020 radar, we sat down with Will for some quality Back of House time over Topo Chicos. This week we will look at Motorola's resurrection of the iconic RAZR silhouette, Louis Vuitton's move into the hospitality world and Pepsi's weird flex on the world of coffee. Let's get it! – HOSTS: Will Remsbottom / @willrems / Scrimshaw Coffee G. Huerta / @narbig / LONGPLAY Studio – SHOUT OUTS: Scrimshaw Coffee / @scrimshawcoffee (San Diego) Stovetop Coffee Roasters / @stovetoproasters (Ann Habor) Cirque Coffee Roasters / @cirquecoffee (Tulsa) Coffee & Tea Collective / @candtcollective (San Diego) Dos Tierras / @chicanosoulfood (San Diego) Bahn Thai / @bahnthaisd (San Diego) M-Theory Records / @mtheoryrecords (San Diego) – LPs 93 'til Infinity (1993) x Souls of Mischief This Love (2019) x Bobby Oroza – PRODUCED BY LONGPLAY STUDIO
January 31, 2020
Back of House / ep.004 / Talking Hard Seltzer Wars, Million Dollar Tuna, Culture Marketing + 2020 moves with The Travelers Club
Kicking-off 2020 with a new vibe on the Back of House pod, we cleaned up our act and added a bit more definition to the show. To debut our first episode of the decade, we invited the homies Andy and Martin from San Diego's very own: The Travelers Club. We got into some current culture and more details about their first BIG BIG show of the year with none other than Seattle's SANGO. In BOH tradition with end the show with Last LP + Last Meal where we share our last great album finds and meals. We didn't know Andy was so obsessed with Agua Chiles...sheesh 🥵 – HOSTS: Andy Coronado / @andyinternets / The Travelers Club Martin Salazar / @martinsalazar / The Travelers Club G. Huerta / @narbig  / LONGPLAY Studio – SHOUT OUTS: Travelers Club / @thetravelersclub (San Diego) Sergio Hernandez aka @splurgeo / @popstattooshop (San Diego) Mariscos La Cacho / @elcachofishtacostand (San Diego) Mariscos El Golosito (San Diego) Hinotez Japanese Restaurant / @hinotezsd (San Diego) Homestate / @homestate (Los Angeles) Upscale Vandal for Puma Motorsport: "Global Speeders: La Cultura" (Global) – LPs A Quiet Farewell x Slauson Malone DIE FOR MY BITCH x Baby Keem Temperamental x Everything But The Girl – PRODUCED BY LONGPLAY STUDIO
January 24, 2020
Back of House / ep. 003 / Ben Sullins of Teslanomics
Back of House w/ Ben Sullins of Teslanomics 🔌 From the Corporate world of Tech to Youtuber extraordinaire, we sat down with Ben to chat Teslas, Youtube, data, and more. Enjoy. Connect w/ Ben on Social: Instagram: @teslanomicsofficial Twitter: @BenSullins Youtube: Teslanomics _ Free Charging miles on your Tesla with Ben's referral link:
June 21, 2019
Back of House / ep. 002 / Girl Ultra, Teen Flirt y Adrian Be de Finesse Records
LONGPLAY radio is 🔙 - Para el Episodio 002 de "Back of House" 🎙 nos sentamos con el crew de Finesse Records en Cine Tonalá Tijuana antes del concierto de Girl Ultra para hablar de nuevos proyectos, música, tacos, Los Simpsons y los pros y contras de los "Pop Sockets" - Host: Gibrán Huerta / @narbig In Collaboration w/ Gold Standard Studios (San Diego, Ca.) Producer: LONGPLAY Studio - 🗣💯🐲⚡️🖤
November 30, 2018
Back of House / ep. 001 / Chef Diego Hernández + Julian Hakim of Shōwa Hospitality
Back of House 001 Welcome to LONGPLAY radio's Back of House Podcast, a space where we sit down with hospitality + food + beverage professionals for an informal chat about all things good. We chat it up w/ Chef Diego Hernández of Valle de Guadalupe's Corazón de Tierra restaurant (Latin America 50 Best) + Julian Hakim of Shōwa Hospitality (The Taco Stand, Hiden, Himitsu, Tori-En) In episode 001 we dive into the world of Yucatan cuisine w/ Chef Diego and the challenges of expanding a brand to a different coast w/ Shōwa's Julian Hakim FYI This episode is in ESPAÑOL Recorded at LONGPLAY HQ in San Diego, California on June 5, 2018.
June 6, 2018